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Chapter 4

Looking Into The Future, The Kiri Empire

"Naruto!" exclaimed Kushina happily, taking a few steps towards the blonde Uzumaki with baby Natsumi held tightly in her arms, only to stop her advances abrubtly, realising that she wasn't getting any closer to her target.

"Don't come any closer, stay where you are." said Naruto seriously, matching Kushina step by step in her strides, except, rather than moving towards her, he was actually back tracking away from her, something that had Kushina figuratively scratching her head with confusion, considering he was the one that demanded to see her, according to Minato.

"N-Naruto, what's wrong, I thought you wanted to see me...I...I thought you wanted to see Natsumi-chan?" stuttered Kushina with a hurt expression, a look that almost crushed Naruto's resolve to stay far away from her, but he wouldn't allow his feelings to cloud his judgement, he'd done that many times in the past/future and the results were more often then not, unpleasant.

"Minato has intergrated his jutsu formula into your seal, if you come any closer, I will be within his attack range. Think about it, why would he willingly allow you and his baby daughter to come anywhere near a dangerous stranger like me?" asked Naruto retorically, causing both Kushina and Minato's eyes to widen in in surprise.

'He saw through my plan...? Kuso, he must have discovered my jutsu formula when he was fixing Kushina's seal, he's very good.' thought Minato.

"B-but don't you want to see the new heiress to our clan?"asked Kushina, seemingly completely ignoring Naruto's predicament.

'Did she just say what I think she said?' thought Naruto in shock.

To say Naruto was surprised was an understatement, it was like saying Minato was a fast, or that Orochimaru was evil, a massive understatement. He didn't know what he expected really, but he certainly didn't expect what he just heard from Kushina, it was so mind boggling that he almost asked her to repeat herself, just to make sure that he'd heard her properly. He couldn't see the baby's face from where he was, the baby was wrapped up from toe to head with a white blanket, but if the baby really was a girl like Kushina suggested she was, than that opened up a whole new world with infinite possibilities for Naruto.

'So she gave birth to a girl in this timeline, thank goodness! What a great stroke of luck, it would have been very hard to explain my existence if another me had been born.' thought Naruto with a little relief.

'Still, I have to see the baby, it won't change much if it is just a female version of me.' thought Naruto wearily, remembering the perverted ninjutsu that he used to use to transform into a girl when he was still at the academy, also wondering what on earth could have possessed him to invent a ridiculous jutsu like that, besides defeating perverts that is.

"As a matter of fact, I do want to see the baby, could you please allow me a small glimpse of her, Kushina-sama?" asked Naruto as politely and respectful as possible.

"But don't you want to hold her? I mean, you're family right, you'll be like an uncle, or you can even be like an older brother figure to her, she'll need a role model from her own family besides her parents."pleaded Kushina, although slightly losing her patience with the blonde Uzumaki's hesitance, why the hell didn't he want to hold her baby, she was the most beautiful and cute baby in the world, who wouldn't want to coddle her.

"I already told you, I can't afford to get close to you, I'll be in your husband's attack range." replied Naruto simply.

"Aaaargh! That nonsense again? Fine!" exclaimed Kushina angrily.

No sooner had she vented her anger, did chakra chains burst out of the ground that Minato was standing on. The attack was so unexpected and so out of character that Minato was caught completely off guard, even not counting the fact that he was unprepared, Kushina's chains were incredibly fast, rapidly incasing him in less than a second and supressing his chakra completely.

'She released the chains directly into the ground from the soles of her feet to avoid notice of her attack until the very last possible instance, she's very good.' thought Naruto.

"There, now won't you come over here and take a look at your beautiful baby cousin?" asked Kushina with a smile that was a little too pleasant for Naruto's liking, he'd be lying through his teeth if he said he wasn't intimidated by her.


"Kushina-chan, I know you think you can trust him because he saved you, but you can't trust someone you barely know just because of that, we still don't know his motives for saving you!" exclaimed Minato.

"I know why he saved me." replied Kushina simply.

"Huh...you do?" asked Minato, looking like a dear caught in headlights.

"Off course I do, Naruto-kun saved me because he is family, because he's a true Uzumaki." said Kushina with a glittering smile, as if it should have been the most obvious thing in the world.

"K-kushina...look, I know what it is like to grow up as an orphan, and I know what it was like for you growing up, I was there with you through half of it, but you can't let your past cloud your judgement in this s..."

"Listen...Minato-koi! I know that I cannot logically explain my decision to trust him, but you have to trust my feelings on this one, I can't explain it, but I just felt something...feel something about him, it's like I know deep down in my heart that he would never harm me, like...I can feel him, I can feel our familial connection. I believe him when he says he is an Uzumaki, I know he is, and I know he would never hurt me. I've always trusted you and believed in everything that you have done, I even trusted you with my family secrets, please have faith in me in return." pleaded Kushina.

'She can feel a family connection to me? Is this what they call a mother's instinct, does she subconsciously recognise me as her son?' thought a very nervous Naruto.

'No! That's just plain ridiculous, there's no such thing, this is just hero worship, I saved her life and now she feels safe and secure around me, that's all there is to it.' thought Naruto in denial.

"Kushina...I...you're right, I should have a little more faith in you, you're my wife and teacher after all." replied Minato with resignation.

"Thank you Minato-koi, that means a lot to me." replied Kushina with a content smile.

"Soooo...does that mean you'll let me go now...?"

"Don't push it dattebane!"

"O-okay." sputtered Minato fearfully, hoping beyond hope that his wife wouldn't lose her temper, especially considering how defenseless he was at that moment in time, he didn't want to be anywhere near the receiving end of the red blooded habanero's fiery temper.

"Good. Now, Naruto, it's time for you to meet my daughter, come over and meet Natsumi-chan." said, or rather, ordered Kushina.

'I only wanted to confirm the identity of the baby so that I can know how to proceed with my plans for the future, but it looks like I'm going to have to do a little more than just looking' thought Naruto.

"Um...I'm coming." said Naruto hesitantly, taking a few slow and tentative steps towards Kushina and the baby.

"J-just hurry up dattebane, she's going to catch a cold out here!" shouted Kushina impatiently.

'Shit, I better hurry up before she decides to chain me up as well!' thought the Uzumaki swordsmen.

"Okay...ahem...here I am, can I see the baby now?" asked Naruto, holding his arms out in a gesture that clearly indicated that Kushina should pass the baby unto him.

"Off course you can. Naruto-kun, meet your little cousin, Natsumi-chan." said Kushina as she handed the baby over to the 13 year old blonde. Naruto took the baby into his embrace and to his surprise, made direct eye contact with little Natsumi-chan's violet eyes, surprised because she was so quiet that he'd actually thought that she was asleep, not knowing that she was awake the whole time.

"She takes after me, she's got both my eyes and my hair, even her face looks like mine, but I bet her personality will be the same as Minato." said Kushina, looking at the baby with a mother's adoration.

"She's just as beautiful as you, she even has your beautiful red hair." said Naruto, staring at the baby with surprising affection, not to Kushina or even Minato, but surprise to himself. He couldn't understand why, but he felt very affectionate and protective of little Natsumi even though he'd only known her for a few seconds.

"Y-you think my hair is beautiful dattebane?" sputtered Kushina, spotting a cute blush on either of her cheeks.

'I forgot how sensitive she is about her hair colour.' thought Naruto.

"Of course I do, your hair is the most beautiful hair that I have ever seen. I only wish I had also inherited our clan's beautiful hair as well, but I guess we can't all get everything that we want, at least I inherited our bloodline." replied Naruto honestly, of course, he was aware that his fetish for red haired women might stem from his Uzumaki lineage, but that didn't make his opinion any less true, her hair was up there with the best that he had seen, in fact, it was at the very top.

