Hello! I really wanted to start this story because it just kinda came to me in Religion class, one second we are talking about Moses and then suddenly it just comes to me! It is a very strange story, so let me know if you like it or not. Well anyway I will let you read now.

I lay on my bed staring out the window, watching the lights of New York. Car horns blared, and lights flickered. This really was the city that never slept. I sighed and rolled over, I had been trying to get to sleep for the past hour but it seemed to be impossible.

I stood up and stepped of my bed and onto the ground. My bare feet padded across the carpet through the dark room to my ensuite. I entered the bathroom and switched the light on, revealing the small room.

I made my way to the mirror and looked into it, the person staring back was not me. That person had short dark hair, that person had dark brown eyes, that person had not a single womanly feature on her body, that person was a boy.

Tears trickled down my cheeks and I wiped at them furiously, I had promised myself to be strong, I was not going to break now, after so long.

I didn't want to be a boy, I wanted more than anything for life to be the way it was. You see, I was raised a girl by my mother. We lived in San Francisco with my three brothers, I was a smart girl who loved all things pink. But when my mother and brothers died on that night in a terrible fire and I was forced to go live with my crazy, abusive, psycho dad in New York.

That was 5 years ago, I remember walking into his house for the first time so clearly…..


I walked down the garden path nervously, not knowing what to expect. My grip tightened on my carry bag and I knocked on the door. A man opened it and stared down at me, "So you're Annabeth?"

I nodded and gave him a weak smile, "That's me…"

He looked down at me, surveying me. I couldn't read his expression. But he slowly nodded, "Okay come inside."

When we got inside my Dad told me to sit down on the couch, I did as I was told. He stared at me for what seemed like hours and then he finally spoke, "I don't want a daughter, I want a son." His eyes glinted mischievously and I stared into them trying to work out what he meant. His eyes seemed to burn, not with anger, not with rage but with pure craziness.

I shook my head, "What do you mean?"

He gave me a wide grin, "You are going to be my son."

My eyes widened, did he mean what I thought he meant? He grabbed my wrist tightly and dragged me up the stairs. He pulled open a door and threw me in, he followed me into the room.

I was sprawled on the floor and I looked up at him helplessly. He smirked back at me, "Your stuff is on the bed. When you come down for dinner at 7 tonight I expect you to look and act like a boy."

I was shocked, I couldn't talk, I barley understood but I nodded.

He turned to leave but when was about to pull the door open he turned back to me and smiled, "ByeAnthony."


I looked at myself, and then I realised I wanted to see myself, not the fake me, Anthony. No, I wanted to see the real me, Annabeth Chase. I stared into the mirror and slowly lifted my hand to my head where my brown wig was. I pulled it off and my blonde curls escaped, cascading down my shoulders. I squeezed my eyes shut and a tear trickled down my cheek, but this tear was a tear of happiness.

I took out the brown contacts and stormy grey eyes stared back at me. I pulled off the fat suit that hid my body. I went to my wardrobe and fumbled around the back of it and finally my hands found what I had kept for years. A dress. It was blue and flowing; I ran my fingers down the soft material and rubbed it against my cheek. My mother had bought this for me when I was 12, just before she had died.

I took a deep breath and went back into the bathroom. I covered my eyes with my hand and then pulled it away.

I felt amazing, I felt beautiful, I felt radiant. Seeing myself like this after years of being a boy felt amazing. I smiled to myself, then whispered, "I am Annabeth Chase"

That felt brilliant. I stared at myself for a few more minutes. It was like my reflection was a magnet and I couldn't stop staring at it. No one will ever understand how I feel right now, seeing the true you felt like you had been reborn. I had been so afraid to see her… No, me. And it was finally happening. I sighed contentedly.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, "ANTHONY!"

My eyes widened, I didn't know what to do so I dived under my blanket and made sure it covered my entire body. The door opened and I shook with fear, my father didn't usually hit me but he did sometimes if I did something that wasn't considered traditionally masculine.

I needed to be strong so I said, "You know, there's this thing called knocking which most people do before entering someone's room."

He laughed his cold maniacal laugh, "It doesn't matter we are both boys, aren't we?"

I grunted in the most boy like way I could, trying to avoid the question. But my father would not have it so he repeated the question, "Aren't we?"

"Yes, Dad" I mumbled.

"Good." My father said, "Well, there is something I need to tell you. You will be starting school tomorrow morning. Somehow, my home-schooling is not acceptable to the brain dead government."

"No! Dad, please I don't want to go to school." The concept of school, with all of those judgemental yet normal teenagers scared me, despite my desperate wish for an education.

"You stupid boy, I will be put in jail if you don't. So why don't you come out from under the blanket and face me like a man."

I wanted desperately to scream, "I'M NOT A MAN!" But I would get a beating so I kept my mouth shut.

"Anthony Chase, answer me." My crazy father's voice seemed to shake.

"Dad… I … I can't." I stuttered.

"Why not?!" He was on breaking point.

"Because… I … I have my period." I tried.

