It was a normal day in TheColorCrayon's Tavern, although, in this case, normal was really, really boring. Serenity, the huntress, was polishing her guns, Rift, the apprentice, was conjuring up spells, Desiero, the monk, was meditating, and Shadow, the squire, was swinging around his sword like an idiot. Eventually, Shadow grew fed up with his boredom, and threw his sword on the ground, yelling "Grrr... THIS IS SO BORING! WHY WONT ANYTHING INTERESTING HAPPEN!?"

"Hey! Be careful with that sword! Must remind you that I was the one who bought it for you?" Serenity scolded. Then she sighed and continued.

"It wasn't cheap neither..."

"Shadow, Serenity," Desiero said.

"You must control your anger, as anger may corrupt the mind."

"Oh and NOW Desiero is gonna go on and on and ON about this monk mumbo-jumbo!" Shadow yelled in protest. Rift sighed.

"It's amazing that I put up with this every day..." He said to himself.

"Ay!" The tavern keeper spoke.

"I heard them monsters are getting stronger out there. Why don't ya go check it out?"

"Whats the point? We'll just annihilate them like always." Shadow said.

"Well at least it will give us something to do." Serenity responded.

"All right then it's settled! We'll leave tomorrow morning!" Rift said excitedly. The heroes went off to rest before they set out for the battles ahead.

I don't get those guys..." The tavern keeper thought out loud.

"One minute they're yellin and arguin, and the next they're the best of friends. I'm gonna have to agree with Rift... It is amazing we gotta put up with this every day..."

-So what do you guys think of this fic? I decided to do a Dungeon Defenders one because there is so little out there, and because Dungeon Defenders was my fave game until Black 2 rolled around. Also, TheColorCrayon is my PSN, in case you were wondering about the TheColorCrayon's Tavern part. I'm probably gonna do 1 chap a day, but I might not get to it sometimes. (Schoolwork and stuffs, you know the deal.)