"I...um...thanks, I mean...yeah, thank you dattebane" sputtered Kushina, not knowing how else to react, no one but her husband had ever complimented her about her hair before, not even her best friend Mikoto.

"I can't believe you tied me up just so you can flirt with another man in front of me..."

"S-shut up! I'm not flirting dattebane! W-we're blood relatives, and he's only what, like fourteen!"

"Thirteen." corrected Naruto.

"Yeah, like thirteen, are you stupid!" exclaimed an embarrassed and pissed off Kushina.

"Yeah, I guess age doesn't matter to you...gwaaaah!" cried Minato in agony, feeling like his whole body was about to be crushed into pieces by Kushina's chakra chains.

"L-like, apologise...now!"

"I...I'm sorry, it was just a joke, really, I promise!" pleaded Minato pathetically.

'I guess she wears the pants in this relationship, I must say, I'm a little surprised, she seemed so kind and gentle when I met her in my mindscape, but then again, she did punch me over the head initially when she was pissed off at me thinking she was the Kyubi,' thought Naruto.

"Tche...you don't sound very remourseful..." said Kushina suspiciously.

"I am, I really am, can't you see that I am?" asked Minato, face scrunched up in pain from the crushing grip of Kushina's chains.

"No, you just look like you swallowed feacies that's all dattebane." disputed Kushina, not entirely convinced of the sincerity behind her husband's apology.

"I don't even want to know how you would know the expression on someone who just ate feacies."

"Why you...!"

"As amusing as it is watching your couple's banter, I have other business to attend to, I will take my leave now." said Naruto, effectively ending the couple's querell prematurely.

"W-what, where are you going?" asked a bewildered Kushina.

"That is private information, don't worry though, I'm sure we'll meet again in the future." replied Naruto neutrally, handing Kushina's baby back into her as he prepared for his departure.

"B-but, I thought..."

"That was going to stay in Konoha with you and we would live together as a happy family for the rest our lives, sorry, but there will be no happily ever after story, at least, not yet." said Naruto coldly.

"But, I don't understand, what could be more important than family?" asked Kushina, completely flabbergusted by the blonde's change in attitude and demeanor.

"The masked guy that attacked you is still alive, I have to go and make preparations to deal with him in the future, he is a threat to the shinobi world, and a threat to you. I can protect you and the world better from the shadows, all I want is for you and Natsumi to be safe and happy, and to do that, I have to make sure that there is an actual world for you to live in." explained Naruto.

"I can take care of myself...!"

"I know you can, but you're married, what if you get pregnant again? Your seal will weaken and you'll be in danger once more. Even if you don't get pregnant again, you still have a child to raise, your enemies will come after her and they will use her to get to you and Minato. I can prevent that if I work in the shadows, I can stop your enemies long before they come even close to you and Natsumi. Besides, I have other personal errands that I have to run, mine is not a life that I can simply put on hold for anything at the moment. I want a happy life with my family more than anything else, but I'd rather be seperated from you if it means you will be safer in the present and the future." explained Naruto.

"T-this is not fair! It's not supposed to be like this, we were supposed to be a happy family, you were supposed to be Natsumi-chan's brother!" cried Kushina.

'I'm sorry mom, but I can't risk Konoha discovering my true origins, even if it means I can't be with you.' thought Naruto.

"You're acting like it's the end of the world, it's not like you and I won't meet again." said Naruto with a kind smile, hoping to get Kushina to cheer up a little, but that didn't even come close to being anywhere near as effective as it should have been, as he thought it should have been.

"You know, I could order you to stay by my side, I'm the matriah of the Uzumaki clan, I am the clan head. According to clan law, you are bound to my authority." exclaimed Kushina with a deranged expression.

"I know, but unfortunately, that is an order that I will have to ignore..." No sooner had his words registered in Kushina's mind, did Naruto's shinobi instincts kick in, warning him of the danger that was lurking beneath the earth. Chakra chains burst out of the ground from beneath the blonde Uzumaki's feet at mind blowing speeds, but Naruto was too fast, although, the fact that his guard was always up might have helped too, the blonde using the splitting void migration to teleport himself far away from not just the emotionally unstable Uzumaki, but away from Fire Country altogether.

'Where'd he go?' thought Kushina frantically, her head moving left and right rapidly in search of the illusive blonde Uzumaki, afraid that she might have lost her only chance to capture the thirteen year old prodigy, her only chance to 'convince' him not to desert his family.

"I think he's gone." said Minato.

"Oh no! W-what have I done? I...I drove him away, I drove him away!" cried Kushina, falling onto her knees in despair as tears of heartache sped down her rosy cheeks, clutching baby Natsumi against her bossom for dear life in her emotional distress, even baby Natsumi was wailing in agony, though whether because Kushina was clutching too hard on her or because of her big brother's departure was another story altogether.

Minato felt relieved that Kushina hadn't crushed the life out of him, and wanted nothing more than to stretch out his saw muscles, and maybe even get a massage, but that would have to wait a little while. He had a distressed wife to comfort, a dead Hokage's wife and assitant to report, and an un-named masked man's attack and plans to disclose, all the above clearly more important than his own aching muscles.

'Did she just try to capture him? I see, she's even willing to go that far if it means getting him to stay by hers and Natsumi's side, she's always wanted a big and happy family, I just never thought that she was willing to go that far to fulfil that dream.' thought Minato sadly, kneeling in front of Kushina before embracing her and his daughter, providing a caring shoulder to cry on for the love of his life and his beloved daughter.

Akatsuki base in Grass Country...

"I knew I would find you here, Tobi." said Zetsu, growing out of the earth a few metres behind Obito, who was standing dead still at the foot of the gedo mazo stature and the single living clone of Hashirama senju that was connected to the mazo.

They were in what was probably the main Akatsuki base, which was built below the surface of the earth near Kusagakure no sato. Only four members actually knew about this place, the deceased Uchiha Madara, Uchiha Obito, Zetsu, and Uzumaki Nagato. Most of the members didn't even know about Madara's role in the akatsuki, and none of them, apart from Zetsu knew that Obito even existed.

"Zetsu, what took you so long?" asked Obito robotically, not really caring about the answer to the question, his mind filled with questions, possible answers, suspisions, worries, and plans for the future.

"Unlike you, I'm not a teleporter, some of us actually need to travel to our distinations." replied Zetsu simply.

"I see..." was all Obito said.

"You were defeated, but that is no reason to sulk around, Madara-sama taught you better than that." said Zetsu, displaying a level of sympathy that was worthy of a rock.

"I was just thinking, how was it that Uzumaki Naruto knew so much about us. You are one of the best sensor types in the elemental nations and you are the earth itself, should it not be near impossible for someone to spy on us without your awareness?" asked Obito retorically.

"What are you insinuating? Are you trying to say that I am the one giving away information to our enemies? Are you calling me a traitor?" asked Zetsu with a pissed off expression.

"Nagato and Konan believe that I am Uchiha Madara, and Konan is just a little girl who doesn't know anything. Even Nagato doesn't know everything. The same goes for Kisame and Yagura, that leaves only you..." Obito trailed off with an acussatory tone.

"Black zetsu carries Madara-sama's will itself, how could you possibly think that I would betray you?" asked white Zetsu indignantly.

"So then...the two of you are innocent, then how about a deal, you prove your loyalty to me and our cause, and I never question it again, no matter what...how about it?" asked Obito, still not turning around to face what is and should be his closest ally.

"You will not insult my intergrity again?" asked Zetsu.

"I promise." said Obito.

"Fair enough, I have nothing to hide. Do your worst." challenged Zetsu.

"Your evaluation entails an interogation followed by an important assignment based on the results of the interogation, I will need the two of you to seperate from each other for a minute or two for the interogation." explained the young Uchiha prodigy, turning around slowly to face his only true comrade.

