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Chapter 27: Future - Festival Phenomenons

Naruto woke up to a sudden chill on the back of his neck. He was hesitant to shift from the warmth of his covers, but the tingle up his spine made him check. The blonde rolled over under his comforters so that his forehead popped out of his warm den. He glanced around his dark room, vision hazy, a stream of moonlight dimly lighting the floorboards.

"Hey, Naruto." It was the Third Hokage, of all people, in his room. Naruto yawned, and laughed sleepily. I must be dreaming, he thought.

"Hey, Gramps," he chuckled, yawning in the midst of his greeting. Wait a minute… "Gramps?!"

A cough. Good ole Hayate-sensei leaned against the windowsill, quietly informing the Hokage of some news.

"Hayate-sensei?!" screeched Naruto, leaping out of his covers and cowering in the corner, hitting his head on the headboard first. He held his head and squeezed his eyes shut in pain, hoping that he'd jumped in fright and all of this was a nightmare.

"Be careful there, Naruto," the Third said, chuckling. Naruto just stared wide-eyed at the old man, starting to tremble when the Hokage's feet began to shimmer and vanish before his eyes. Hayate waved, and the two disappeared completely. Naruto stared at the spot they'd just occupied, eyes bulging.

His neighbors complained to the landlord of screaming during the night.

Ah, Konoha, as the seasons change and the green grass glows in the hot summer daylight! Oh, but the best part is, the midsummer festival! A longtime, standing tradition from the time when the First Hokage ruled the village, and it has only grown since then!

"Are you going to the festival?" Kiba asked, nonchalantly petting Akamaru's head. Hinata nodded her head eagerly, smiling. Kiba then asked all the others if they were going, and they all said yes.

"Why do you ask, Kiba?" Tenten replied.

"My sister's making me do chores, and I might miss the fireworks," groaned the Inuzuka, as his canine partner whined sadly, tail thumping insistently.

"That sucks," replied Lee. "But don't worry! I know you can finish it!"

Lee flashed his good guy pose, complete with the tooth sparkle and the overused thumbs up. Tenten laughed, Neji groaned, and Hinata giggled. Shino, however, glowered behind them all.

"Kiba," he said too seriously. "You asked everyone if they were going to the festival, but you didn't ask me."

"Oh, Shino, I didn't notice you were there."

The dark, depressed aura around the Aburame became a few shades darker. Neji was worried that Shino might suddenly latch onto somebody and drag them into despair. They all edged away from the bug shinobi cautiously, laughing nervously.

"Oh Shino, of course we'd include you," Sakura mended, smiling.

"Sakura's right, the Konoha 11 leave out no one!" Ino agreed.

"Konoha 11?" said Chouji. "If you add Sai, wouldn't that make it 12?"

The Akimichi was very careful to avoid mentioning Sasuke, and the others were rather grateful for it. It wouldn't do to have Sakura or Ino thrown into a Shino-like depression.

"That's right! I'll go ask Sai if he wants to come later," Sakura said.

"Where's Naruto?" Shikamaru asked. It had taken quite some effort to say the words, seeing as he didn't want to spend so much troublesome time looking for said blonde. But, the words were out, and now they had to deal with Naruto.

"I don't really know, he probably got up late," Sakura replied.

"Or he'd just eating ramen," Kiba reasoned. Murmurs of assent rippled through the group, and then they agreed to meet back under the same tree at around 3:00 in the afternoon, plus Sai and Naruto if they came.

"Sakura-channnn," wailed Naruto, "you gotta help me!"

"What?" snapped Sakura, shoving the clingy blonde off her shoulder. "Hey, let go of me first! What happened?"

"I'm seeing ghosts," he moaned. Sakura noticed the dark circles under the Uzumaki's eyes, and the way he warily glanced about, as if everything spooked him. Probably a bad dream, she supposed.

"You had a bad dream, and you're tired. It's nothing," she told him reassuringly.

"It wasn't a dream," Naruto replied hoarsely, eyes darting around. "Ghosts."

Sakura, somehow, knew that Naruto was deadly afraid of ghosts. But she only sighed and shook her head.

"We're meeting up for the festival at three, okay? Don't be late, we'll be at the big oak outside the market, you know the one. See ya!" Sakura bounced away, trying to get away from Naruto's creepy, wide-eyed prowling. He was worse than Shino, seriously.

But Naruto was not lying to her. There had been ghosts that summer.

"Tsunade-sama, there's a council meeting right now," Shizune informed the Fifth. She glanced at the blonde, who was working away at a paper as if her life depended on it, pencil flying. "Tsunade-sama?"

