Hey guys! So I wanted to share one of my watt pad stories with you guys! This one I think will be called Lost-and-Found.

It is about a princess, who is stolen on the day she was born and who was taken to a small cottage in the woods to live, but her 'mother' dies in a devastating fire and the stolen princess is left on her own. When winter comes she has nothing to do for food, so she leaves the woods and finds the kingdom she was taken from (though she has no clue she is a princess.) she rummages through the trash for food since she has no money but is caught and taken to jail. She makes some friends, and is noticed by a guard after one of her escape attempts. I won't tell you what happens next cause you got to read and find out : P

Ok so there is an app and website where you can read it .com and I will post the link to the first chapter of the story on the bottom of this page. My other story I told you guys about got deleted cause no one was reading it L but oh well. I also have another one but idk what its about yet.

So anyway please read and follow me and my story on watt pad and be sure to vote on it too. I might even send it in to the awards! :D but you guys have to love it for me to. My name is still un decided to so you guys get to help! :D

Here are my ideas:

Beautiful_evol (love spelt backwards)




(Bella means beautiful)

So you guys vote and ill pick based on wwhat you guys think. Here is part of the story I was telling you guys about.

She had no clue how far she had run. She ran as far as she could only stopping when something was in her way. She knew they were already after her. She heard them yelling and could see the smoke emanating from their torches. She ran quickly out of the kingdom before anyone could catch her. No one saw her. No one caught a glimpse of her. Her job was done.

When she reached her destination, the noise from behind her had seized. She climbed the sheer steps, and finally landed on the concrete floor, holding a newborn child in her week arms. She was so week, she collapsed right there in the floor. Before she fell into a deep slumber she heard a baby coo, but the rest was black.

-13 years later-

Mother died years ago, leaving me on my own in the woods. Our small cottage went down due to a fire but what started it was unknown. I had lived in these woods my whole life but I was never without a stable shelter till a year ago. I never wondered to far from our burnt cottage though.

It was now winter. This was my first winter without a home. I couldn't make a fire; mother always did that for me. I didn't have food either; I hadn't saved enough for this time of the year for I was starved after the fire.

Whatcha think? Please vote and read my story! you may have to copy and past the links