Mel is in her room still pacing up and down, She wasn't absolutely sure on what to do Sonny was like a Mum to her, Mel's Mum wasn't exactly the best around. She left Mel with her drunken Dad when things got 'hard' she always used to say that she'd understand one day but Mel realised that was just an excuse to leave her.

"Mel are you okay? Mum wanted me to check on you." Liam shouted from the outside of her door.

"Im fine thank you hunni." Mel sat on her bed. She lives with the Cooper now, The most famous family on Hollywood. Mel really wasn't after the Cooper name or the fame for that matter... She just finally wanted a family and to mean something to someone. Mel hadn't really belonged anywhere she was thrown in and out of care homes all her life and when she met Shane was the day everything started to pick up. When they first started dating Sonny and Chad offered her a room in their HUGE home.

"Mel... Seriously. What's going on? You haven't spoken to me since Emily's parents were here!" Shane sat next to her.

"I lied." Mel said quickly trying to avoid any emotional reaction.

"Wait. What?" Asked Shane standing up.

"That night. I know what happened to Emily..." Mel began to cry and put her head in her hands.

"Tell me... I promise I'll stand by you but you need to trust me."

"She got forced into a car by some guy... I tried to stop him but he pushed me to the floor everything after that is just a strange blur." Mel looked at him. When Shane made a promise he would never break it so she knew she could trust him. He wasn't the sort of person to break a promise especially not one he made to her.

"Right. Why didn't you come and tell me this? He's probably the one that made you feel sick!" Shane punched the wall.

"Woah woah woah." Mel stood in front of him. "Stop it. Please? That's not going to help. I guess I was just in shock I didn't really want to talk about it."

"Promise me, Next time if something happens you'll tell me... Straight away?" Shane said becoming calmer.

"I promise you." Mel said hugging him tightly.

-In The Kitchen-

"Chad? Is Selena out with the kids... The last thing we need is the rest of them running off." Sonny sat at the island.

"Hahaa, Yes. Stop worrying!" Chad said walking over to her.

"I can't help it. It comes naturally." Sonny smiled as Shane and Mel both walked into the kitchen.

"He knows." Mel nodded her head at Sonny.

"We'll get through this... Together." Said Shane smiling.

"Can I go for a walk?" Asked Mel.

"Sure?" Sonny and Chad said both looking at each other.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Shane held his hand out to her.

"Um. No. If you dont mind I just need some time to clear my head." Mel rejected his hand and walked out the front door.

"What's up with her?" Asked Chad frowning.

"She's still a bit shaken up I think."

"It's amazing Mum, She's my girlfriend I you know more about her than I do!" Shouts Shane smiling.

Mel's POV:

I wish I could forget about this... I wish I never saw it Emily Richards being bundled into a car by some pervert. I dont even know where I'm going I might just keep walking and walking until my feet bleed, maybe that's better than the pain i'm going through now. I really cant do this anymore. Suddenly I felt a hand grab me from behind and push me against the wall in a dark alley way.

"GET OFF ME!" I screamed as he put his hand over my mouth.

"And why would I want to do that? Beautiful... Get in the car." He said calmly with a slightly scary tone in his voice. He then pushed me in the car. He looked like the same one Emily Richards get pushed into. I tried to remain calm not that that was really any use right now. He parked the car outside a shop and quickly tied my hand and feet together and put a cloth over my mouth and walked towards the shop. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I smiled behind the cloth covering my mouth and slowly pulled my phone out of my pocket and texted Shane.


Shane: Mel? What's going on?!

Me: I've been taken. But some guy, He looked like the same guy that took Emily... Oh my god please help me. He's coming back so I can't talk to you but I feel like he's going to do unspeakable things to me, Please hurry. I love you.

"DAD?! DAD!" Shouts Shane

"Yeah? What's up?!" Chad ran in from the kitchen and then the house family gathered in the living room due to Shane's shouting.

"Something has happened to Mel. That guy... He's taken her. Look!" Shane showed the text messages to Chad.

"Come on then!" Shouted Selena running out with Chad and Shane.

"What are you going to do with me?" Mel leaned back in her chair she was thankful he took the cloth off from her mouth but the only thing she could think about was Shane.

"I dont know my dear." The strange man replied.

"Well. Can I atleast know your name?" Asked Mel trying to keep the guy calm.

"Peter." Said the man.

Mel felt her phone vibrate again. "Can I errr... Have a drink?" Asked Mel.

"You can wait. We're almost here." Replied Peter.

"HERE?!" Shouted Mel.