Chapter 10

A Fairy Tale Ending

After a wonderful night in bed with his lover, Arthur awoke the next morning to feel bright sunlight pouring in through the small window on the opposite end of the room. The suns beams graced his skin and poured over Alfred as well, who was latched onto Arthur as tightly as could be, his muscular arms laced around the Brit's lithe waist. He sighed softly in content in happiness, loving the feeling of being so close to him, the feeling that they'd never be separated again.

Arthur could only guess it was already later on into the morning, and remembered he was supposed to meet up with Francis to help plan out what they were going to do.. God, today would make a difference in history. Because whatever they did, they needed to do it fast. Within a week, he and Francis would be married, and there would be no chance to live a happy life with Alfred.

"Alfred… Love, wake up…" He whispered, gently shaking the others shoulder. The American blinked an eye open, groaning softly as he looked up to him.

"Artieeee…." He complained, "It's early…" He whispered, not wanting to face the day just yet. He buried his face in the skin of Arthur's stomach, having moved down a bit to hug at his non-clothed waist.

"I know, I apologize love… I have to go talk to that bloody frog…." Arthur whispered, earning a groan from the other.

"I wanted another round though…" Alfred whispered, looking up at him with happy and joyful eyes. Arthur chuckled, lightly smacking the top of his head.

"You horny little child… Now let go of me, I've got to go to Francis.." He whispered with an amused grin, struggling weakly against him and laughing.

"Kiss?" Alfred asked with a tired smile, and a hint of pout in his tone. Arthur rolled his eyes, but smiled at the American's adorableness. He leaned down and connected their lips. Not in a light, feathery one, they'd both had their share of those. Instead it was a deep, passionate one where Arthur let a moan slip from his lips before he pulled away and licked his lips with a mischievous grin.

"I'll be back tonight, love… I'm sorry, I know it's not very fair to have you in here all day, but hopefully soon enough we'll be able to get you out…" He said, then stood up after worming out of Alfred's grasp. He gathered all of his clothing and threw it on, planning on running by his room and changing before he met Francis anyways. "Bye love~!" Arthur cooed in his sweet voice before running out the door and closing it behind him. He began to skip down the hundreds of stairs, panting slightly by the time he reached the bottom. He slid out of the small exit undetected, running all the way across the castle and up two flights of stairs, back to his room.

Once he was in, he went ahead and stripped down his old clothing from yesterday, going to his wardrobe. He pulled out a pair of black slacks, a crisp white button up shirt, a black and white pinstriped, sleeveless vest, a black fedora hat, and a pair of older boots that laced up to his knees.

He slid the pants on, going ahead and shoving his shoes on so that his pants were hidden for the most part under the boots. He laced them up, then slid on the shirt, doing the buttons up hastily, putting them all in wrong, having to undo them, and then button them up the correct way. He slipped the vest on, feeling as it hugged at his body tightly like it was supposed to. He smiled, running out a moment later.

He met Francis in the rose garden, where he was hoping he would considering they hadn't really thought out where they'd be meeting up. He approached him cautiously, still not having forgiven him from everything that had happened.

" 'Ello, Francis." He said calmly, looking over to the young prince, who was sitting down on the cold stone bench, head in his hands as he looked intently to the bright green grass that was under his feet. The Frenchman looked up as he heard a voice, it being evident he hadn't slept little-if all last night.

"Bonjour, Arthur." He said quietly, running a hand through his hair which was surprisingly unkept. It wasn't fixed to perfection, rather it looked like he'd tiredly ran a brush through half of it, then given up. He pushed the disheveled locks behind his ear as he looked up to someone he wish he could consider his friend.

"Any ideas on what we can do?" Arthur asked, ignoring the fact he looked like he was dying (which he wasn't) and getting strait to the point. The Briton walked over to one of his rose bushes, and plucked off one of the dark blue roses; one of his rarer breeds of flowers. He lazily twirled it between his fingers, the color reminding him of the American's gorgeous eyes.

