This is, probably, supposedly, my favorite chapter so far. Just a note, Blaine DID NOT cheat on Kurt. And the little scene in italic was a scene which happened after their little performance at the business dinner in the last three chapters. Enjoy.
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The Golden Being

chapter 8: the golden news


It had been a restless night.

Nellie St. James, or as everyone had been fooled; Nellie Burgess, couldn't quite get a nice sleep as she had hoped for. She needed it. It was a long night, a tiring night- with all the Jenkins and all. The business dinner had went wonderfully. At least, she liked to think so as her parents didn't complain, rather praised the night as if the situation itself had just served them a million of golds. It probably will, in the future.

Nellie crashed straight into her old bedroom in the mansion, and slept through the dawn of Sunday. Sunday rolled over like it should and she spent half the day avoiding her brother while trying not to waste it with Kristin. By evening, after bidding goodbyes to her family in exception of Jesse, she drives back off to Lima, where she gets ready for school. Yet the weariness of the weekend hangs on her every skin, stinging her in every movements.

She feels like she's hungover.

The school welcomes her with the rest of the students, and the morning shines over McKinley for another day. Passing through the crowd, she sees Blaine, his eyes apparently is occupied by the book on his hands and his shoulders leaning against the locker next to hers. She walks up to him, yawning through her greet, "Morning."

The young man looks up, his bright eyes reflects how the sun might look like- if it doesn't burn too brightly at times. "Good morning to you too, Nellie. How was your weekend?"

She wants to tell him the truth, but decides against it. Her fingers fiddle the books inside of her locker, "It was okay. Spent it with my family. How about you?"

"My brother decided to visit and we had dinner." Blaine closes the book and put it away.

Nellie perks up, a smile lifting her cheekbones. "Coop," she says his name, her mind's formulating an image of the older man. Yeah, they've met before. A month ago, she thinks. She doesn't know much about Cooper considering the moments they spent were brief, but she guesses he gave his little brother his blessings when he patted Blaine at the back and told him 'You have a good friend, kid. I'd know, I've been there'. There's a flash of pain emitted behind his dark eyes when he said it, but it was gone before she could open her mouth and ask anything.

Overall, Cooper Anderson is not a foreign figure in Nellie's life.

"What's he up to this time?" Nellie asks in a joking manner, because the way that older man presents himself- it's like an illusion. He's like a thief who's searching for trouble in every way he goes.

Blaine's smile widens into a cheeky smile, "I think he's in love."

"What? Really? No." Nellie utters in disbelief, but then gasps. "Who's the girl?"

"Her name's Edith Criss. Apparently, he claimed that they have been friends for almost a year now. Edith is really cool- she's a teacher in some school. They've met when he tried to hook-up with her, but it didn't work out the way he intended it to be. During the dinner, he was really conflicted on what to do. We even invited our cousin, Clara - you might remember her, I mentioned her once or twice. Married, with a kid - and she gave advises, and I think Coop might consider it. So, it's really great."

"It is. Oh god, it is," Nellie jumps giddily and goes to hug a beaming Blaine. "You must be very happy for him!"

"I am. I am," Blaine hugs back, burying his nose in her shoulder. "He deserved it. He's annoying and whatnot, but he deserved it. Oh man, you should see how his eyes twinkled when he talked about Edith."

Nellie lets go, but her hands remain on his broad shoulder. "I'm sure that's a rare occasion I'd love to see."

"You would," Blaine grabs her fingers in his, a wide smile grace on his handsome face. Then, "Wait! I haven't told Kurt yet!"

Nellie takes her fingers back and pushes him, "What are you waiting for then? Go! Make a phone call."

"Thanks Nellie," he breathes out, pulling his phone from his pocket. "I'll see you later?"

"Yes," she nods.

"Good," and with that, he disappears, leaving a faint smile on Nellie's face as she watches him go, lost among the students.

