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Chapter 3

"Obito...no way, you must be an imposter, Obito is definitely dead." retorted Minato with conviction, struggling, or maybe even simly refusing to believe what he was seeing with his own two eyes.

"Yes, and I suppose that you were there when I supposedly died, you witnessed my death with your own eyes and you did an autopsy on my body before you burried me, right, Minato-sensei?" asked Obito with condensing sarcasm.

"N-no uh, well, t-that's not it..." Minato stuttered.

'Actually, now that I think about it, he does have quite a point. Kakashi and Rin were the last ones to see Obito, and he was alive the last time they saw or touched him, all they saw were a number of rocks falling over him. Namely, they just assumed he was dead because anyone else would and should have died under the same conditions, unless...unless that person has the ability to faze through solid objects.' thought Minato.

'Also, it was reported that Obito's right side had been crushed by a boulder when he offered Kakashi his other eye, and this guy not only looks like Obito, but has a disfigured right side of the face. Which means...'

"Oh...?" was Obito's only response, cocking his head to the side curiously.

"It is not your physical appearance or even your body that I'm doubting, killing Sandaime-sama's wife and her assitant along with four black orps, trying to do the same to Kushina and Natsumi, attempting to steal the Kyubi and attacking the Yondaime Hokage? All of these acts constitute the highest level of treason, Obito would have never done something like that, the real Obito loved Konoha and it's people with all of his heart, he was a kind, gentle, and peace-loving person, he even had a dream to become the next Hokage. You're not him, Obito would never do the things that you did here today." replied Minato in denial, even though, deep down, he knew what he was seeing to be the truth.

'This guy has the ability to faze through solid objects, I suppose if he was really Obito, it could be argued that he survived the rock avalanche by fazing through the rocks that were falling on him, but still...'

"So you're finding it hard to believe that your own student would attempt to kill you and your family? Hn, as if you have a right to be surprised, none of this would have happened if you'd been a good sensei and not left your team to fend for themselves. Because of your careless attitude, Rin died and I also could have been killed, did you really think there wouldn't be any consequences for your actions?" asked Obito retorically.

"You and Rin were already chuunin, and Kakashi was a Jonin, you were experienced enough to handle yourselves, you didn't even need a jonin-sensei by that time, chuunin and jonin level shinobi are expected to lead teams on their own at times when it becomes neccessary. Also, it's not like I didn't want to be there for my students, just that, my hands were full with a whole Iwa battalion at the time, I did return as soon as I could though, but...it was too little too late. In any case, I guess you really are Obito, and all of these crimes you're committing are for your revenge because Rin died, isn't that right, Obito?" asked Minato with narrowed eyes.

"Revenge huh? Close, but not quite...you're thinking way too small, why would I go through all that trouble for something as petty as revenge? You've got it all wrong Minato-sensei, my intentions are far more noble than that, I'm not that shallow you know...despite what you may believe." replied Obito.

'Okay, his character is completely different, he seems a lot calmer and smarter than Obito used to be, but he has spoken about some things that only Obito would know, and judging from his reaction when I mentioned Rin, he's definitely Obito.' thought Minato.

"Than, if not for revenge, why do all of this?" asked Minato.

"I don't expect you to understand or agree with me, but I'll tell you, since you're about to die anyway. Minato-sensei, this world is cruel, corrupt, and incredibly flawed, a world where people can attain their own happiness at the expense of others, a world that sacrifices too many people for the happiness of a few. Those who have suffered start wars for revenge against those who have gained at their expense, and then those who had revenge taken against them start more wars for their own justice, and so, the cycle of hatred continues throughout the ages. I have decided that I am sick and tired of this world that only provides opportunities for pain and suffering, and so, my long term plan is to create a perfect world. A world without pain, a world without suffering, a world without casualties, a world without sacrifices, a world without tears, a united shinobi world, and...a world where Rin can be alive and happy again." explained Obito.

"A world where Rin is alive again?" asked Minato in surprise.

"Hai, I don't care about this world anymore, why should I, when I can create a whole new one where everything is perfect. That goes for you too, Minato-sensei, it doesn't matter if I kill you, Kushina-san, and your daughter to further my ambitions, because you will live again with your family in my perfect world. You once said that you believed that the world would one day be united, and you said that would be followed by an ever lasting peace. If this is what you truly believe, than why don't you hand over the Kyubi, surrender yourself, and allow me to proceed with my plan, better yet, why don't you join me? Think about it, you and I have the same dream, we shouldn't be fighting against each other, we should be working together. If we can combine our power and resources, we could achieve our goal sooner rather than later." proposed Obito charismatically.

"The world is not good enough and so destroy it and build a new and perfect one? That sounds like something a devine being would do, except, you're not that devine being, you're just a human." retorted Minato.

