Nick looked at his beautiful daughter:

"I can never regret my time with your Mom because she gave me to you"

He gives her a tender kiss and raises himself from the chair and places Anne, gently, in to her cot. Her body tenses and her she scowl's at the loss of contact. Nick reaches in and gently rubs her leg, she has found the action comforting since the day she was born, and sure enough she is soon relaxed and back to sleep. A smile crosses Nick's face. He has closed million dollar deals, and won difficult cases in court, but nothing gives him more satisfaction than knowing that his touch soothes his daughter.

"No matter what happens to you, no matter what you may do, I hope that you will feel that you can come to me confident in the knowledge that I will comfort and help you. I know that it is up to me to show you that you can always count on me. I guess if there is one thing I have learnt it is that trust once lost is hard to get back. I realise now that it was my trust that your Grandpa lost when he left us and then sent me away. It has taken me along time to forgive him, probably a lot longer than it should have. but I know now that I can trust him to always have by best interest at heart, even if I don't agree with him. So I can understand where your mom is coming from. I hope that she finds someone she can give her love to one day - I know that it won't be me. I will be fine with that in time."

Nick walks to the door and turns to give one last look before turning out the light.

Today was a good day, he muses. I helped a young girl get out of a very frightening situation, Emily and I had a pleasant lunch while discussing a difficult case she is working on. Work can be frustrating and heart wrenching but I feel good at the end of the day. Who would have thought that Jake was doing me a favour when he kicked me out of the firm, I think it was working with Dad that I enjoyed. I feel a responsibility to keep Alvin's legacy alive, of which, I am a testament of the good it achieves. But nothing compares to being with Anne. I was able to leave a little earlier than usual and finished painting the nursery at my place before coming over here. The furniture arrives next week and then Anne will be able to stay with me. I have found my reason for living and for living right! Now I am clean because that is what I want, because Anne needs me, and I need her. Nick smiled

"Life is actually good!"

He switched off the light and went back to bed to sleep soundly until Anne raised him again.