Channy Married Life

It was mid day and Sonny Munroe arose from her bed. Looking slightly tired, She made her way over to her dresser and began to brush her hair. She took one look at herself in the mirror, Put on some clothes, and walked down stairs. At the bottom of the stairs she could see her oldest daughter MacKenzie, who was 14, laying across the floor.

"Right, Shall I ask what you're actually doing?" She said as she gave MacKenzie a confused look.

"What does it look like?" MacKenzie replied getting to her feet as her brother began laughing.

"I'll tell you what it looks like, It looks like a 14 year old girl that has finally lost it!" Her brother Shane giggled with his girlfriend.

"Shane, Don't you think that's a little harsh?" Said Mel hitting his arm playfully.

"Thank you Mel, I am stretching to become taller since I'm like the tiniest kid in class…" MacKenzie told the couple what she was doing and they both began laughing.

"Okay, Maybe Shane's right…" The couple laughed as they got up and made their way up the tall flight of stairs.

Sonny walked off into the kitchen to clear her head of what her daughter was actually doing. Could she really think that stretching would make her any taller? The thought of that made Sonny smile. Chad began waving Sonny's phone in front of her face.

"Im guessing you want my attention?" Sonny turned around to look at him. "What?" She gave him a bright smile because she assumed she had done something wrong.

"You never told me Selena would be staying with us…" Chad raised his eye brows at her as she quickly grabbed the phone from his hands.

"Im sorry but she's my best friend, I didn't think I should have had to tell you… You know what's being said about her and Justin she needed some support and I was the only person that she could come to about this since I know what it's like."

"Look, Sonny. I'm not having a go at you… I just want to be told next time you decide you want somebody to stay with us, Okay?" Chad smiled at her. Sonny thought that whenever Chad smiled the world would stop. That's how he made her feel, Like the world was going to stop whenever he gave her a single look.

"Okay, I promise." Sonny looked around. "Aren't you suppose to be at work today?" Sonny knew Chad was still working at MacKenzie Falls but she however decided to leave So Random and work on her music but Marshall had always said that if she ever decided to come back to Condor Studios her place at So Random would always be open.

"Nope. Mr Condor gave me the day off, Because I walked in on something unspeakable!" Chad shivered and pulled a face.

"Right okay, Judging by the face you just pulled I'm not even going to ask what went on."

-In Shane's Room-

"So, Have you asked your parents if you can go to the party tonight?" Mel asked sitting next to Shane.

"Mel, Please… Do you honestly think I'd ask for permission? Where's the fun in that." He gave her a quick wink. "Besides they'd only say no."

"Yeah, But I really don't want to be the reason you get grounded. Then you wont be able to see me." Mel's face dropped at the thought of not seeing her boyfriend.

"It's fine. I wont get caught in, Simple as that. Even if I did I'd still find a way of seeing you." Shane hugged her but their hug was rudely interrupted by the sound of MacKenzie storming in.

"Party? What party?" She said leaning against the door and smirking.

"You were listening in, Again?" Mel sighed.

"Was it really that obvious." MacKenzie's sarcasm was incredible it flowed out of her and she didn't even need to give it a second thought.

"Okay Mackii what's it gonna take for you to keep your mouth shut about tonight?"

"Hmm." MacKenzie sighed. "£20 and a trip to town tomorrow should do it…" MacKenzie smiled as her oldest brother gave her the money and she walked off impressed that she had finally got something over him. It was always the other way around.

"Wasn't that your money for drinks?"

"No. It's cool. I'll just get some more off dad." Shane smiled.

-In The Living Room-

Sonny sat relaxed in her favourite chair watching the TV as the doorbell rang. She really could not be bothered to move. "Chad, Can you get that?" Sonny smirked because she knew she was soooo much closer to the door than Chad.

"Feeling lazy today then mum?" Liam gave her a wink.

"Well, I don't really want to move… I've gotta go out in a second I may aswell make the most of my comfort." Sonny smiled as she saw Chad reach for the door.

"Selena!" Chad shouted as he watched her walk in the house and he closed the door behind her.

"SONNY!" Selena shouted as her and her best friend shared a hug.

"I haven't seen you in AGES!" Sonny said smiling.

"I know right! It's been a crazy few months!" Selena agreed.

"Tell me about it! I've actually gotta head down the studio now but we can catch up when I get back?"

"Sure, Of course. I heard your bringing out a 3rd album?" Selena smiled at the success of her best friend.

"Yeah! I just hope the fans will like it. Right I'll see you guys later." She gave Chad a quick kiss and quickly ran out of the door.

"Dad? Can I borrow some money?" Asked Shane racing down the stairs.

"Why?" Chad folded his arms.

"Because I need some cash?" Selena and Liam both burst out laughing as Chad sighed and gave Shane £20 and he raced back up the stairs.

"So, Where's my money dad?" Asked Liam smiling and holding his hand out.

"You walked straight into that one Chad." Selena said putting her hand on his shoulder and smiling.

-In MacKenzie's Room-

"Milly what are you doing?" Asked MacKenzie as she watched her sister looking through bags.

"I'm trying to find treasure." Milly replied not looking up.

"Treasure?" Asked MacKenzie feeling slightly lost.

Milly looked up from her quest. "Mummy and Daddy told me this morning when they were in bed that there was treasure somewhere in the house and Mummy said that if I found it she would take me out for ice cream… I really love ice cream."

"Did she really?" MacKenzie giggled because she knew exactly why her mum had told her that.

"Yes! And when I walked off I heard her and Daddy laughing, I think they've tricked me…" Milly sat down on the floor looking upset.

-In Shane's Room-

Shane began looking in the mirror and posing… He knew he looked okay he just liked her reflection. Sonny had always said he got that from Chad but he would always disagree. Shane didn't like to be compared to his father because everyone expected him to be smooth talking and a big teen star but Shane didn't want all that because Mel gave him everything that he could ever want. Just as he was thinking about her, He heard her voice shout "Who's ready to party" outside the window and he gave her a grin.

"ME!" He shouted back as he climbed out of his window and slid down a drain pipe on the side of the house. "You look absolutely beautiful." He said and he gave her a smile.

"Thanks." She smiled and began to go a little red. "Your not so bad yourself. Oh and your driving by the way."

"Really? Why's it always me?" Liam sighed as he opened the car door for her and watched her get in.

"Because last time I drove a car I crashed so I'm not driving until I feel ready." She smiled at him as he gave her a kiss.

"I guess that's a good enough reason. I wouldn't want to see you getting hurt." Liam smiled as he closed the car door leaving his girlfriend feeling completely star struck over how cute he was being.