"You plan to use your genjutsu to interogate us huh...? Fine, do as you please." replied Zetsu confidently, rising completely from the earth, taking off his Akatsuki cloak, and then finally splitting apart into his two respective halves.

Some might have wondered why Zetsu had to split up in order to be interogated with a genjutsu, the answer was surprisingly simple, Black and White Zetsu were immune to genjutsu when they were not seperated. The theory behind this phenomena was simple, in the shinobi world, it was a traditionally accepted practice that if a genjutsu was beyond a single person's ability to break out of, than a partner or comrade had to filter his or her chakra into said person's chakra network in order to disrupt the genjutsu. This method was 99.9 percent effective, in other words, it always worked. Zetsu, being two people in one, could not be affected by genjutsu because he always had a partner to break him out of the genjutsu. If the white half got affected, then, the black halve's mingling chakra would immediately break him out of the jutsu and vice versor, thus, why Obito prefered that they be seperated for the interogation.

"Stay still, this will not take long." Obito said, the tamoe around his right pupil spinning rapidly as he made direct eye contact with white Zetsu, capturing the white plant man in one of his strongest genjutsus. As soon as the genjutsu took full effect, a vacant expression morphed into the white halve's facial expression, indicating to Obito that he was ready for proper interogation.

"White Zetsu...?"

"Yes..." replied White Zetsu monotously.

"Have you ever given away information about me, Uchiha Madara, Uzumaki Nagato, yourself, or any part of our plans without mine, Nagato's or Madara-sensei's permission?" asked Obito.


"Have you ever spoken about such information carelessly, or in a situation where someone might have heard you?" asked Obito.


"Have you, in writting, or any other method given out any such information?"

"No.." replied Zetsu.

"Have you ever betrayed me, Black Zetsu, Madara-sensei, or Nagato in any way whatsoever?" asked Obito.

"No, I haven't." replied the white plant.

"So, is it safe to say that you are not, in any way, a traitor?" asked Obito.

"It is safe to say so." White Zetsu said.

"Fair enough!" said Obito, closing his right eye momentarily as he cancelled the jutsu on the white zetsu, the life returning to the plant man's facial expression as he regained consciousness.

"How did I do?" asked White Zetsu with a hint of amusement.

"Do you even have to ask?" replied his black halve irritably.

"Heh, I guess not, me being still alive and all." said the white halve nonchalantly.

"Black Zetsu, it is your turn..." trailed off Obito with a sinister undertone, shocking both zetsu's considerably. Black Zetsu was born from Madara's will its self, to doubt him was the same as calling Madara a traitor, it was basically the same as insinuating that Madara would betray himself.

"I know what you're thinking, but I'm not taking any chances, complacency will not be tolerated! Our mission means too much to me, I can't afford to take things for granted!" explained Obito forcefully.

"Hn, your dedication to the cause, while somewhat twisted, is most inspiring. Madara-sama made a wise decision when he elected you as his successor." remarked Black Zetsu off handedly.

"Hn, thanks, but at this stage, flattery will get you no where." replied Obito.

"Hehehe! Fine, I already said this once, but I'll say it again, do as you please kid." replied an amused Black Zetsu, although hard to tell with his lack of facial expressions.

Obito, given the go ahead by his dark skinned comrade, wasted little time as he quickly established direct eye contact with the black side of the plant man, repeating the procedure that he'd conducted on the black fellow's other half, but unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how one looked at the situation, finding no proof that Zetsu was ever, in any way at all, unfaithful to the cause.

"Alright, your loyalty has been confirmed. I can now tell you about my plans for the future, and...about your assignment. But before that, I want to extent an apology to you, for doubting your intergrity, it was uncalled for, and quite honestly rude of me. Good comrades are hard to come by in this acursed world, one should treat them a little better when you have found them." said Obito with what seemed to be genuine sincerity.

"No hard feelings pal, you're a young guy with a heavy burden to carry, there's alot of pressure on your shoulders. I'm not worried, or offended for that matter, your actions were not entirely unwarranted. If anything, I'm quite impressed by your vigilance and dedication." praised Zetsu, having joined together again and now adorning his Akatsuki cloak.

"Thank you, that means more to me then you might think." replied Obito.

"So, what are you planning to do now that your true identity has been discovered? Now that you've lost the spare eye that Madara-sama left for you? You've also lost Hoshigaki Kisame, the Mizukage and by extention, Kiri as well. That is a lot of military power, all gone in a single day." asked Zetsu.

"I'm well aware of that, but it's not the end of the world, I still have Nagato and the Akatsuki, and I still have you, the gedo mazo, and Hashirama's living clone. Things are not as bad as they might seem." Obito pointed out.

"True, but what was the point of recruiting Kisame and taking over Kiri in the first place if this was enough, and what was the point of using the power behind Madara-sama's name if you thought your own power would be enough?" asked Zetsu with a confused expression, by confused expression meaning the white half of his face.

"The Mizukage, Kiri, and Kisame were just one of my long term plans, I already had back-ups in case something similar to what happened occured. Initially, the plan was to use the Kyubi attack to destroy the Uchiha clan and weaken Konoha in the process. Madara-sama wanted revenge on the Uchiha for their betrayal, and I wanted myself some spare eyes." explained Obito.

"I can't help but notice that you said this was only your initial plan, does that mean that you have changed your mind about destroying the Uchiha clan?" asked Zetsu.

"Yes, I will no longer destroy the Uchiha clan, I will recruit them, they will become part of the Akatsuki, another branch of the organisation so to speak." explained Obito cryptically, causing Zetsu's left eye, in other words, the white half's eye to widen in surprise.

"That's ridiculous, how do you plan to recruit a whole clan into the organisation? Yeah, how do you plan to even get them out of Konoha?" asked Zetsu incredulously.

"Relations between Konoha and the Uchiha clan are not very strong, in fact, it could be said that there is a very real power struggle between the Uchiha clan and Konoha authorities. The Uchiha clan has been treated with unfairness and political opression since even before Madara-sensei attacked Konoha. Things got worse when Madara-sensei attacked with the Kyubi, and even worse when Tobirama took over as the second Hokage. Minato-sensei believes that Uchiha Madara was my sensei, but if anything, Hiruzen, Danzo, and the elder advisers have always been weary of the Uchiha clan, they will suspect that the clan had something to do with this, that I wasn't trained by Uchiha Madara, but that I am a product of the Uchiha clan's betrayal against the leaf." explained Obito, taking a slow breathe before continuing with his explanation.

"The Uchiha clan will be further isolated from Konoha, and further distanced from the Hokage title and village politics. If I know Fugaku as much as I think I do, then he won't want to take that lying down..."

"You believe that the Uchiha clan will attempt a coupe?" asked Zetsu.

"Yes, that is what part of the whole plot for attacking Konoha with the Kyubi was. Either me and the Kyubi would destroy Konoha and the Uchiha clan ourselves so that I can get some spare eyes, or we would fail and Konoha would help in destroying the clan, the clan would weaken Konoha, and I would get my spare eyes. It was a win-win situation. The plan however, has changed slightly, we will still allow Konoha to ignite the Uchiha clan's will of hate on their own, rather then destroy them, I will use that hate to get them to switch sides. Transportation is not an issue, I can use Kamui to get them out of Konoha without detection." explained Obito with elation, staring at his hands as if seeing them for the first time since he was born, as if his destiny was unfolding on the palms of his hands.

"Isupposeyourplanisn'tentirelyoutofthephysicalrea lmsofpossibilty, it's quite poetic actually, a long lost son coming back to liberate the family from opression and to save them from destruction. You'll be a hero amongst your brethren, a living legend even. They will worship the very ground that you walk on." said Zetsu.

