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The Dragonborn Pirates


"That's the last time I drink that much ever again." The Dovahkiin swore as he woke up from a alcohol-induced sleep. First thing he noticed was that he was lying on a beach and that he did not recognize any nearby landmarks. The second thing he noticed was the familiar form of Shadowmere standing a few feet away. "You wouldn't happen to know where we are do you?" The Dovahkiin asked. The red-eyed horse shook his head in a negative way which made the Dovahkiin's shoulders slump. "We might as find out where we are. Hopefully we're not too far from Tamriel. At least I didn't end up naked inside a temple of one of the divines." he said as he noticed he was wearing his custom-made deadric armor as well as several of his deadric artifact weapons.

Climbing on top of Shadowmere The Dovahkiin rode towards the nearest town which apparently looked deserted. "I wonder where everyone is." he asked himself. Suddenly he heard laughter coming from behind a gate. Above the gate was a sign that said 'Arlong Park'. The Dovahkiin noticed a huge tower behind the gate. Must be where the jarl lives. Hopefully I can get directions back to Skyrim." He got off of Shadowmere, pushed the gate open, and walked inside.

A few minutes later coming from the opposite direction towards the park were two swordsmen with serious grimaces on their faces. One where a pair of sunglasses, while the other was wearing something that looked to be like red headgear. "Just wait till I get my hands on Arlong! Doing that to Nami-oneechan!" Cried the one with the sunglasses, "I'm gonna shove my sword so far up his ass he wont be sitting for weeks!"

"Wait your turn Johnny!" Said the man with the headgear, "When I get my hands on him, I'm gonna shove my sword up his ass so far he's gonna be tasting metal in his mouth for weeks." He finished with a fist pump in the air. This little banter between the two continued for awhile each saying how far they were gonna shove their swords up Arlong's ass until they came upon the front gate of Arlong Park. The two saw it was open and looked inside. Seconds later their jaws hit the ground. A minute later a mob of townspeople carrying makeshift weapons arrived at the gate and like the two swordsmen once they looked inside their jaws hit the ground.

Finally four young men were walking up to the gate. The first had black hair and wore a red vest, blue shorts, and sandals. The second had short light green hair and three gold earrings in his left earlobe. He wore a plain white shirt with three buttons at the collar with black trousers, black shoes, a black bandanna around his arm, and a green wide sash around his waist. he also had three swords he had on his right hip. The third was a teen with a long nose, black curly hair that was covered by a yellow plaid bandanna with goggles over them. He also had on brown overalls, a white sash and brown shoes. The fourth is a young man with blonde hair, part of it covered his left eye, wearing a black suit and a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

Standing above a dozen or so fishman corpses was a man in demonic looking black armor. In one hand is a strange looking mace. In the other hand is a sword that looks to be made of glass and is surrounded by what looks like a cold wind. Strapped to the man's back is a black katana that is as long as the man is tall. Also there a staff with what looks to be screaming faces at one end and also what appears to be a huge rose strapped along side the katana.

The man rested the mace on his shoulder while pointing the sword at the fishmen saying "This wouldn't have happened if you just told me how to get to Tamriel."

Next Chapter: Fishmen, Fruits of the Devil and Pirates that stretch...This has Sheogorath's name all over the place.