Now that Blaine is gone, Nellie is left with her misery that's prickling on the tip of her fingers. Jacob Ben Israel hasn't come rushing to interview her yet- so she knows Blake haven't blurt out a thing. That's good. He promised, she tries to remind herself. She grips a book in one head, regulating her breathing when the hush yelling catches her attention. Just around a corner, she sees a familiar brown-headed young woman with a familiar handsome face and dark, penetrating eyes.

Porter. Blake.

They're arguing, she could tell. Nellie squints her eyes, taking a small step forward, curiosity taking over every living cells in her body. Porter doesn't seem happy when her fingers curl in a fist and her eyes are accusing the handsome man a few inches away from her, "What do you mean you're joining the Glee club?"

There's a hiss in her voice which she think is similar to a snake's. Blake huffs out, her face is cool but the tense in his muscles tell otherwise. "You know what I meant."

"No, I don't." Porter crosses her arm, refuse to give in. "You're just talking shit. You're confused. Let whatever it is that's bothering you cool off, and you'll be okay. You'll realize how Glee club truly sucks, and is a social suicide."

"If it's so much as a social suicide," Blake argues back, the veins in his neck stands. "How come The Golden Boys' reputation aren't scratch?"

"They're-," Porter hesitates, and Nellie awaits her answer. "They're different."

Blake rolls his eyes, knowing full well her respond is just as strong as a match stick- with just the strength of his fingers, it would snap into half. "Well, Tom wants me to join it. Uncle Jeffrey too."

Tom. He's talking about his dad. He called his father by his own name, Nellie evaluates the situation. She makes a mental note to bring it up to him somehow, if they were even meant to be in a conversation again.

"That's odd," Porter protests further, her tone darkens. "How in the hell did they know about Glee?"

"Your voice was amazing, dear," compliments Jeffrey Jenkins, lifting the glass of wine up to the air towards Nellie. He motions to Jesse and Kristin, who are just taking their seats respectively, "So as the rest of you."

It's Kristin who nods her head, "Thank you."

The crowds applause still hung in the air, not that it's anything new to the St. James, or specifically Nellie. Since her mother had nurtured her into performing arts at a young age, it had been a constant occasion for her to perform in front of an audience, sometimes solo and sometimes with her siblings. And like every occasion, it ends in the same way; with the crowds giving her their loudest of applause. Sometimes even a standing ovation.

Their cover of Taylor Swift's Love Story was something they used to practice during their free times, back when Kristin weren't as busy as she is now. That was one of the best moments in her lifetime. Being around Kristin and Jesse, as annoying as he could be, was comforting- especially when they're around something they're an expert of; music.

She lets a smile slip, even though she still feel the sting of betrayal in the presence of her brother.

"I understand you're in this...," Jeffrey searches for the word, twirling the wine in the glass with his fingers. "...Glee club, am I correct?"

"Yes," she nods politely as she was taught. "I presume my parents informed you of this?"

Jeffrey nods once professionally, but a lazy grin doesn't leave his lips. Strangely, Nellie has a feeling she'd be more comfortable with Jeffrey rather than with Thomas. She believes if she was to be left alone with Thomas Jenkins, the air that was radiating from him would have chocked her to death. At least with Jeffrey, there's an easy-going feeling that'll calm her down. "What do you think if Blake joins it?"

Nellie raise a brow towards the man across from her, "Blake sings?"

"Greatly," Jeffrey doesn't miss a single beat.

For the sake of their business, she answers without a trace of disgust. "That would be wonderful then. Are you considering it, Blake?"

"I'm sure he will," Thomas cuts in, his sentence is sharp towards his son.

Blake stares at his father for a second, his eyes would have murder his father if the laws of the world allows such thing to happen. He blinks back at Nellie, his lips in a straight line- she couldn't read anything from him. A second passes, "Yes. Yes, I am."

