It just seems like yesterday when this idea was born into my head, but the truth is? I've been holding it for months. I didn't post it any sooner 'cause I didn't have any plot set straight yet- and I still don't- but I am determine to get this publish, so here it is. And yeah, this is an AU fic, because I am combining both Glee and The Glee Project (1&2) into this. Max, everybody (you will find him if you read through this prologue), is based on Max Schneider. Look him up, he's on Youtube. He sings. Now that we make that clear, on with the story.

Characters used: Blaine (Glee), Cameron (TGP 1), Blake, Nellie, Michael (TGP 2). Max Schneider. Jane (apart from the figment of my imagination).

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their rightful owner(s).

The Golden Being



Everyone buzzes about them, everyone's talking about them. Everyone knows them.

Who are them?

Nellie Burgess rolls her eyes as a random cheerio shrieks in her class, follow by a few set of giggles. She couldn't help though, from smiling just a little bit at that. Annoyance. That's how she's supposed to feel, right? The right kind of annoyance. Not the one she used to feel before she decided she's moving here. This, she thinks, is the right kind of high school.

The teacher glares at those girls, gives them a warning before returning to his book. The lesson has end five minutes ago, and all of them are just waiting for the last bell to ring.

"Oh my god, they're so cute!"


"When they smile- URGH! I'm totally dying!"

"I can't believe they're here in Ohio!"

"I know right?!"

The Golden Boys- who wouldn't know them? They're the four heir to the richest of the rich. Known by possibly everyone, respected highly from anyone. Nicknamed 'Golden' because the simple presence of them represents money, wealth and most and importantly, gold. Something like Paris Hilton, except they're in high schools and there are four of them. Seniors, to be exact.

First, the leader- the richest of them all. Jesse St. James, the heir to the million-worth of company, Andromeda Group. Andromeda Hotels&Resorts, Andromeda Malls, Andromeda Phones&Gadgets etc. You name it, they have it. Gifted with good looks and sharp eyes, Jesse is widely known for his handsome features and professional look. A tall, curly-haired man with more money than he could handle. Who wouldn't want that?

Then there's Cameron Reddington, the quiet one in the group. The son to the owner world's many concert halls, opera stadiums and a few small auditorium. Strangely, he's more connected to his music instruments than people, but that doesn't exclude him from being one of the rich men to walk on the face of the earth. The mysterious heir has shaggy, blond hair and wears spectacles coolly, content to himself and say only few words. Although he is odd at some point of views, it doesn't stop him from gaining a large fan-base.

We also have the charming brainiac, Michael Walt who's good at solving mathematics riddles as much as he can seduce any women in his power. The heir of the world's famous perfume line, especially in the Arabic lands, and having the family's name named on a few buildings in top university all over the world. His smile is what sweeps most women of their feet, and having those dark hair and good with his words are just an added bonus.

Ah, and let's not forget the dangerous heartthrob. His father owns all the wrong sides of the town, undergrounds and a few clubs. Being raised in a dangerous environment, he is pretty well-known by his special fighting skills and being called 'The Dragon Prince' by the mafias and gangs. Even so, the women fawns over him like bees would come hovering over a flower. His name runs through everyone's lips at their own risk; Max Wickham.

The bell rings just in time, and everyone walks out of the classroom as if there is a time bomb sitting on one of the tables.

At one point, Nellie's glad- because she's pretty sure that time bomb is just another shriek from those cheerios 'cause they are way too excited at the thought of the Golden Boys here in Ohio. At another, Nellie's pretty sad that this day has got to end- yes, that's weird coming from a high schooler considering nobody really likes school- but she is, and she isn't quite sure why.

Rumors has it The Golden Boys has move to Ohio and now entering Andromeda Private Academy III, which had just been officially open this year at Columbus. Nobody has the right idea why exactly the Goldens decided to move from Washington, which also where the first Andromeda Private Academy is being held, to Ohio. But so far, nobody cares enough to question their motives.

"Hey, watch where you're going, okay?!"

Nellie looks up at the sudden voice- and realized she had just bumped with the most untouchable guy in McKinley High, Blake Jenkins- but it wasn't Blake who just yelled at her, it's his girlfriend, Jane Porter. These two are another 'quiz' Nellie couldn't figure out. Blake Jenkins might as well be the fifth member of The Golden Boys 'cause he's the single heir to Jenkins World Co., and unlike Andromeda Group which only operates in the United States, Jenkins World Co. operates all around the globe, so the kid's filthy rich.

But here he is, stuck in Lima, Ohio for reasons which remain unknown.

Jane Porter however is the one of the three daughters to Raven's Silk, which is a famous clothing line, now an active sell around Europe. But no, Nellie doesn't get why on earth are these two doing here, although Jane's purpose are rather more obvious than Blake's; Jane follows Blake everywhere.

"I-I'm sorry," Nellie mutters, picking up the books which lies helplessly by their shoes.

