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Chapter 1


Naruto frowned thoughtfully, a look of contemplation plastered on his facial features! The situation he found himself in was not one he thought any other person could say that they had found themselves in, unless this kind of thing happened to everyone who had died, which he pretty much doubted. It seemed that somehow, he had been transported to, or otherwise ressurected in either a different timeline, or different dimension...or both!

The last thing he remembered was his final battle with Madara, he and the old man had fought long and hard, cancelling each other out for most of the battle, it seemed the old man was even greater than legend had made him out to be, and had managed to counter everything that Naruto had thrown at him, but even through all that, Naruto never once doubted that he would win, he always knew, that no matter what happened, and no matter how strong the true founder of Akaktsuki seemed to be, that he would have a weakness that Naruto would eventually find and exploit.

But things didn't quite work out that well, Kakashi and Guy were defeated and killed by Obito and Naruto ended up having to fight Both Obito and his sensei, Madara, a deadly combination that had caused even his unwavering determination, and unending optimism to shatter into microscopic pieces. Eventually, Naruto was overpowered and sucked into Obito's Kamui! Kurama, with his and Naruto's remaining chakra reserves had used the rare ninja art, Yin/Yang release to try and manipulate the space-time manipulation of Kamui to their advantage, but the result of using an art that he barely knew of from his memories of the Sage of the Six Paths was something neither Kurama or Naruto could have expected.

'Back then, I thought I had died from chakra exhaustion, or at least, I should have died from chakra exhuastion, but it seems like I have been transported to an alternate timeline sometime during the third shinobi world war, and ...it appears as though I am no longer a jinchuur...wait a minute! If I am now living in that era...that means that mom is still alive and she's the jinchuuriki!' thought Naruto with wide eyes.

"What's wrong with this kid? He aint answering any of our questions, just sitting there with a stupid expression on his face! You think he's retarded?" asked Hoshigaki Kisame with a toothy grin, a monstrous looking teenager with light blue skin, white eyes, sharpened shark-like teeth,and dark flue fin styled hair, also spotting a set of gills on either of his cheeks. The 15 year old is wearing black shinobi pants, striped leg warmers, and blue ninja sandals on his lower half, spotting a dark blue sleevless top with a large belt wrapped around his torso, a belt that holds a giant sword that is attached to his back. The sword itself is wrapped in white bandages, only exposing the hilt of the word which has a small skull at the edge of the handle.

'This is...Hoshigaki Kisame!' thought Naruto with wide eyes, fearing for his life, a life that he now realised hinged at the mercy of the most sadistic member of the Akatsuki.

'No...! What am I worried about...if recall what Aoba said correctly, than Kisame does not meet Obito until he kills his master...wait...he already has Samehada...that means...he is already allied with the Akatsuki!' thought Naruto, trying with all his might to control his emotions, which was something, regrettably, he was never good at, silently making a vow to make that one of the first things he would work on if he managed to survive.

"Oooi Kisame! Stop scaring the poor kid, just look at him, it almost seems like his heart is about to collapse any second now!" admonished Hozuki Mangetsu mockingly, a 13 year old shinobi swordmen prodigy from the Hozuki clan with long white hair, purple eyes, and the shark like teeth of the seven swordsmen of the mist. He is wearing a black sleeveless top with grey shinobi pants, striped leg warmers and black ninja sandals. On his right hand is one of the legendary swords of the mist, the Nuibari, which he was using to restrain the blonde Uzumaki with, using the wire thread of the needle shaped sword to bind the blonde former jinchuuriki, the thread sinking into the boy who looked no older then 10 years old painfully, causing blood leaking wounds on his flesh. Held by a belt around Mangestu's waist is a scroll that contains the other legendary swords of the Hidden Mist Village, namely, the Hiramekai, the Lightning Dual Fangs, the Shibuki, and the Kabutowari.

'No...! I must relax, if I am not mistaken, I should not be born yet in this timeline, Kisame doesn't know who I am and Akatsuki are still recruiting members, they have not started hunting tailed beasts yet. I'll be safe as long as I play my cards right!' thought Naruto, taking a deep breathe in order to calm his nerves down.

'So...I'm inside an interogation chamber in the Seven Ninja Swordsmen's Headquarters, or base of operations. As long as they don't have mind transfer techniques, I should be able to hide my past...or future...no future...but then it's my past! Aaarg! This is so confusing!' thought the 10 year old looking prodigy, who is actually 16 years old mentally.

