Title: Five Ways to Propose to a Tiger
Chapter: 1
Rating: G
Word Count: 865
Pairing: Karina/Kotetsu
Topic: T&B Prompt, Proposals
Type: Post Series
Genre: Light Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Tiger and Bunny. Tiger and Bunny belong to Sunrise and their respective creators.
VTM: I was actually really in the mood to write this after I saw something on Fuck Yeah Controversial Couples. So why not? The aim is to make a mini series of five different stories of five different realities where five different people all propose to one man. Writing these has actually been pretty fun so far, I look forward to bringing you the rest soon, and most of all, I hope you enjoy. First one on the list, Karina Lyle!


It all started innocently enough. It was a friendship, just a friendship if you asked Kotetsu. There were no ulterior motives involved at all. They enjoyed talking after Karina performed and sang for the crowds, and Kotetsu served as a nice deterrent for some of the more unsavory types that would make eyes at the lovely young singer. So every now and then Kotetsu caught her shows, they talked, and shared drinks. It was nice, it was comfortable, and it was, for the most part, safe, in Kotetsu's mind.

Then eventually they started hanging out more often and beyond just the bar where the young blonde song bird would sing. As Karina entered her twenties and college she and Kotetsu slowly gained more in common to talk about. Karina was obviously entering the uncertain and often bitter world of adults and would ask Kotetsu for an opinion or two. He didn't always have the answers or ones that she wanted to hear, but they both ended up walking away from such conversations with more than they walked in with.

As much as Kotetsu tried to ignore it, as much as he tried to remind himself just who he was looking at, the man had to admit that Karina had grown up into a very beautiful woman. Along with age came new experience and confidence, she wasn't the same seventeen year old that would act weird or completely flustered at the strangest times. Karina was actually rather sweet under the tough front she would put up to guard herself, but still stern when she had to be.

Kotetsu started to find it becoming harder to ignore that he was starting to find Karina attractive. He kept telling himself that she was a kid, but sometimes all it took was a rare subtle flirtatious comment or just the way she carried herself. He was reminded that she was a woman, a young strong woman, much like how Tomoe was.

Kotetsu tried to put some distance between them, Karina shouldn't be interested in an older man, but still she pursued him undeterred. One thing led to another, and eventually they started a casual relationship. It had to be casual, Kotetsu didn't want to be too invested, and he didn't want Karina to be too attached to a mistake she'd probably regret.

However Karina was smart, affectionate, and was tough on him when he needed some common sense knocked into him. Kotetsu refused to admit that he could have been falling for the girl. And yet they carried on with their casual relationship, gradually getting closer.

"Kotetsu, what is it like to get married?" Karina asked him one day while they were having lunch together.

Kotetsu paused from eating; it took a second for the question to fully sink in. He looked at his wedding ring as he thought about an answer. "It's tough; it's not like how you see it in movies or on TV." Kotetsu began. "There are a lot of problems that you would have to deal with, financials, juggling work with your home life, raising kids, sometimes even just dealing with your own spouse. It's no fairytale; it's a lot of work and compromise."

Karina was quiet, taking in and thinking over what she was hearing.

"But there's a lot of good that can come from it too, you are with someone that you love, and if you can manage to get over the hardships it makes all the more beautiful parts of marriage that much more rewarding." Kotetsu explained. There was a fond smile on his face as he looked at his wedding ring, thinking back on the ups and downs of his marriage to Tomoe.

"Thank you for being honest with me..." Karina said with a slight smile.

Kotetsu knew he should have just let the conversation die right then and there. But he had a feeling that there had to be a reason why she had brought up the subject to begin with. "Is there someone you have your sights set on?" He said with a sly tone. "Some young handsome guy that you've become smitten with?" The last part was said more in jest, but it was something Kotetsu was hoping would happen for Karina. She was too good to be hanging around older men.

"I think you already know." Karina's smile turned impish, causing Kotetsu's heart to pound a little faster.

Kotetsu hoped that his tanned complexion would hide the blush that was undoubtedly taking hold of his face. He then cleared his throat and tried to find something else to focus his eyes on. He knew that if he kept looking Karina in the eye she'd have him trapped under whatever spell it was that those pretty brown eyes had him under.

"So, hypothetically, say if I were to propose to someone, how do you think it would go?" Karina asked

"Hypothetically speaking? Hmm..." Kotetsu seemed to think it over for a moment. "I'd say that someone should hope that you would finish college first."

The both of them were quiet for a moment, Kotetsu glanced at Karina and when the two locked eyes, they couldn't help but laugh.

-The End-