"Quiet, Shizune, this paper must be done!" Tsunade scribbled more notes down.

"What's that?" Shizune asked curiously. She bent over her teacher to see that she was working to help one of the gambling houses in Konoha's entertainment center. It was closing down, due to some problems, and now Tsunade was frantically trying to save it.

"It's not for me, it's for the people!" Tsunade claimed. Shizune sighed, knowing better.

"That's great, Tsunade-sama, but there's a meeting—"

"Tell them I'm busy."

Shizune really didn't want to tell the council members that Tsunade could not be present. She'd been yelled at by sour old Koharu enough.

"What do you mean by Tsunade can't come?" one of the council members asked. "This is important stuff!"

"We express our sincerest apologies," began Shizune, before she was cut off.

"No matter. Carry on the meeting," snapped the old lady Koharu, eyes squinting at the Fifth's assistant. That Tsunade, always avoiding troublesome matters. This beginning portion of the meeting had little to do with too much of Hokage-Konoha politics, so she supposed they could do without her. "We're fine without the Hokage for now."

"Thank you very much," Shizune muttered quickly, dodging out the door.

"You guys never let me skimp out on meetings," said the voice of a teenage boy, at the end of the council aisle. Cross-legged on the empty spot that used to be Danzo's, was Sarutobi Hiruzen, 16 years old again. "Seriously, Koharu, are you getting soft?"

The entire council gaped at the specter, Homura's glasses slipping off his nose. They would've broken, had another figure not grabbed them quickly.

"Homura, is why you hold books so close to your face? So that you can catch your glasses?" asked Kagami, leaning on the councilman's chair. The Uchiha smirked and nodded at the daimyo's representatives. "Hey."

"Who is that?" demanded one of the men present at the table.

"Me? I'm Uchiha Kagami," Kagami stated proudly, spinning around and showing off the Uchiha crest on his back. "It's okay. I'm dead."

They all just stared at him, too.

"Hiruzen, get out of my seat." And there, also 16 years old again, was Danzo, shoving Hiruzen off of the table. "Last time I remembered, you sat at the head of the table."

"Hey, that's Tsunade's spot now," defended Hiruzen, brushing himself off casually. "But if you insist…"

Danzo glared at Hiruzen as the Sarutobi sauntered up the Hokage's spot and sat in it casually, as if he'd been in it for decades—which he had.

"Can we…pretend this is not happening and get this meeting going?" Homura stuttered, clearing his throat. The elders stared at the specters, trying to believe that it was just their eyesight deteriorating with age, floating white figures in their vision just a part of being elderly…

"So, if I yodel in here, will my voice echo?"

"Uh, Kushina, we're not going through this again."

"If I throw an egg through that window, can I—"


"Aw, Minato, you suck the fun out of everything!" The pouty redhead and her quick, blonde companion stared at the windows around the council hall. Minato sighed, watching as the Uzumaki girl zoomed around the council table and hopped onto the table just in front of Hiruzen. She cackled loudly.

"Jeez, Kushina, can you calm down for once?" Biwako sternly pulled the redhead off the desk, and Hiruzen giggled. "Hiruzen, don't giggle like that, it's creepy."

Biwako turned, glancing at the young people and her two friends, Homura and Koharu. Their hair had faded to gray, and their once fair, light skin was old and marked with age.

"What?" she asked innocently. "You two sure have gotten old, you know."

The Konoha 12 girls were planning a sleepover, that night. They all lugged their things to Ino's place, where they settled down in her room above the shop. After lunch, they planned out what they were going to do for the festival, and also what to do when they came home from fireworks, for the slumber party. It was really a girls' night, tonight.

"Can you guys help me run the shop for about an hour? My mom went out," Ino said, about an hour before they planned to meet up for the festival with the boys. The girls agreed, and they played card games and gossiped whilst serving the customers. There was a larger number of shoppers, looking for a bouquet of lilies or roses for loved ones that lovely festival day.

One of them was a tall, white-haired Senju, wondering what kind of flowers his dear wife would like.

"Can I help you?" Ino asked, not recognizing the tall man at first. All she knew was that he was stunningly handsome.

"Ah, yes," Tobirama replied, smiling. "Something for my wife, today? I'd like to surprise her."

"I know just the thing!" Ino's face lit up as her area of expertise guided them through the shop to a lovely series of beautiful bouquets.

"Thank you, miss," Tobirama said, smiling as he grasped the bundle of flowers. The wrapping around the bouquet crinkled in his large hands, and he brought them to the cash register. The Yamanaka clan was always very friendly.

