What's In A Name?

A Forever Knight story by Cousin Merrie

Summary: Janette and LaCroix discuss names.

Characters: LaCroix, Nick, Janette

Disclaimer: I guess this could be viewed as a famous first. I take all the blame for this one, it simply would not leave me alone. I own none of these characters, I don't make any money off of them. Enjoy!!

Toronto, The Raven, Night

Upon entering the Raven, Nick Knight was greeted by an unfamiliar sound. Nick strained an ear to better hear what was going on. "Oh who cares about your stupid name anyway!" A voice yelled over the dim of the loud music and general conversation that went on nightly at Toronto's hottest dance and blood club. Dancing for the mortals, blood for the occasional vampire, like Nick himself. The voice he has heard seemed to be in heated argument with someone, but Nick was unsure who it was. He moved closer, his curiosity getting the better of him. Upon reaching the bar, he finally discovered what the source of argument was. LaCroix, his 2000 year old Roman general of a master was arguing with his childe and Nick's sister, Janette. Over what, Nick was unsure, but it seemed to be something serious. 'Perhaps she is finally beginning to see her vampirism my way,' Nick thought hopefully. For many years now Nick strove to become mortal. To rid himself of everything that made him who he was. The vampire that he was. Perhaps Janette had finally come to the same conclusion. Anyway, the two were causing a bit of a scene, so Nick sighed and went over to try and solve whatever argument the two were having.

"What do you mean by that?! My name is much more important than yours!" An irritated LaCroix shouted out. Janette bristled.

"LaCroix isn't even your real name!" Janette yelled back, confident she had her master stuck. Before LaCroix could try and answer however, Nick stepped in.

"What is this all about? The entire room is watching." he quietly informed the two of them. "Why don't you take this argument outside out of prying eyes?"

"Oh, do shut up, Nicholah." Janette yelled out at him. She gave a small huff when she realized what she had just said. "You see? There is another one! How is anyone supposed to know whether to write Nicholah, or Nicholai, or Nicholas? No one knows!" She pronounced angrily. Nick was really confused now.

"LaCroix, will you please tell me what this is all about?" Nick asked him.

"My dear Nicholas," he emphasized, receiving a glare from Janette. "Janette and I were merely discussing," Nick gave a small snort at that, "DISCUSSING," LaCroix repeated giving Nick a glare of his own, "The many ways of spelling our names, and the confusion those fanfiction authors have put us all through. Take my name for example: is it LaCroix or Lacroix? Now, I know which is right, but do they? Apparently not because I have often seen it spelled both ways."

"And my name..." Janette interrupted, hesitating over the pronunciation of his name. "Nick. Is it spelled Janette, Jeannette, Jeanette, or Jannette? Now, I know for sure, but as LaCroix has said, do they? It is all so very confusing."

"I can't say I've ever had to worry about it." Nick said with a small smirk.

"Of course you haven't with your stupid bastardized four-letter name. How could anyone be stupid enough to get that wrong." LaCroix asked, with another glare on his face.

"Hey-I take offense to-" Nick was cut off with a wave of LaCroix's hand.

"All arguments aside my dear, I believe there is only one way to solve this little problem." He looked over at Janette who nodded. "We must seek out these fanfiction writers and show them ourselves." She linked an arm around his and the two of them walked out of the Raven slowly. Before they left however, Nick could make out one last comment.

"I always did like the blood of a good author."

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