"Yes, but together, we can reach the heights of divinity, we can overthrow this cruel god that exists and recreate the world as we see fit...we can become the gods of the new world. Think about it Minato-sensei, you don't have to do it for yourself, just think about all the pain and suffering that your wife had to endure in this cursed world, all the hate and malice that was directed towards her as a jinchuuriki. Think about your daughter, what kind of future do you think she has in this cursed shinobi world? Her life was in danger only a few minutes after her birth and she almost lost her mother before ever getting the chance to know her. This life is fickle and feeble in it's entirety and promises nothing but pain and suffering, but...but you can change that, we...can change that! If you truly love your family and friends, you'll join me and help me create a better world for them." offered Obito convincingly.

'I see, I think I finally understand him, he has really grown up hasn't he, and so have his dreams and objectives. Rather than becoming Hokage and ensuring peace for Konoha, he has expanded his vision to include the whole of humanity itself, namely, he seeks not only peace for his own people, but for the world itself. I would have been proud, if his methods were not so...inhumane.' thought Minato nostalgically.

"Okay, I'll join you, but...only after you share all the details of your plan step by step, and don't leave anything out, I'll know if you do." declared Minato.

"Alright, I will tell you everything you want to know, but only after you prove your loyalty and dedication to our cause..." trailed off Obito with a sinister undertone.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Minato, eyes narrowed in suspision.

"Deliver the Kyubi, and I shall tell you everything. As a symbol and a labourer of peace, one must be able to extinguish their individuality and thus, think and act in a way that benefits the world as a whole, even if the requirement is to forsake your own heart, or the lives of your loved ones, in other words, our mission is one of unwavering faith and enormous self-sacrifice. Henceforth, your compliance to my request would be the ultimate declaration of loyalty, and I would reward such loyalty with the ultimate declaration of trust...by sharing all my secrets with you." explained Obito with complete seriousness, something he had not quite displayed before as Minato's student.

"So...what will do, Minato-sensei? Is your wife more important to you than the world's peace?" asked Obito, adopting a relaxed posture with his right hand on his waist and his head cocked to the side curiously.

'I thought so! He needs the power of the kyubi to complete his objectives, without it, his plans either can't be fulfilled at all, or have a significantly lower chance of success.' analyzed Minato.

"I see, in that case the answer is...no!" replied Minato with finality.

"Hmmm...just as I thought, I'm going to have to kill you after all, too bad, we would have made a potent team, Minato-sensei." lamented Obito, shaking his head in mock sadness.

"I do not know what you plan to do, or how exactly you plan to create peace in the ninja world, but if you need to kill Kushina, destroy Konoha, and obtain the Kyubi's power, then, as a loving husband and father, and as the Yondaime Hokage, I can't possibly, in my right mind, support you and your methods, it is thereby my responsibility to stop you." replied Minato, adopting a battle stance with a hiraishin kunai held with his left hand in a reverse grip.

"I wasn't asking you to help me as any of those things, I was asking you to help me...as my sensei!" retorted Obito, emphasizing the word 'sensei' with dramatic effect.

"Heh...nice try, but, you're not the same Obito, and you also have another mentor, one that you clearly hold in higher regard than me, isn't that right, Obito...?" asked Minato retorically, Obito's eyes widening in surprise at his sensei's great analytical skills.

"Hn, a very interesting analysis, what gave it away?" asked Obito with genuine curiosity.

"Just like a master engineer is able to differentiate between his work and someone elses, or when someone else has tinkered with his work, so can a teacher with regards to the work he has done with his student." explained Minato phylosophically.

"I see..." was all Obito said, learning, once again, something new from his former sensei.

"So...what was it like?" asked Minato cryptically.

"What are you talking about?" asked Obito.

"Learning under the great Uchiha Madara, what was it like?" asked a dead serious Minato, searching and analyzing Obito's facial expressions with intense scrutiny.

"H-how did y-you know...?" stuttered Obito, eyes wide in horror, utterly confused and unable to understand how his former sensei could have possibly gotten his hands on that kind of information. The only way he could have known would have been if Zetsu had betrayed him and told the Yondaime Hokage.

'But that is impossible, Zetsu would never betray Madara-sensei, but then how...was it Uzumaki Naruto who told him, but how would he...he does seem to know a lot more than he should though. Kuso! This is not good!' thought Obito wearily.

"I didn't know for sure up until now, thanks for confirming my suspisions though." replied Minato with a victorious smirk.

"B-bastard! You tricked me...!"

"Yes, yes I did, I am a shinobi after all, it's part of my job description, did you forget everything I taught you, Obito?" replied Minato, admonishing his former student for forgetting one of the most basic shinobi teachings.

