Okay you guys, this is going to be the last follow up in the 'Wolfie Movies, Stilinski Style!' series, though it will be the longest. It's not going to be a one-shot, I'm actually planning this on being a story, maybe around 15 chapters, I'm not sure yet I'll see how I go.

Summary- A couple weeks later after Stiles and Derek's 'Heated make out session' Derek begins to feel strange. He's hardly getting any sleep, waking up every morning with the need to throw up and has constant cravings for… tuna and skittles? Not sure what's happening to him he goes to Deaton's for a check-up, what he finds not only will affect his life but the life of our favourite teen. Preg!Derek

So yeah, that's the summary. I'm really excited for it because I don't think I've come across any preg!Derek fics, only preg!Stiles, so I think this will be an interesting change for the readers.

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Derek groaned, rolling over on his side and opening one eye, shutting it again quickly when he was blinded by the bright ray of sunshine breaking through the half closed shutters. After a few seconds he opened his eyes again, adjusting to the new glare and finally being able to see properly. He begrudgingly sat up and immediately regretted it when his head started pounding, forceful enough for him to whimper a slight growl in pain.

He sat there for a minute, attempting to ease the headache by massaging his temple, already feeling his nails lengthen and scrape across the skin. It took another few seconds of no change for Derek to realize that the headache wasn't going to go away, so he got up and started to get dressed, doing everything possible to ignore the continuous tremors that seemed to rock his skull.

He was halfway dressed when the unsettling feeling seemed to dwell in his stomach and the headache slowly reached a point of being unbearable. Next thing he knew the shirt that was clenched in his hand was on the floor and he rushing to the bathroom, collapsing near the toilet with hands gripping the bowl, body wracking as he threw up in the basin.

It was ten minutes later when Derek was finished upchucking and another twelve minutes before he finished dry heaving enough to sit up straight and support his weight without hunching over. His mouth tasted sour and the headache was still going on strong, not to mention his stomach felt all squidgy and whenever he took a breath the nausea seemed to hit him all over again.

"W-What's wrong w-with me?" He gasped.

He could feel his wolf howling, telling him something was wrong, just he didn't know what. He had never felt anything like this before, and as all people who were highly educated about werewolves know, werewolves can't get sick. This was something different, something strange that Derek really wanted -no, needed- to find out. He couldn't be the pack Alpha like this. It wouldn't be good for the pack, especially if they caught whatever this sickness was, off him. That would only lead to more trouble and Derek had enough as it was already.

The only thing that came close to solving this problem was to find someone who would know how to figure out what it was that had him sick, and hopefully cure him of it before it got worse. Dr Deaton was the only possible solution right now, so he made a decision that later he would stop by the vet and see if Deaton could help him. It probably was only a rare time of the moment where he picked up some kind of bug, anyway.

It couldn't be anything worse... right?

"I'M WHAT!?" Derek snarled. He had just finished being subjected to some random tests from Deaton and the conclusive analysis of what he 'supposedly' had was absurd.

Deaton sighed at the overly aggressive reaction from the Alpha, crossing his arms. "My tests have all came back with the analysis, Derek. You are indeed, and there is no doubt about it, pregnant."

"This is absurd." Derek growled, eyes flashing ember red and nails digging into his palms as he tried to leash the wolf that was trying to break out. "I can't possibly be pregnant! I'm a werewolf, plus, I'm not female!"

"There have been many documented cases of male werewolves conceiving due to fornication with their respected mates," Deaton explained. "I'm not surprised that you have stumbled upon this problem either, Hale," he laughed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Derek snapped, anger building and ever so close to the edge of exploding. His hormones -ahem, senses- were raging and he had the desirable need to rip something up, preferably with his teeth as far as the usual saying goes.

Deaton chuckled, shaking his head and crossing the room to deposit of the used tests, but not before bringing one over to Derek. "Take a look at this," he commented as he pointed to the plus that was on the stick. "It should be enough for you to see that this is not as impossible as you think."

Derek snatched the weird looking white stick off Deaton, rumbling low in his throat as he observed what the veteran had been pointing at. His inner wolf whimpered at the symbol. "I-Is that?" He questioned, looking up at Deaton with wide eyes.

"As one of your tests I took a sample of your blood and put in on this stick, it's like a woman pregnancy test just this is for werewolves and is effective by blood instead of urine," Deaton explained.

Derek swallowed down the bile that seemed to rise up in his throat, taking in the new information with much difficulty. "A-And it came back-"

"Positive. Yes, it did," Deaton smiled. "Congratulations Derek, you're pregnant."

Derek wasn't sure if it was the blunt force of the sudden and shocking news but he was well aware that the room was starting to look like it was spinning. His headache was ever so present and his stomach was doing flips, the bile in his throat rising further.

It was under no un-obvious reasons why his knees gave way as he collapsed to the floor. He was barely able to hear Deaton calling out to him over a much higher pitched audible voice, practically shrieking his name. It was with great difficulty that he saw the figure running towards him, caramel brown eyes wide and a panic stricken look on the teen's face.

"Stiles..." He managed to gasp, inner wolf howling, the sound penetrating every nerve in his body, before he felt the darkness override everything.

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