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Chapter 2

The Kyubi Attack

"If I remember correctly...this is the place that Obito extracted Kurama from Kaa-chan while dad was busy finding a safe place to hide me. This is perfect, I'll just hide out here and attack Obito just before he extracts the bijuu. I'll have to make it quick though...I don't fancy a threeway fight with the fake Madara and the Yellow Flash." thought a twelve year old Naruto out loud. He'd grown a lot since his swordsmen training, definitely a lot taller and more muscular than he used to be, and a lot stronger too, both physically and ninjutsu wise, compliments of the shadow clone training. He was wearing a sleeveless blue shirt with black shinobi pants and matching sandals, also wearing striped leg-warmers with a brown weapon's pouch on his right leg. A huge mallet-like weapon is attached to his back with golden coloured chains with a slight glow to them. One thing he was thankful for was that even without the Kyubi, he still had a ridiculous amount of chakra and it seemed Kurama's regeneration properties were still a part of him, which made his training a lot easier and faster.

True to his promise, Zabuza along with Kisame and Mangetsu had trained him in the secret arts of the Ninja Swordsmen, teaching him all standard swordsmen water techniques and their sword fighting styles, even the famous silent killing method. Zabuza also beseeched a man called Ao to teach Naruto about the barriers and seals of Kiri, a knowledge that he went on to improve upon with the knowledge that he obtained in the ruins of Uzushiogakure no Sato.

He'd even managed to create his own arsenal of space-time ninjutsu thanks to the knowledge he obtained in Uzu, one he named the splitting void migration technique, and the other called the slashed throat migration technique. Both jutsu were executed through a set of seals that were placed on his torso, ironically in the same spot that the four symbols seal that held Kurama used to be. The seals were similar in the manner that they worked but different at the same time, similar in the sense that both seals worked in a similar manner to a navigator, constantly calculating and re-calculating the co-ordinates of Naruto's position and the position that he wanted to transport himself to, in other words, the co-ordinates of the exact location where he wanted to open a portal in. This is a facet Naruto had added onto the seal in order to make the two jutsu battle usable, as he wouldn't be able to fight and calculate co-ordinates during battle, he would die before he came close to even teleporting had that been the case, this way however, the seal did the job for him and all he had to focus on was the battle itself.

The difference between the two jutsu was simple, one was an instant transportation from one point to another, in other words, simply opening a space-time tunnel to another location whereas the other was more similar to kamui, open a dark portal that split the space in a manner reminescent of a slashed throat, the portal would lead to another dimension that Naruto had created with his space-time manipulation, this one allowed him to counter ninjutsu by opening this portal in front him, sending the jutsu to another dimention altogether. The jutsu was slower than the splitting void migration but had a much wider area of effect. Basically, instead of placing markers on people, weapons, and surfaces like his father did, Naruto simply calculates co-ordinates with his seal and subsequently jumps to that location.

'I'll have the element of surprise in this situation, if I time my attack perfectly, I could end this once and for all!' thought Naruto as the golden chains attached to his giant mallet burst out in all directions around him, forming a square barrier that soon disappeared into nothingness along with him, Naruto activating an advanced cloaking barrier.


"Kushi-chan...arigatou! You've given me a wonderful daughter...she looks just as beautiful as you, it's amazing!" exclaimed Minato happily as he held his wife's hand affectionately.

"Minato-koi..." muttered Kushina with a cute blush, a look of gratitude and adoration visble on her facial features.

"Right! Before anything else, let me repair the seal quickly!" said Minato joyously, moving to place his hand over the seal, only to be abruptly interupted, a loud death scream echoing throughout the cave, Sarutobi Biwako and her assistant, Taji falling dead on the ground. Minato turned around only for his and Kushina's eyes to widen in horror at the site before them, a man wearing a red spiral mask with long, hooded cloak somehow having breached the barrier that was set up without their knowledge, but even worse, holding their new born daughter at kunai point.

"Namikaze Minato...step away from the jinchuuriki or your daughter will die at the ripe old age of two minutes..." threatened the figure in a gruff and sinister tone.

"Wait a minute, don't do anything hasty, try to relax!"

"Oh I'm very relaxed Yondaime Hokage, if anything, you're the one that seems to be in a panic..." trailed off the masked figure, throwing baby Natsumi up into the air before jumping up after her, kunai in hand poised to stab the baby through the skull, only to miss by an inch as the Yellow Flash shunshined past him, taking baby Natsumi with him as he embraced her like she was a lost treasure.