"I underestimated you, I should have known better. However, I am very curious, what do you know about that man?" asked Obito.

"That man...?"

"Uchiha Madara, what exactly do you know about him?" asked Obito.

"You're trying to find out whether I really figured out your secret on my own, or if someone else informed me about it...meaning, you have other allies besides Madara and you're now starting to doubt their loyalty to you and your cause. Am I right, Obito?" responded Minato.

"..." Obito right there and then decided to end all conversation with his former teacher, finally realizing just how dangerous even a simple conversation was against an opponent of this calibre.

'He's planting seeds of thought in my mind with words alone so that I can doubt myself and my own allies. Not only that, he is able to use every question and response to make quick and concise anologies about me and the secrets that I hold dear. He clearly has a lot more experience then I do, from here on out, our ninjutsu alone must do the talking.' thought Obito, unwillingly but reasonably admitting defeat in the art of psychological warefare.

"No comment...?"

"There is no need for me to exchange words with you anymore, you're already dead, you just don't know it yet." said Obito as he adopted his own battle stance.

"I see, in that case..." trailed off Minato, throwing a lightning infused Kunai at the unmasked Obito with blinding speed. The attack was of course useless, the kunai fazing through Obito's body before crashing and sinking into the ground ten metres away from his position.

'A Hiraishin kunai infused with lightning oscillations in order to increase speed and penetration. I see, he's trying to find out if there is a speed limitation to the activation of my intangibility before he goes into battle. A smart move, even as useless as it may be.' thought Obito.

"You won't defeat me if that is all you've got! People like you, who are unwilling to make any sacrifices for a greater good should just give up!" exclaimed Obito, running at top speed towards Minato, eyes blazing with purpose and determination. Minato didn't hesitate either, also running at full speed towards his adversary. Close combat was his specialty after all, usually, his biggest concern would be when the enemy tried to distance himself as much as possible, however, it made things a whole lot easier if the enemy came to him of his own accord.

Student and teacher clashed a split second later, or at least would have clashed if Obito didn't activate his intangibility technique. As a result, Minato's attempt to stab Obito through the chest was a complete failure, the Yondaime Hokage fazing through the rogue Uchiha's body. Obito was also quick to react by pulling the chains attached to his wrist across his body, hoping to trap Minato and supress his chakra with the chains. Minato wouldn't have been able to use his teleportation technique or any other technique for that matter if he had been caught by the chakra absorbing chains, but forutunately for him, he was fast enough and wise enough to teleport away from the danger before it became too late.

Obito was a little surprised when he didn't feel Minato's weight against the chains, but was relatively quick to get over it, realizing that it wasn't entirely out of the physical realms of possibility, given who he was fighting against and given the fact that Naruto had escaped the same manuever only a few minutes ago.

'Just as I thought, he made himself intangible to defend against my attack, but he had to solidify himself in order to launch a counter attack. Also, that manuever was meant to use my speed for his own benefit, the faster the enemy is, the harder it will be for said person to react to the chains.' thought Minato from a crouching position that he had landed in after teleporting, turning around and standing tall to face his opponent again.

'I thought that kunai he threw earlier was to test how fast I can activate my jutsu, but I was wrong. He only made it seem like that, but what he was really doing was setting up another marker to teleport to.' thought Obito, noting that Minato was now actually standing over the trench that the kunai dug into the earth.

"Tell me Obito, why did Madara send you to get the Kyubi, why didn't he come here himself?" asked Minato.

"I'm his apprentice, unlike you, he has never doubted my ability as a shinobi, he believes in me." replied Obito simply.

"Really? I have a different theory, I think that Madara is not here because he is unable to be here. Just thinking about it, Uchiha Madara would have to be close to ninety years of age by now, he couldn't possibly be anywhere near fit enough to go into battle with anyone. Therefore, there are only two possible scenarios, one, you plan to use the Kyubi's raw physical energy and lifeforce to re-energize him, or, he is already dead and you plan to ressurect him in your so called perfect world, the same way that you plan to revive Rin." theorized Minato, once again, paying close attention to Obito's emotional reaction, something that, unfortunately for Obito, was not as easy to hide wihout his mask.

"Once again, a very interesting and concise anology, but very irrelevant for a dead man." replied Obito with feigned nonchalance, in actuality, his nerves were close to breaking point. Minato's theories may not have bin pin-point accurate, but they might as well have been, given how much he was able to gleen from such a limited amount of information.

"I suppose it doesn't matter, Inoichi-san will just have to extract everything out of your mind once I have captured you." said Minato matter of factly, once again, adopting a battle ready stance.