"Tom was asking," Blake answers smoothly, his stare doesn't break. The tension in the air increases, Nellie could almost tastes it by the tip of her tongue. She closes her mouth, just because. "I answered."

"You're not fooling me, Blake." Porter snaps back, the anger visible in her tone.

"Look, you don't like it. Screw you." She can see how the words cut Porter like a knife against a raw meat, but she can also see the stubbornness lying in her fiber. The girl's not going down with a fight. Blake continues without hesitation and is about to turn his heels, "I don't need your permission, Jane."

"I don't care," she hisses, her nails digging into his arms, stopping him. "I won't let you!"

The book in Nellie's arm falls, thumping against the floor and produces the loudest of sound it could make. Somewhere in the world, something stops- just like her heart, just like Porter, and Blake. She stares at the thick book on the floor, alongside with some papers and her pencil box. You have got to be kidding me, a voice snarls inside of her head and she bends her body to pick her stuff up.

Porter moves and the world might as well moves with her, "It's her, isn't it?!"

Her long finger extends to accuse her, the one's that's on the ground. Nellie lifts her eyes up, her jaw drops and for one moment, it meets with Blake before he moves his eyes on Porter. His muscles flex under his shirt when he takes the brunette's arm, "Jane, what are you— She has nothing to do with this. C'mon, let's get to class."

Porter whirls around, "Do you think I'm stupid?"

There's a blank in Blake's face that suggests he might say yes to that question.

Porter lets out an abrupt, crazy, murderous-like laughter, "I know what's been going on here. From the first time I laid my eyes on this creature—" at this, she turns her head and glares at Nellie, "—I knew she was trouble. She's the reason you want to join that silly little singing club, right?"

"Jane," the handsome, (troubled) young man presses her name. "Let's. Go."

"No! NO! You, answer me, right now!" She yells, her eyes fill with rage and hatred. She's a dangerous girl. Mentally damaged, probably- but certainly dangerous. "She is the reason, right? That's just- That's just disgusting. Her, really? I can't believe you'd stoop that low—"

Something snaps in Blake's demeanor, and he wraps his hand around Porter's wrist, shocking everyone with the sudden action. "She is not low."

Nellie blinks in surprise.

Did The Blake Jenkins just defended her?

Porter manages to break free from his grasp and breathes out, "I knew it." She looks at the ceiling before biting her response out, "I knew it! You were cheating on me, you douche bag! You're a piece of crap, Blake! FUCK YOU!"

"I did not cheat on you," the young man replies. "We were not in a relationship!"

"NOBODY CHEATS ON ME, SCUMBAG!" Porter screams maniacally. "Especially not with her!"

The brunette spins and stomps her way to Nellie, who now has her back against the locker, almost shrinking. "You're going to get it, you listen to me whore?" With a crazy smirk that reminds Nellie of an Asian ghost in some movie she saw with The Golden Boys a few months ago, Porter walks away. She closes her eyes shut and regains her thoughts, and when she looks up to Blake, he's gone.

Apparently, it's going to be a restless morning too.

Nellie discovers that in a small town such as Lima, Ohio- news do travel fast, whether you like it or not. One minute, you're an innocent walking down the street and the next minute, with just a speck of rumor, you're in ruin. And at this small town, Nellie learns that people tends to believe what they hear; because it's easier that way, isn't it? Sad, but it's the truth.

She doesn't see Blaine when American History ends, but she notices the wry glances coming her way.

People are whispering among them, and she's left to wonder what she had done wrong. She swallows and ignore the beads of sweats forming on her brows and forehead. She tries to look calm- but there's this group of cheerios that's snickering and giving her evil glares all at the same time that shakes up her nerves.

She decides to turn around and ignore them too.

That doesn't happen exactly how she'd like it to happen.

The Golden Boys come in a swift motion. As usual, the students part to give them way. But unlike any other occasion, there's something wrong with this one. The Golden Boys' faces, they're not ignorant or arrogant or something similar to that- it aches in disgust, or at least it looks like it. Jesse stops in front of her, his face is clean and cool, but his eyes flicks otherwise. "So, you're the girl?"

