..::Chapter 1: Awakened Memories::...

"Hello! Oh hey Heero.. Oh! You're looking for Duo. Just a minute, I'll go get him." a voice from the kitchen answered.

"Duo! Heero's on the phone for you, and it sounds urgent!" Hilde, Duo's girlfriend shouted knocking on the patio window. "Duo, hey Duo can you hear me?" Hilde shouted her hands at her hips, "your hopeless sometimes, DUOOOOO…" she shouted again tapping at the glass doors.

Duo, looked over through the patio window, and saw Hilde making signals to him. He opened the patio door.

"What's the matter Hilde, I was enjoying the great weather!" Duo asked sternly. He peered in, his thin black muscle shirt, showed off his muscular arms. He had been outside the entire morning fixing the new yard. He extended his hand and reached for the receiver.

"Well who is it?" he replied his hair was let out of its usual braid and rested against his back.

"Heero's on the phone for you.." she mentioned handing Duo the receiver. Duo took the phone and answered it. "Duo don't forget we have to clean out the garage later, so don't think you can get off the hook by—" Hilde was almost about to finish her words when Duo shuts the glass door behind him.

"Hello! Duo here.." he said. "Heero why are you calling me? I was enjoying my day outside." Duo said smartly, giving Heero a lecture over the phone.

"Shut up Duo this is very important.. Listen well, Relena of the Sanq Kingdom has ordered us Gundam Pilots to report to her tomorrow afternoon. She claims that another war might break-out between our world and a new OZ troop! So, you being a Gundam Pilot, must show up. Will you?" Heero asked.

Duo stood there listening to Heero's request.

"Alright.. tell Princess Relena that I'll be there. Tomorrow noon at the Sanq Kingdom.. I got it! Was that all you wanted from me Heero. You know you could've sent me an email that would've been a lot better.. sheesh!" Duo remarked sarcastically.

"Great, now I'll contact Quatre, and Trowa... can you contact Weifu and let him know too?" Heero mentioned, giving Duo the job of calling his Gundam Pilot friend too.. "C'mon Heero, why me.. why can't you call Wufei, I mean you're already going to call Quatre and Trowa." Duo yawned and stretched his arms above his head.

"Duo, call Wufei!" Heero commanded hanging up on Duo.

"The thanks I get for being a Gundam Pilot, sheesh.. alright alright!" Duo said to himself and hung up the phone. He took a deep sigh and went to his computer desk to contect Wufei.


Hey bud! Its Duo.. we are asked by Princess Relena to meet at the Sanq Kingdom tomorrow afternoon. She claims that there's going to be another war between Earth and the OZ troops.. *sigh* I just hope my summer doesn't go down the drain. Anyway, as a Gundam Pilot we are asked to show tomorrow. So I thought I'd let you know. (Actually Heero made me send you this email ~sighs~).
Got it! Tomorrow noon... I know I'll be there!


Duo ended the email and sent it.

"Done, now back to the yard work…" Duo click the music on his labtop and cranked it up. He looked around and sighed. "This is going to take forever to fix up… Hilde… hey Hilde come out here for a second," he shouted, rubbing his right shoulder, and rotating his arm.

Hilde turned around from the kitchen and scowled at Duo. "What is it Duo, I was unpacking boxes… can't you do things on your own…" Hilde replied crossing her arms and slide opened the patio doors.

"Babe, come on… do you really think this yard work could be done with just me… c'mon you've got to be kidding me… it needs that… feminine touch," he smirked and extended his hand out to the massive hole in the ground where the new pool will go.

"Oh shut up," she hissed and threw the dish towel at Duo. "Wow, moody…" he pulled the towel off his head. "Augh you are hopeless, we don't have all night Duo the pools going to be delievered tomorrow," she reminded him standing between the glass doors, "now finish up…" she protested sliding the doors shut.

"Man… she really knows how to push a person's buttons," Duo retorted and sighed deeply.