"Worship the ground upon which I walk huh? Perhaps, but if that is to happen, I will need to show them something that they have never seen before, I will have to make them believe in me."

"Make them believe in you? I would have thought that liberating them and saving them from destruction would have surved that purpose."

"No, there are bound to be some Uchiha clan members whose eyes are too weak to see through the deception that is Hashirama's will of fire, those people will pose a threat to our goals. I should know, after all, I was once one of those ignorant members of the Uchiha clan before I met Madara-sensei." said Obito, his single operating eye narrowing in distaste.

"There is no need to worry about something like that, I will send a parasite clone to Konoha as soon as possibe, actually, I will send two parasite clones." said Zetsu, coming up with an effective plan on the spot.

It didn't take a genius, at least not according to Obito, to figure out what Zetsu had in mind. A zetsu parasite clone had the ability to execute a perfect transformation of anyone whose chakra he was able to absorb, even to the point of mimicking the chakra and abilities of his targets, that is, if he knew what said abilities were. Therefore, Obito was able to conclude that Zetsu probably planned to kill and maybe even eat one of the Uchiha clan members, transform into him, and then take his place in the clan until Obito came to liberate the clan. By then, he would have concorted a list of the Konoha loyalists in the clan along with the evidence needed to present to Fugaku. Obito would then ask for Fugaku's permission to eliminate said members and everything would go smoothly from than on. Probably, the other parasite clone would remain in the shadows and constantly mask his chakra with the mayfly technique, in other words, one clone would spy on the Uchiha clan from the inside whereas the other would spy from the outside. A brilliant plan indeed, even Obito had to say so himself.

"That's a very good idea, you have my permission to proceed..."

"We're already on it." replied Zetsu hastily.

"Good, now all I have to worry about is getting them to believe in me, which is where you come in again, Zetsu. This is to do with the assignment that I told you about earlier." said Obito vaguely.

"I don't get this believe in you business." wined White Zetsu.

"Idiot! Obito died with a terrible reputation as a shinobi, Tobi will have to do something special to get Fugaku to believe in his power. Pretending to be Madara-sensei won't work now that Uzumaki Naruto, Uzumaki Kushina, and Namikaze Minato know who he really is. Although, I can't help but wonder what we can possibly do to improve the situation?" asked Black Zetsu.

"I'm going to become the fifth sage of the six paths, I'm going to get the rinnegan, and I'm going to need you to help me get it. After this assignment, I will never doubt your loyalty again, that was the agreement." said Obito nonchalantly, shocking Zetsu considerably with what the bipolar shinobi thought his leader was implying.

"You can't be serious! You want me to try and kill Nagato? That's impossible, even for me!" exclaimed white zetsu with a horrified expression.

"Even if I could defeat Pein, what would be the purpose of retrieving the rinnegan so soon when Nagato is yet to fulfil the purpose that Madara-sama had for him?" asked black zetsu with an unreadable tone.

"I don't intend for you to kill Nagato, the person I want you to kill is Hatake Kakashi. I have all the ingredients required to awaken my own rinnegan except for one, the only thing I need now is my other eye." Obito casually explained to Zetsu's immense surprise.

Under normal circumstances, Obito would have needed to implant his brother's, mother's, sister's, or father's eyes in order to first awaken the eternal manyekyo sharingan before he became eligible to awaken the eyes of the sage. But the neccessity to switch eyes was only a result of a diluted bloodline, or rather, and incomplete bloodline. Obito however was the complete article, he had a perfect fusion with Hashirama's cells and therefore had both the first son's ocular powers and the second son's physical lifeforce, he didn't need to switch eyes to obtain eternal vision, he already had it. Now he just needed his other eye so that he could awaken the rinnegan.

"Grrrr...it was stupid of you not to have taken your eye back when you encountered the copy ninja in Kirigakure. I mean, he was just lying there unconscious on the battle field. It would have been so easy just to kill him and retrieve your eye back then." Zetsu grouched, unable to mask his irritation at the young Uchiha.

"That was before Madara taught me everything that I know now, I was ahm... wasn't quite as...mature as I am right now, not quite as enlightened so to speak."

"Hmmm...point taken. Still, I can't help but wonder how all this is going to work." said Zetsu with an uncertain frown.

"Heh...? What seems to be the problem?"

"Nagato is under the belief that he is the chosen savior of the world, that he is the reincarnation of a god that will deliver this world from it's darkness. And he believes this because he is under the impression that he awakened the rinnegan on his own. How do you expect him to react when he sees you with your own rinnegan?" asked Zetsu curiously, curious, but not really worried at all, knowing that Obito probably gave enough thought on the matter already, the kid was no idiot at all, at least, not since he started taking life a little more seriously.

"The way I see it, there are only two ways that we can handle the situation. One, we could simply inform Fugaku and the rest of the clan not to disclose any information about my rinnegan under the penalty of death, as clan head,Fugaku has the authority to pass out such a law, and it must be obeyed by the whole clan. Another likely scenario would be to simply keep the clan and the Akatsuki from meeting or even knowing about each other until the final stages of our plan, after all, I don't intend to use the Uchiha clan's military power until Akatsuki has collected all the tailed beasts. The driving force behind the Uchiha clan's recruitment is to add to our military power for the Fourth Shinobi war. Nevetheless, I have more then enough time to make my decision, I don't need to make it now. I'll wait and see how things pen out and act accordingly." explained Obito.

"Sounds like a good plan."

"It is isn't it? Anyway, after the attack on Minato and Kushina, Konoha will likely gatelock themselves for quite a substantial amount of time, they'll try to keep their strongest shinobi close by in case there is a follow attack on the village. This means that Hatake Kakashi is unlikely to go beyond Konoha's walls for quite a period of time, as a result, I'm giving you three to six months to kill Kakashi and return my eye." said Obito authoratively.

"No problem man, it shall be done!"

The Following Day: Water Country...

"It's been a long time, my friends." greeted Naruto, bowing respectfully to his comrades and teachers.

"Hehehe! You're looking a little taller...squirt!" said Kisame, causing Zabuza and even Mangetsu to laugh at the blonde's expense, okay, Zabuza only smirked a little, but it was close enough, the blonde twitching irritably at the unwarranted insult to his height, he was freakin tall for a thirteen year old damnit.

They were deep within a forest, standing smack in the middle of a clearing with an incredibly thick mist masking their visuality to possible oncoming enemies, a mist that Zabuza formed and was maintaining with his chakra. It wasn't really neccessary as both Samehada and Mangetsu were sensor types, but caution and vigilance were just a few of Zabuza's strongest traits.

"Yeah whatever Fishy-sensei." replied Naruto casually. Mangestu and even Samehada could be heard crackling at Kisame's expense, the smirk on the shark man's face evapourating immediately, wrapping his right hand around Samehada's handle as he adopted a fighting stance.

"It seems to me like you forgot your manners at the Whirlpool ruins, you want to call me that again brat?" asked Kisame menacingly.

"No, I'd rather not thank you, there are more important things to do then fighting over something as mundane as your suspicious heritage" mocked Naruto with a sinister undertone.

"Why you...!"

"That's enough!" Zabuza snapped, blasting the two swordsmen with a sizeable amount of killing intent, not enough to freeze them in place, or even enough to scare them, but more then enough to get their attention, enough to get them to obey him.

"We have more serious issues at hand, we don't have time for this childish bickering!" exclaimed Zabuza angrily.

"You're right, so...tell me, what happened while I was away?" asked Naruto with a curious expression.

"Yagura inacted a terrible new law about six months ago, he managed to convince many people that bloodline limits are demonic and that they are cause of all wars. Kiri is under a state of civil war for the past six months, and many clans have fallen since the purges began. Only I and my brother survived from the Hozuki clan, and Mei was the only survivor from the Terumi clan. " explained Mangetsu.