Nellie swallows, clueless. "What girl?"

Jesse puts his hand out and Cameron hands him an Andromeda phone, the latest version of course, and the slightly older young man flashes the screen to her- his hand doesn't shake, and she tells herself she shouldn't either. She gasps out as she reads the screen, or the contain written on the screen, and at the brink of her eyes are tears. NELLIE BURGESS IS A WHORE.

There are descriptions below the highlighted title, but she couldn't read when the tears fog her view.

"It's all false," she chocks out, muttering helplessly. She's not a whore, she's not. Nellie stares back into Jesse's dark eyes. She's pleading in her voice, not to The Jesse St. James though, but to her brother. "It's not true. It's not— I'm not a whore."

"It doesn't matter," there's a slight crack in his voice and Cameron grabs the phone away.

As a brother, Jesse would have hugged her right there and then. The other boys too. But Nellie knows he's keeping his act up, for her sake, and so they don't react. But still, when Jesse's boots stomp away with the Goldens trailing behind- she feels useless. She truly feels empty, worthless. Like she's been shredded into pieces and now, she's walking around naked, without any dignity sticking to her soul.

Her knees cave in and she finds herself on the floor, her hands plant against the ground.

A tear makes it's way down to dirty the floor.

A sob escapes her mouth.

"Look-y, look-y," a familiar sneer comes, the thudding of the high heels hammer against her chest metaphorically, adding to the pain. Porter stands in front of her while she's on her knee. Great. Her again. Her brain mutters and she rubs her nose, but doesn't stand up. She must be the one sending the message. "What do we have here? Oh, that's right. The whore."

Nellie growls, but it's lost in between her muffled cry and her sobs.

"What did you do again? Banging older guys, caught once at a strip club, mothered a child and killed it?"

"THAT'S A LIE!" Nellie finally fights back.

Porter's eyes darken, "No one's believing you, slut."

Nellie lets her chin fall, her face flushed. Why did it have to be so hard? Jesse's eyes from moments ago comes in her mind, breaking her heart bits to bits. She shakes her head, as if she's facing him right then. I'm not a whore. I'm not a whore. I'm not a whore. She bites her lips, the heat rushing to her whole body.

"Especially not The Golden Boys." Porter continues smugly. "You're finished."

"That's about enough!" A harsh, deep voice cuts into the air.

Nellie doesn't even have the energy to look who it is. Porter spits, "Look who it is. Peter McPoor. Hey, I heard you were a stripper too. Oh look, you must be here to pick up your filthy little friend for her shift. Hope you two give people the best lap dance of their life or suck a cock, because with that humongous lips of yours, I'm sure one won't be enough."

Sam. Nellie looks up, and sees a glimpse of blond hair. Sam Evans.

"You don't know a thing about my life," Sam says between gritted teeth.

Porter grins sickly, "I know enough."

Then, Sam rolls his eyes and gets on his knee. "Look, I have real problems at home that could jeopardize my whole family, and a friend in need, I don't need to be standing here and waste a second with you. You wanna know why? 'Cause you're not worth it."

Sam takes Nellie's arm and drapes it over his shoulders, and without looking back to see Porter's reaction, they escape the scene together.

"Thanks," the way she says it doesn't seem sincere, but it is.

Nellie wipes the tears with the tissue the blond gave a few minutes ago and sniffles, looking down at her laps. They're in the choir room and she's sitting on top of the grand piano, while he sits across on a stool, a smile appears on his lips. "Don't mention it."

"I'm, just," she shifts, still trying to sink all of the information in. "I'm sorry I dragged you into all of these."

"Hey," Sam grabs her hand in his large ones. Their eyes meet, "You didn't drag me into anything, okay? I'm the blame, if anything. I was there because she's gone too far. You're a victim, like most of us. But you have the Glee club. You have me."