'His space-time ninjutsu surpasses both mine and Nidaime-sama, and he has quite a dangerous ideology too. I can't afford to lose to him here, thousands, and maybe millions of lives may depend on the outcome of this battle. thought Minato.

"I'm the one that's going to extract Kushina's whereabouts from your mind, and then I'll turn you into a corpse!" exclaimed Obito, preparing to propel himself for one last attack. That idea was however thrown out the window almost as soon as Obito spoke it, a sense of fear creeping up the rogue Uchiha's spine as he stared at an the unbelievable site in the air right between the two combatants, the sky splitting up in a manner reminiscent of a slit throat to reveal a dark void that opened up enough for a human being to pass through.

'What is that, is that another of his jikugan ninjutsu?' thought Minato wearily, making sure that his guard was up on full alert. Obito on the other hand used the sharingan's ability to try and assess the nature and source of the jutsu, and needless to say, the results were more than shocking.

'The chakra in that jutsu seems familiar somehow...no way, it can't be!' thought Obito fearfully, his mind struggling to come to terms with optical information provided by his own sharingan, but he had no choice but to believe, because no sooner had his mind rebuked the very possibilty, did the blonde thirteen year old appear from the void, walking out to the very edge of the portal so that he could look out at the other two space-time ninjutsu practitioners, and so that they could see him too of course.

"I appreciate you allowing me to tour your dimension, Obito, but there are far more important things that I'd rather be doing then touring an empty storage room." said Naruto nonchalantly, as if he wasn't supposed to be locked in another dimension with no way to ever return again until he died of starvation and/or dehydration.

"Naruto...you're back!" exclaimed Minato happily.

"You seem to have a neck for stating the blatantly obvious." replied Naruto snidely.

Not waiting for a response, the blonde Uzumaki quickly jumped out of the dark abyss as the portal snapped shut behind him and then disappearing altogether. Following the de-activation of the slashed throat migration technique, the blonde used the splitting void migration to teleport himself to a safe distance from both of his presumed adversaries, standing away to Minato's right hand side and Obitos left hand side.

"Uzumaki Naruto, I am one hundred percent sure that I captured you, how is it possible that you are here?" demanded Obito.

"Hmmm...let us see, I'm here because...hmmm, I don't seem to remember." said Naruto mockingly, causing Obito and even Minato to twitch irritably, both waiting in anticipation for an explanation only to be brought back to reality harshly. A shinobi never reveals his secrets, that was one of the most basic and well known shinobi rules. Naruto almost wanted to laugh at the two elder shinobi's reactions to his response, but this was hardly the time to be joking around, so he was able to successfully hold it in.

Escaping from Tobi's dimension was not as much of a walk in the park as he made it seem, in fact, for a little while, he'd been genuinely worried that he may have lost to Obito again, and that this time, there would be no lucky dimension/time hopping escapades, after all, that kind of luck could only happen zero times in a person's lifetime, for it to happen twice was just unfathomable. Initially, he'd tried to use the splitting void migration to get back to the battlefield, but then the technique didn't seem to work inside Tobi's dimension. He just kept appearing in the same spot over and over again everytime he tried to jump back to earth. Of course, being the genius that he is, and knowing the ins and outs of his own technique, it wasn't long before he'd discovered exactly what the problem was.

It was actually simple, the splitting void migration required the calculation of the co-ordinates of the destination in order to be effective, but earth geographics did not apply to a different and enclosed dimension. The jutsu required that you know where you are but more importantly, where you were going, and therefore wouldn't work in a completely enclosed dimension. However, the slashed throat migration was a little different, whereas splitting void opened a tunnel straight to another location, slashed throat opened a tunnel to it's own dimension. Therefore, Naruto didn't have to know how to calculate earth co-ordinates from the kamui dimension, with the slashed throat migration, he could just open a tunnel straight to his own dimension. And then from there, he could go back to the earth, since he had already figured out how to do that from the slashed throat dimension. Of course, this was done only after giving himself a nice little tour inside the kamui dimension, he'd been hoping to find something, anything important that Obito might have stored in there, but he was unable to find anything.

"Hn, whatever, how you returned doesn't really matter, I won't make the same mistake twice, next time, I'll kill you the instant I lay my hands on you." replied Obito.

"I don't know how you survived my first attack, but I know it was your mask that saved you the second time, this time, I'll be sure to finish you off." replied Naruto, adopting a battle stance with the Kabutowari mallet held out in front of him and his legs bent a little at the knees for propulsion.

"Wait Naruto!" shouted Minato hastily.

"I'l deal with you later Minato-san, go back to your wife!" ordered Naruto irritably.