"I know about the purges, and...I'm sorry about your clan, Mangetsu! I'm glad your brother is okay though, at least you managed to save him." said Naruto sympathetically.

"How do you know about the purges?" asked Zabuza with eyes narrowed in suspision.

"I've been investigating Yagura and the person pulling his strings behind the scenes, that's how I found out about the purges." explained Naruto. Naturally, Zabuza and Mangestu spotted surprize and curiousity in their facial expressions, but Kisame's reaction was a little different, the Blue man's eyes narrowing at the blonde with a mixture of unease and malice.

"The person pulling Yagura's strings? Ao mentioned something about a foreign chakra in Yagura's chakra network, as if he was under some sort of permanent genjutsu, or at least, a very powerful and long lasting one." said Mangetsu.

"He's right, Yagura is being controlled by a genjutsu, and I know who the person who is controlling him, in fact, I was locked in a three way battle with him and the Yellow Flash just yesterday in Fire Country...listen to me!" exclaimed Naruto hastily, spotting the incredulous expression on Zabuza's face, cutting the demon off before he could disrupt his explanation.

"Listen to what? You expect me to believe that you were in a fight with the yellow flash and managed to survive! Don't be ridiculous, if you want to play..." Zabuza almost choked on his own words, stopping his rant prematurely as a dark abyss opened up in the space behind Naruto, almost as if a giant knife was dissecting the atmosphere itself.

"This is my slashed throat technique, it is a space-time technique that allows me to travel to a dimension of my own creation, or anywhere else in the world really. I used the sealing and barrier knowledge that I found in the Whirlpool Ruins to create this space-time technique amongst others. I also have another battle usable one that I named 'splitting void migration', it is a technique that puts me on par with the Yellow Flash, in other words, a technique that can match the Hiraishin no Jutsu." explained Naruto, his swordsman comrades staring at him with their jaws on the ground.

"I...impossible!" exclaimed Zabuza.

"Not at all, but very difficult though." said Naruto.

It took a long time, almost ten minutes for the trio to get over the blonde Uzumaki's new revelation, finding it extremely hard to believe that he was a space-time practitioner, much less one of that high of a calibre. Asking many questions about his jutsu and even asking him to show them the so called splitting void that was suppossedly on par with the hiraishin no jutsu. The blonde was more than happy to oblige, they were his masters after all and he thought that they deserved at least to see what he could do. Mangetsu even folded his hands into the ram hand seal and kept on shouting out the word 'kai' as he tried to release the non-existent genjutsu that he thought he was under, but to no avail. After answering all of their questions about his jutsu, and after they had calmed down eventually, the conversation continued from where it left off.

"So..." Zabuza trailed off.

"Yes?" asked Naruto.

"There's something I want to know, what exactly were you doing in Fire Country? And how did you end up in a battle with the Yellow Flash?" asked Zabuza bluntly, a hint of distrust and suspision audible in his tone.

"You may or may not know this, but Namikaze Minato is secretly married to the matriah of the Uzumaki clan, the Kyubi jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Kushina." Naruto revealed to the utter shock and surprise of his comrades.

"Uzumaki Kushina is married to the Yellow Flash!" exclaimed Mangetsu.

"Yes, they have a baby daughter too, she was born yesterday. Also, that is part of the reason I was in Fire Country, I wanted to see the new heiress and I wanted to talk to Kushina-sama, to try and convince her to defect and come with me." Naruto lied through his teeth, although part of his explanation was the truth. He did want to see Kushina's baby, and getting her to defect did cross his mind, but he quickly wrote that off as impossible. Kushina was in love with Minato and about to give birth to his child, she would never leave him and her life in Konoha for a total stranger, Uzumaki or not. Also, Minato's Hiraishin formula was intergrated into her jinchuuriki seal, escape was impossible for her as long as the Yellow Flash was alive, unless she was willing to fight and kill him, which would be very difficult even with the power of the Kyubi and Uzumaki kinjutsu.

"I see, but how did you end up in a threeway fight with the Yellow Flash and this mysterious man who is supposedly controlling Yagura with a genjutsu, and whose name you have yet to mention?" asked Zabuza.

"The man was wearing a spiral like mask over his face and a hood over his head." said Naruto, pausing slightly as he gauged Kisame's reaction, who was now sweating bullets, although trying his best to act unfazed.

"He attacked the yellow flash and used the new born baby to seperate him from Kushina-sama. She was left defenseless, this is because, a jinchuuriki's seal is severely weakened during child birth and it requires a substantial amount of energy to stop the bijuu from breaking out during the birth. The masked man tried to extract the bijuu from her seal, but I couldn't allow him to kill her, so I stopped him, saved her, fixed her seal, and long story short, ended up in a threeway fight between this man, me, and Namikaze Minato." explained Naruto, taking a short breathe before continuing with his explanation.

"I will give you a more detailed version of events later, but right now, all you have to know is that this man tries to pass himself off as Uchiha Madara, and the nature and magnitude of his power is not too far behind that man's level. However, I managed to smash his mask off during the battle, and the yellow flash was able to recognise him as his long lost student, who was supposed to have died a few years ago. His name is Uchiha Obito." explained Naruto to the surprise of his comrades, especially Kisame.

'Impossible! He knows, he really knows!' thought Kisame wearily.

"Uchiha Obito...? I can't say I've ever heard of him." said Mangetsu.

"You wouldn't have, he wasn't much of a shinobi back than, I guess in a way, he was the black sheep of his family. Although what he really was, is a late bloomer, because make no mistake, the guy is very intelligent and his talent is immense." cautioned Naruto.

"Duely noted, but tell us about his abilities, if he really is the one controlling Yagura, then we're going to need some intel on this Uchiha before we proceed with the coup." said Zabuza.

"Wait a minute!" Mangetsu cut in.

"This doesn't make sense at all, how would this guy have been able to come in and out of Kiri as frequently as he should have without anyone noticing him? I mean, we have the Bishiteki clan (Means, microscopic, it's Ranmaru's clan) with their all seeing eyes, we have Ao and his byakugan, and we have many sensors inside the village." Mangetsu asked.

"That happened because of his abilities. Uchiha Obito's has an advanced sharingan known as the mangyeko sharingan. His eyes have the ability to manipulate space and time."

"He's a space-time user too, like you and the Yellow Flash?" asked Mangetsu.

"Yes, like me and the yellow flash." Naruto replied.

"So, how does he manipulate space and time, as in, what is the extent of his abilities?" asked Zabuza.

"He uses a technique known as 'Kamui.' this technique has many features to it. For one, like I can with my slashed throat technique, Obito can open a portal with his right eye and travel to another dimension or location by sucking himself into the vortex. Also, he can suck in other objects and people as well. The are two weaknesses to this technique, one, he can only use it at close range and he needs to be tangible in order to activate it." explained Naruto.

"Tangible, what's that supposed to mean exactly?" asked Mangetsu with a confused expression.

"It is one of the features of his technique, the ability to become completely intangible. This is his ultimate defense, simply allowing all objects and attacks to faze through him. The only way to defeat him is to aim for the moment that he becomes tangible again, in other words, the moment where he tries to counter attack, or suck you or himself into his portal, as he needs to materialize himself in order to do that." Naruto explained with a serious expression.

"No wonder he was confident enough to attack the yellow flash, his abilities are insane!" exclaimed Mangetsu in awe.

"That's not all, he also has a time limit to his intangibility, he can only remain intangible for a maximum of five minutes at a time, and one should avoid direct eye contact with him, or any Uchiha for that matter. He also had good reaction speed and reflexes, be weary of that too." Naruto warned.

