I have always loved fairy tales. They're idealistic, moralizing, fantastical and strange; and perfect fodder for imagination. In childhood, they served mainly as a stepping stone to the world of stories; now, in the state of having explored the universe of make-believe and learnt of its many nuances, they've become a lovely kind of rediscovery, in the form of fairy tale retellings.

The Once Upon A Time series from Simon Pulse is, in my opinion, the finest collection of such tales. In particular, I love Cameron Dokey's style of storytelling, with its soothing flow and tone of familiarity (as if she's sitting right by your side and telling you the story), which makes even the commonplace, everyday happenings and conversations seem so filled with magic, that one can't help appreciating the beauty and sheer wonder of life – as if our simple, routine lives are 'fairy tales' in their own right.

This story is my attempt to recreate that style. The Little Mermaid HAS been retold in the series (Midnight Pearls by Debbie Viguie) but I haven't read it, and I don't remember Disney's movie adaptation very well (having watched it many years ago), so I decided to write down my interpretation of this classic. Hope you enjoy it – any and all reviews and feedback would be greatly appreciated!