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He spent the night tossing and turning in his sorry excuse for a bed. Be maybe got two hours of sleep tops, he was just too worried to relax and sleep. He hadn't slept well months, there was no way he could. He always had a shift of keeping watch at least once a night, and when he did get the opportunity to sleep he couldn't, his sense were always on high alert, ready for a possible zombie invasion.

This night was particularly difficult for him though. He couldn't help thinking that Carol just might be out there somewhere holding on by a thread and here he was asleep on a somewhat comfortable mattress. He hadn't been this inconsolable and worrisome since Sophia went missing and he was basically the head of that search party. He knew that he wasn't going to waste any time looking for her, she was his priority. He had hoped she was alive, but the hope that she would be that way when he found her was waning with each passing moment. At some point in his worrying he did drift off for a short amount of time.

When he awoke the sun was just barley showing itself, it was no earlier than six thirty. He pushed himself up, knowing that he had things to take care of, especially if Rick was somewhere in the body of the prison. He patrolled the cell block until everyone else woke up and the group headed to their area where they ate together. The group was eating in content silence when Rick entered the room, somehow more cleanly and seemingly more sane then before.

"Everyone alright?" Their leader asked.

"Just fine. How 'bout you?" Daryl asked, glad he seemed more stable than he had been just a few short hours ago.

"Better. Cleared out some cells, hallways of walkers. I'll get the bodies in a little bit, still going to keep looking around." He said placing a hand on Carl's head making sure he was doing alright in the current situation.

"We can go with you and help." Glenn spoke up wearily, not wanting to get thrust against a wall again.

"I got it, don't worry. I can handle it." Rick stated, Glenn made no arguments. "You got things handled here?" He asked Daryl, who nodded.

"Got Axel in the generator room looking at things, Glenn and Maggie are going on a run, Beth and Hershel are going to look after the baby and get things organized. Oscar and Carl are going to go with me to clear out the lower level, see if we can find anything." Daryl had made the plan in his head before he went to sleep the night before. He knew this might be his only chance to find Carol's body or what was left of it before Walkers got to her.

"Alright sounds good, I'll be back soon." And with that Rick went swiftly through the barred door in which he came from.

A few hours later Daryl, Oscar, and Carl were exploring a lower level of the prison they had inhabited, searching for supplies, but for Daryl he was searching for Carol. He was a little scared of what he would find though. The three had told a few stories; Daryl had tried his best to comfort Carl, even though words were never his thing. He knew it was somewhat different; the death of their mothers, but he felt like the kid might need to talk about it and not go crazy in his mind. He remembered how he felt when his mother had died, he just had hoped that this kid would make it through; he was a kid when the world turned to hell. It would be a miracle if he didn't turn out to be clinically insane. Suddenly a walker approached the three; Daryl killed it with his knife without a second thought. He noticed that one was already unsuccessfully lodged into his jugular. It looked pretty damn familiar. He bent down to get a better look at the object.

"Its Carol's knife." He announced, letting the others know about his discovery. How he knew what her knife looked like, he didn't even really know. But he just did. It's like he had paid attention to it for a reason all of those times before. He remembered observing her holding it plenty of times, but he knew not everyone would be able to tell what her knife looked like, he had just been paying that much attention to her. At that moment he lost most of his hope, now if she didn't have her knife, she was essentially done.

"I…I don't think there's much left down here, you guys go back. I'll take care of whatever else is down here." He sighed in utter defeat. Carl almost protested but instead Oscar pulled him back and they walked back to the cell block. He knew now it was just a matter of finding her body. He stood up and paced for a moment before leaning against a wall and sliding down, her knife still in his hand.

"AH DAMN IT!" He yelled when he was sure the two were out of ear shot. He sat like that for a good half an hour listening to a door across from here squeak back and forth, stabbing the ground with Carol's knife. He was trying to process her death in the best way he could, before moving on and facing her dead body, if there was one even left. He almost even came close to crying, he was angry with himself for not coming to look sooner, as soon as he had inkling she was gone but not dead. He tried to calm himself but the incessant slamming of the door was getting on his last nerve. That was it, he was done, he wasn't just sad, he was pissed off beyond belief and he needed to take out his anger on something more tangible than a concrete floor. In a swift motion he moved the dead walker out of the way of the door and yanked it open, knife ready to be thrust into a cold, almost lifeless body.

Looking straight ahead he saw nothing, but something caught his eye in his peripheral vision. A barley breathing, exhausted looking body. Carol. She was barley moving and had a little reaction to even seeing him, she looked ready to give out at any moment. He was ecstatic on the inside but he knew he might not have the time to waste as he touched her face as gently as he possibly could. He shoved the knife in his pocket and took her in his arms, and walked as fast as he could to bring her back to their cell block.