"Very fast...you truly live up to the Yellow Flash moniker, but what will you do now..." drawled the masked figure, placing his right hand in a ram hand seal, activating the explosive tags that were attached to Natsumi's baby blanket.

"Kuso!" cursed the Yondaime, however, with his super fast reflexes able to detach the blanket from the baby, throw it away towards the masked figure, and jump out of the cave before the emplosives detonated, creating quite a huge explosion that completely decimated the cave.

'He used Natsumi to seperate me and Kushina-chan...that can only mean one thing, he's after the Kyubi!' thought a surprised Minato, eyes wide in realisation.

'But I have to get Natsumi to safety first, hold on just a little longer Kushi-chan!' Thought Minato with determination, disappearing from the spot that he had landed on, leaving behind a small breeze of air behind, instantly appearing at his house in the outskirts of the village inside Natsumi's room.

"I'm going to leave you on your own for a little while, dad has to go and get mommy back from the bad guy, just hold on a little bit, I'll bring mommy back to you...I promise." said Minato, placing baby Natsumi inside her crib, giving her a light kiss on the forehead and then disappearing again, using the flying thunder god technique to transport himself back to his wife, hoping to get there in time to save her.


"Minato uses a complex sealing formula to teleport between locations that he has managed to mark, and has incorporated that same sealing formula into the seal that contains the Kyubi...he wanted to be able to protect you at all times...yet I have managed to seperate you from him...!" said the masked figure with his right hand in a ram hand sign, excecuting a complex sealing jutsu that held Kushing tightly bound in between two pillars.

"W-who are you...and what do you want with the Kyubi...?" breathed out Kushina in her weakened state from trying to hold back the Kyubi while giving birth.

"I will extract the Kyubi from you and use it to destroy Konoha, with the Kyubi under my control, you people will have no hope!" exclaimed the masked figure, making direct eye contact with Kushina, the tamoe in his sharingan spinning rapidly.

'This is it!' This is the moment I've been waiting for!' thought Naruto, using the splitting void migration to teleport himself to the masked figure's location, attacking him from his blind spot with instantaneous speed, swinging the Kabutowari violently and mercilessly, slamming hard into the unsuspecting masked man's back.

The power behind the swing, combined with the monstrous power of the mallet itself, which is said to be able to break any and all defenses was so great that the masked figure flew at speeds that would make Shunshin no Shishui jealous, so much so that the man flew for 600 metres before crashing into a mountain side, smashing right through the mountain and slamming head first into the ground, unable to even activate his space-time migration, falling into a near death like state almost instantly, the middle of his torso completely blown off along with his organs, the only thing keeping him alive being Hashirama Senju's cells that were implanted into him, but even that wouldn't keep him alive for more than five minutes with his heart exposed to the world, beating slower and slower by the minute.

'Kuso! Tobi's in trouble, I think he might be dead! Shup up, I'm trying to concentrate!' thought white and black Zetsu respectively, the contrast of personalities clashing as usual.

'I can still sense his chakra, quickly, make a sporulation clone and have it merge with him! We can't afford for him to die! Alright! I'm already on it! I'll have him back on his feet in no time at all!' thought Zetsu from his hiding spot on the ground, using his mayfly technique to completely extinguish his chakra signature by merging with the earth.

The sealing jutsu that was holding Kushina in place vanished almost instantly, causing her to fall pace first into the dirt, only to be caught in a bridal embrace moments before she made connection with the hard and unforgiving surface.

"Are you alright?" asked Naruto with a small smile, asking what he knew to be a rhetorical question, she was definitely alive and was going to live no matter what, he would make sure of that.

"Hai...arigatou Minato-kun...I-I love you so much!" answered Kushina with a dazzling smile, happy that the love of her life had come through for her once again.

"Hehehe...sorry, but I'm afraid that you have mistaken me for someone else, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, I am a distant relative of yours." said Naruto smoothly, lying through his teeth yet at the same time not lying at all. His real mother was in another timeline and this woman had given birth to someone else, so technically, she wasn't his mother, yet at the same time he was still an Uzumaki and hence was a relative of hers. He used the phrase 'distant relative' simply because he was from a distant timeline, and hence, Kushina, even with her shinobi prowess was unable to detect any lies from him.

