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Just the beginning

Chapter 1: The meeting of two whom were meant to be.

Arthur sat atop his throne, looking down over his kingdom, his palace, his prison. He sighed and drummed his fingers against the armrest. He was dressed in his usual attire, long black dress pants, a blood red dress shirt, a tight black vest revealing how terribly frail he was, and a marvelous shining cape that trailed behind him in a flowing motion when he walked. The day was like any other, boring as hell. He would sign 50 papers, declare war and then apologize to avoid said war, his boring and terribly old servant would serve him a dry piece of some type of cake, and then he would be forced to retire to bed. He was so lost in thought he did not hear someone enter the room and close the old mahogany door behind them.

"Good evening Sire, we are very sorry to report your last servant was in a terrible accident and will be unable to perform his duties." Arthur looked to the old man that was holding the door open and sighed.

"Very well then." he said quietly, not really caring about the old bat that would pester him and force him to do boring things he did not wish to do.

"We have already arranged for another slave to take his place." the man said, acting as if the bad news would cause their young king to go into a fit of rage and backing up slightly so he was pressed up against the door. Arthur merely rolled his eyes, almost everyone was scared of him, because of his father.

"Alright." He said in a bored tone, picturing a 70 year old man whom would force him to go to bed and eat what he did not wish to. The door man nodded and mumbled his 'good day' before walking out of the room and closing the door firmly behind him, locking it. Arthur guessed that was due to the fact he had tried to run away a few months ago. He was only 15, he didn't want to declare war and cause death! He wanted to live like any normal kid, but of course that just wasn't freaking aloud, he was a prince, the son of a great king, he could never act normal.

The young prince closed his emerald green eyes out of tiredness and ran his slender fingers through his wheat blond hair. The door opened a second time, the tired Brit turned his head to see a boy about his age walk in, balancing a silver platter with a tea cup and plate with some sort of food on it on his fingertips. He kept his sea blue eyes trained on the ground, Arthur watched him in fascination. The prince was quite astounded they had chosen someone so young to serve him, someone who seemed so spirited.

Arthur slowly stood up and hopped down the many stairs towards the boy, his bright emerald eyes searching up and down the boy taking in his attire. Simple black cargo pants, a white buttoned up collared shirt with a dark red vest buttoned over it, and a black and red striped tie. Arthur could tell he was shaking slightly but couldn't figure out why. The boy had dirty blond hair that clung to his cheekbones and jaw line slightly and an irritating cow lick that the prince could already tell would be getting on his nerves, seeing it bounce with the boys every step.

"Hello, are you my new servant?" Arthur questioned, still looking up at the boy. The servant jumped, not noticing that Arthur was standing there and dropped the silver platter, it's contents spilling all over the floor, Arthur's favorite blue tea cup shattering into a million pieces.

"Oh fuck, I'm sorry!" the boy apologized, sinking to his knees to clean up the mess. Arthur might of been upset if it wasn't for how badly the boy already seemed to have an air of fear hanging around him.

"It's alright." Arthur said, sinking to his knees as well to help clean up the mess.

"Y-You don't need to do t-that!" The servant stuttered, still shaking slightly. Arthur shrugged and continued to help.

"So you are my new servant?" Arthur questioned, still wanting an answer.

"Y-Yes sir." He said quickly, putting the remains of the cup on the silver platter.

"What's your name?" Arthur wondered, the boy looked up at him.

"A-Alfred, Alfred F. Jones." he replied. Arthur looked into his eyes curiously, he had only seen a very select few people around his age. Alfred had been distracted by the prince and his hand slid across a small shard of the porcelain cup. He yelped and yanked his hand away from where the small shard had been and loomed down at the deep cut for a moment before shoving his hand in his pocket.

"S-Sorry if I got blood anywhere!" he apologized, Arthur gaped at him, surprised THAT was what he was worried about.

Alfred stood up and tried to walk out of the room, Arthur grabbed his arm, Alfred yelped like a kicked puppy. Arthur quickly let go of his arm, afraid he was hurting him.

"I'm really really sorry that I screwed this up, I can fix your cup, I'm pretty good with my h-hands, but just don't…" the next words were nearly inaudible, "Don't hit me, please." He whispered, shaking violently, his entire face paled remarkably.

"H-Hit you? I wouldn't hit you!" Arthur protested, Alfred looked at him, the fear in his eyes evident. Arthur's eyes strayed to the back of his neck, he could see itty bitty scars, he guessed the beginning of whip lash marks. Arthur silently bet if he could see the boys bare back there would be long vertical lash marks streaking what would probably be perfect and beautiful skin.

"Let me help with your hand." Arthur said quietly, telling more than asking. Alfred shook his head.