"Actually, oui, I was up thinking about it last night." Francis said, rising to his feet and looking down at all the different roses. "We could have both Matthieu and Alfred come with us in front of the whole kingdom on the day we're supposed to get married; and we'll speak the truth."

"Francis you seem to forget that Alfred is a wanted person, they'd shoot him on sight if they saw him." Arthur pointed out, looking over to the Frenchman with a raised eyebrow. Still, the idea was not completely outlandish. If they could somehow insure Alfred's safety, their parents couldn't deny them if they pronounced it in front of the entire kingdom.

"Hm… Your brothers could assist us." Francis pointed out.

"Still…. You, Alfred, Matthew, Patrick, James, and I? Against hundreds of thousands of guards with bows and arrows?"


"…You're bloody insane." Arthur muttered after a moment, taking a step away when Francis got a bit too close for his liking.

"All it would take was a command from the prince of England, to tell them not to fire. You can override your fathers words, on occasions. You do control ninety precent of the military." Francis pointed out, taking a step away as well, knowing it would only be right to give him space.

"But what if they don't listen? They'll all know that I'm going against my fathers wishes." Arthur sulked, shoulders sinking a bit as he dropped the rose to the ground and brought his foot up, crushing it under the heel of his boot. This was too risky, he could risk losing Alfred, he could risk someone not listening to him and shooting the American. Or his father could command them to attack; surely one of them would… This could never work…

"Arthur, before you took control of the military under your fathers orders, that man sent them off to a war they didn't want to fight. They don't respect him. They respect you."

"Francis, by us not marrying… We might start a war." Arthur near whispered, finally turning to face him. There was a look in his eyes, something resembling defeat. "Remember, you said it yourself. 'War or marriage'."

"What do you want to do about it? We'll have to take a chance, and maybe we can write a peace treaty together."

Arthur took his heel off the rose, eyes wandering down to the crushed petals, destroyed petals. All his life, Arthur had prided in his roses, how tough they were and how beautiful. In a way, they were almost like Arthur himself. But, they were easily destroyed, and that was not something Arthur wished to be. He was determined now, he wanted to be with his American.

"Alright. Let's do it."

~The day of the wedding~

Day after day had passed, and both Arthur and Francis had been working feverishly to fix any little problems they had in their plan. Everything had to be perfect, if one thing didn't work out, Alfred could lose his life. And today was the big day, the Briton had already been fitted to a pearl white suit, with a dark green vest underneath that brought out the color in his eyes. His hair had not been tamed, it was simply an impossible task to achieve. And at the current minute, he was standing behind the doors with Francis.

He had to admit, the man was rather dashing himself. A black suit, a blue vest showing underneath to compliment the sea blue eyes he owned. They were facing a pair of mahogany doors, completely silent other than the sound of their shaky, terrified breathing. Just behind those doors was a balcony out, where the entire kingdom was loud, cheering, throwing flowers up to the balcony happily as they cried out in joy to see their soon to be husbands. His father was giving a speech, his loud and booming voice echoing throughout the high kingdom walls. There were hundreds of soldiers positioned all around the kingdom, guns ready and poised if anything were to happen. But Arthur had rounded them all up, and told them the complete truth. About Alfred, and he'd voluntarily gone with him, that he loved him, the whole nine yards. These were his people after all, they deserved nothing but the truth.

The room the two of them stood in was tense, silent, the air could have been cut with a butter knife because of the immense tension it held.

"Francis?" Arthur breathed quietly, sparing him a glance. He was biting on his lower lip roughly, his hands were clasped together tightly behind his back, his back erect as he stood up completely strait.

"Oui?" The Frenchman muttered, sparing the younger a glance.

"Will this work?" Arthur questioned.

Francis opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly the large doors in front of them were swinging open, and the deafening sound of the townspeople screaming out was audible. He took a sharp intake of breath, then followed the Frenchman outside.