"W-what...!" exclaimed Kushina in surprise, finding it hard to believe what the man had just told her, in fact, taking a closer look, Kushina realised that indeed this wasn't her Minato-koi, for one, this was not even a man, but a young boy who could not have been over the age of fourteen, and he had whisker like markings on his cheeks that Minato-koi didn't have. In fact, if she didn't know any better, she could have sworn that he was Minato's son...

"Aaaaaaaaah!" cried out Kushina in shock, trying to wriggle herself out of the blonde Uzumaki's embrace.

"What's wrong, is it the Kyubi?" asked Naruto with concern.

"Y-y-you're Minato's ilegitimate child aren't you? That bastard! How could he do this to me!" exclaimed Kushina furiously, completely overeacting in light of the situation.

"W-what? No way, stop jumping to conclusions like that! I told you I'm your distant relative, I'm from the Uzumaki Clan!" retorted Naruto in a panic.

"Yeh, and I'm the sage of the six paths! There's no such thing as an Uzumaki with blonde hair, my kinsman have always had red hair!" retorted a livid Kushina.

"So what, I'm the exception! Besides, only one of my parents was an Uzuamki...!"

"Even so, our bloodline is dorminant, it should have...kyaaaah!" screamed out Kushina in agony.

"What is it? What's wrong?" asked Naruto frantically.

"It's the seal...the Kyubi's trying to break out! Go get Minato...hurry!" exclaimed Kushina with a pained and concerned expression.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it!" said Naruto, placing Kushina on the floor gently.

'This seal is a secret kinjutsu of the Uzumaki clan, if I am able to repair the seal, it will prove to her that I am a true Uzumaki!' thought Naruto, unable to believe how close Kushina was to hitting the bull's eye about his identity.

"Alright, here goes nothing!" said Naruto, placing his right hand over the seal after going through a set of hand seals that had Kushina's eyes wide is surprise, recognising exactly what jutsu the blonde boy who saved her life was using on her.

The blonde put his fingers on the seal and twisted his hand in an anti-clockwise direction, tightening the seal that was holding the Kyubi back.

"You...you really are..."

"An Uzumaki, yes, I told you so didn't I?" asked Naruto with an 'I told you so' expression, offering his hand to Kushina, pulling up a pouting Kushina back to her feet.

"How was I supposed to know! I've never seen an Uzumaki quite like you before, nor have I heard of one!" whined a stubborn Kushina, looking away from the blonde with her head held high.

'Kaa-chan, I'm so happy that you're okay, even if you can't be my mother in this timeline, just knowing that you're okay and happy is more than okay for me, even though it hurts a lot.' thought Naruto, looking at Kushina with eyes full of affection, causing Kushina, who had just turned around to look back at the blonde to avert her eyes from him, a light blush forming on her cheeks.

'Why is he looking at me like that, could he have developed an infatuation for me already, or...has he been stalking me, I mean, how did he know to come here and save me?' thought Kushina in horror, her wild imagination getting the better of her.

'Dad has marked her with his hiraishin formula, and he should be arriving anytime soon now, if I am caught here when he arrives...he'll mistake me for the enemy and attack me, I better get going now!' thought Naruto.

"It has been nice meeting you Kushina-sama, but I best be going now, I need to check on the body, gotta confirm that the masked guy is really dead." said Naruto.

"Wait! I'll come with you!" said Kushina hastily, not wanting to let her savior out of her sights just yet, especially considering who and what he is to her, but it was too late because Naruto already had his technique activated, the blonde disappearing into a portal and instantly jumping to a different location in the direction that he'd sent the masked man.


'Kuso! What the hell was that? I'm pretty sure that Minato-sensei has never placed a tag on me, and I was at a far enough distance from Kuhsina that he couldn't have accidentally teleported to my blind spot! So what...who...?' Obito's only visble eye widened in surprise when he sensed a new presence arriving, a blonde kid manifesting himself from a space-time void right in front of him, a boy that he very much recognised too.

'This is...Uzumaki Naruto...this is the boy that was apprenticed to that organisation! Kisame told me he went back to the old Whirlpool Ruins on a personal errend...what is he doing here than...and what is that jutsu?' thought Obito wearily.