"We can go and see her together once I have taken care of Obito, he is my former student, it is my responsibility to take care of him, at least allow me to attone for my mistake, you'll understand one day when you have your own students." retorted Minato.

"Besides, I promised Kushina that I would bring you back to her unharmed, I don't want to break any promises that I make to her." said Minato with a nostalgic smile.

'Hmmm...tou-san was able to severely wound Obito in my timeline and even managed to place a contract seal on him to release his control of Kurama, but, there is no need to use a contract seal this time, so maybe instead of a contract seal, he could deliver a killing blow. Even if he can't or doesn't deliver a killing blow, I could finish him off when he tries to teleport away, after all, he does need to materialize himself in order to suck himself in, I'll just aim for that moment.' thought Naruto.

"Tche! Whatever, do as you please, just make sure you win." replied Naruto apathetically.

"I'l definitely win, I can't afford to lose." replied Minato.

"That's fine by me, I was planning to get rid of you first anyway." said Obito emotionlessly.

'Naruto's jikugan ninjutsu surpasses Minato-sensei's jutsu in many ways, but even so, a weapon is only as strong as it's user. Therfore, Minato-sensei is still the more dangerous of the two, this situation suits me just fine, I wanted to take-on Minato-sensei first anyway, and then I'll take care of the brat later. Still...I can't afford to take my eye off Naruto, but at the same time I can't hope to defeat Minato-sensei without allocating my full concentration on him...seems like I'm going to have to sacrifice an eye.' thought Obito, once again, running head-on at his sensei with very impressive speed.

'He de-materializes himself in order to defend against physical attacks, but he has to materialize in order to launch a counter attack, I'll have to aim for that intance when he counter attacks, meaning, the one who attacks faster will win the battle.' thought Minato, also running full speed at his former student with intent and purpose, however unlike the previous clash, Minato didn't launch his initial attack at close range, choosing rather to throw a kunai at his adversary before they reached each other. Obito was a little surprised by the manuever, but simply fazed through it just as he had done with every other attack thrown at him for a few years now.

Minato on the other hand formed an instant rasengan as soon as he launched the kunai, seemingly preparing to ram spiraling sphere against his former student's face. Obito extended his right arm at Minato, also, seemingly trying to finish the battle as quickly as possible, trying to grab onto the blonde Hokage so that he can instantly trap him in his dimension. Threw all of this, not even a second went by, the kunai that Minato had thrown at Obito only now completely fazing out the back of Obito's head, at the same time, Obito's hand was a split second away from grabbing onto Minato, who instantly teleported to the moving kunai, caught it with his left hand, and then rammed the rasengan formed on his right hand through Obito's back.

"Aaaargh!...just kidding!" said Obito with sadistic amusement. Having seen through Minato's strategy from the moment he threw that kunai, Obito never intended to materialize himself or to kamui his former sensei, but only pretended that he did, hence why a slightly surprised Minato found himself once again unable to inflict any damage on his former student, fazing through his body once again. Unfortunately for Minato, his trajectory made it so that he ended up crouching right in front of Obito, who quickly materialized himself, grabbed hold of Minato's right shoulder, and activated kamui, all in one movement.

'I've won the battle of speed!' thought Obito with elation and pride, activating kamui in an attempt to instantly teleport his sensei away. Unfortunately, Obito failed to plan for a three staged attack plan, and therefore did notice the hiraishin kunai that seemingly grew out of the ground right behind him. Minato, now hundred percent sure that Obito was tangible, one because of the hand on his shoulder, and two, because he had already figured out that Obito would need to be tangible in order to activate that justu, waited until the very last second before teleporting himself to Obito's blind spot in the space around the kunai that was protruding out of the earth and then once again, attempting and this time succeeding in his attempt to ram a rasengan into the Uchiha prodigy's back, creating a large explosion that formed a large creator on the ground, sending fissures all around the battle area. The power behind the attack was so great that the whole landscape was destroyed and re-shaped into large bolders, crevices, and trenches. Minato's attack plan did not end there, the Yondaime Hokage using his super fast reflexes and sealing prowess to switch from the rasengan to placing a formula tag on Obito's back without his notice before jumping away to a safe distance.

'W-wow! So this is what it's like to watch otou-san in action, I knew he was good all along, but this...this is just something else.' thought a more than impressed Naruto.

Obito jumped out of the creator only a few seconds later, also landing at a relatively safe distance from both of his opponents, holding onto his left arm in agony, his breathing also a little rapid and raggard.

'Kuso! How did he...that kunai, when did he...' thought Obito, looking at the kunai that was still protruding out of the ground near the spot he'd been standing at before getting on the receiving end of his former sensei's rasengan. Obito's eyes widened even further when the kunai sank into the ground, only to rise again near the Yondaime Hokage's feet, Minato crouching down to pick it up before placing it back into his weapons pouch.