Hours pass, when suddenly, a hug crash came from inside the house. Startled, Duo ran to the glass doors, fumbled with the latch and slide the doors opened.

"Hilde"... he called out running into the kitchen. "Hilde, are you okay, I heard a crash I thought something happened." Duo grabbed her by the arms and checked her over with his eyes.

"Duo! I'm alright, I heard a crash too.. but it wasn't me." Hilde said reassuring him. "It sounded like it came from the shed outside!" Hilde added walking to the front door. Duo followed behind her, worry struck his face, his forehead creased with lines.

They both walked out the door and towards the shed, Hilde held their garden rake with both hands ready to use it as a weapon if needed.

"Hilde will you just go stay inside the house, I'll check this out!" Duo scorned at Hilde. She dropped the rake and crossed her arms. "Fine have it your way, but don't come wining to me if you get hurt Maxwell," she huffed and stormed towards the house.

Duo grumbled under his breath and turned to face the shed. "Whoever's in there better come out right now, I warn you…" Duo shouted, approaching the shed. He reached for the metal hands and pulled the doors opened.

."Ahhhh, Deathscythe what are you doing?" Duo shouted, reaching for the Gundam's Pilot control. "You scared the crap out of Hilde…" He shouted at the mechanical robot, he climbed up into the Gundam's cock pit and turned off all its controls.

"Whew! That ought a keep you quiet till tomorrow." Duo said, with a smirk. He jumped down from the cock pit and rubbed his hands together. "That should do it…" he said about to leave the shed.

"Damn, got me all frazzled up for no reason, this is the third time this week Deathsycthe's done this. Something's must be triggering this behaviour… guess I'll figure that out later," Duo said closing the doors behind him. He stretched his arms over his head and yawned.

"Well the day was just wasted, guess I'll clean up and maybe order take out… yeah… take out…" Duo thought to himself and smiled.

Night fell throughout the house, the curtains were hung in the room Hilde and Duo had slept in leaving the rest of the house bare. They moved in to their new home after a fire destroyed the garage and home Duo had built after the last war.

"Hilde, are you asleep?" Duo whispered leaning over her. She didn't reply but shifted under the sheets. Duo slide out of bed quietly and out of the room to the kitchen. "Man what a nightmare, and three nights in a row… what is wrong with me?" he said to himself rubbing his head.

"Man I really need to lay off the work for a few days… yeah, that might help…" he scrimmaged through the refrigerator. He pulled out a few jars and bread from the fridge and balanced them in his arms as he awkwardly closed the fridge with his side.

"Nothing like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at 3am in the morning," he smirked and positioned them carefully at the table. He pulled out the chair and just as he was about to sit down he heard a gun cock behind him.

"Don't move…" a young feminine voice spoke softly from behind him. Duo held his hands up to the air and smirk. "Well this is interesting… how'd you get past my security system?" he questioned. "I ask the questions not you…" the voice reply. The gun pressed between his shoulder blades.

"Turn around Maxwell…" she said waving the gun against his back. Duo turned around and kept his hands in the air, his eyes widened, "It-it can't be…" his voice was shaky, his forehead dripped with sweat.

"You can't…. but you died…. How?" he questioned, his voice was shaky. "You tell me… dear brother," she snickered and pulled the trigger.

Duo jumped out of bed quickly his entire frame was shaking and dripping with sweat. "Duo… what's wrong Duo?" Hilde touched Duo's shoulder and leaned in towards him.

He placed his hand to his head and shifted his position. "I seriously need to talk to Heero," he said regaining his breathing. "Nightmares again?" Hilde comforted him her arms rubbed his shoulders. "Don't worry about it Hilde, I'm going to sleep on the couch… get some rest," he told her and pulled the sheets over his body.

"I swear these dreams are going to be the end of me… who's that girl, and how does she know me…" he said to himself grasping his pillow tightly as he left the room.

"She called me her brother…. Who is she?"