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"Daddy, I play outside?"

Stiles looked up from the book he's reading, turning his head to see his four year old daughter Kelsey standing in front of the couch. Her hair has grown out a lot over the years and it now flows down to her shoulders, the fringe parted to both sides of her face so it doesn't get in her big brown eyes, which right now are too wide and innocent for him to say no.

He nods, putting the book down on the table near the couch and stands up, walking over to Kelsey and picking her up. "Sure sweetie," he smiles, looking around. "What about Aiden and daddy, do they want to come too?"

Kelsey shakes her head. "No. Aiden and daddy playing games on TV in bedroom," she says, giggling when Stiles raises an eyebrow. "Aiden beats daddy but daddy say he just letting Aiden win."

"Always the sourwolf," Stiles laughed, hoisting Kelsey up on his shoulders. She grabs onto his hair with her hands, pulling at the strands and giggling. His hair has also grown out over the years. No more is his buzz cut which has now been replaced by a good looking mop of dark brown hair that comes down to his ears. The ends always seem to spike up nowadays, so much that he has to look in the mirror twice every morning to convince himself that he and Derek are not starting to look the same hairstyle wise.

"Daddy say he no sourwolf," Kelsey scowls, poking him in the back of the head.

Stiles chuckled and walked them up the stairs, hearing shouts and gunshot sounds coming from the closed door of the bedroom. He opens the door to see Derek and Aiden sitting on the floor in front of the TV, PlayStation controllers in their hands. Aiden is yelling out random things like 'No, me no die!' or 'Take that evil motor bike man!' and Stiles has to grin when there's a loud BOOM from the game and Aiden jumps up and yells 'Yes, me beat you again daddy!'

"Hey, what are you guys playing?" Stiles asked, moving around to the TV so he can see the Game Over screen of 'Grand Theft Auto' with the matching theme music. He just shakes his head, frowning. "Aaaaand you're letting him play Grand Theft Auto. Derek, what are you nuts?"

Derek turned to Stiles and just shrugged. "He was the one to force me to play." He points to Aiden who now instead of a victory grin has a scowl plastered on his lips, forehead creased and oh boy those narrowed hazel eyes are just like Derek's it's not funny.

"No me not! Daddy want to play with me and I say yes! Daddy lying, daddy is liar!" Aiden crossed his arms, giving Derek an all-out death glare.

Kelsey stared at her brother and her daddy and soon she was wriggling off from Stiles' shoulders and sliding down to the floor, pointing at Derek with her other hand on her hip. "Aiden telling truth. Daddy want to play with Aiden and Aiden say yes. Daddy is liar!" She scolded.

Stiles scoffed at Derek, who right now was looking at his kids like they were the worst possible beings in the world. "Is that true now?" He smirks.

"No. I'm not a child. Why would I want to play silly videos games?" Derek scowls.

"Yes! You did! Daddy bad liar!" Both Aiden and Kelsey yell at the same time.

"Why Derek, I'm so sorry but it looks like it's two over one," Stiles chuckled.

Derek rolled his eyes. "Fine. I lied. Happy?"

"No. Well not until I prove that I can beat your werewolf butt at this game, maybe then I might be happy." Stiles held out his hand to Aiden who frowned but passed him the controller. "I'm sure that the kids here will want to see your ass going down in flames," he grinned.

"Yes, beat daddy, beat daddy!" Kelsey chanted. The thought of going outside is now completely erased from her mind at the new excitement of her daddies versing each other.

"You really want to go against me?" Derek challenges.

"Yes, now hurry up and press play sourwolf!" Stiles saw Derek scowl out of the corner of his eyes but soon the game is starting and their characters are standing in the middle of this random street. He remembers how to play from when he and Scott used to hang out and play video games in junior high school. Beating Derek will be a piece of cake.





"Hey, you no meant to do that!" Aiden ran up to the TV, pointing to where Derek's character was beating up some random pedestrian on the street. "You meant to kill daddy, no other people!"

Stiles chuckled as Derek groaned. Their son was a trooper, a real trooper. "Yeah Derek, beating up on innocent people is a federal offence. My dad arrested you once for murder. I don't think you want to be arrested for bodily harm in a video game, do you?" Stiles teased.

"God, will you two stop patronizing me?" Derek huffed. He pressed a button and his character pulled out a gun and began to shoot more random people.

"Daddy!" Kelsey screeched, brown eyes wide.

"What? This is fun," Derek said innocently, pressing another button and chucking a grenade at a car, watching the car blow up and people start running in all directions.

Stiles shook his head. "You're unbelievable." He began moving his own character around to the other side of the smoking burnt out shell of the blown up car to where Derek's character stood before kicking the guy from behind. Aiden cheered and Kelsey giggled when Derek gasped in surprise, not paying attention and missing Stiles' character pummelling him to the ground from behind.

"Stiles, that's cheating. I wasn't paying attention," he growled.

"Ah well, your loss," Stiles shrugged, pressing a button on the controller and watching as his character took out a gun from his pocket. "And your loss just got a whole lot bigger." He smirked and pressed another button, watching his character point the gun at Derek's character who was still recovering from the last beating. He held the button down, hearing the shots ring out, bullets hitting Derek's character square in the chest until the guy on the ground was not moving. The 'Game Over' screen came flashing up.

"Yes! Daddy win, daddy win!" Kelsey yelled, jumped up and down.

"Okay. I admit defeat," Derek surrendered, making Stiles laugh.

"Daddy is loser. He dies like loser," Aiden chuckled.

Derek frowned and Stiles' eyes widen; they both turn to Aiden who has the biggest grin on his face. It's now that Stiles can see how much Derek and Aiden look alike. Aiden's eyes are that same speckled hazel and his hair is black, all spiked up like his dad's. The only thing that's missing is the stubble.

"Aiden, calling people names is not nice," Stiles scolded, though he couldn't help but smirk at the look on Derek's face.

"You call daddy a sourwolf all the time," Aiden pointed out, giggling when Derek flashed Stiles a glare.

"Really, Stiles? In front of the children? Really?"

"Yeah, bu-"

"Daddy, you say calling people names is not nice, then why you call daddy a sourwolf?" Kelsey frowned.

Stiles tried to come up with a good enough excuse, though it wasn't even close to being on the tip of his tongue. He sighed. "Fine, I guess that means daddy has to apologise to daddy then?" He rolled his eyes when Kelsey and Aiden nodded, Derek along with them in that 'Come on, own up' way.

"Say sorry to daddy for being big meanie," Kelsey giggled.

"Yeah, say sorry daddy!" Aiden said, crossing his arm. It was all cute apart from the narrowed hazel eyes that reminded him so much of Derek's when he's trying to prove a point.

Stiles sighed. "Okay, daddy is very sorry for calling daddy a sourwolf," he grit out. Derek was looking smug and all he wanted to do was kiss the stupid wolf senseless and wipe that smug look off his face.

"Apology accepted," Derek smirked.

"Oh you just love it when the kids bully me into things, don't you?" He scoffed.

"Only a little bit," Derek laughed, pulling Stiles in for a hug.

Stiles grumbled and tried to pull away but before he could a soft set of lips were on his and a tongue trying to push its way through clenched teeth. He, of course, let it enter and enjoyed the graceful swipes of his mate's tongue on his own. He was well aware of Aiden going 'Eww, kissing gross!' and Kelsey giggling but he didn't really care.