'This brat knows too much, but there is no way that he could have found out about my connections to Obito. Still, I'm going to have to have to take care of him now, in fact, I'm going to have to kill Mangetsu and Zabuza as well. Too bad, I actually liked them quite a lot, I almost felt at home with them.' thought Kisame solemnly.

"I'll make sure to remember that. I knew I made the right decision by allowing you to live that night, you've become a valuable asset for our cause. Although, I can't help but feel uneasy about your attachment to Kushina and her daughter." said Zabuza.

"There's nothing I can do about that, my feelings for her won't change no matter what, she is a wonderful woman, and she is not only family, but the matriah of the Uzumaki clan, I can't think of her as an enemy, although, I guess I can't think of her as an ally either." replied the blonde Uzumaki.

"Hmmm...I guess I understand." Zabuza said, begrudgingly accepting the blonde Uzumaki's circumstance as there was nothing either one of them could do about it.

'At least he isn't naive enough to think that he could trust her with his and our secrets despite her service to an enemy village.' thought Zabuza.

"Good, now, I'd like to hear about your status and I'd also like to know how many clans have survived and how Mei is doing." Naruto requested.

"We are almost ready for another coupe. We have recruited the demon brothers and Raiga as allies. We were also deliberating on whether to allow Raiga to try out for our organisation, his sword skills are quite impressive and his lightning manipulation is of a high standard. He would make a good wielder for the fangs. Also, the surviving clans so far are the Kaguya, Bishiteki, and the Yuki clan. All the others have already been annihilated and the only survivors from the Hozuki clan are Mangetsu and his baby brother, Suigetsu. Mei is the only survivor of the Terumi clan. Oh, and by the way, there is a rebellion force that is organised and lead by her, the Yuki and Bishiteki clan have joined the rebels, but the Kaguya have refused and chosen to fly solo instead. She tried to get us to join too, but we have our own plans." Zabuza explained.

"Hn, but wouldn't the coupe have a higher chance of success with her military strength, I mean, she does have quite a large shinobi force." suggested Naruto, left eyebrow raised in amusement.

"No, it will be an espionage type of mission, an assassination! Stealth will be required, we can't have a whole battalion for something like that!" exclaimed Zabuza.

"Yeah, that, or you just don't like the idea of taking orders from a girl, hehe!" Mangetsu snickered.

"Watch it!" snapped Zabuza furiously.

'Mei-chan seems to be doing well if she has managed to organise and lead a rebellion against Yagura despite the complete annihilation of her clan. I can't imagine how much pain and suffering she must be feeling inside.' thought Naruto fondly, genuinely concerned about the woman he secretly had feelings for. He hadn't seen her since their last training session under Ao's tutelage before he left Kiri, and they hadn't communicated since then. Naruto couldn't wait to see her again, and maybe even have a nice little spar and some casual talk afterwards like old times.

'I wasn't there for her in what was probably the lowest point of her life when her clan was demised, I wonder what she'll think of me now? Will she even care that I have returned, or will she simply hate me?' thought Naruto wearily.

"Hn, I guess it doesn't really matter, I'll take care of Yagura myself, I've mastered the chakra chain technique to a level where I can supress even a bijuu and I am the only one that can get close to Yagura with zero chance of detection, I also have the best tools to take care of him. A simple application of the contract seal should be enough to release him from the genjutsu, from then on, I'll proceed to convince him to step down and appoint a successor, assuming he doesn't commit seppuku when he realises what he has done while he was under Obito's control." Naruto explained.

"Don't be ridiculous, it can't possibly be as easy as that!" Mangetsu shouted incredulously.

"I said it was simple, not easy." the blonde deadpanned.

"Oh...hehe, sorry." Mangetsu apologised sheepishly.




"Why not just kill him? What purpose does it serve to have him step down and elect a new Mizukage? Why not just kill him and seal the sanbi into yourself like we planned to do?" asked Kisame curiously.

"Simply killing him will only spark the flames of war. His followers will want vengeance for their master's death and will come after us. In such a scenario, it would mean killing more than half of Kiri's shinobi population just to reclaim control of the nation. But if we free Yagura from the genjutsu, than we can at least get him to stop the purges and formally announce a successor before he decides whether he still wants to continue to live under the authority of a new Mizukage or if he wants to die." Naruto answered.

"I see, that makes an overwhelming amount of sense, you've thought this through thoroughly haven't you." Kisame replied.

"Of course, many people's lives rest upon the decisions we make, we have to be vigilant." Naruto said.

"So, the next Mizukage, who will it be?" Mangetsu asked.

"Zabuza-senpei of course." said Naruto as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"No!" Zabuza said sternly.

"Huh...? What's wrong Zabuza, demon-kun getting cold feet? Hahahahaha!" asked Mangetsu, laughing maniacly at the scorned demon.

"Your childishness knows no limits, I'm almost ashamed to be associated with you." replied Zabuza angrily.

"Hahaha! Come on man don't be so sensitive, we're all men here aren't we?" said Mangetsu cheerfully, wrapping his right arm around Zabuza's shoulders as a show of friendship.

"You'll unhand me, if you value that arm..." warned Zabuza maliciously.

"Haha, we both know that I'm immune to physical attacks." said the Hozuki prodigy with a cocky smile.

"Whatever!" said Zabuza dismissively, doing his very best to reign in his otherwise volatile temperament.

"You act like such an old man." Mangetsu said, sighing in exasperation at the demon of the mist's lack of humour.

"Anyway, I thought it was your dream to become the Godaime, you have an opportunity right here to do exactly that and you're just going to turn it down?" asked Mangetsu, now adopting a more serious expression and posture.

"A Kage has to be the strongest shinobi in his nation, or at least close to that level. Right now, both Kisame and Naruto are still stronger than I am, heck, Naruto fought the yellow flash and an Uchiha who was able to turn the Mizukage into puppet for his own amusement and still came out intact. If a Kage's name and power alone has to be enough to dissuade enemies from invading his nation, than, right now, Naruto is the candidate with the most credentials."

"I understand that, but...doesn't experience and wisdom also count for something?" Mangetsu argued.

"Wisdom won't be a problem, you should know that by now. Naruto's wisdom goes deeper than the years he has spent on this cursed world, also, not to mention the fact that he was raised by a sage. Besides, it isn't like we won't be there to help him, he will be surrounded by experienced people who will help him make decisions until he finds his feet. That is, if he even needs any help, I for one don't believe he will." Zabuza replied.

" I see, but, are you sure about this?" asked Mangetsu, the idea of best friend giving up on his dream so abruptly not quite sitting well with him,

"Yes, I've been thinking about this for a long time, ever since we took Naruto in as an apprentice." Zabuza said, causing Mangetsu's eyes to widen significantly in surprise, shocked that his best friend has had such thoughts for so long without him even knowing about it.

"I...I see." muttered Mangetsu, a thoughtful expression etched onto his facial features.

"So it's been decided than, Naruto will become the Godaime Mizukage?" asked Kisame retorically.

'It would like to think that it would have been better if I was elected as the new Mizukage, but...the way things look now, it wouldn't have changed anything. I can't continue Obito's Kiri project without killing the brat first. Looks like I'm going to have to kill him, whether I do it as the Mizukage or not doesn't change anything, the end result will be the same regardless...that is to say, I will take over Kirigakure no Sato and continue Yagura's legacy, or rather, Obito's legacy.' Kisame thought confidently.

"Yes, Naruto! You are now the Godaime Mizukage!" said Zabuza.

"So you're not even going to ask me if I accept or not?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"That's because he wasn't asking you, he was telling you. Basically, it's an order." said Mangetsu with a toothy grin.

"Heh, should have known." Naruto said, spotting his own toothy grin, displaying the trademark shark teeth of the shinobi swordsman as laughter ensured amongst the group of swordsman.