"N-No! Don't worry about me, I'm alright!" he protested, a small smile appeared on the princes face as he took the platter from the weakly protesting Alfred and walked to the kitchen to drop it off.

He took the now quiet Alfred to the garden and sat down in the middle on an old marble bench. Alfred looked around in wonder at the roses, there were millions of them! Pink, red, white, yellow, and even a beautiful dark blue rose; each with a hint of the rain from last night dangling off the edge of the delicate pedals.

"Wow, this is awesome!" Alfred said excitedly, trying to take in the breath taking image of the roses that were coming down from the old crumbly brick walls and draping around everything. He hardly remembered where he was until he looked over to Arthur and remembered where he was and how he was supposed to be acting around the great prince. The smile quickly left his face and he calmed down.

"You think? I don't let many people back here, it's just for me." Arthur said, looking around as well. Alfred immediately tried to get up from the bench.

"O-Oh, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't be here should I?" he tried to walk out but Arthur stopped him by standing up quickly, stepping in front of him.

"I let you in here, you're welcome to stay here whenever." Arthur said, guiding the boy over to the marble bench and sitting him down. "Now let me see your hand." he instructed, Alfred slowly removed his hand from his pocket and edged it closer to the young prince.

"R-Really sir, you don't need to worry yourself over me!" Alfred said again, Arthur chose to ignore him and focus on the cut. He took Alfred's hand in his and moved it closer to him so he could see the wound better.

"The glass is still in your hand..." Arthur observed, reaching for the small first aid kit and retrieving the tweezers. "This may hurt a bit..." he said, Alfred nodded. Arthur made sure he had a firm grip on the glass before carefully pulling it out. Alfred winced and bit his lip but made no sounds as the glass was pulled out. Arthur quickly grabbed bandages to prevent the wound from bleeding and wrapped them tightly around his hand. A minute later he sat back, making sure the bandages were tied on tightly enough.

"Thank you." Alfred murmured, scooting away from the young prince, still wary of him. Arthur nodded and went back to looking at the roses. "So..." Alfred began, "I've never seen blue roses before, I haven't seen many roses actually." Alfred admitted.

"I love roses, they're amazing. Blue roses are quite uncommon, I must admit my father threw a fit when all I wanted for my 14th birthday was a blue rose. But," he sighed at the memory of his father red in the face, overfilling with fury at how much of a 'disgrace' his son was, "I love roses..." he finished, staring at a perfectly bloomed navy blue rose.

"Your father should be proud." Alfred looked like he was using most of his bravery just to speak. Arthur had an awful gut feeling he had been treated awfully before he came to Arthur. The young prince looked over at him, his emerald eyes looking softly into Alfred's bright sapphire ones.

"Why?" he wondered, Alfred took a deep breath, trying to will himself to say what he wanted to.

"H-He raised you to be an amazing person." Alfred looked say, mildly embarrassed. Arthur looked at him in shock before turning to look at a blood red rose. Neither of them said anything for awhile, Alfred knew he shouldn't of said that, it was out of line for someone like him. But he couldn't help it, at least he didn't include 'and your eyes are exquisite' like he had planned on earlier. Well... They were!

Alfred still felt a bit timid after the day, the happy king could be an act and he could just be there to hit and hurt him, just like the last oh so awesome king. The memory made him actually scoot away until he was on the edge of the bench, 'Thats it' Alfred thought, 'It's all an act'. The thought was sad but Alfred had a feeling it was true. Arthur looked over at him questioningly, noticing how he had moved away.

"The suns about to set, are you ready to go back?" Arthur asked, Alfred jumped at the sudden sound but nodded and stood up, waiting for his prince to stand and walk in front of him. Arthur eyed the boy warily, noticing that out of nowhere he had become cold and began to look like he feared him again. Arthur tested his guess and took a step closer to him so their arms were almost touching. Alfred immediately took a step in the same direction, putting a foot or two of space between them.

Arthur sighed, this would take some time. He let it go and returned to the castle, allowing the American to return to his room.

"Oh, and by the way I'm Arthur, Arthur Kirkland." Arthur said to Alfred. The boy nodded.

"Have a good night, sire." The boy said before heading back to his room. Arthur sighed, wishing the boy would at least address him with his real name. If they were going to be stuck like glue like he and his servants usually were (due to his father making sure he never had a chance to run away) he wished he would just call him Arthur.

Arthur returned to his room and changed into a nightgown. His stomach growled when he remembered he hadn't eaten dinner, oh well. He remembered that Alfred hadn't either and he walked towards the door, not wanting the lad not to eat. He walked to the kitchen and was about to cook when he remembered what happened last time he attempted cook (exploding kitchen). He sighed and walked to his cooks room, knocking and politely asking to make him and Alfred something. The man agreed with a nod and walked to the kitchen, quickly preparing stew for the two of them.