His smile warms her. She nods her head, smiling too. "That's... Thank you."

"Like I said," he rubs his thumb against the skin of her wrist. "Don't mention it."

She's quiet for a moment, her mind's trying to block Porter's insults away but fails. "Sam," she calls.


"Something you said back there," Nellie frowns, afraid she's stepping on a soft spot to him. "When we're in the whole Porter fiasco. You said something about your family." She finally lifts her eyes up to him, but the blond's looking elsewhere, a hand rubbing the back of his neck. "Is there something wrong?"

"No," Sam directly answers. "There isn't anything wrong."

She grabs his hand this time, with small force. "Don't lie," she spats, finding the courage she lost, "please."

Sam stands up, his height reaching up to her- although in reality, she's much shorter. He swallows, avoiding any eye contact, "I'm not lying," the way he says it sounds forced, "Everything's alright."

"You're saying that," she tells. "Like you're trying to convince yourself rather than me."

He tenses. She purses her lips, "C'mon. We're friends, right? You can tell me."

Sam sits back down, burying his face in his palms. "I- I can't."

"You know, Sam," Nellie begins, hopping down the piano and onto the stable ground. She puts a comforting hand on his shoulders. "Lately, I've noticed, you were always the first one to grab a responsibility. At school, when you're studying. At home, babysitting your siblings and not missing a shift at that fancy restaurant you worked at to support your family. At Glee club, making sure everyone doesn't go insane. Just now, sticking up for me. You've become some sort of a hero to me, you know?"

He looks at her, eyes weary and a crack of a smile on his lips. "A hero?"

"A handsome one, at that." Nellie confirms, laughing lightly. His smile widens, his posture straightens.

"But," her smile remain, but saddens. "Even heroes has problem, you know? Even heroes deserve a help too sometimes. It's just a matter of asking, I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to lend a hand. At least, I would."

He sighs finally, squeezing her small hand. "Fine."

Nellie leans down and kisses his cheek, "My hero."

"Attention guys!" Mr Schue claps his hand.

The murmurs in the choir room decreases into a mute, and Mr Schue nods his head. "Thank you. First, it is sad to announce that Jesse, Cameron, Michael and Max won't be coming to today's rehearsal for some important deal outside the town." Nellie shrinks down at this but doesn't react any further. "It is unfortunate, but apparently it's a deal they could not avoid. In any other news, I think Sam Evans has something for us?"


"Um, excuse me?"

They all turn their head. Nellie frowns and furrow her brows together. The silhouette by the door doesn't tremble with the attention and doesn't moves his gaze away when it is meet with hers. Mr Schue walk towards him, "Mr Jenkins? Is there anything I could help you with?"

Blake steps into the room and somewhere at the back, Sugar and Wade are trying not to pass out. "Yes. I was, uh, wondering if there's any spot left for me to... join?"

"The Glee club?" Artie squeaks, disbelief.

Blaine looks around, confused. "Are you lost?"

Blake sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I'm not," he says, sauntering over in front of them. "I'm here to join the Glee club, for real."

Everyone stares at him with their jaw drop and their mouth hangs open. Mr Schue struggles with what he has to say, but says it nonetheless. "Well, I, uh, I welcome you here, Blake. It's just, we need you to audition before you're officially a member of New Directions. But Sam was about to—"

"Mr Schue," Sam cuts him off, "It's okay. Let the dude audition first."

"Fine then," Mr Schue claps Blake's back, smiling broadly. "The stage is yours."

Blake nods solemnly, goes to the guitarist, they talk for a whole one minute before the guitarist changes his guitar into an acoustic one. The guitarist, Nellie thinks his name is Riley or something, follows Blake and sits on the tool Joe had displayed a moment ago. Riley-or-something's hand moves swiftly against the guitar and Blake holds his mic right at his lips, his eyes fleet to hers as the song starts.