"Well you must have made quite an impression on him Kisame, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you do seem to have that kind of relationship with most brats!" said the leader of the organisation, Momochi Zabuza, a 14 year old prodigy with short, spiky black hair with dark eys and small eyebrows, wearing white bandages around the lower half of his face with a Kiri forehead protector worn sideways across his head. He is wearing black sleeveless shirt with matching pants and sandals, and srtiped leg warmers. Across his torso is a thick belt holding the giant cleaver that is attached to his back, the Kubikiribocho.

"Please don't hurt me! I'm just an orphan trying to survive in the harsh wilderness! I haven't hurt anyone or done anything to you! Please don't hurt me!" cried Naruto pathetically, trying to play the innocent boy card, even using the puppy eyes technique in order to apeal to the goodness in the hearts of the most sadistic group of shinobi in the elemental nations.

"Nice try kozo, had it been anyone else, you might have successfully fooled us, that was the most impressive act I have ever seen! Demo...I'm a sensor type shinobi you see, and so is Kisame, and there are only two people alive that I know of with more chakra than you, and you're only ten years old if I'm not mistaken! You're no ordinary kid, we can tell that much! The way I see it, you only have two choices, one, tell us everything you know and everything about yourself, and we will decide what to do with you based on the story you tell...two, tell us lies or don't say anything and all, and we play a game where we see who amongst us can torture the information out of you...please choose the latter...!" said Mangetsu with a bloodthirsty smirk, scaring the living daylights out of the blonde Uzumaki.

'Kuso, they saw right through me! I guess I have no choice but to talk, but I can't tell them everything, I'll just have to improvise!' thought Naruto analytically.

"Okay! I'll talk, where do you want me to start?" asked the blonde Uzumaki.

"Why don't you start with your name?" asked/demanded Zabuza authoratively.

"Uzumaki Naruto of the late Uzumaki clan." said Naruto simply, causing the trio's eyes to widen in surprise.

"An Uzumaki huh...heh, I guess that would also explain the ridiculous chakra reserves...so you're a survivor of that clan huh, how interesting..." thought Mangetsu out loud.

"Interesting indeed, but also very suspicious, what were you doing in Kiri territory, I would have thought an Uzumaki would be looking to get into Fire Country, wasn't your home village allied with Konoha?" questioned Kisame curiously.

"Hai, but you see, I have only recently found out about my origins, like I said, I am an orphan." replied Naruto simply.

"And how did you find out about that?" demanded Zabuza.

"Well, I was raised by an old sage who recently passed away, leaving me to fend on my own, I don't think I have to tell you that he knew of my origins." equivocated the blonde impressively and successfully. It isn't like he was really lying, Jiraiya knew of his origins and had died recently in his timeline/dimension, also Jiraiya had known exactly who Naruto was. Even though Jiraiya never revealed such information to him, Naruto still managed to word it in a manner that would lead to the trio believing that he did, without Naruto actually saying that he did.

"I see, so that means you have been trained in the arts of ninjutsu, tell us about your skills, and what happened before we found you passed out?" asked Mangetsu curiously.

"Aaah well, I'm quite adapt at wind style techniques, clone techniques, and shape manipulation! That's about it really." replied Naruto with a small frown realising just how little his ninjutsu repoitre was.

"What kind of Uzumaki doesn't know any sealing or barrier techniques? Didn't this sage you were travelling with have even a basic knowledge of those arts?" asked Zabuza with slight disappointment, it wasn't a secret that the Ninja Swordsmen of Kiri were facing tough times recently, four members had recently died in an attempt to overthrow the tyrant of a mizukage, Yagura, and only Kisame had managed to return alive. Kisame was one of the youngest members of the organisation after killing his traitorous sensei and was only involved in the plan because of the power of the Samehada, Zabuza and Mangetsu however had not been involved, they were deemed too young and tasked with rebuilding the organisation should the others fail to kill the mizukage. After killing the supposed traitors, Yagura had ordered the remaining swordsmen to rebuild a more loyal organisation, and was so impressed that Kisame had been able to fend so well against him that he offered him a place back in the organisation if he were to accept to be the Mizukage's successor and right hand man.

Zabuza did not intend to dissapoint the Mizukage, he had every intention of rebuilding the organisation, but with a completely different purpose, this organisation would not be loyal to the Mizukage, it would be loyal to him, and they would help him overthrow the current Mizukage, Zabuza's plan was to become the Fifth Mizukage and build a stronger and better Kiri.

'To just randomly stumble upon an Uzumaki, this is either a dream or the heavens must be on my side as well! An Uzumaki could be just what we need to defeat Yagura, the sealing arts of that clan could come in handy when fighting a jinchuuriki.' thought Zabuza.

"Actually, he did...he just never bothered to teach them to me...for some unknown reason..." thought Naruto out loud with a disturbed expression showing on his face.