"Alright! Since you have decided to put your trust in me, I will return the gesture to you by showing you something. I'm also going to share all my plans with you for the future...for our future." said the blonde Uzumaki.

"Plans for the future?/Show us what?" asked Mangetsu and Zabuza respectively.

"Come, I want all three of you to follow me, we're going to use the slashed throat migration to go to the place that I want to show. I'll explain everything on our way there." said Naruto as he turned around and walked towards the space-time void that had remained open for the enirety of their conversation, the three shinobi swordsmen following right behind him.

Three Hours Later: Back to Kirigakure no Sato...

If one were simply gazing at the sky, they in the forests of Kiri, they would have seen the what appeared to be the atmosphere itself getting slashed clean through as a dark portal opened up in the sky, three shinobi jumping out of the portal and landing at a clearing in the forest and the atmosphere stitching itself together again. The three shinobi in question non other than Uzumaki Naruto, Momochi Zabuza, and Hozuki Mangetsu.

"Wow! That was a quite an experience, your dimension is cool, and what you did to Whirlpool country was even cooler!" Mangetsu exclaimed giddily.

"Yes, your recruits and plans for them are even better, I'm more than impressed. You've grown well...Naruto." Zabuza praised, genuinely pleased and even excited by what was to come for Kirigakure no Sato, thinking back on what the blonde had shown and told them.

When they entered the portal, they had travelled to Whirlpool country, a rebuilt Village Hidden in the Whirlpools to be exact. It was by far the largest and most beautiful hidden village he had ever seen in his entire existence. Using state of the art technology originating from Snow Country and Sky Country and even whirlpool's own unique kinjutsu to create what was basically place worthy of empire status. Everything was there, floating systems from Sky Country that allowed buildings to float in the skies and state of the art marine technology from snow country to create underwater fortresses were just a few of the architectural miracles that were created. And of course, everything was re-enforced by Uzumaki sealing kinjutsu. The floating systems and underwater systems meant that land nature was not wolly dominated by humans, and hence, allowing a rich development of wildlife. Seeing all this marvellous technology and wildlife co-existing in that manner was so magical that for a while, the Demon Of The Mist hand wondered if he hadn't accidentally strayed into the afterlife.

According to Naruto, this place would serve as a sort of main base for the Kiri empire. Kirigakure no Sato would still retain it's independence for the most part, but when a threat came that threatened any part of the empire, or the empire as a whole, than they would all rendezvous at this place or even permantly move in should their variious villages be destroyed.

They had also met a few groups lead by very powerful people that Naruto had recruited for the cause. One of them was former Sky Country turned Sora(Sky) clan leader. a man known as Sora Shinno, a rather tall and muscular man with dark eyes and ragged black hair and an equally ragged and black beard, wearing black shinobi pants with red leg warmers and black shinobi sandals and a dark red sleeveless top that is buttoned up to the lower part of his chest, showing off his more than impressive physique. He also doesn't seem to be carrying anything special with him in terms of weapons but does have a few scrolls on the left side of his waste and a weapons pouch on his right thigh. The man was also well groomed in Sora clan kinjutsu.

Naruto had introduced them to the man and explained that Sky Country had nearly become extinct during the second shinobi world war and that Shinno was born near the end of that era and inherited a once great but then struggling shinobi village. He explained that because of their depleted numbers and the intensity of the third shinobi war, that had managed to convince Shinno to convert the Village Hidden in The Skies into a clan rather and join what was on it's way to becoming the Kirigakure empire. Naruto had presented his whole plan to the man and how he and his new clan would fit into it, including the benfits that they would reap from joining and the man had eventually agreed to join the cause, as his village was facing extintion as it were.

Another powerful person they were introduced to was Miroku, the former Demon Priestess, a blonde haired and voluptous woman with magenta eyes, long hair reaching just above her sizeable but firm posterior and an hourglass figure with a bust that was almost threatening to spill out of her kimomo and expose itself to the world. She was wearing a golden kimomo with a purple sash and brown shinobi sandals, holding herself with an air of authority, intergrity, and elegance despite her sexually stimulating appearance.

According to Naruto, he had helped her to permanently seal away a powerful demon known as Moryou, and all the other lower ranked demons that roamed the lands of Demon Country causing havoc and destruction. And thus, an agreement was settled between the two of them, by agreement meaning a marriage contract to gain a solid alliance with the priestess and to utilize her powers for Kiri. She and her people would be joining the Kiri Empire and they would move into Kirigakure no Sato along with the Sora clan as soon as Yagura was toppled and Naruto took over.

Naruto didn't lie to them, but he did leave out a few important details. The marriage contract between him and Miroku wasn't just that, as a priestess, Miroku sometimes had random visions of the future and the past that were triggered by a array of different circumstances, basically, she knew who Naruto was and she knew that he was from a different time and space. She also knew what kind of person he really was and what he had done for her daughter and by extension, her, in that timeline. In order for her to keep that secret, she had one condition for Naruto, to marry her and become the loving and carrying husband that she wanted him to be. Basically, she blackmailed him into the marriage alliance, although, she didn't have any sinister agenda to begin with. Naruto didn't mind though, getting married to her meant that he would have acccess to her and her powers at any and all times, that could only be a good thing for him and Kirigakure. Also, it meant that he could keep her close enough to physically make sure that she didn't tell anyone about his secret, and considering that one of her demands were that he help her conceive a new priestess, she would be eternally bound and connected to him. His enemies would be her's and their child's enemies, and her enemies would be his and their child's enemies, his secret would thus be safe as revealing that information would only mean endangering herself and their child.

The next person they had met was Soifon of the Seishin clan, a beautiful, relatively short and petite woman with grey eyes and short hair with two long braids bound with a white cloth each ending in a large golden ring, wearing black shinobi pants with hite bandages around the ankles and dark blue ninja sandals on the lower half of her body. A sleeveless top that covers only the front of her body is sported on the upper portion of her body, with a white hoari worn on top. She also has a blue weapons pouch on her left thigh and a short sword held horizontally on her lower back.

The clan used to comprise the Demon Priestess's shinobi guard but were banished two centuries ago by Miroku's predecessor because of a deemed betrayal to the priestess. The clan was said to have gone into hiding since then, never showing themselves on the surface again, to the point that some beleaved their very existence to have been a mere myth. But Miroku saw the future in Naruto and knew that hard times were coming, that the very world that they knew of could possibly cease to exist if they didn't do something about it. That was why she had contacted them, using her powers as a priestess to find their location, which was much closer than some might have thought, and reconcile with them.

The clan had been more than willing to reconcile, having waited so long for a chance to redeem themselves. As a show of trust and sincerity, Seishin Soifon, the heiress of the Seishin clan, now head of the clan after her father's death, had even offered herself in order to seal the pact with blood. Miroku wanted to show her own sincerity and trust to the clan, and offered her own husband, Naruto, to Soifon, making Naruto wonder if she hadn't forced him into the marriage just for this moment. In any case, he hadn't been too bothered, this was the shinobi world where people were taught to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, she would use him, he would use her, that was fine, as long as they made time once in a while to just be themselves and love each other like husband and wife are supposed to.

In any case, the Seishin clan was incredibly powerful. From what Soifon told him, Naruto knew that the Seishin clan's kekkei genkei was superior even to the Uzumaki clan's chakra chain technique. The Seishin clan used the Yin Release together with the Yang Release in order to create powerful kenjutsu weapons from their own life-force and chakra. The yin release was used to seperate a portion of their soul and give it it's own mental energy, in other words, it's own identity, and the yang was used to give breathe life into that energy and to give it it's own physical form in the shape of a sword. Depending on each person's mastery of the kekkei genkei, the sword could have three forms, each more powerful than the other. The first was the basic sword, the second form was known as a shikai, and the final transformation was known as a bankai. It was said that it could take ten years even for a Seishin clan genius to master the bankai, but Soifon had already done it at the age of 16. Naruto had battled her once, and he had to admit that he would have lost if it weren't for his mastery of space-time ninjutsu, that shunpo speed technique was something else and her kenjutsu skills were on par with the seven ninja swordsman.

