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Chapter 8: But the Fire's so Delightful

It was so cold. Late October usually brought about cooler weather, but the frost on the ground and the bitter chill in the air bit at Mariko's nose and ears relentlessly. It was a late, Friday night, and she had been expected home about…two hours ago? Mariko hugged her jacket to herself, shivering. It wasn't her fault that her friend's birthday party had been so much fun, right? Seriously, the Hyuuga were rich enough to throw that kind of thing.

She wondered if Tobirama was at all worried about her, seeing as it was near midnight, and she was roaming the streets of Konoha all by herself. (At home, Tobirama had fret for about half an hour before deciding that he would wait until half past midnight to see if she would return.) At least she reached the Senju complex in a few minutes, without much occurring.

Tobirama heard her padding towards their room, and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he hastily began his "plans" and leapt into the bed to warm it up.

Mariko burst into the room, her face flushed red from the cold. It was an interesting contrast to her light blue hair, strands of which fell around her face, loose from her ponytail.

"It's cold!" she exclaimed, her shivers racking her frame visibly. Mariko eyed Tobirama, who was snuggled very comfortably in their bed up to his neck, seemingly half asleep. "Weren't you worried about me?"

"I was," Tobirama admitted, "that is, until I heard a crashing in the Senju complex and decided it was you."

Mariko scowled lightly at him, shaking her head. She noticed he was laying on her side of the bed, opening up the spot closest to her. Mariko rubbed her face; it was still so cold, she barely felt it. Her ears were numb, her hands were stiff, and her jacket proved itself useless on the way there, because the chill just seeped right through it.

"If you come here, you won't be so cold." Tobirama glanced at the open spot.

Mariko raised a suspicious eyebrow at him, but did as she was told. She shed the jacket, which was too puffy (though also ineffective), and replaced it with the blanket. When she crawled in, the heat trapped in the comforter immediately warmed her up. Cuddling closer to Tobirama, she took advantage of his body heat to warm up her frozen skin. Since her fingers were still iced up, she tried wrapping her arms around her husband…and noticed that he lacked clothing.

"Tobirama," she began, suspicious. Mariko pressed her hands against his chest, which was bare. "Why are you not wearing a shirt?"

"I'm not wearing a lot of things, Mariko," he purred mischievously. Her eyes widened and she blushed, not from the cold now, but from Tobirama pulling her closer with a devious smile on his face.

"Tobirama?" she squeaked, trying to push him away.

"Your hands are really cold," he muttered, pulling her icy palms away from his chest. "How about we warm them up?"

"Tobirama, why are you naked?" she demanded, though her voice rose a few octaves and she was nearly squeaking again. Her face was even redder than when she had appeared at the door, cheeks flaming every time Tobirama shifted.

"I'm naked to warm you up," he replied simply, pressing a kiss to her jaw, and then nuzzling her neck. "How about you take off your clothes, and warm up even faster?"


Mariko tried to protest, but he was already pulling her shirt off of her, with an oddly smug expression on his face.

The weather outside was frightful, but Tobirama and Mariko weren't cold at all that night…

Oh the weather outside was frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we've no place to go, let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


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