Up until that moment, Obito could have told you that he knew almost everything about the boy, that he was an Uzumaki, that he was good with wind and water style jutsu, that he was a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kiri, that he was good at kenjutsu, that he was learning seals and barriers from Ao. In fact, Obito had allowed all of this to happen, not without reason of course, if the boy continued to grow as fast as he had been growing, and continued to improve on his natural talent, then he could have become one of his Akatsuki recruits along with Kisame, and they would have made a very potent team, having trained together in that organisation and all. Zabuza and Mangetsu were the pawns that he planned to use to get the boy on his side, the pain of loss was always a good tool to use as motivation, and with the bloodline purges that he planned to implement a few years from now, Naruto would have been dancing under his palm before he knew it.

"Uzumaki Naruto...what a surprise, I did not expect to meet someone like you here." said the masked man casually, as if his cloak and shirt were not blown and torn up from the earlier assault that he was subjected to, revealing a however uninjured torso.

'This is weird, I was sure that I blew out his organs with the kabutowari, and his torn outfit seems to be proof of my attack, also, I was able to use a minuscile amount of sage chakra to monitor his chakra signature, the one moment his signature was weak and almost completely vanquished, and the next thing he is completely restored...does he have self-healing like Tsunade?' thought the blonde wearily.

"Your plan has failed, you were unable to extract the Kyubi and I have repaired Kushina-sama's seal! You have no hope, because I'm going to kill you right now and right here...Uchiha Obito." stated Naruto matter of factly, causing the masked man's one visble eye to widen in surprise.

"Masaka...you...just who are you? And how do you know about me?" demanded a completely surprised Obito, a forebording feeling settling at the pit of his soul.

"I make it my business to investigate the mysteries of the shinobi world, beyond that, I owe you no explanations!" replied Naruto, ending the conversation prematurely, now adopting a battle ready stance and expression.

'Alright...two things I have to remember, one, I have to aim for the moment where he attacks, because he has to materilize himself in order to touch me, and two, I have to aim for the moment when he tries to suck himself in to escape, because he has to materialize himself before he can suck himself in, and he takes longer to suck himself in then he does to suck in other people in...it will be a bit tricky, but I'll get him.' thought Naruto, summoning the axe of the Kabutowari from a seal on his left wrist and subsequently dropping the weapon onto the surface of the earth, the heavy weapon creating a sizeable dent on the surface, showing just how heavy the weapon was.

'How did he know I would be here today, how did he know I wanted the Kyubi, and how does he know my true identity...!' thought Obito frantically.

'Nevertheless, this guy knows too much about me already, I'll have to kill him right here , I can't afford to let him escape!' thought a furious Obito

"I won't allow anyone to interfere, it will be a battle between just the two of us." said Naruto, blazing through a set of hand seals quickly before stopping at a ram hand seal. As soon as he finished, the golden chains that were attached to the Kabutowari expended and multiplied, forming a huge dome-like barrier around the the duo.

'Minato-sensei teleports within the space around his jutsu formulae, I see, he intends to stop Minato-sensei's marked kunai from getting anywhere near us, this way, he won't be able to teleport to us and interfere with the battle...he intends to take me down on his own.' thought Obito.

"You think that you can defeat me on your own? You're underestimating me, Uzumaki Naruto." said Obito ominously.

"So you know who I am huh? Just as I thought, you're the one controlling Yagura with a genjutsu, isn't that right, Obito?" asked Naruto rhetorically. Of course, he already knew that from the time Aoba read Kisame's mind in his timeline, but he had to pretend that he'd only confirmed it right now for appearances sake, can't have people knowing that he was from the future now could he.

Obito on the other hand twitched irritably, this little brat was going to ruin everything! First he stopped Konoha's Kyubi attack prematurely, then he discovered his true identity, and now he knew about the Mizukage, this day was just getting worse and worse by the second.

'That barrier...? That is the Uzumaki clan's yin/yang release, the power to give form and durabilty to chakra, the power to create non living objects out of physical energy alone, and then use that same physical energy to suppliment sealing and barrier techniques! But how...this is Kushina's jutsu, where could he have learned it, me and Zetsu already checked the Uzu ruins and found absolutely nothing, where could he have come across this type of ninjutsu?' thought Obito, fear creeping out from the depths of his heart, watching in awe as the chains extended from the axe of the Kabutowari and formed a huge dome-like barrier around the duo.

'There! Found you, I won't let you get away dattebane!' thought Kushina, running in the direction of the dome hastily, not prepared to lose her only connection to her former home, not willing to lose what could be her only living relative.