They also met Hiruko, an elderly man with the appearance of a white haired boy with red eyes, wearing a white oversized, high collared coat that reaches all the way below his knees with black shinobi pants and ninja sandals. Naruto explained that Hiruko was a former Konoha shinobi who ws from the same generation as the Sannin. That the man specialised in the field of science, research, and related kinjutsu, and that the man had created his own Kinjutsu known as the chimera kinjutsu. Naruto also told them that the man was as powerful as any of the Sannin and possibly even more powerful. Hiruko wanted vengeance against the sannin, but more importantly, he wanted to show Konoha that he had transcended with his own kinjutsu and become something, or at least, a part of something greater than Konoha.

Naruto didn't find it hard to convince Hiruko to join his cause, and Hiruko didn't really find it hard to decide either. Naruto offered to provide to him access to all the scientific research that was conducted in whirlpool and Kiri, and even offered to create a science and reseach division for him in Kirigakure where he would be allowed to conduct all of his experiments and even be allowed to recruit potential members of his division directly from Kiri's shinobi forces and from even the ninja academy. Naruto also intriduced them to Ichi, Nii, and San, three siblings who were products of Hiruko's chimera experiments and also his loyal subjects.

The last person they met was Furido, a young man with fair skin and long white hair, wearing a long blue coat with black pants and dark blue shinobi sandals, carying only a long staff with two large rings at the top as a weapon. Furido was a former member of the 12 shinobi guardians of Fire Country whose ambition was to destroy Konoha and it's Kage system, as he thought that there couldn't be two kings and that the Kage was undermining the authority of the Feudal Lord. Basically, Furido wanted to unite the people of Fire Country under one King, but Naruto wanted to unite the whole world under one King and thus, and all skirmishes and wars between the shinobi nations. Having heard Naruto's dream and how he planned to achieve it, Furido couldn't help but to express genuine interest in it. He saw a lot of himself in Naruto, their goals and motivations were very similar, just that, Naruto was thinking far bigger than he could have ever even considered. Needless to say, Furido was inspired and wanted nothing more to than to contribute to this mission in anyway that he could, he told himself that it was the least that he could do. It also helped that Naruto had plans for his dead corpse re-animation jutsu.

The plan was simple, Naruto was going to create a Forbidden Arts Division in Kirgakure, and he wanted Furido to manage this division. The division would be expected to have close ties with the Healing and Medicine Division that Seishin Unohana was expected to lead, and also Hiroku's Science and Research Division. Furido was also expected to lead the corpse forces, which was comprised of all the shinobi, enemy and Kiri allied that had died and whose bodies were retrieveable for Furido to resssurect with his jutsu.

Not only was Furido able to use re-animated corpses to work for his ranks, but he was also allowed to recruit members for his ranks from the main forces and the academy. To top it off, he had three very powerful allies that agreed to join Kiri with him, Fudo, a taijutsu specialist with a powerful kinjutsu that enabled him to use earth release to turn his skin into diamond, making wounding him a daunting task and granting him increased strength. Fuda was also promised a taijutsu school and would be allowed to recruite from the academy. There was also Fuen, an elegant, dark haired woman who specializes in genjutsu, summoning, and space-time ninjutsu. She was promised a space-time ninjutsu branch inside in Furido's forbidden arts department.

Probably, the most surprising discovery from Furido's followers, was Uzumaki Fuka, a very beautiful redhead with blue eyes, plump lips with red lipstick and a voluptous body that most men would die for. Up until that point, Zabuza and Mangetsu had been under the impression that Naruto, Kushina, and her daughter were the only Uzumaki still alive, one can imagine their surprise when they met Fuka.

Unfortunately, Fuka wouldn't be joining Kirigakure any time soon. She was supposed to go on a very important long term mission soon. According to Naruto, Fuka had a kinjutsu that made her immortal, and she'd been alive for more than ninety years despite looking like an eighteen year old. The kinjutsu also gave her the ability to utilize all five nature transformations as if they were your main affinity, and she had mastered all of them. Zabuza thought that such a jutsu seemed to good to be true, and that there should and must be some kind of drawback, or drawbacks to it. And while he didn't know it for sure, he was right. Fuka had to steal people's souls in order to maintain her youth through her kiss of death technique, the stealing of a soul also transferred the victim's chakra to her, allowing her to use whatever nature transformation that person had for a limited period of time, usually about five years. She also had a weakness in that the life force of the people whose souls she stole was stored in her hair, therefore, her life-span would shorten if someone damaged her hair and she would die if it was completely destroyed.

The long term mission she was embarking on was probably one of the most important missions in the Kiri Empire that Naruto was creating. She was required to make contact with Orochimaru and try to get close to him. Orochimaru was gathering forces for a new shinobi village that he was building, and Naruto wanted to intergrate that village into the Kiri Empire. It would be easy for Fuka to ignite Orochimaru's interest, Orochimaru was obsessed with immortality and learning all the jutsu in the world. He wouldn't pass up the chance to work with someone who was immortal and had mastery of all the five basic nature transformations. Fuka was not only required to collect as much knowledge and information as she could from Orochimaru, but was also expected to form close bonds with the Oto shinobi and earn their trust, she would one day receive an order to elimanate Orochimaru and take over Otogakure no Sato. And on that day, Oto would officially become a branch of the Kiri Empire.

Zabuza thought it was a good plan and wanted to know what other targets Naruto had. Naruto explained that he wanted to use the Uzumaki clan's power to untite the nations, and that all he would use the members of the Uzumaki clan in other villages to do this. He explained that using family would eliminate trust issues between the various branches of the Kiri empire.

Naruto wanted to use Kushina to gain control of Konoha, but expressed his concern that the plan could fail as it were. Kushina was powerful yes, Kage level easily, but the yellow flash was still alive and it would be hard to reach her without his interferance. Also, Kushina now had a family with this man and many friends there already, she wasn't quite as isolated as the other Uzumaki's were, in other words, her need to belong to something greater than herself, or her need to belong to a family was not as strong as she already felt like she had exactly that with Minato, her daughter, and her friends in Konoha. Naruto explained that he would have to wait and see what happened in the future, maybe things would change.

There were other Uzumaki's of course, but Zabuza had assumed by the way Naruto spoke of Kushina that she was his only option he had and left it there, concluding that Naruto would figure out a plan somehow. That was just as well for Naruto, he certainly didn't want to share his plans for Uzumaki Tayuya and Uzumaki Karin, both of Kusa, mainly because they were only little babies at that point in time. He certainly didn't want to say anything about Nagato of Amegakure, that would just cause too many questions that he wouldn't be able to answer, didn't want to answer rather.

"It is my job as the Mizukage to strive for the best for Kiri, but thank you anyway, I'm glad you agree with what I have done...and what I plan to do." Naruto replied.

"Speaking of plans to do, why did we leave Kisame behind?" asked Zabuza with narrowed eyes.

"I thought I told you, I have a mission for Hiruko, Kisame's participation is required for the success of the mission." explained Naruto.

"Oh yeah, and what is it that Kisame can do that we couldn't have done on this so called mission?" asked Mangetsu, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"It's not something that you can't do, it's something that I don't want you to do."

"But you want him to do it? What is this thing that you want him to do exactly?" asked Zabuza, unnerved by the strange vibe coming from the blonde Uzumaki.

"I want him to die, he is a traitor..."

End Chapter

Hatake Kakashi vs Zetsu and Hiruko vs Kisame have been postponed to the next chapter.