Title: A Trip to Italy with Class 3-A

Author: Ayano27

Timeline: around summer… Tsuna is in grade 3 now.

Summary: Reborn, disguised as Reboyama-Sensei, came to class 3-A, which is Tsuna's class, and inform them that they got randomly picked as the class which is going to Italy, sponsored by a 'company' named Vongola Enterprise. Will Tsuna's secret as the heir of the biggest, strongest, bloodiest, and richest Mafia Famiglia revealed to his classmate?

Author: This is my first time writing a fanfic for Katekyou Hitman Reborn fandom, so, maybe it's OOC since I still can't get the good grasp of the character's attitude. So I'm sorry if it's sucks.

Warning: OOC, wrong spelling and bad grammars.

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Chapter 1: A Trip to Where?!

Our beloved soon to be Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi, was daydreaming, not paying attention at Nezu's lesson. He was daydreaming about him marrying his crush, Sasagawa Kyoko, like usual.

Meanwhile, his self-proclaimed right hand man and as well his best friend, Gokudera Hayato, was not paying attention in his class; he just closed his eyes, trying to sleep.

And Tsuna's other best friend, Yamamoto Takeshi, was sleeping, completely ignoring Nezu's lesson.

Suddenly, the door was opened by a tiny teacher, who everyone –except Tsuna- called him Reboyama-sensei, though he is actually the greatest hit man of the world, the sun arcobaleno, Reborn, who is Tsuna's home tutor.

Knowing that his tutor is in front of the class, Tsuna quickly pay attention, not wanting to be shot or bombed, or anything that Reborn would do to him. Gokudera too, quickly pay attention. Tsuna then whispered to Yamamoto, trying to wake him up, which he actually succeeded in. Yamamoto woke up with a grin and quickly pays his attention to Reborn.

Reborn was holding some forms. Tsuna's eyes were fixed to the forms and Reborn. What are the forms for? Well, let's just see.

Reborn smirked, he opened his mouth and said, "Well, hello everyone… I just want to tell you all that class 3-A has been randomly picked as the class which will go to Italy for a week. The trip to Italy is sponsored by Vongola Enterprise. For the whole summer vacation, we'll be staying in my best friend's mansion."

'Re-Reborn!' Tsuna mentally shrieked his tutor's name. What did just he said? They are going on a trip to Italy? And more, sponsored by Vongola?

'Reborn! What the hell are you thinking?' Tsuna wanted to voice his thought out, but he can't, because he didn't want to be shot at his head by his evil Spartan tutor.

Meanwhile, Reborn, who easily reads Tsuna's thought, just grinned sadistically. After letting the students –except for Tsuna, his guardians, and Enma and Shitt P- cheered; Reborn silenced them and said,

"This is the form your parents need to sign. If they didn't sign, then you can't follow the trip. Collect this forms by Friday." Ans with that, Reborn handed out the forms and went out of the class.

Tsuna just sighed; he can only follow his sadistic tutor's will now. But still… why? What if his secret of being a heir to the biggest, strongest, bloodiest, and richest mafia in the world was revealed to his classmate? They can be in danger by just knowing about it! What was Reborn thinking?

He sighed again, hoping Nana will not allow him to go.

Oh, Tsuna, your hope will never come true.

"A Trip to Italy? Sure you can go! By the way, I heard that your father is currently working in Italy now! Please tell him that I miss him so much if you meet him!" Nana said with a cheerful voice as she signed the form.

Tsuna's hope was crashed. Why have his mother agreed?

Reborn just watched as his students sulked in his room, muttering about how sadist he is. Reborn just smirked and kicked Tsuna on the neck, causing the brunette to hiss in pain.

"Ouch! Reborn! What was that for?" asked Tsuna, holding his neck which is in pain.

"What are you saying just now? Saying that I'm a sadist? You should know better that it's not good to talk behind someone's back." Reborn lectured

Tsuna just sighed, and then he changed the topic, "Reborn! What are you thinking? A trip to Italy? Are you insane? What if they knew that I'm the Vongola Heir? What if they be in danger because of that?"

"It's not my idea, well, I mean, not really my idea. It's my, Nono's, and Iemitsu's idea. They just wanted to see your classmate and find some peoples that might become part of your famiglia later." Reborn stated

"Don't ever include them in the mafia world, Reborn! They're just innocent people!" Tsuna said angrily. His eyes were determined to not let his oblivious classmate to enter the mafia world. He just wanted them to live an ignorant life.

Reborn was proud at his student's determination, though he didn't show it. He will be a fine boss… he will protect the innocent and the weak… just like his ancestor, Giotto… Vongola Primo…

"Well, now just go to sleep. You'll need plenty of rest." Reborn said as he went to sleep. As usual, he said, "Don't disturb my sleep if you don't want to die."

Tsuna just gulped and went to sleep himself. He hopes that the trip wouldn't be so bad… he hoped that his secret will not be revealed… but as soon as he hoped like that, his hyper intuition tried to tell him that something bad is going to happen. But Tsuna shrugged the bad feeling his intuition gave, trying to be optimists.

But we do know that his hyper intuition never gets wrong, I repeat, NEVER gets wrong.

Somewhere in Namimori…

A shadow moves, approaching a man, the man has 'x' scar in his face, his hair is white, indicating that he is about 50s, he wore an expensive suit, and he is holding a cigarette.

The shadow was revealed to be a young boy, about 14. He was talking to the man. After they finished talking, the man smirked and ordered.

"Well then, this is an order, in the trip, attack the Vongola Famiglia from the inside, and kill Vongola Nono and Vongola Decimo. Understood?"

"Understood, boss. I'll do my best." The boy said, smirking as well. He then excused himself and goes away from the man.

As soon as the boy left, the man laughed and said, "You will now fall into my hand, Vongola! The Segreto Famiglia will rule the underworld society! Khahahaha!"

To Be Continued

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