A/N: OK this is the first time I've written for a mature audience although I've been following many stories in the category for quite sometime. Obviously this is the first time I've written anything with lemons too. I hope it's not awful! This story is rated M for language and lemons so please only read if you're of age. I've had this idea for awhile and I'm really excited to share it. Please comment, follow and favorite. That's the only way I can tell if you like it and if you want more!

Summary: Modern day AU/Slightly OOC. Katniss and Peeta have been best friends for the past seven years. They both have difficulty with relationships. One night after a particular break up and with the help of tequila the friends find themselves crossing a line. The next morning they agree to pretend it never happened but that becomes impossible once Katniss finds out she's pregnant. Where does that leave them? Rated M for language and lemons.

Disclaimer: All of the characters belong to the wonderful Ms. Collins although the ideas are all mine.

Chapter One

There's nothing good on TV. I should probably get off the couch and do something productive. My roommate Johanna Mason is out at the bar more than likely finding someone to take her home and show her a good time. I'm not one for one night stands. I'm also not one for bar hopping on Friday nights. I prefer to stay at home and drown my sorrows with my close group of friends. However, they're all busy tonight and I don't condone drinking alone.

It's been three months since I broke up with Cato. A girl has needs. I'm contemplating changing my mind and joining Johanna at the bar when a pounding at the door makes me come to my senses.

"Peeta?" It's a shock to see him standing in my hallway holding a bottle of tequila with a smirk on his face.

"Were you expecting someone else?" He asks as he walks past me into the apartment.

Peeta Mellark and I have been friends since we met freshman year of college. He lived across the hall from me and Johanna with his roommate Finnick O'Dair. We have all managed to stay friends through four years of college and the past three years of the real world. Peeta and I bonded right away. He's my best friend. We never dated although we came close once or twice. We've shared a couple of incredible kisses but one of us stopped it before it went too far. We didn't want to ruin our friendship. I couldn't bear it if we broke up and things became awkward between us like me and Gale. And we would eventually break up. He's too good for me. I'm too selfish.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were going out with Glitter or something?" I raise an eyebrow crossing my arms as I watch him make his self at home in our kitchen. He grabs two shot glasses before heading into the living room and situating himself on our couch.

"It's Glimmer." He states as he pours tequila into the shot glasses he placed on the coffee table. "And we broke up." He looks up from the table with a huge smile on his face lighting up his sparkling blue eyes.

"Was it the name? I wouldn't be able to get over the name." I take the shot glass he hands me tossing it back in one quick gulp. He shakes his head chuckling softly before he does the same thing with his.

"And what makes you so sure I'm the one that did the breaking? How do you know we're not drowning our sorrows tonight instead of celebrating our accomplishments?" Peeta always does the breaking. No girl in her right mind would ever let him get away although I'm not sure Glitter or whatever was in her right mind anyway. She was dumb, blonde and easy.

I shrug. "You're right. She probably broke up with you because of your taste in music." I make myself comfortable on the couch next to Peeta pouring our second round of shots. I glance in his direction when I feel him staring at me. "What?" He's pouting.

"What's wrong with my taste in music?" I roll my eyes giving him his next round of tequila. "Seriously, what's wrong with it?"

I choose to ignore his question changing the subject. "So what was wrong with Glimmer anyway?"

He pours our third round as he contemplates my question. "There was no passion, no fire. You know what I mean?" Surprisingly, I do know what he means. It's the same reason I broke up with Cato and the same reason I broke up with Gale and the same reason I break up with every guy I date. The only times I've ever remotely come close to feeling that kind of desire are the times Peeta and I have locked lips.

"So what you're saying is she lacked in the bedroom department?" He laughs as he brings his hands up to cover his beat red face. I stare at him until he finally makes eye contact with me running his hands through his shaggy hair. He always messes up his hair when he's nervous.

"Do you really want to know the details of my bedroom escapades?"

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." His eyes become a darker shade of blue at my admission. I'm the first to look away feeling self conscious from his stare.

He pours our next round of tequila and before I know it three fourths of the bottle is gone. We share some of our most embarrassing sexual experiences laughing until our stomachs hurt. I even admit to not having sex with anyone since I broke up with Cato although I leave out the part where I'm aching to be filled.

