..:: Chapter 2: Sanctum Meeting::..

Hilde pulled her arms through her robe and shifted through the kitchen, "That's strange he left without waking me…" she sighed and looked over to the table. A letter neatly folded rested on top the table, "Hm, he left already…" she mumbled to herself, read the letter, and then sighed deeply.

Heero arrived to the Sanq Kingdom before anyone else, or so he thought. His Gundam stationed in the back of the truck, covered with a large tarp. Heero parked the truck near the kingdom gates, and shut off the engine. "This better be worth my time Relena," he said to himself. He jumped down from the truck and slammed the door behind him, as he made his way towards the gate, the gate buzzed.

Trowa and Quatre weren't far behind; they had pulled in just as Heero had made his way to the kingdom doors. Wufei had apparently shown up before anyone and was waiting at the top of the stairs. "Hey! Are you coming or what?" Wufei said looking towards Heero. Trowa and Quatre weren't far behind.

"Were all together again," Quatre smiled as he followed behind Trowa.

Wufei rapped at the doors as everyone assembled, a butler came to the doors with a smile. "Welcome, Lady Relena will be with you shortly, please do come in…." he said holding the door opened, he gestured for them to enter.

"Nice taste Relena," Trowa said to himself loud enough for all to hear, and chuckled.

"This way please," the butler condoned, as he extended his hand towards the stairs. "Miss Relena is waiting for you," he added with a smile. The trio ascended the stairs to a large round room .

"Madam, they are here..Just as you asked!" Another one of Relena's servents replied, as he pulled some curtains to one side of the room. "Thank you!" Relena answered, she stood up from behind her desk. "Come in and please have a seat so we can start this meeting!" Relena said as she sat back down again.

"We can't!" Heero said looking out Relena's window. "Why not?" Relena said as she stood up again and approached Heero. "He's late..." Heero said angrily and firmly leaning against the window with his arms crossed. "I bet he's not even up yet." Quatre joked, pacing the room.
Relena walked back to her round table and sat down patiently waiting for the conference to begin. "If he doesn't show in 10 minutes we start the meeting... without him." Relena announced.

At Duo's Place...

"Man I slept great, I don't think I've ever slept that well in ages." Duo yawned loudly and mumbled his words, he hadn't realized the time, he slept the night inside Deathscythe's cockpit, without setting the system for a wake up call.

"Man I should take a shower I smell bad.. yuck!" Duo then without thinking, went to leave out of Deathscythe, and stupidly slammed against its closed door. "OW! That smarts" Duo said rubbing his head. "I totally forgot I slept in Deathscythe last night." Duo said as he opened the cockpit door and climbed out. "Ah.. there that's better!" Duo said as he headed towards the house,
approaching the door he found a note.


Hope you didn't forget that today you had a meeting with Ms. Relena and Heero at the Sanq Kingdom; I thought I'd remind you knowing you'd intentionally forget. Oh and by the way, there are some fresh clothes upstairs in the bathroom... better hurry, your late!


"AHHH DAMMIT, I'M LATE…" Duo shouted, and ran through the house. Duo changed quickly and ran back down stairs, he grabbed his motorbike keys and helmet and booted out the door. Duo started up the bike, placed his helmet on, and his bike roared off.

"Man I hope I'm not late!" Duo said as he pulled up into the round drive way of the Sanq Kingdom. "What the, everyone brought their gundam's? Great," he sighed and parked his bike.

"Damn," Duo said to himself again as he booked it through the gates and to the kingdom doors. The butler had already had the door opened, Duo smiled and entered.

"Let's begin shall we.." Relena said as she started the meeting. "The..." Relena pauses. "Look who finally decided to show up.." Heero said as he walked towards the round table to have a seat. "I think you should let him in, so we can hear his side of the story!" Heero proclaimed
and took a seat next to Trowa.

Relena stood up and walked across the room and opened the door. "Hellooo... hope I'm not too late, I kind of slept in this morning." Duo said sarcastically as he entered the room. "Hey guys... didn't think you'd all make it." Duo said as he helped himself to a seat at the table. "I told you
he slept in..." Quatre said as he stirred his tea. Relena made her way back to the table to try this meeting one more time. "Now without any future interruptions... I'd like to start this meeting. The Sanq Kingdom has picked up some strange disturbance near the Oz alliance troop
base camp stationed outside of the city." Relena said as a bright screen behind her turned on. She stood up and pointed to the screen where the base camp was located.

"I have a mission for you boys, and it's rather important... I want to know what's going on at the base camp; I'm going there myself this afternoon to meet with Zecks. However, I want you boys to get there first... you four must keep an eye out. I have a feeling something is happening
there but, I really don't know what! They may be a treat to me and my kingdom, I heard news that this person, or alliance has eyes watching my every move," Relena demanded leaning against the table. The bright screen flickered with a picture of a new Gundam.

"There's a new Gundam pilot, this is the new Gundam. Our satellite picked up these pictures of the Gundam spotted near the base camp. Now I don't know whether they are making Gundam's and are planning on launching an all out assault on the Sanq Kingdom but I have a feeling.. This Gundam wasn't made by human hands." Relena proclaimed, as she walked around the table towards Heero. "Here.. " She said leaning down towards him.

"Take this, this is a computer disk that Noin found at the base center. It should help you figure out what that Gundam is about!" She said, "I can't seem to open the disk myself.. For some reason there's no way to hack into it..." Relena mentioned. "As of now this meeting is adjourned. You know what you have to do you leave tomorrow morning. Good luck!" Relena said as she headed towards the door and opened it. "Wait... why did you give me this, I told you to leave me out of your ridiculous missions Relena!" Heero said as he put the disk in his pocket and walked towards Relena.

"I know... But I have no one else to turn too, and you're the best there is Heero, I need you!" Relena quietly said and left the room. "Woah, dude I think Heero's got the hots for Relena." Duo said with a sarcastic laugh.

"No, I think it's the other way around," Trowa remarked.