'He used earth ninjutsu to filter the kunai under the ground, and then had it resurface on my blind spot at the right moment in order to catch me off guard. He also waited until I activated kamui before launching his attack, that means that he knows the weakness of my jutsu. Still, this doesn't make sense, when did he get the chance to...' trailled off Obito in shock.

"This is the same kunai that I threw at you at the beginning, the one that I initially infused with lighting chakra, and the same one I used to teleport away from your chains when we first clashed. With earth style ninjutsu, I was able to make the kunai travel below the surface and waited for the right time to have it re-surface at a location of my choosing, that is how I defeated your strategy." explained Minato.

"I'm curious though, why didn't you materialize yourself when I formed the rasengan after throwing another kunai at you, how did you know I was able to teleport to a moving kunai?" asked Minato.

"I saw it earlier when you tried to use it against Naruto, I didn't know that there was another level to your jutsu up until that point in time, I would thank him for helping to reveal that secret, but as you can see, that knowledge didn't really help much, you still got me anyway." replied Obito apathetically.

"I see...so, are you ready to turn yourself in? You've already lost an arm and you took a direct hit from my rasengan, you're in no condition to fight anymore." asked Minato.

"Hehe, not in any condition to fight anymore? You don't know what you're..." Minato, realising that Obito would not surrender unless he literally had no choice, did not bother waiting for him to finish speaking what he wanted to say and used the seal that he had placed on his student's back to teleport himself to his position instantly, placing his palm on Obito's chest before activating a seal that was rapidly spreading on across his chest.

'Hiraishin no jutsu! When did he...I see, he must have placed a marker on me right after he hit me with the rasengan!' thought Obito in shock, watching in horror as a seal array started spreading across his torso.

'A chakra supression seal! He plans to lock away my chakra so that I can't teleport away or become intangibe any longer!' thought Obito in realisation.

"With this, you won't be able to use any ninjutsu or genjutsu, neither will you be able to enhance your taijutsu and speed with chakra, you're now officially a Konoha prisoner." said Minato with finality and a suprising lack of emotion in his tone.

Clap clap clap clap

"Well done, Namikaze Minato, I didn't think it was possible to stop someone like him without killing him, but you have actually done it, without even sustaining an injury, very impressive indeed." praised Naruto genuinely. Minato turned his head around to look at his miniature clone so that he could see if he really meant what he was saying or if it was just another one of his sarcastic remarks.

"Hehehehe, well, it wasn't as easy as it looked you know, this guy was a super tough cooky, ehehehe!" replied Minato with a goofy smile, scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"So, what are you going to do with him now?" asked Naruto.

"What is he going to do with who?" asked Obito from a distance behind Naruto, causing both Minato's and Naruto's eyes to widen in complete shock, moreso Minato's, because Obito was in his direct line of site, not only that but he looked completely healed and rejuvinated. Naruto also quickly turned around to confirm if what he was hearing was actually real, and to his surprise, it really was what it sounded like.

'But how, I sealed away his chakra...wait a minute!' thought Minato, turning his head around again only to see a fading Obito just before he dissapeared into thin air.

'A genjutsu...? No, that's impossible, genjutsu doesn't work against me!' thought Minato wearily, turning around, this time his whole body to look at the seemingly healed and replenished Obito.

"What's going on Obito, I was sure that I had captured the real you, and genjutsu doesn't work against me, so what is it, how did you do that?" demanded Minato.

'True, it would be incredibly dangerous to use a genjutsu against a master of the Uzumaki-clan's sealing and barrier techniques, they always had dangerous mind barrier traps to protect against anyone trying to manipulate or even to simply influence their nervous system, a system employed in order to protect the Uzumai clan's secrets.' thought Obito.

"Oh it's nothing, just a little something that I prepared at the beginning, you're not the only one that had an intermediate battle plan you know." replied Obito as his left eye started glowing slightly before closing up involuntarily.

'I had this set up just in case Uzumaki Naruto decided to interfere with the battle, I didn't expect Minato-sensei to trigger this technique on his own. Despite constantly reminding myself not to, I ended up underestimating him anyway, no, rather, I was never truly able to completely comprehend the extent of his power until now, I guess the flee on site order on his bingo book entry was justified after all.' thought Obito.

"Something you prepared from the beginning, what do you mean exactly?"asked Minato with a confused expression, for the first time truly unable to fully grasp a concept in his entire existence.

'His left eye has just sealed itself shut, whatever he did, it must have something to do with that eye.' thought Minato.

"I think I understand now, you're a vigilantly cautious individual aren't you." said Naruto.

"What do you mean Naruto, do you know something about his jutsu?" asked Minato.