"Why do you think we have such rotten luck when it comes to the opposite sex?" Peeta asks as he runs his fingers through my hair. We've taken up our favorite position. He's sitting on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table while I'm lying down on it using his lap as my pillow.

"Just lucky I guess." Peeta starts running his fingers around the edge of my ear before eventually gliding them down to my jaw. He grabs my chin and forces me look in his direction. His eyes are that darker blue again.

"Katniss..." He whispers.


He tilts his head down as I bring mine up to meet him in the middle. This kiss is even more passionate than the others we've shared. I take his bottom lip into my mouth causing him to release a guttural moan. He uses his tongue to lick my lips asking for permission to enter. I happily oblige parting my lips to allow him to deepen our kiss. I sit up and straddle his lap never breaking our embrace. He alternates between kissing and licking down my chin, my neck, finally landing on my collarbone where he continues to suck. I rub my fingers through his golden curls as I begin to grind my hips.

When I feel his erection growing beneath me, I can't take it anymore. I don't know if it's the fact that I haven't had sex in what feels like forever or if it's from the half bottle of tequila I downed but my reasoning goes through the window.

"Peeta, please..." He slides his hands underneath my shirt rubbing them up and down my back. His lips find their way back to mine and his talented tongue discovers my mouth again. I break away to lick and kiss my way to his ear where I playfully nip before whispering, "Bedroom."

He doesn't need told twice. Peeta puts his hands on my ass lifting us off the couch to carry me to my bed. We only part lips long enough to take off each other's shirts somewhere between the living room and my room. He kicks the door shut once we're inside before placing me on the bed and crawling on top. I fumble with the button on his jeans while he plants warm kisses on my cleavage. His kisses and hands trail down my stomach stopping where my sweat pants start. He places his hands on the each side of sweats looking up at me as if asking for permission to continue. I know there are reasons why we shouldn't do this but all I can think about right now is how bad I want him. Instead of stopping this before it goes any further, I only nod.

Peeta pulls my sweat pants off leaving me in my lacy blue bra and underwear. He stands at the end of the bed and lets his jeans slide off of him leaving him in his boxer briefs. We look each other over before he smiles and moves to resume our previous position. He snakes his right hand underneath my back to unclasp my bra tossing it to the floor. He sits up before me taking in my almost naked body with his darkened eyes. I've never been this exposed to my best friend.

"God, Katniss, you're so beautiful." He probably says this to every girl he sleeps with but something in his voice lets me know he's sincere. He honestly thinks I'm beautiful.

"Take your pants off Mellark." And he does. He stands and drops the last article of clothing on his beautifully sculpted body. I've seen Peeta shirtless more times than I can count but I never tire of seeing his muscular body. He works out and it shows. This is the first time I've ever gotten a look at his manhood and like the rest of him, it doesn't disappoint. I lick my lips and use my finger to call him to me. He adds my underwear to the pile of clothes on the floor before he joins me again on the bed.

His mouth finds one of my breasts licking and sucking while his hand kneads my other one flicking and pulling on my hardened nipple with his thumb and forefinger. I run my fingers through his golden curls. God, I love his hair. My hips involuntarily buck up. I need him in other places and he seems to catch my drift. His hand moves from my breast over my stomach down to my wet folds. He circles my clit with his thumb as he pushes one finger inside of me. His mouth focuses on my other breast before his lips trail kisses down my stomach, licking my belly button and joining his fingers. I don't usually like oral sex but this is the best sensation I've ever felt. His mouth focuses on my clit while he adds another finger inside. I can feel myself coming undone. My hands grip the sheets and I can't stop my hips from pushing into his face. He groans into my sex, "Katniss, you taste so good." His vibrations cause my undoing giving me the most intensive orgasm I've ever experienced. He licks up my wetness. "I'm not done with you yet." He growls.

Peeta adjusts himself in between my legs so that the tip of his hardness is brushing up against my folds. I rub my hand up and down his impressive erection feeling it grow with each touch. His hands are resting on my knees while his eyes are closed and his head tilted back. "I need to be inside of you." He breathes and positions himself even closer to my entrance. I come to my senses as he's about to take us past the point of no return.

"Wait! Condom!"

"You're not on anything?" He asks with a raised eyebrow, surprise evident in his voice.

"Peeta, I just admitted I haven't had sex in three months. Why would I need to be on anything?"

"Right." He looks around the room, anywhere other than at me, blushing. "I don't usually carry condoms with me."