Arthur walked to Alfred's room, hoping he wasn't already asleep. He passed his fathers bedroom and turned left, finally reaching Alfred's room. Usually a servant wouldn't have had a room anywhere near the castle but Alfred was considered Arthur's right hand man, so he was allowed to sleep in the palace.

"Alfred, are you still awake?" Arthur asked, noticing the door was cracked and using his shoulder to push it open and walk through. The first thing he saw was Alfred sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands, he looked terribly troubled, Arthur noted. Alfred heard someone enter and he quickly stood up, Arthur almost gasped as he saw the full extent of the dozens of scars running along his chest and his back. Alfred jumped when he realized who it was and went diving under his bed to find a shirt.

"Uhh, s-sorry bout that." Alfred mumbled, pulling a shirt over his head and covering his toned, scarred and amazing chest. Another thing Arthur noted was that some of the scars weren't scars at all, rather fresh cuts inflicted what looked like 2 or 3 days ago. They were red and slightly puffy, a couple were even bleeding slightly.

"N-no problem, I remembered we didn't eat dinner so I got my chef to make us some." Arthur said, deciding to bring up the cuts after dinner.

"Y-you didn't have to worry about me!" Alfred said, astounded yet again about how kind the boy was to someone of his status. Arthur chuckled and walked over to the boy and offered him the bowl, Alfred took it slowly.

"May I sit?" Arthur motioned towards the bed.

"Of course, sire." Alfred said, scooting over so the young prince could sit next to him. Arthur plopped down next to the American and began to eat, Alfred slowly did the same. Both ate in silence for a moment, Arthur worrying about the wounds all over Alfred.

"You have an amazing cook." Alfred said quietly, finishing off his bowl of the heavenly stew.

"Yes, I am always quite pleased with his work." Arthur agreed, Alfred looked like he wanted to say something badly, he was squirming. "Do you have something to say?" Arthur asked. Alfred debated mentally for another moment before slowly speaking.

"Does he, er... Does he ever make hamburgers?" he asked timidly, Arthur thought.

"He has once or twice, do you like hamburgers?" Arthur asked, The American slowly nodded. "I can ask him to make them some time if you want me to." Arthur offered.

"No, it's alright. Don't worry about it." Alfred said quickly, not wanting the kind boy to have to worry about him.

"I can, really easily. It is no bother." Arthur said, wanting the boy to speak what he wanted.

"A-alright, thank you." Alfred said quietly, Arthur nodded and set his bowl down on the floor next to Alfred's.

"Can I help with the cuts on your back?" Arthur asked, looking over to the boy.

"P-please don't worry about it, it's nothing!" Alfred quickly said. Arthur looked into the boys sky blue eyes, he noticed his pupils were shaking slightly. Alfred held his gaze, barely, he looked like he wanted to look away several times but didn't. Arthur kept staring, refusing to look away until Alfred let him help. Alfred slowly nodded and Arthur smiled.

Arthur excused himself for a moment and retuned a minute later with a first aid kit dangling in his hand. Arthur sat behind Alfred so he could get a better view of his back, Arthur could tell that was where the worst of it was. Alfred slowly pulled off his shirt, Arthur looked sadly at the old and newer scars. There were 3 ones that he could do something with to help the pain. Arthur slowly wiped off all three of them, cleaning off all of the old and dried blood, he ran his fingers over the soft skin and Alfred shivered slightly at the princes touch. Arthur was about to open his mouth to ask about how he had acquired the cuts but Arthur beat him to it.

"I would be very grateful if you didn't ask where they came from." he said weakly, Arthur felt awful at how sad and broken his voice sounded, he seemed used to this.

"Alright." Arthur answered simply, returning to placing bandages over the cleaned wounds. "Done." he said and stood up, picking up the empty plates as he went.

"Thank you." Alfred, his back actually feeling much better, Arthur nodded. "Oh, I can get those." Alfred offered, Arthur shook his head.

"I can drop them off on my way back to my room, have a good night Alfred." The prince said, turning to leave the room.

"You too, sire." Alfred replied tiredly, crawling into the warm bed.

Alfred watched as the young prince left the room, he smiled softly at how cute he looked in the nightgown. Wait, what? Alfred shook the cute thought out of his head and closed his eyes, refusing to think such thoughts.

Arthur walked down the halls of the castle, dropping off the plates as he returned to his room, for the first time in a while his day had actually been quite tiring. He thought about Alfred, and wondered how the long and painful looking cuts came to be. He sighed, wishing the boy would tell him, but oh well. It was his first day, he was sure to open up a bit. Arthur crawled into the fluffy duvet and closed his eyes, exhausted.

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