President Snow's POV

Chaos. Yes, there is chaos in the Skoll. Oh, yes Primrose Everdeen. I know it was you. Why don't I single you out, why don't I make you pay? Well, everyone needs a little hope, even in school. Why don't I tell Lyna I don't need her? She wants her revenge. Now, Primrose Everdeen will be destroyed. Chaos and revenge will consume her and the Skoll, and that will be the end. Yes, I will leave everything as it is. That will be enough punishment in itself.

Lyna's POV

Why wasn't President Snow answering?! This was very serious. I finally got pictures of Prim doing Skoll work, and President Snow wasn't answering my calls! I must destroy the Skoll though. I must destroy Prim, but I must take matters into my own hands...

it's short, but I didn't know what else to write. Please review, cuz I need some is ideas really badly!