I didn't need to come out from my hiding place to know that his eyes flashed with rage. He became very silent and I began to fear for my wellbeing. I heard an odd sound escape his mouth, "Mm… OH. Well… Uh…" Suddenly I heard the door slam shut and I peeked out from over my blanket, seeing that he had gone.

I exhaled and whispered to myself, "It worked." I soon fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning and groaned. Today, I had to go to the hell-hole they call high school and to say I wasn't looking forward to it was an understatement.

I washed and sadly put my disguise back on. I pulled on a grey t-shirt with blue jeans. I ran down stairs and packed a back pack with lunch and some note books to write in.

I waited for Dad to come but I realised he had already left and I had no idea what school I was going to. I smiled because this meant I wouldn't have to go to school. I poured myself some cereal and slumped down at the bench. I was half way through my cereal when I noticed a note on the bench just across from me.

I picked it up and read the familiar, scrawled handwriting:


I have to leave for work so I won't be able to take you to school. You going to Goode high school, a couple of blocks away. Make sure you only make friends with boys and get a try get a get a girlfriend, maybe. I will ring the school to make sure you get there so don't try pull anything.

From Dad

I felt sick, I read the letter over again. I was not going to get a girlfriend! I had mainly come to terms with my situation but this was one of these times when I wished I could just be a normal teen girl.

I finished my cereal and head out the door. I walked down the path and made my way towards Goode High school.

When I got there, I felt true loneliness, everyone seemed to have their own friends, their own cliques. It was horrible, I found my locker and put my almost empty bag in it and pulled out my notebooks.

I didn't know what to do so I just settled for standing there by myself and pretended to be sending a text to a non-existent friend on my horrible phone.

I watched people walk by and give me strange looks, I was used to this of course because I was a strange looking boy. This was hell, I knew I wouldn't like it here!

I was so happy when the bell rang, I basically jumped with joy. I searched for my timetable, but when I found it I didn't understand it. I knew I had Biology in T12 with Mr Poseidon. But where was that?

I looked up to find the hallway I was standing in deserted. So there was no one I could ask, so I wandered the halls looking for someone for several minutes.

I walked from hall to hall occasionally looking into rooms to see if they had T12 sign on them. Just when I was about to give up and go home, someone tapped me on the shoulder. "Hey man? Are you lost?"

I spun around to see a dripping wet shirtless boy. "I… I..," I stuttered, trying to look anywhere but at this boy in front of me.

He smiled warmly at me, "You're lost. Hang on let me just dry myself and put on a shirt. I was just doing some laps."

"Thanks man." I told my feet.

When he was all dry and had his shirt back on he looked back to me, "So do you want me to show you where your class is?"

I nodded, I knew I was acting like a very strange boy but this boy… sorry god that was helping me didn't seem to mind. While he was reading my timetable, I got a better look at him. He was gorgeous, he had jet, black hair which was messy in a completely sexy way, his sea green eyes were like an ocean.

He looked up and grinned, "We are in the same class so we can go together if you want. I'm Percy by the way."

I looked up shyly, "Thank you, I'm Anna- Anthony." What just happened? I have never forget that my name is Anthony to everyone else!

Percy grinned, "'Kay, well lets go then."

I walked with him to the classroom, when we got there, there was a tall man who looked like an older version of Percy. Percy grinned at him, "Hey Dad. Sorry I'm late, I had swim training."

The man sighed, "Okay Percy, but how many times have I told you not to call me that in class?"

Percy shrugged, "Whatever, this is Anthony he's new. I found him on my way to class, he was lost."

The man smiled warmly at me, "Hello Anthony, I'm Mr Poseidon. But please call me Mr P. Hmmm… where can you sit." He scanned the classroom looking for an empty seat. "Ah, there is a seat right next to Percy. Why don't you go sit there?"

I nodded, and went and took my seat.


Is it crazy to say that after knowing this guy for only 15 minutes that I desperately want him as a friend? There is just something that attracts me to him and… Wait no! Not attracts as in like I am attracted to him, as in like… I like him as a friend?

He came and sat down next to me at the small table. I smiled at him and pushed my text book over so that he could share with me.

While we read I suddenly realised how close we were sitting to each other. He smelled pretty good, like lemons, I had to restraint myself from breathing his scent in. This guy was making my head spin, what did this mean. I couldn't concentrate on what Dad was saying I just wanted to stare at this strange boy.

I can assure you that I am 100% straight. I mean I have a girlfriend for God's sake! He turned his head to say something to me and our faces were centimetres apart, I moved my chair so I was sitting far away from him. He frowned, I felt bad but it just felt wrong yet so right sitting so close to him.

When the class had finished reading the textbook, we were given 20 questions to do. I sighed and began the questions. I was mulling over question 1 when I looked over to see that Anthony was already on question 7. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened, Anthony seemed to notice because he smirked, "Need any help Percy?"

I grinned, "Nah, I'm good."

So how was that? I know it's kind of strange but I think it makes an okay story… let me know because it is fun to write. Well anyway R&R!