"I don't want another pretty face, I don't want just anyone to hold, I don't want my love to go to waste," the room breaks with a smile- this song certainly is no stranger to anyone in Glee club. Blake continues, "I want you and your beautiful soul."

Nellie watches in amazement. Rich, handsome, smart... and he can sing? What more can you ask from him? She relaxes in her seat, her eyes doesn't leave the young Jenkins before her and enjoys the sound of his voice floats in mid-air. "I know that you are something special. To you I'd be always faithful. I want to be what you always needed. Then I hope you'll see the heart in me..."

His penetrating eyes glance to her. She tilts her head to one side, amused. He grins, just a bit.

The music ends soon enough and everyone applauds, surprised by his talents and glad with his performance. Mr Schue laughs, claps and introduces him once again to the club- like how he introduce any other new members and settle everyone down. Blake takes an empty seat besides Artie, which is the most far from the rest of the glee clubbers. Tina beams, "Glee club is going to get so popular!"

Artie smiles, "Amen!"

Mr Schue looks across the room and lands his eyes on the blond, "Sam? I believe you had something for us?"

"Yes," Sam nods, then stands. "Yes, I do."

He walks to the center of the choir room, under everyone's eyes and slung the guitar over his shoulder. He rubs his palm against his jeans, getting rid of the sweats that's been collecting. He visibly shudders, then licks his lips, "I don't know how to say this but-" He hesitates, then gazes at Nellie. "-My family is moving again. We're not moving very far, but it's a lot of work to be done. A lot of sweats wasted."

"Oh Sam," murmurs and gasps pass around.

He sits on a stool, sighing. "And it's my Senior Year this year- I gotta graduate. I have to. That's why I've been studying really, really hard these past few weeks although I don't know if any of you noticed."

"I have," Sugar offers. "But then I thought I was high and then I fell asleep."

"Girl, are you okay?" Wade 'Unique' confusingly sends her a look.

"Anyways," Sam shakes his head, "My dad lost his job about a month ago, and I've been working really, really hard to support my family. The transportation is getting kinda whacked-up since the move. My mom has been sick lately, and I... I just. I'm trying to hold everything up, you know?" He sniffles, "I was just trying to be strong- like a hero. But I realized I can't do this alone. I realize even heroes, sometimes, need help."

Sam finally smiles, "With a little help, I took the tendency and made a phone call. From now on, my siblings and I will be staying at Puck's house. My kid brother and sister will be staying there at least, until my father got onto his feet. I, however, will wait until graduation. Puck's lending me his truck too, s'long as I pick and send his little sister alongside with my little siblings to school, and said he'd carved my ass into little pieces if I put a scratch on it." At this, some of the glee club chuckles. "My mother will have a monthly check at a clinic, I'll make sure of that. And my dad, he'll be looking for jobs. We'll be fine."

His stare drags to his worn-out sneakers, he's nodding to himself. They'll be fine, whispers Nellie inwardly.

"The point is, I wanted to say that I can't always be around to help you guys. Sometimes I'll take a short nap or zone out when you're talking or can't meet you during the weekends, but—"

"But it's okay, Sam." Blaine says, smiling.

Artie rolls to him, "Yeah, man. You're no God. We understand."

"I know you would," Sam fist-bumps his wheel chaired-friend. He turns to the raven-haired girl, "Nellie?"

Nellie returns his smile with one of her own, just bigger. She skips on her step when she walks forward, only to fall into the blond's embrace. Sam returns the hug with one hand, the other holding his guitar by his side. She whispers how proud she is of him to his ears and feels as Sam crushes their body further, muttering his thanks back. He releases her and they faces the crowd, "I, uh, got a song and-" He looks at Nellie, "- and Nellie's gonna help me."

The young woman in question gives him another hug, partially, before taking her place and sits on the stool Riley-or-something sat. Sam tugs on his guitar, gives her a quick smile and begins.

