Just a short Hugh/Rosa fic. Please enjoy.


Hugh did not know how to handle his irritation as he watched his childhood friend, Rosa, pick up her ringing Xtranceiver. They were having their weekly get-together in Hugh's room, in which Rosa stayed at his house for the weekend, and he in hers for the next. It was a long-standing tradition they held for as long as he could remember.

The look of surprise and panic that formed on her face when she peeked at the lit-up screen made him highly curious at first, wondering who could have made Rosa so flustered with just a glance at a name, when his eyes narrowed in suspicion at her telltale red cheeks which burned with a low intensity. It was barely noticeable, but he saw it. She excused herself to take the call, and was about to leave Hugh's room, when his accusatory voice stopped her suddenly.

"Who's that?"

"Oh, just a…friend," she replied nervously with a small, awkward laugh. Before he could question her further she darted out of the room in a hurry, shouting, "I'll be back in a sec, Hugh!"

Millions of thoughts perpetrated the short-tempered boy's mind at his best friend's odd behavior. Who was this friend of hers? How did he – or she, his mind silently hoped – get to know Rosa? How close were they to each other? He cursed his loyalty to his friend at the moment as he was torn between either leaving her be with her privacy or eavesdropping on their conversation.

Before he made a decision, however, his feet began to move on their own accord. Hugh peeked around the corner of the doorframe only to see Rosa talking animatedly through the Xtranceiver. Whether this "friend" of hers was male or female he did not know, since he could not hear what they were conversing about considering the distance between them, but he felt his fists clench tightly when he heard her parting words at the end of the conversation:

"Talk to you later, Curtis."


Who the hell was Curtis?

Hugh was unsure of the animosity he had towards the boy he never met – the feeling in his chest was completely foreign to him. He had the sudden urge to grab Rosa and never let her go, to never let her talk to this Curtis fellow again, to never let her associate with another man who didn't have his approval first. He didn't know what to call this feeling as he was utterly clueless concerning matters of the heart, but he was absolutely sure and confident of what he felt towards Rosa, and guessed that it played a large part in his suddenly extreme, irrational dislike towards Curtis.

Jealousy? Was that what they called it?

AN: Woo! I haven't written a shipping fic in ages. The Sequelshipping feels have gotten to me and now I can't stop fangirling over it. Of course, I'm crazy for Livecastershipping as well, so I couldn't resist making Curtis the object of Hugh's contempt, lol.

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