Sakura, at the cash register, began to ring up the one bouquet.

"That'll be—" she stuttered for a moment, staring at the Second. She hurriedly ushered the words out of her mouth, telling him the price, which he paid easily. Tobirama thanked the pinkette and turned on his heel, supposing that she was probably stunned by his good looks (he laughed about this to himself).

"Ino! Ino! Do you know who that was?!" Sakura demanded. When Ino shook her head, Sakura shoved her head out the window and pointed at the Hokage Mountain. Beside them, Tenten and Hinata were gaping at the shop entrance, which Tobirama had nearly reached.

"Oh my—" Ino pulled herself out from Sakura's grasp and ran outside the clerical desk. She cupped her hands to her mouth and yelled, "Thank you for coming, Hokage-sama! Please come again!"

Tobirama grinned, lifted a hand in salutation.

The girls were silent for a moment. Ino gaped after the man, and then:

"I think only beautiful people get to be Hokage."

"I swear I saw them," Naruto now claimed to Neji, who walked along as if there wasn't a blonde Jinchuuriki following him. "C'mon, Neji, you have to believe me!"

"Hey, Lee, what time is it?" Neji asked.

"2:30," replied the youthful eyebrow boy.

"We should start heading towards the meeting place," Neji said, changing directions. He made a disgruntled noise when Naruto grabbed onto his shirt and moaned loudly.

"Ghosts," the blonde jinchuuriki hissed urgently.

"Idiots," Neji deadpanned back to the orange-clad ninja, shoving him away.

"Youth!" Lee echoed, just to copy the pained expression on Naruto's face.

"Hey, you, can I get directions to—never mind."

The trio looked up, but whoever it was quickly dashed away, for what reason, the boys would never know. Well, one of them had a vague idea, and he shuddered and wrapped his arms around himself, muttering stuff about the supernatural all the way to the meeting place under the tree.

"Did you see that? That kid looked just like Aki." Kagami shook his head incredulously. "Is Aki still alive?"

"Yes, he's still alive," Danzo replied flatly. "That was his grandson."

"Aha!" Kagami slapped a fist into his other palm, grinning. Danzo just rolled his eyes.

"Excuse me, could you help me find my way to…" Mariko pointed out the one shop she'd always frequented when she lived. However, as to be expected, the village had changed tremendously, and she could no longer find her way through the shopping center with ease.

"Sure," said the blue-eyed blonde girl, smiling. "This here is my flower shop, this here is the barbeque place, and this is what you're looking for. It's a bright building, you can't miss it if you go straight down that road." Ino pointed down the way.

"Thank you," Mariko said, smiling gratefully. Ino watched the blunette disappear around the corner.

"She has such pretty hair…and it's blue," she mused.

"And I have pink hair," Sakura replied sarcastically.

"Uh huh. And Hinata has green hair, and Tenten has rainbow hair," Ino snorted, rolling her eyes.

"So, we ran into a total hottie today," Ino began. She then wondered what in the world she was talking about. There was something about this mysteriously attractive man, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Was he married? Oh yes, that must've been the problem. "He was married though."

"That's great, Ino," Shikamaru drawled, unwilling to move away from his comfortable position leaning against the tree. When the blonde tried pulling him, he slouched and glared.

"Festival food!" exclaimed Chouji, completely ignoring the previous comments.

"I don't think that was the problem, Ino." Sakura smiled gently. Tenten giggled, prompting Neji to give her a funny look, and Lee to flash a random good-guy pose.

"Oh really?" Ino had forgotten already.

"Maybe the fact that it was the Second freaking Hokage," Sakura growled. She wanted to slap her forehead, but that would earn some big forehead comments.

But everyone was silent. Kiba was about to burst out in laughter when Naruto began to scream his head off.

"GHOSTS!" he wailed, diving behind Akamaru. "THEY'RE COMING FOR US, OH MY GOSH, OH MY FREAKING JASHIN, HELP—"

Sakura punched him through a wall, silencing the jinchuuriki quickly.

Evening had settled on Konoha, but the main events and festivities had only just begun. As Lady Luck would have it, Tsunade was trying her hand at all the gambling games, each attempt emptying a good wad of money out of her wallet.

"Seriously, Tsunade, I'm surprised Konoha isn't broke," Shizune chuckled nervously.

"Don't be so silly," Tsunade mended. "I don't gamble on Konoha."