"I can't stand to fly, I'm not that naive, I'm just out to find," he sings, "The better part of me..."

Nellie smiles, closes her eyes and joins him. "I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane, more than some pretty face beside a train." Sam sings along with her at the next sentences, meeting her eyes. "It's not easy to be me..."

Sam's fingers work on his guitar like magic, "Wish that I could cry, fall upon my knees, find a way to lie, about a home I'll never see..."

"It may sound absurd, but don't be naive. Even heroes have the right to bleed. I may be disturbed, but won't you conceed. Even heroes have the right to dream..." Nellie sings her part, living the lyrics up.

"It's not easy to be me..." Sam and her chorus together in harmony.

Their conversation was a private one. Nellie had known that. How? Well, the fact that they're the only ones in the room and the door was closed shut to avoid any ears from listening in had served as a clear evident. Well, besides from the fact in which the door was almost closed shut. Unknown to those two young men, the door had opened a crack- just small enough for her to unintentionally eavesdropped.

"—can't ask me to take this," refused a gentle voice. Sam Evans.

He pushed the roll of money onto the blond's hand. "I'm not asking. I'm telling you to take it. You need it."

"Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do. I really am." Sam turned his back at the other young man, putting his guitar in the rightful case. "But, I'm not a charity case. I don't need your money."

"Maybe you don't," Blake Jenkins walked to the blond's right, falling into his eyesight. "But how about your siblings? Your mother? Your father?"

Sam paused, but only for good three seconds. He straightened up and face the heir of Jenkins World Co. "Nah. They don't need it."

He closed the case shut and his footsteps thumped to the door, to the exit. Blake sighed, then took a step closer, "Fine. You're not a charity case, I get it. That's true; none of your family members is a charity case. So, I'm not donating this money to you."

Sam huffed out, "Dude, I'm dyslexic. You better speak up without twirling your words around."

"Okay," Blake agreed. "What I'm trying to say is, I'm lending this money to you."

"Well then, there's a whole lot of money you're 'lending'," commented Sam, eyeing the money in the other man's hand.

"There's a whole lot more where that came from," Blake blurted out without thinking that changed Sam's expression into a grim one. The rich young man swallowed, realized his mistakes and cleared his throat, "That's not the point. I'm lending you this money now. You're going to use it wisely, I hope. And when you worked your ass off, get into a decent college, maybe even get a solid degree, later you will get a good job with a good salary- you could pay me then."

"How are you sure I won't take that money, use it for my own good and gone AWOL the next without any trace of paying back your money?"

Blake stared into Sam hard, "Let's be realistic here." He said, then stopped to inhale. "If you've done that, I won't care. That money is nothing to me. I'm not trying to be a snob or anything, but it's the truth. But it's your loss. And knowing you, you won't do that. You're a good guy, Sam. You have love, passion and patience inside of you- not a lot of people have that, you know? You're one of the lucky ones."

Sam stared down and pursed his lips.

"Take the money. Pay me later. Just think of it as a mission, you know?" Blake sauntered his way to the blond and pressed the money against his chest. "Make money, then pay the debts."

Sam took it, nodding his head. "I owe you, man."

"You do."

Sam smiled, "Thanks. You know, you're not that bad. You're actually a cool guy, Jenkins."

Blake, surprisingly, smiled back. "Thanks. You too, Evans."

Nellie stopped there, knowing if she had announced her presence right then, it would interrupt the 'guy bonding' or whatever it was that they're having. She decided the iPod she left in the choir room could stay a night there, and she would pick it up first thing tomorrow. She turned her heel, went to her motorcycle and wore her helmet.

No. The whole 'NELLIE IS A WHORE' hasn't settle as she'd like it to be, and Jesse's eyes still burned her inside. She drove away, leaving McKinley behind. Despite that, she smiled- because even with the most horrible of news dropped on her, she could still feel how the nice news nestled in her heart and comforted her.


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