A/N: My first stab at writing Fitz/Liv so please be gentle but of course leave comments. Inspiration for the title of this series is Adele's lovely song of the same name.

"I am not yours. I don't show up places because you want me. I am not yours. This is over."

Olivia Pope – 2x03: "Hunting Season"


"Say it…"

He barely recognizes his own voice as the whisper falls from his lips. Her breath is warm on his face as he hovers above her, pinned down by his gaze and arms. She can't run from him now.

He won't let her.

"Livvie, I need you to say it… please."

Only Olivia Pope could reduce the leader of the free world to begging.

He slowly drags one finger along her collarbone and places the gentlest of kisses on her neck. Her breath hitches at the back of her throat. He knows that he's not playing fair but neither does she.

"I love you, Fitz… I'm yours."

A ghost of a smile plays at the corner of his mouth and he presses his lips to hers.

"Yes, mine… you are all mine."