'Come to think about it, mom said that seals and barriers were our specialty, our equivalent to a kekkei genkei, yet no one even bothered to at least let me know of this, much less teach me...why does it seem like everyone was trying their best to limit my growth! How much more obvious could it be, my jonin sensei was the Yondaime's student and my Master was said to have been a sealing master, yet none of them even mentioned sealing during training even though they knew I was an Uzumaki. Maybe I could have countered Obito's Kamui somehow if I had been able to uses seals and barriers.' thought Naruto furiously.

"Tell me kid, have you ever thought about joining a hidden village before? We could use someone like you in our organisation, and it seems like you could use some one on one training as well! Tell you what, we'll not only let you live, but we'll even let you in on our Seven Ninja Swordsmen training, you'll get to wield one of the four remaining swords that are un-accounted for, also...during that training period, you'll be given access to all the sealing and barrier technques that Kiri has collected over the years. Finally, when your training has been completed, we'll allow you to travel back to the ruins of your homeland to see if you can't find any lost treasures, secret jutsu or heirlooms of the Uzumaki clan. When you have returned, we will allow you to help us create a stronger, better, and more peaceful Kiri. If you join us, you may very well become a legend amonst legends and you will contribute to the creation of a peaceful shinobi world, but if you refuse our offer, you will die right here and now...what say you?" asked the demon of the Mist in a demanding but at the same time inddiferent voice, trying to hide the eagerness in his tone.

'So that's it huh...I either join or I die? I guess I have no choice in the matter, I'll have to join if I want to survive, besides, it's not like I can go back to Konoha now, it would be too suspicious, and they would interogate me with a mind transfer ninjutsu and find out all of my secrets. I'll have to work towards world peace from within the mist, besides, Konoha is shrouded in a lot of darkness now that I think about it, it is not the shining beacon that we were all lead to believe, Pain, Itachi, Sasuke, Me, and even mom, all of us have suffered because of Konoha.' thought Naruto bitterly.

'Also, I can't go around using rasengan, people will get susicious of me using the Yondaime Hokage's jutsu, and it won't be hard to realise my relation to him given our clone-like physical appearance, I also can't use sage mode as openly and freely as I was using it back then in the future, I'll only be able to use it in situations where I know that everyone who has seen it will die, can't let that kind of information leak out! So no rasengan and no sage mode, and a weaker body that needs to be retrained almost from scratch! i guess I really do need this training...fine then, I'll become a Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and surpass all previous generations, and I will become the Godaime Mizukage! Heh...I've always been fascinated by those gigantic swords and the teeth are so cool! I can't believe I'm finally gonna look like that!' thought Naruto with giddy anticipation.

"That's the best deal I could have hoped for, fine then, I'll join your organisation, Zabuza-senpei!" exclaimed Naruto with a toothy grin.

"Heh...look at that, the kid seems to have found his confidence! I wonder if he'll have the same expression when the tort...eh...training begins!" said Kisame with a sadistic grin causing Naruto to grin even wider.

"Bring it on Kisame-Senspei! I don't care how much pain you put me through, as long as it will make me stronger, then I'll embrace it!" responded the blonde with a toothy grin.

'Kisame is going to betray the organisation and side with Yagura, or rather Obito, I'll have to find a way to get him on my side, or kill him if neccessary! Also, if I'm not mistaken, Obito will attack Konoha in just over two years, I'll have to get strong enough to stop him when the time comes, I may not be a Konoha shinobi anymore, but I can't allow Kaa-chan to just simply die when I can do something about it!' thought Naruto with a determined expression.

"Hmmm...we'll see about that, first lesson, how to make better teeth." said Zabuza, molding five hand seals slowly so that the blonde could get them all, walking closer to the blonde as he did so until he was crouching down in front of him, placing his right hand at the blonde's jawline.

"This is the first technique you have to learn, sharkman's jaw technique!" exclaimed Zabuza with a sinister smile, chuckling maliciously at the blonde's expense, the blonde's screams of horror and agony snuffing out the sounds of the trio's laughter.

"Let this be a permanent mark that will remind you of who you are, from this day on you will thrive in the thrill of battle, smile at the sight of death, and bask in the blood of our enemies! You will remember, no matter where you go, and no matter what you do, that you are first and foremost a murderer, a ruthless and merciless killer who will do and risk even your soul for the benefit of your people! From this day onwards, you are Uzumaki Naruto of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, and you are the wielder of the Kabutowari!" exclaimed Zabuza with elation, this was one speech he would never get tired of.

"Aaaaarg! Gwaaaaah!" screamed Naruto in agony, feelings of doubt creeping into his conciousness as the interior of his mouth was painfully reconstructed.

'What the hell have I gotten myself into...!' thought Naruto fearfully.

End Chapter

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