"Uh huh," Shizune mumbled to herself. She vaguely glanced over the mask-maker's station, a very amusing thing to observe. Masks of all colors and shapes were hung up, the most bizarre ones ranging from a one eye-holed orange swirl to something that looked vaguely like Akatsuki's Deidara (it came complete with big foam hands, tongues and all drawn in; good for sports cheering).

"Ah, Tsunade-sama!"

If it wasn't her cute little pupil, Sakura, and her cute little friends. Oh. And Naruto.

Tsunade smiled as she conversed lightly with the pink-haired girl, along with Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Hanabi, who decided to tag along, and some of the boys. She didn't ask why Naruto was nervously twitching, especially every time Kiba yelped suddenly. Kiba would then laugh raucously as Naruto whimpered and dove behind Lee.

"Naruto, isn't that Orochimaru?" Lee would randomly say, causing the blonde Uzumaki to glare at the green beast of Konoha. "Naruto, isn't that Jiraiya-sama?"

"Lee," scolded Tenten, "that's too far!"

"Sorry, Naruto-kun."

"It's o-okay," Naruto stuttered, seemingly more worried about the actual ghosts rather than being offended.

"Naruto-kun, isn't that Pein?!"


"Will you shut up," Neji snapped. It wasn't a request, it was an order, and he placed the I-Will-Hakke-Rokujyuu-Yonshou-You-To-Iwagakure death glare on both Lee and Naruto. Hinata shyly twiddled her fingers together, while Hanabi looked extremely bored. She should've gone with Konohamaru and the gang, she supposed.

"What's up with him?" Tsunade asked, amused.

"He says he's seeing ghosts," Ino sighed. Though after the Second Hokage incident, she and Sakura were seriously debating it as well. Tenten and Hinata, however, hadn't seen Tobirama, and were totally confused.

"Ghosts? Pah!" Tsunade laughed.

"No, seriously," wailed Naruto.

"Seriously what?" asked Shikamaru. "Oh yeah, my dad said something weird happened with the council."

"What's that?" Tsunade inquired, interest piqued. She had, after all, skipped out on the council meeting.

"Uh. I don't know." Shikamaru shrugged.

"That's because you're too lazy to find out," Chouji told him knowingly. "Apparently something more with ghosts, I heard something about a habanero? You know, I like some spicy foods, especially at that one new restaurant, you know—"

"HABANERO!" cried Naruto.

"Do I have to punch you through a wall again?" threatened Sakura, her voice a menacing growl. Naruto shook his head feverishly, blonde hair swishing back and forth. Hinata wished she could touch his hair; it looked so soft. Then again, the death glare that Neji nii-san was currently giving Naruto gave even Hanabi the chills. At home, he was a pretty relaxed guy…usually.

"I heard Habanero!"

"Run for it!"

Laughter, and the voices of Sakura's parents were heard. Sakura fumed, telling them not to embarrass her, but her father, with his wacky three-point hair, chuckled and patted his precious daughter's hair fondly.

"Back in the day, when someone yelled Habanero, we ran for it!" he laughed. When his daughter asked why, he explained, "That's because our good friend, Uzumaki Kushina, was the scariest thing since Tsunade-sama. No offense, Hokage-sama."

"Uzumaki?" Sakura echoed softly, stealing a glance at her annoying blonde teammate.

"Yep, that's the one! Had red hair just like a habanero," Sakura's mother added. "It's been a while since we talked about her…"

"Yeah, you know, I miss talking about me too!"

Said redhead popped up behind Haruno Kizashi, with his funky hair, and Haruno Mebuki, whose face her daughter had inherited.

"You know, Ichiraku's the most popular now. I bet it's because of me," Kushina giggled. The Konoha kids stared at the redhead. A few of them vaguely thought that she was really pretty, most of them were confused, and one blonde boy started screaming. Loudly.


"That kid looks like the Fourth…"

"You know, there's a kid that sprouts trees just like you, too."

"Well, there's a girl that based her hairstyle off of you. Aren't you proud?"

"I am. Plus, my granddaughter is the Hokage."

"My granddaughter is your granddaughter, Mito."

"My genes, obviously."

"Seriously, guys, this is getting boring. I can't find Mariko, I think she got—hey, it's the flower girls!"

Ino and Sakura gaped at the trio coming down the road. From behind them came that blue-haired girl from earlier, still rather lost.

"Seriously, Tobirama! Why didn't you tell me the village is all jumbled up?!" she demanded sourly.

"Uh. These are for you!" Tobirama abruptly thrust the flowers into Mariko's face. The blunette glared, but accepted them anyway. Well, more like she harshly snapped them from his hands and pouted. Then she caught sight of Tsunade.

