What's worse than Hell?


Ciel sat on his sofa; eyeing the demon butler sharply, thinking of new ways to make his life a living hell, but that wouldn't affect him as such since he was born there.

"Sebas-tian!" Is that a speck of dust on your coattails?" He hissed.

"No Young Master, it is merely your imagination." Smiled the man drenched in black, none other than; Sebastian.

"Then is that fur? Perhaps you were playing with the kittens again…"

….No….Yes...Maybe. Alright! Sebastian was guilty as charged. Coming from hell and serving a 13 year old boy who is WORSE than hell, left enough scars on the poor demon. Then the starvation he put himself through, waiting an eternity to feast on his master's soul-it was just too much to handle! But unexpectedly, he saw a beam of light in the darkness…the stray kittens.

Round eyes which showed no filth, tail swishing carelessly, Sebastian was in love! But alas, his Young Master was allergic to the little fluffballs.

"I swear, if you don't stop playing with those little hell spawns then I will not hesitate to call the animal welfare!"

The world around Sebastian was bleak and drained of all things good. Those kittens were his life! This-this is butler abuse!

The young earl smiled contently; knowing that the words that escaped his lips were the only things that would affect the demon. Whips, fire, he tried it all but threatening Sebastian about calling the animal welfare was worse than impaling him with a rod and burning him with liquid fire.

Sebastian fell to the ground; kissing his master's feet, BEGGING for mercy. Finally, after this Ciel knew that he could have a peaceful afternoon nap.

A/N: This was actually done for my Language class, and my teacher actually excepted it. O.e

Anyways, sorry if Ciel's ways of torturing Sebastian were too violent but I got the ideas from Dracula.