The day was a hot one, so of course the suits didn't help with the fact he was sweating like a mule. He looked out over the balcony, to the crowd of all of the people, his people. 'Breathe Arthur.. Breathe.' He thought, hearing the 'guards' walk out behind them. The guards were dressed in armor, also wearing a hat that covered most of their face, only their lips and chins visible. But those were not normal guards, they just so happened to be Alfred, and Matthew in disguise. Of course the Canadian didn't have the faintest idea why he was there, only that his childhood friend had called him here and called it a matter of the 'upmost emergency'. But Alfred knew about the whole plan, and he was fidgeting awkwardly from foot to foot. Arthur had been the one to suggest they come in as guards, because of the chain link armor and the chest plate made of metal, bows and arrows wouldn't pierce it, and he'd be safe.

James and Patrick were poised high up, laying on a roof with bows and arrows poised to shoot at anyone who was going to try and get near their brother. Their eyes were narrowed in concentration, as they watched the scene unraveling in front of them. Arthur had asked them the favor, and they'd been more than happy to oblige. Anything to make their precious little brother happy.

"Ladies! Gentlemen!" Francis called out with a happy smile. Both Arthur and the Frenchman had agreed to let the blue-eyed prince talk, for he was much better with stringing sentences together under pressure. "Today, we've come here to witness a marriage of two people who truly care for each other!" His voice was loud, booming over the walls as each and every member of the kingdom went silent, hanging onto his every word. Francis paused then, and spared a glance over to the Briton, who nodded his head. He could hear the chain link metal moving around subtly behind him, only guessing Alfred was putting weight onto a different foot.

"But non, it is not a marriage of Arthur and I. It is a marriage of Arthur, and someone who you thought to be rogue." Francis made it sound so simple, so right. "You've all been deceived by your king, he's made Arthur tell a lie! He's-"

Suddenly, the king was shoving Francis aside. "What are you doing boy!?" He hissed over to him, keeping his voice low. Everyone down below suddenly broke out in a roar.

"Let him finish! Let him finish! Let him finish!" They all chanted in a weird unison that usually only happened in movies, though it managed to make the king pale, and he went silent, stepping back and the other continue.

"You have all been informed that Arthur was kidnapped, this is a lie." By this time, once more the palace people were listening to him as he spoke, announced himself. Matthew was looking through the slots in his hat, watching the Frenchman in front of him with wide eyes. "He went with him on his own volition, to escape a forced marriage of he and I. A marriage that was forced by my father, and your king. You see, the two were in love; they are in love! So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you…. Your prince, and his fiancé!" Francis took this time to step aside, his arm held out as he motioned for the two to step forward.

Alfred took off the hat, letting it fall to the floor as he looked ahead to Arthur. The Briton's breath hitched in his throat, as he finally looked back to Alfred. He was open now, vulnerable. Someone could aim for his head and it'd all be over. But no one did.

Arthur's father's mouth opened wide, as he pointed over directly at Alfred. "Kill him! Kill the outlaw!" The world was completely silent, there was no sound of a bow being cocked, or an arrow flying through the air. No one listened to their king. "What the bloody hell are you doing!? Shoot him!" The older man shouted, but no one obeyed him.

Arthur took this chance to grab Alfred's hand, and pull him forward so they were both on the balcony, where all of the people below could see them. With Alfred's hand in his own, he slowly raised them over their heads, holding their conjoined hands high up into the air. Yet the world remained silent for another moment, the sound of a baby crying could be heard somewhere, echoing off the walls.

And without a warning, the crowd broke out into screams, cries of joy as they saw the two. Hundreds of things were being shouted up to them, all of them being words of encouragement, words of happiness. Arthur felt a large smile grow on his lips, and he turned to Alfred. But before he could say anything, the American was leaning down and stealing his lips for a kiss, showing the entire kingdom his totally awesome fiancé. Arthur tensed in surprise, having to lean up against the balcony slightly to handle the intensity of the kiss, groaning softly up against Alfred's lips as he pressed him against the cement railing.