"Yes, I know what he did." replied Naruto simply, causing Obito's remaining eye to widen in surprise.

'No, that's impossible, there's no way he would know about Izanagi!' thought Obito hysterically.

"You do?" exclaimed Minato with anticipation.

"Yes, don't make me repeat myself." replied Naruto irritably.

"Alright, please explain it to me then." replied Minato with a serious expression.

"The technique is an Uchiha clan kinjutsu known simply as...izanagi." said Naruto, shattering Obito's doubts about him really knowing about his jutsu and peaking Minato's interest to no end.

'I-impossible! He knows!' thought Obito in horror.

"Izanagi?" asked Minato, probing for a more detailed explanation.

"Yes, at the expense of one eye, an Uchiha can cast a genjutsu over himself that can change destiny, in other words, a genjutsu that can morph and twist reality itself. Basically, if you had killed Obito, the jutsu would have discarded the reality of Obito's death and replaced it with the a new reality, a reality where he didn't really die. The jutsu has only a few weaknesses, it has to be activated before the killing blow, an eye is completely and forever sealed away when the jutsu has fulfilled it's purpose, and the jutsu has a time limit that varies from person to person, those are sacrifices and weaknesses for the ability to change reality." explained Naruto.

Both Obito and Minato were mighty surprised and disbelieving, but for completely different reasons. Obito, because he simply couldn't comprehend how an outsider could have gotten his hands on such information, by outsider meaning a non-Uchiha. Minato, because because, well, because such a jutsu seemed too unreal to be true.

'But...his eye did seem to seal itself away, and his injuries do seem to have been completely regenerated. Not only that, but I can't feel the marker that I placed on his back, which means, the marker does not exist anymore, maybe he really did change reality after all.' thought Minato, remembering that, while it indeed was the first time that he'd witnessed it, that it however was not the first time that he has heard claims of a genjutsu that could alter reality, the Kurama clan did claim to have had geniuses who could pull something like that off in the past.

"A genjutsu that can change destiny huh? You really have grown a lot since you died, Obito, if you hadn't gone so far astray, I would have been very proud to have once been your teacher." said Minato.

"Save me the sentimentals, your words mean nothing to me anymore." replied Obito.

"I see, well, I guess we should finish our battle than, let us see if you really have surpassed me." challenged Minato, adopting, for the third time now, a battle stance and expression.

"Hn, maybe some other time, I have other things to attend to and a new world to plan for. Do not think you have outwitted me just because you unmasked me, or stopped me from destroying Konoha with the Kyubi, I have many other options, many back-up plans and unlimited resources. My plans will come to fruitition, you and this world have no future...the future is my perfect world!" declared Obito.

"Nice little speech you have there, but you're not fooling anyone. The only way for you to escape is to teleport yourself away, but you need to materialize yourself to open that teleportation vortex, we'll simply aim for that window." said Minato confidently.

"Once again, a very good analysis, however, the marker you placed on me has been warped out of this reality, you have no way of catching me." rebuked Obito confidently.

"Maybe I have no way of catching you without a marker, but Naruto doesn't need a marker." retorted Minato, smirking arrogantly at his S-rank criminal student.

"You've underestimated me, did you really think that I wouldn't make provision for Naruto's abilities?" asked Obito with a condensing undertone as his body fazed through the earth's surface.

"No response...? Hn, no matter, we'll meet again." said Obito just before his head disapeared into the ground and his presence altogether. Following Obito's disapearance, Minato placed his right index and middle finger on the ground in order to feel for his presence, but could not detect anything.

"He's gone..." trailed off Minato.

"Yes he is, because someone felt the need to brag about his plan of action to the enemy." replied Naruto condensingly.

"He's not stupid, he wouldn't have fallen for that move twice. I already exploited his use of that jutsu during our battle and he knows that you were watching, he never planned to teleport himself with that jutsu." explained Minato to the slight confusion of one Uzumaki Naruto.

"I don't get it, if you already knew that, than why the victorious speech and the confident declaration of victory?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"He didn't materialize himself after he used izanagi, in other words, he was intangible the whole time we were talking after using that jutsu. I wanted to find out if there was a time-limit to that jutsu. Near the end of our conversation, he seemed to be in quite a rush to leave and was very quick to dismiss us and go away. I counted exactly four minutes and fifty two seconds before he disapeared, probably, he can only remain intangible for five minutes at a time. We can use that information to defeat him when we clash again in the future." explained Minato.

'Wow, otou-san never wastes any moves at all, and he only needs to see a jutsu once to completely dissect it and put it back together. I knew he was great, but seeing him in action personally is so much better than hearing stories about him.' thought Naruto.

