Chapter 12

Hi peeps! So, yes, Jade's dad is still in the picture. He's just not back in the story…yet. It'll probably be more chapters until he finds them at Karaoke Dokie. And just so everyone knows, I'm on Turkey Break so I'll be able to update a lot :)

Jade's POV

So, Tori is apparently having a Christmas party tonight. Apparently, we're supposed to bring our Secret Santa gifts. Too bad I already gave Cather Christmas present. I told Beck to drop me off so I could change. Tori is making everyone wear Christmas colors, dress like elves and reindeer and bring the present. I'm only doing it because the person with the best outfit gets some kind of cash prize. I better get a huge amount of cash and Tori knows it.

I rummage through my closet, pulling out all the Christmas themed clothing I can possibly find. I threw green and red shirts on my bed, my red elf boots, Santa hat, Christmas dress from last year when I performed and red tights. I can't wear the dress because Tori said that would be cheating, not that I care. I just really want some cha ching in my purse. I have another Christmas dress in here somewhere that's very similar, it's just is longer and sits right above my knees. I finally find it and put it on my bed, along with my boots and Santa hat. I take a shower, washing out my purple highlights. After I dry my hair, I comb green and red coloring in my hair. I curl it before I grab my makeup bag. I apply white eye shadow before lacing my eyelashes with cat eye mascara. I use liquid eyeliner to make cat eyes. I brush on blush and glide on red lipstick before slipping into my dress. I pull on black fishnet tights and slide on my boots. When I check the time, Beck suddenly knocks on the door.

"Coming!" I shout from my room, shoving my phone into my black purse. I run to the door, opening it and walking out. Beck is dressed as an elf.

"You look incredibly hot, but you're still shorter than me." Beck smirks as we climb in his car. Dammit! He's an elf, I have on heels but yet I'm still shorter than him.

"Shut up," I growl at him. "Nice hat, Buddy."

"That movie is hilarious and I don't care what you say about it," Beck defends his favorite Christmas movie, Elf. It was pretty funny; I just don't like laughing involuntary.

"I hope Vega isn't playing that movie in her little theater room," I groan.

"Too bad because I already requested it," Beck smiles. I groan louder and toss my head back.

"Don't be a grunch," I hear Beck mumble. I widen my eyes and snap my head towards him.

"Excuse me?" I snap, eyeing him as he parks on Tori's crowded street.

"Kidding," he smiles, leaning in to kiss me. I smile after he pulls away.

"You got a little bit of red lips now," I use my thumbs to wipe it off of him. We get out of the car and he takes my hand as we walk in her house. Damn. She went all out for this party. None of the lights were on because twinkling Christmas lights hung from the ceiling, dangling around random things and wrapped around her windows. Stockings lined her fireplace, which held Christmas tree smelling candles inside of it. She had a huge Christmas tree that actually had pretty cool ornaments on it. There were some that were Christmas trees, gingerbread men, stars and presents cut out of CDs. She had a few weird looking tree things around the house and a bunch of presents were under every six of them.

"Look, Jadey! I'm a Christmas tree!" Cat is wearing a green dress with lights wrapped around her. "I like your outfit, too! You guys are like, matching!" She giggles. I roll my eyes. Make the World Move by Christina Aguilera was booming through the speakers. I actually like this song. It has a good beat to it. Tori, Andre and Robbie join us.

"Come dance!" Cat giggles, grabbing my hand.

"I don't wanna dance!" I lie, because I kinda did. Just not in front of everyone here. My reputation would be ruined.

"Here! Have one of these cool jello drinks!" Cat hands me a shot glass.

"Cat, it's called a jello shot," I tell her after I toss the drink down my throat. Damn, that burns. But I chug like three more. Suddenly I feel a little weird, but screw it. I begin dancing with Cat and Beck walks up to us.

"Thought you didn't wanna dance?" Beck smiles.

"I think you said that," I giggle.

"Jade, are you drunk?" He asks.

"No, silly!" I punch his arm playfully.

"My God," I hear him mutter. He doesn't believe me, but I don't care because-

"LIFE IS GOOD!" I finish for myself out loud. Beck just stares at me. We keep dancing, and then we go and watch Elf. I laugh so hard when he runs into the cab and apologizes. Everyone just stares at me, but I don't care because-

"LIFE IS GOOD!" I yell out loud. Beck pinches the bridge of his nose next to me. I just shrug and we finish the rest of the movie. We all pile out of the theater and back to the living room, dancing away. After a few more hours, people begin to leave. Everyone is eventually gone except for Cat, Tori, Robbie, Andre, Beck and I. I steal clothes from Tori, black yoga pants and an ugly t-shirt. The doorbell rings and I open it, not bothering to see who it is.

"Dad?" I gasp. This gets everyone's attention. Cat squeals and jumps behind the kitchen counter. My head begins throbbing and Robbie joins her. Tori is still upstairs while Andre and Beck are standing bravely in the middle of the living room.

"Jade, who's here?" Tori calls from upstairs.

"You don't wanna know," I mumble under my breath. Suddenly, I'm pinned up against the wall, my dad's arm pushing up against my neck. I struggle to breathe as it becomes hitched in my throat. His breath reeks of alcohol.

"What did you just say?"

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