'Those are the yin/yang release chains, Naruto-kun, you really are...what the hell dattebane!' thought a shocked Kushina, onceagain, caught in a bridal style embrace by a blonde haired and blue eyed male figure.

"Are you alright Kushi-chan? Where's that masked guy?" asked Minato in quick succession

"Minato-kun, hurry, we have to go and help him, he saved me from the masked guy dattebane!" exclaimed a flustered Kushina.

"What? Go where, help who?" asked Minato hastily.

"Look behind you baka! We have to go and save my cousin!" exclaimed Kushina in frustration. Minato, heading his wife's advice, turned around and, to his utter surprise, saw a giant barrier made of golden chains.

'That's Kushina's jutsu...but how?' thought Minato before his eyes widened in realisation, Kushina's earlier words replaying in his mind like a mantra,

"Did you say...cousin?" asked Minato, looking at his wife with a scrutinizing stare.

"Yes that's what I said dattebane! Aaarg! Sometimes you can be so slow!" exclaimed Kushina in exasperation.

"Now hurry, we have to save him!" ordered Kushina.

"O-okay, but let me fix your seal before we..."

"The seal is fine! Naruto-kun fixed it!" cut in Kushina.

"B-but how, that is an Uzumaki clan secret jutsu! How could he...nevermind!" replied Minato hastily, realising just how stupid that sounded, after all, she did just say that this Naruto person was her cousin, so if anyone, he would know how to fix an Uzumaki kinjutsu.

"Alright, I'll help your cousin, you take care of Natsumi so long." said Minato, forming a one handed ram hand sign.

"No, I have to..." Kushina never got to finish what she wanted to say, diappearing from Minato's embrace in an instant, Minato teleporting her back to their house, inside Natsumi's room and next to her crib to be exact.

"I'm sorry Kushi-chan, but you're not in any condition to fight right now, also, you're that masked guy's target, it is better that you stay far away from this battle. I'll save your cousin for you, I promise" thought Minato out loud, staring at the barrier with an analytical mind.

'If he's setting up something like that, then he must be trying to stop anyone from interfering with the battle, unfortunately, I'm not just anyone!' thought Minato with determination, throwing a tri-pronged kunai towards the barrier at blinding speeds,

'Who is the masked guy? How did he know that Kushina's seal would weaken during childbirth? How did he break through a Konoha secret barrier without detection? Is he related to Uchiha Madara? And why does he want to do with the Kyubi? These are questions I need answers for in order to properly protect my family and village, and the answers are inside that barrier!' thought Minato before vanishing from the spot on which he was standing with the flying thunder god technique.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you've matured and grown into a thorn on my backside, not the flower that I had planned for you to blossom into. It looks like I'm going to have to kill you, what a shame, you would have made such a useful pawn." said the Obito venomously, connecting a handcuffed chain to both of his wrists.

"Hn, so you were planning to use me like you did the Mizukage, like you're using Kisame-senpei?" asked Naruto, causing Obito's lone visible eye to widen in horror.

"It's over for you Obito, nothing you do is ever going to succeed, I have already converted Kisame-senpei to my side, and I have marked the Mizukage with a space tracking seal, I will find him and release him from your genjutsu, you have absolutely no hope!" said Naruto victoriously, slamming the painful reality at the masked figure of Obito.

He was lying through his teeth though, there was no such thing as a space tracking seal, at least not yet. It was a jutsu he was working on, a jutsu that was maybe a few years away from being completed. He just told Obito that he'd marked the Mizukage so that he wouldn't return to Yagura's side again for fear that Naruto would be able to find and attack him at will if he did.

The story about earning Kisame's loyalty was also a lie, he hadn't even talked to Kisame about peace yet, nor had he mentioned anything to him about Obito, but Obito didn't have to know about that, he was going to die anyway, and even if he survived and managed to escape, he would probably not be returning to Kiri anytime soon because he would believe that he'd lost the Sanbi and lost Kisame's loyalty as well. As far as he would be concerned, there would be nothing in Kiri for him to return to, and that would buy Naruto enough time to do something about Kisame and to remove the genjutsu placed on Yagura.

'Still, I'll probably be forced to get rid of Kisame anyway. It will be impossible to trust a man who has killed so many of his own comrades, even if it was under orders from the Mizukage. Also, for all I know, he could take my side only to end up acting as a double, or even tripple agent. In the end, his past actions have made his character too questionable. Right now, he's just a loose end that must be cut down, after all, how can I trust a man who doesn't even know who he is?' thought Naruto.