She could hear Jane's mumbling something like, "dumb bitch," and is probably about to throw more insults when another unfamiliar voice cuts through the still atmosphere, "Hey, what's going on here?"

"Who are you?" Jane questions the figure who steps into their little scene with disgust smears her word.

"A senior," a deep voice which could only belong to Blake Jenkins says, clean and flat.

The guy nods his head, wearing a small smile although he still has the professional look plasters over his face , "That is correct. Now, is there a problem here?" he asks, looking around in between Nellie and the couple. Suddenly, without waiting for an answer, the senior bends down to collect the books with 'JENKINS' written on top from Nellie's hand and hands it over to the chestnut-haired athlete-slash-rich kid. "I believe these belongs to you?"

Blake takes the books slowly while Nellie stands up next to the senior, keeping her eyes everywhere but at the couple.

"Thank you," she hears Blake mutters back.

"Come on, let's get out of here," Jane counters, and just like how they come, they leave just as fast.

Nellie lets out a sigh she doesn't know she has been holding and is about to thank the senior for literally saving her from whatever Jane's about to say, when the senior beats her to it. "Are you okay?" he asks gently, the worry drips in his tone.

"I'm fine," she says, although she isn't sure herself.

"What's your name?" the senior asks again.

Nellie flicks her eyes to look at the man in front of her. "Nellie. Nellie Burgess."

He smiles, "Well Nellie, I'm Blaine. Blaine Anderson. I noticed you're new here, right?"

"Yeah," she replies meekly, nodding her head at him. "Just moved in two weeks ago."

"Great. Welcome to McKinley High, then. I'm sorry about those people, they tend to think they're in power just 'cause they have money. I hope they didn't do anything that hurt you, did they?"

"No, they didn't," she pauses for a while, curiosity killing her innocence. "Why are you being so nice to me?"

Blaine only grins, "Oh, so it's a crime being nice, huh?"

Nellie starts to panic, "No! I didn't mean-,"

"I get it," Blaine still has a smile on his face, chuckling at the way she is. "Nah, I just know how it is being the 'new kid'. In fact, I just moved here from Dalton a year ago- so technically, I'm still getting used to the environment. Plus, being a new student and then having to face Jane Porter and Jenkins, that just sucks. I know how tough they could get to get rid of people they don't like. They have an army to do their jobs, you know?"

Ah, the football teams and the cheerios. Of course. Nellie nods her head, "Yeah, I've noticed that. Thanks."

"No problem," the senior replies happily, and when Nellie starts to walk away, he falls into step with her. "So, are you waiting on anybody? Maybe I could wait with you," he offers kindly, smiling just to show his white teeth.

"No, that's not necessary," she shakes her head, walking out of the building. "I have my motorcycle."

Blaine's eyes could literally fall out of their sockets if God hasn't intact it properly, "You have a motorcycle?! That's so cool. You know, there's not a lot of women I see these days would ride a motorcycle, if ever. Where'd you learn to ride it from?"

"My brother," she answers honestly, now taking out her helmet. "It was hard to persuade him, at first. He thought I'm going to get careless and hurt myself. So when I finally got around to get him to teach me, it was awesome."

"Oh wow," he exclaims admiringly. "That's so cool."

She puts on her helmet and sits on her motorcycle, all the while eyeing the senior who couldn't keep his eyes off of her precious transportation. "Well Blaine, it was nice meeting you."

"You too, Nellie. I'll see you tomorrow."

She stops. Did she heard that correctly? "T-tomorrow?"

Blake grins back at her, and nods his head once. "Tomorrow," he confirms, and a jolt of excitement strikes Nellie's stomach.

She couldn't stop smiling, even when she's riding out of McKinley's parking lot and onto the streets, even when the shadow of one senior Blaine Anderson stands only as a shadow from her memory- she couldn't believe it; she finally has a friend! Who would've thought bumping into Blake Jenkins and Jane Porters was all it took!

Ten minutes later, she pulls over into her house. Her wonderful, wonderful house in which she bought using her own money- and she hadn't regretted it even for a bit. The house is amazing. It got everything she had ever wanted to have. But most importantly, she could do anything she wants in the house- no one could ever tell her off. Ah, home sweet home huh? Perhaps it will be more sweet if her neighbor isn't a party addict.

She shoves the key and opens the door, stopping half-way through her steps when she realizes a pair of dark boots are standing in her living room.

Her eyes travel upward, forcing herself to see the overall black clothing- the black pants, the expensive black coat, with hands tuck safely and smoothly in the pockets before her eyes settle on the face, which holds a smug smile and teasing eyes. She groans inwardly, stepping into the house and closing the door behind her.

"Jesse," Nellie says his name annoyingly.

Jesse St. James tilt his head to one side and his smile widens, "Hello, little sis."

And then, of course, we have the silent of Goldens; the little sister. Her.

I'm not sure if I should continue with this, though. But tell me what you think! :D