"I see, I guess that's a reasonable excuse." replied Naruto simply.

'My work is done here, I should probably leave now, I have a lot of work to do still in Kiri.' thought Naruto, ejecting a glowing chain that flew out rapidly and attached itself to his axe.

When the chain connected to the hilt, Naruto chanelled his chakra through the axe, an axe that was attached to the chain system that was maintaining the barrier that he'd set up at the beginning, causing the barrier to collapse and the chains to sink back into a sealing array on the hilt of the weapon. When this was achieved, Naruto pulled the chain back into his palm until the axe was close enough to grasp with his hand before the axe disapeared into a seal on his wrist with a small poof of smoke.

"Konoha is far enough that no one there should have been able to see the barrier, and the barrier also serves as a chakra, sent, and sound cloak, basically, no one would have sensed that a battle was taking place here. So, what I want to ask you is, what are you going to say when you return to Konoha, are you going to tell them anything about what happened here today?"asked Naruto curiously.

"Biwako-sama and Taji both died here today, I'll need to have an explanation for that. At the very least, I'll have to tell Hiruzen about today's events." replied Minato.

"Fair enough, but, we do not know how Hiruzen will react to the news, what if he decides to inform the elders, or even the whole Konoha shinobi counsel about it, what then?" asked Naruto.

"You seem to know a little too much about Konoha's hierarchial structure, not to mention, your timely intervention of Obito's assualt and your knowledge about supposedly secret Uchiha clan kinjutsu, just who are you exactly?" asked Minato suspiciously.

"I make it my business to know everything that happens in the shinobi world, especially where Kushina-sama is involved. And since she is now a Konoha shinobi, what happens in Konoha has also become my business, I've been watching over her from the shadows for a quite a long time now." replied Naruto vaguely.

"So, you're a spy master, is that what you're trying to say?"

"Hmmm...I guess so, but I also like to think of myself as a guardian of sorts, an Uzumaki clan guardian, and a guardian of the shinobi world." explained Naruto.

"I see..."

"Good, now answer my question, what if Sarutobi reveals this information, what do you think will happen then?" asked Naruto.

"I will request that he keep the information to himself, he has more experience than even I do, he understands the shinobi principle of secrecy very well." retorted Minato.

"Sure he does, except when it comes to his teammates, you really think Danzo and the other elders won't hear of this? Are you willing to take that risk?" asked Naruto retorically.

"You're acting like these people are the enemy, I happen to know that they are a few of the most patriotic Konoha loyalists in the village, so what if they hear about this? Is there something that I should know?" demanded Minato.

"I'm only looking after Kushina-sama's interests, and by extention, your interests. Look at the situation with a little more wisdom, your own student killed the Sandaime Hokage's wife and tried to steal the Kyubi and destroy the village with it, how do you think the others will look at you when they hear about this?" asked Naruto to the shock and and subsequent widening of the eyes of his unknowing father.

"Exactly, you will be looked at with scrutiny, suspission, and destrust. Every decision you take will be questioned, investigated, and sometimes even overuled. You might even be forced to step down as Hokage eventually, and they might not trust you with Kushina-sama's protection anymore, you could be seperated from her..." said Naruto with a grave undertone, watching the changing expression on his father's face with curiosity and even a little amusement.

"Don't tell anyone about Obito. This is what happened, a masked guy with a sharingan infiltrated your barrier, killed Biwako and Taji, and tried to kill Natsumi. You saved Natsumi and took her to safety and then used the marker on her seal to return to her just as the masked guy began his attempt to extract the Kyubi. You saved Kushina, teleported her away, and then continued your battle with the masked guy. You defeated him but were unable to kill him before he escaped with his space-time ninjutsu. That is a summarised version of course, but I'm sure you can produce a more detailed format." said Naruto.

"I couldn't help but notice how you left yourself out of that explanation." retorted Minato dryly.

"I saved your wife and consequently, saved many Konoha citizen lives for you, you owe me, Namikaze Minato." replied Naruto.

"Leave me out when you make your report, and I'll consider us even." Naruto said.

"Don't act like you did this for me, you did this for yourself, I know you love Kushina, I see it in your eyes every time you talk about her."

"Nevertheless, that does not change the fact that I saved her and by extension, thousands of Konoha citizens, and it does not change the fact that you owe me for that." retorted Naruto.

"Sigh...fine, I won't mention you to anyone, and I'll make sure that Kushina understands, but, we're even now, right?"asked Minato.

"No, not yet, there's one more thing I want you to do for me."

"What is it?" asked Minato with narrowed eyes.

"I want you to bring Kushina-sama to me, I want to see her one last time before I go, oh, and bring the baby too." replied Naruto.

End Chapter

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