"Bastard! Just who the hell are you?" exclaimed Obito, uncharacteristically losing his composure.

"Oh...I thought you knew already, I'm the guy that's going to kill you!" shouted Naruto, running at the masked Obito purposefully.

"Hn, we'll see about that!" exclaimed Obito viciously, running at the blonde Uzumaki with equal vigor.

'I remember this strategy, it's the same one that he used to defeat me in the future. If I'm not mistaken, he's going to allow me to faze through him, and then he's going to materialize himself and trap me with those chakra absorbtion chains. In that case, I'll get him as soon as he materializes himself.' thought Naruto, attempting to use his super reflexes to slam his mallet against his advasory's face, only to faze through the mysterious figure. But, true to Naruto's prediction, Obito materialized himself and pulled his arms around his torso, hoping to capture the blonde Uzumaki with his chain technique and have him at his mercy.

'Gotcha!' thought Naruto with a devious smirk. Naruto disappeared a split second before he made contact with the chains into a void in the space, appearing right in front of the masked Obito, who had absolutely no chance to react at all, the blonde smashing the mallet of the Kabutowari against Obito's mask with all his might.

"Gwaaaah!" cried Obito in shock and pain.

So unexpected was the attack that he didn't even get a chance to prepair for the impact, which was good if you were on Naruto's side, because Obito would have just made himself intangible if he'd had that chance. The power behind the attack was so great that it re-shaped the whole terrain, the whole earth caving in on itself as Obito flew away, his body digging a long and deep trench on the ground.

'That was a direct hit to the head. It's over, his head should be completely obliterated, he won't survive that.' thought a self-assured Naruto, however, still not willing to let his guard down against such a formidable foe, waiting on full alert and eagerly for the dust and debris to settle down so that he could confirm his kill. It was also because of this kind of vigilance that Naruto was able to avoid an unexpected attack from his blind spot, teleporting himself to a spot eight metres away from where he was standing on the right side, which placed him at a position where he could anticipate an attack from both the direction that Obito's body had landed and where the new threat had just recently landed.

"That was close, how did you break through my barrier, Yondaime Hokage?" asked Naruto curiously, not really sure whether to be surprised or not considering who he was dealing with here.

"It seems you have intel about my jutsu somehow, why don't you try and figure it out yourself, Naruto-san." retorted Minato with narrowed eyes.

"Oh...what made you come to that conclusion?" asked Naruto, cocking his head to side with a curious gaze.

"You double layered that barrier and made it so that it was eight metres thick, and right now, you're standing exactly eight metres away from me. That says a lot about how much you know about me, it's no coincidence that the limit of my jutsu just so happens to be seven metres. You were counting on the fact that I can only warp myself at the maximum of seven square metres of the space around my jutsu formular, therefore, because the barrier was eight metres thick, you concluded that I would be unable to bypass it and attack you." explained Minato, tightening his hand on the kunai that he was holding to calm his nerves, the same kunai that he had caught just before it made contact with Naruto when he teleported to it.

"Seems like I might have underestimated you, so tell me, just how did you manage to bypass my barrier?" asked an intrigued Naruto.

"You made a common mistake, thinking that I only know how to warp myself and other people, demo...that is very far from the truth." explained Minato vaguely, not willing to give away some of his secrets needlessly.

"I see...than, that means you can warp the space around your jutsu formula itself, in other words, you must have continuously warped the immediate space around your kunai as it travelled, which would have allowed the kunai to faze right through the barrier, or rather, to pass through the opening that you warped when your kunai made contact with my barrier. And then, when the kunai had entered the space on the other side of the barrier, you simply warped yourself to that same kunai. Impressive, I never thought you could use the hiraishin like that, this jutsu is more versatile than I thought." praised Naruto, genuinely impressed with the versatility of his father's jutsu.

"Liar, you already thought that I could do that, you just were not sure about your theory. You used this barrier as a means to find out more about my technique, as a sort of test. The best part of your plan is that you also knew, that as Hokage, I would have no choice but to infiltrate your barrier in order to gain the information required to protect my village. You're very manipulative individual Naruto-san." said Minato, shamelessly accusing the blonde Uzumaki.