"Oh, Tsu-chan, is that you?!" she exclaimed. "You're taller than me now!"

"Everyone's taller than you," Tobirama muttered. His wife elbowed him in the ribs, and all the Konoha 12 could think was The Second's wife is so adorable…

In some weird, twisted way.

"Grand…pa? Grandma? Uncle Tobirama?" Tsunade fainted dead away.

"I TOLD YOU SO!" hissed Naruto, spinning in a circle frantically. He would've gotten away, had the Konohamaru Corps not appeared, effectively blocking his path.

"I challenge you to a fight!" Konohamaru declared boisterously. Moegi and Udon sort of just looked on, watching their teammate's antics play out.

"That kid looks suspiciously like Saru," Tobirama whispered. "And those two are just like Homura and Koharu."

"That's because he's my grandson," Hiruzen whispered back. "And those are our grandchildren…"

"Hey, Saru's here!" Kagami exclaimed. All the ghosts were appearing…

"You know, I swear that shop was still around here…" Jiraiya poked his head around the corner.

"You know, I've been dead longer than you, but I don't even remember there being a clothes shop around here," Sakumo replied flatly. At this point, the entire area was frozen in shock, watching the ghosts.

Somewhere, Kakashi sneezed.

He thought he was hallucinating when Kushina ran past the ramen shop, and Rin chased after her, yelling something about messing up the Hokage Tower.

"You know, she really does take after Mito," Tobirama commented, as Hashirama carried his now-old granddaughter back to the Hokage Tower. Somewhere along the way, Shizune had gotten lost.

"Crazy kids," Hashirama muttered.

"Just like us," Hiruzen chuckled. "Well, I'm going to go see if I can freak out some more people. We should visit Iwagakure!"

"No," the two other Hokage replied immediately.

"Aw, not you too, Tobirama-sensei."

"Guys, I lost Kushina." Minato appeared in a split second. "I lost Rin and Hayate, too. And Asuma."

"You're supposed to look after the kids," Hiruzen scolded jokingly.

"…I lost the Uchiha, too."

"Oh boy."

"Tea?" Mikoto offered. Fugaku declined. They sat in the old Uchiha complex, reminiscing a peaceful time among the clan members…

"I'm surprised Obito and Kagami aren't here," Fugaku mused.

"I saw Kagami, but not Obito," replied Mikoto.

Kagami appeared, then.

"I saw Obito when I died."

"Seriously, that kid grew up fast."

"Seriously, Chouji, I thought you didn't like spicy."

Team Ten whipped around to see Asuma leaning against a doorway. Shikamaru wasn't sure if he fainted, or he was just crushed by Ino and Chouji fainting and falling on him.

"Hinata, I'm bored. Can I go with Konohamaru's group?" asked Hanabi.

"Sure," the older Hyuuga sister agreed. It was then that they looked up, and a face nearly identical to their father's smiled at them and waved from a distance. Hanabi latched onto her sister's arm, eyes widening. Hinata just stared incredulously.

Next to them, Neji had paled so much (not that he wasn't pale already) that Tenten and Lee feared he'd become a Neji-snowman.

"Uzumaki Naruto, I will finally obtain your Kyuubi!"

An ominous voice, booming over Naruto and Sakura at midnight. He held up an orb to the full moon, and suddenly, a weird sensation came over the two. It was as if they were being sucked into another world…

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie!

"You know, Lee, that's a great plot and all, but don't you think it's sort of overboard?" Tenten said. "Like that one dream you had of fighting Akatsuki's Tobi? Have you even met him? Half of us don't really know what he looks like, even from the descriptions. A swirly mask, what is that?"

"It's not crazy, Tenten! You know it's good," Lee insisted. Neji shook his head.

Mito punched Madara into the Hokage Tower. Tsunade had no idea why one of the pillars on the roof was cracked in half, but only thought of the cost to repair it. Why Madara appeared, they had no idea, but his ghost seriously had too much fun transforming into Obito and haunting Kakashi. That creeper.

In the end, the Konoha 12, well, most of them, had a grand time at the festival, with the exception of a few wary Hyuuga, a crazy jinchuuriki, and some confused girls. The girls still had their sleepover though, don't worry.

Naruto awoke with a start, his little alarm chirping away. Strangely enough, he'd remembered to set it. Not that he needed it; Kakashi always knocked on his window when he was more than 20 minutes late….to the mission meeting. He vaguely felt like something strange had happened, but brushed off the tingling sensation lingering on his skin.

After all, today was the festival.

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