"Bathroom. Underneath the sink. Luckily Johanna keeps us well stocked." Peeta chuckles as he runs towards our shared bathroom completely naked. He hurries back with the condom already on his member.

He leans over and kisses me tenderly as he slowly enters me. I don't think I've ever felt so fulfilled emotionally and physically. Peeta is sweet as he moves in and out of me whispering in my ear how beautiful I am and how good I feel. It's not the usual fucking and dirty talk that I'm used to from my past lovers but this means so much more. He starts pounding me harder when he puts my ankles over his shoulders and I can feel myself building again from this new angle. I know Peeta is getting close too when he moves his hand back down to my clit. I buck my hips to meet his thrusts and we come together moaning each other's names. He leans down and presses his forehead to mine, still inside of me, he whispers, "Katniss, I love you."

I kiss him tenderly and reply. "I love you too, Peeta." He kisses me back before standing up and throwing away the condom. I roll onto my side with my back facing him leaving him enough room to slide into bed next to me wrapping his arms around my waist. We've slept like this millions of times but never naked, never after a night of mind blowing sex. Eventually I hear Peeta's breathes quiet behind me as he falls into a peaceful slumber but I'm wide awake. I just had the best sex of my life with my best friend and I'm scared as hell. I don't want to lose him. I don't want things to change.

I wake to a tickling sensation on my stomach. Turning around to discover the cause, I see Peeta smiling mischievously at me, his hand drawing circles on my torso. "Hey, you."

"Hey. What time is it?" I ask as I look over Peeta to read my alarm clock on the night stand. It's not even six in the morning yet. "What the hell are we doing up this early on a Saturday?" He chuckles.

"I have to be at the bakery in an hour." After graduating college, Peeta opened up one of his family bakeries here in Philadelphia. His parents wanted him to return to Scranton to work for them but he convinced them to let him branch out the business. He didn't want to leave his home or his friends and we were all staying in the area. "I thought we should talk about last night before I go." He sounds apprehensive and his smile has faded.

I knew this was coming. "I think we had way too much tequila."

"That's a bit of an understatement." He runs his hands through his hair signaling he's nervous. "What about what happened between us?"

"I value your friendship, Peeta. I can't bear to lose you as a friend. You're my best friend. Neither one of us are good at relationships."

He nods. "So nothing changes?"

"Nothing changes. We'll pretend like it never happened." A flash of something similar to sadness crosses his face but he recovers quickly. Peeta kisses my forehead before getting out of bed and putting his clothes back on.

"I'll talk to you later, Katniss." He sounds distant and I'm afraid that it might be too late, that we might have already ruined our friendship.

"Peeta." He turns around standing in my doorway. "Are we ok?" Please say yes.

He smiles. "Of course. You're still my best friend and don't you forget it. I would stay and hang out but I'm the boss so I really shouldn't be late for my shift."

I didn't think anything of it when I missed my period the first month. It's not like my periods are regular every month anyway. I doubt I would've thought much about it this month if it wasn't for Johanna and her comments last night. After running to the bathroom for the third time that evening I joined Johanna on the couch.

"I think I'm going to have to see a doctor. I can't seem to kick this virus." I rubbed my temples. I had a headache too.

"Virus?" Johanna scoffed. "Are you fucking kidding me, brainless? You've been more irritable than usual lately and you're running to the bathroom every two seconds. You don't have a virus, my friend. What you have is a tiny human."

Johanna returned to flipping through the channels on the TV like my life wasn't just turned upside down. I started thinking about all the signs that I've been missing. My breasts were definitely tenderer and then there was the nausea, the headaches and moodiness. "How did I not see it?"

"Relax. We'll buy a test tomorrow." And that we did.

I can't stop pacing back and forth. What if I am pregnant? I've never wanted children; at least I never thought I did. I guess there's always abortion or adoption. I would have to tell Peeta though. He would never go for either one of those options. Peeta's always wanted to have children and he would be wonderful dad. "How much longer?"

Jo looks at her watch; she's been leaning on the wall in the hallway where I've been wearing down the carpet for the last five minutes. "I think it's been long enough. You want to look or do you want me to?"

"Oh God, Jo, I can't do it."

She heads over to the bathroom sink where I left the test sitting. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do? "Well?"

I don't even need to hear her response because her face says it all. "Katniss, you're pregnant."