A moment later the taller pulled away from him and looked out over the roaring crowd, holding their conjoined hands high up in the air once more, the yells suddenly getting louder.

"I think they like us Arthur." Alfred pronounced happily, then leaned out over the balcony and waved very American-like out at the crowd. "Hey! Hi! I'm Alfred~!" He called out happily, hearing them call out his name happily. He was still wearing the chain-link armor that the guards wore, and it shimmered under the sunlight. For the first time in a while, Alfred looked healthy, happy, alive. He had recovered from his stay in prison, and even though he wasn't allowed out of his little room, he'd taken to sprinting up and down the hundreds of steps to help keep himself in shape, as well as push ups, anything he could do while Arthur was gone.

He gave the entire crowd one of his gorgeous smiles as he waved. For a moment, the world was perfect, absolutely perfect. Arthur's dad had actually gone as far to stalk inside, and he was gone. Arthur had a feeling he wouldn't be seeing the man for a while. Because the king knew he'd lost, he knew he couldn't argue with an entire kingdom.

Arthur turned back to look over to Francis, to find he'd pulled Matthew's hat off of him, and had eloquently pressed the Canadian up against a wall. Their lips were locked together tightly in a rather passionate kiss, as if the Frenchman was pouring all of his love into the motion. His hand was roaming through the soft and silky blond locks the violet-eyed teen owned. No one but Arthur and Alfred could see them from where they stood, and he grinned from ear to ear. He was happy for Francis. He was happy in general really. Alfred was alright, he wasn't injured or dead. And then it hit him.

He and Alfred were married.

Sure, they'd have to sign a few documents that made it official, but Francis had announced it, and they'd shared a kiss and… He would be Alfred's husband!

"Alfred I love you!" The Briton suddenly exclaimed happily, leaping forward and throwing himself into the Americans arms, kissing him once more. Everything was perfect.

~After lots of boring paper signing~

Arthur could honestly say his hand ached from signing so many papers, and his voice hurt from scolding all of the councilmen who glared at Alfred. But at last, the American and the Briton were together, soaking in a hot bath. It felt amazing, to be leaning up against the back of a tub, the hot water and the bubbles hiding what lay beneath the liquids surface. Alfred was on the opposite side of the tub, their legs were resting comfortably against each other. Their eyes were locked together lovingly, as they simply stared into the others eyes. No other words could be said at the moment.

The room was dimly lit, only a few candles sitting on the edge of the tub to keep the dark room lit. It was well on into the night.

"It's all over now… Thank god, I could sleep for a month.." Arthur whispered, resting his head up against the back of the tub, the water rustling when he he moved his leg against Alfred's in a more comfortable position.

Alfred laughed, but shook his head. "You kidding? That was just one adventure, it was just the beginning of what we're going to do in life!" Alfred exclaimed happily. Arthur smiled lightly and laughed.

"Yes, I suppose… So, how does it feel to be a prince?" He questioned.

"The food. The food it amazing." Alfred said with a little laugh, sinking into the water up to his shoulders, tilting his head down so he could blow at the bubbles in the water, getting some on his nose. This made Arthur giggle, as he looked over to him.

"Hey Alfred… I love you, I know I've said it before but… I really, really do." Arthur near whispered this, emerald eyes shining with a bit of embarrassment.

"I love you too Arthur." Alfred replied, the same cocky grin fell onto his lips that Arthur adored oh so much. Alfred was his knight in shining armor, his hero, his everything. He was his sugar to his tea, his sun to the world, his peace to countries, his… god, there were so many ways to describe it.

But the bottom line to what he was saying, Alfred was the hero that everyone in life needed. He was the person who shoved him to his feet and showed him the world. He showed him who he was and he didn't take no for an answer.

But most of all; Alfred had shown him that life was full of adventures, and this was just the beginning.

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