"Hn, a very insightful individual you are indeed Minato-san, demo...I was hoping that you would stay away from this and rather take care of Kushina-sama. She is the last living Uzumaki I know of besides myself, and she is the heiress of our clan, because of that, she is very precious to me. Go to her side and make sure she is okay, I will handle everything here." ordered Naruto.

'I' need to get him out of here, I'd prefer he doesn't find out about Obito, it will just cause needless pain and confusion, and he might turn against me if he realises that I just killed his former student.' thought Naruto wearily.

"Kushina-chan's safety is my priority, why do you think I have come here? The information I gather here might help me do a better job protecting her in the future. Also, it would be to her benifit if I can eliminate the masked guy right here and now." argued Minato.

"Hmmm...so I won't be able to get you to back down huh?" asked Naruto.

"No, you won't, I will do this with or without your consent. The only thing you can do for me is to either help me or stay out of the way. I'd prefer if you just stayed out of this, you're just a kid, there is no need for you to risk your life needlessly." replied Minato seriously.

"Heh, how cocky, did you forget that I was the one who saved your wife for you? That guy would have extracted the Kyubi, Kushina-sama would be dead, and your village would be under attack by the Kyubi if I hadn't interceded, and now you think you can act all high and mighty over me?" asked a bewildered Naruto.

"That's not it, Kushi-chan pleaded that I protect you and return you to her safely, she doesn't want to lose the last link she has to her former home, she was really worried about you." explained Minato.

'She pleaded for him to save me, tche...Kaa-chan, you have such a pure heart.' thought Naruto nostalgically.

"You say that now, yet you attacked me only a few minutes ago." stated Naruto matter of factly.

"When Kushina told me that you were her cousin, I thought, that if you're anything like her, you'd be incredibly stubborn and refuse to back down. So I thought I would incapacitate you and take you back to Kushina while I deal with the masked guy." explained Minato.

"Incapacitate me? Yeah right, you meant to capture me didn't you?" retorted Naruto.

"Well, we can't afford to let you join our shinobi forces without following standard protocol, you'll have to go through a standard interogation to ascertain your intentions with Konoha." explained Minato defensively.

"I see, then let me ask you this, who said I wanted to join your hidden village?" asked Naruto rhetorically.

"W-what? B-but I thought..."

"Thought what? That I would become just another one of Konoha's puppets? You must be out of your mind! Listen carefully Minato, what I did here today was not for Konoha, it was solely for Kushina-sama, I have absolutely no interest in joining your village." replied Naruto with a serious expression, shocking Minato considerably, the yellow flash mentally cursing himself for jumping to conclusions.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to just leave like that, Kushina-chan would be devasted..."

"Oh please! Stop using her as a scapegoat to justify your actions, you want to capture me to use my Uzumaki lineage for Konoha, also, you think that I'll be a lose end if I leave because I know too much. I can see right through you!" exclaimed Naruto in exasperation.

"That may be true, but that does not change the facts, Kushina would be devasted if you just left like that. Also, I don't understand why you are so much against joining Konoha, the Uzumaki clan were once our dear allies, some of them even considered Konoha a home away from home in the past. Why do you have so much animosity towards us?" asked Minato curiously.

"I have my reasons, that's all I have to say to..." Naruto sensing a presence manifesting behind himself, spun around with his impressive reflexes, swinging his mallet against Obito, only for his attack to faze through the back of Obito's head, who was rising up from below the surface using his intangibility. Obito, sensing that the mallet had completely fazed through, swiftly spun around and caught the blonde's wrist firmly, making eye contact with the blonde with his now exposed face on display.

"The real battle begins now, and it's over!" exclaimed Obito, activating his space-time migration from his right eye and sucking the blonde into his dimension in an instant, trapping him there for the foreseeble future, closing the portal after he was sure that the troublesome brat was gone.

"N-Naruto! What did you do to him?" asked Minato hysterically.

"He has gone to a better place, you can join him too if you want, in fact, I insist that you do, Minato-sensei." replied Obito nonchalantly, not feeling the need to pretend anymore now that his mask was broken.

'Good thing he didn't know about the durability of the special material that my mask was made of, otherwise I would be dead now.' thought a relieved Obito.

"O-Obito...is that you?" asked a wide eyed Minato, shock written clearer than the sun itself all over his face.

"Hn, you still recognise me even wth this disfigured face, you have good eyes, Minato sensei." said Obito with an uncaring tone.

End Chapter

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