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The Kage Summit

Six Months Later: Forests Of Wave Country...

"Have you made reservations with the ferryman, Kakashi Taicho?" Uzuki Yugao asked in mid air, she and her comrades in the four man cell tree hopping through the forests of wave country at a modest speed as there was no need for haste in their return from their mission, the team having completed their mission earlier than expected.

Yugao is a beautiful, slender woman with all the curves in the right places, with dark blue/purple hair that reaches all the way to her mid-back, dark eyes and a soft skin, wearing tight fitting ninja pants with white bandages around the ankles, blue shinobi sandals, a green jonin vest with a black, long sleeved and tight fitting shirt underneath.

"I sent Pakun ahead to inform him of our change of schedule, if that's what you mean." Kakashi replied evenly.

Kakashi is a fifteen year old young man with gravity defying, spiky silver hair and only one visible, dark eye, the other covered up by the matal plate of a forehead protector worn sideways across head and part of his face, completely covering the sharingan eye that was hidden from plane site. He is wearing an outfit that matches Yugao's perfectly, except that he was wearing the male version of the outfit, in other words, his version was loose and not so constricting, with metal plated gloves on his hands.

"I was also worried about that, nice, quick thinking as always, Kakashi-taicho." Genma said with a small smirk.

"This is nothing compared to his exploits on the battle field though, I would have died last night if it wasn't for him. He really is an accomplished shinobi." Hayate said matter of factly, a hint of gratitude and aprreciation leaking into his otherwise dull tone.

"You give me too much credit, you guys have saved my butt on many occassions too. I could not have done it all by myself, that's why we work in a four man cell." Kakashi said dismissively.

"I think we should add modesty in his list of accomplishments." Yugao said with a small smirk.

"Maa maa you guys shoudn't...look out!" Kakashi exclaimed with a panic, just in time too as a great many gigantic roots sprung forth from the ground and trees below them in kind, aimed directly at the heart of their four man cell.

The roots were so thick, so long and they were spreading so fast around that the crew had no choice but to split up in order to avoid either getting impaled or simply caught and crushed between the roots. Being elite jonins themselves, the four were all very quick to deduce that their split up was the intended effect from whoever was attacking them, but they could do nothing about it as more and more roots, all getting bigger and bigger continued to assault them relentlessly, forcing all them even further away from each other. By the time the roots relented on their attack, the individual member of the team were already too far apart from each other to regroup, the group of elites each realising that they would have to deal with their own individual opponents first before regrouping, as there was no other possible reason for seperating them either than that they were being forced to fight an army of white plant men.

'I can't believe I was unable to catch even one of them with that attack, they're more skilled than I gave them credit for, but than again, it's harder to focus on so many targets at the same time, especially when they are so far apart from each other.' Kurozetsu thought.

'Don't worry, my clone spores will take care of them.' Shirozetsu retorted with a mental smirk.

'I should hope so, in any case, let's get this over with quickly, I don't want to waste any time on this.' Kurozetsu thought as he rose up from the ground a short but safe distance away from the copy ninja.

"Hatake Kakashi, it's time for you to die."Zetsu said matter of factly.

"Who are you...and what are you?" Kakashi asked with a horrified expression, unable to quite believe what he was witnessing before his very own eyes. It looked like some kind of plant that turned into a human, or a human that turned into a plant, and most horrifically, whatever it was, it seemed to be made of two people that were fused together into one being, the other black with a deep voice, and the other white with a lighter and softer voice. But that was not quite as weird as the fact that they seemed to even speak as if they were one person despite the clearly different voices coming from...whatever he or it, or they were. Another weird feature that Kakashi had not seen, and doubted that he would ever see on anyone else again was the venus flytrap that was encompassing most of the guy's body, but that was not all, he was wearing a weird outfit two, a long black cloak with red clouds all over it. Kakashi was sure that this outfit must have had some kind of significance to the guy, maybe it was some kind of uniform that whatever clan or organisation he came from used to associate with each other.

"My name is Zetsu, the last person you will ever meet again." Zetsu replied with a dark undertone, a tone perhaps amplified by his deep, dark and wretching voice.

"We'll see about that." Kakashi said with an intense glare, the copy ninja pushing up his forehead protector to reveal his three tamoe sharingan as he prepared himself for battle, realising that he now had no choice but to forget about the guy's weird appearance and focus on surviving whatever was about to happen.

"The sharingan from the get go huh? It seems you won't be underestimating your opponent today. A wise decision on your part, Hatake Kakashi." Zetsu said.

"If you're here to get revenge for your deceased comrades, you've come to the wrong place. The only thing you will find here is death...and by death, I mean your death." Kakashi said with a murderous glare.

"You're wrong about two things, Hatake Kakashi. One, I'm not here for revenge, nor do I belong to the Nokizaru troops that you and your friends demolished last night. And two, I'm not the one that's going to die today, the person that is going to die...is you and your dear friends." Zetsu said without a shadow of a doubt.

'Impossible, there's no way he would know about last night unless he was physically there himself. But how is that possible? Yugao is a sensor type and I had Pakun and the other ninken patroling around the perimetre during the battle. There's no way we should have missed him.' Kakashi thought with a confused frown.

'But than again, no one was able to detect his presence until he started attacking us with his Mokuton-like abilities. Speaking of which, how is this guy pulling a Mokuton technique off in the first place, just what is he exactly?' Kakashi pondered wearily.

"Maa this guy is boring, just look it him, he's zoning out on us." Shirozetsu said in exasperation.

"Maybe he's trying to figure something out, in any case, it does not matter in the slightest, if he isn't going to take us seriously than all the better for us." Kuzozetsu said nonchalantly, the duo knocking the copy nin out of his trance-like state with their words.

"I don't know how you're using Wood Style Ninjutsu, or what you're really after, but that doesn't matter at the moment. You're not the real deal, just a bastardized immitation of the Shodaime Hokage. I'll capture you and extract all the information I need out of you." Kakashi said with conviction as the tamoe on his left eye started spinning around rapidly.

'He's going to use a genjutsu, hehehe, idiot still hasn't detected my sporulation technique, using chakra will only speed up the process.' Zetsu thought triumphantly.

'I've made eye contact, now's my chance!' Kakashi thought, using his impressive speed to spring at the plant man and at the same time activating the raikiri on his right hand to try and stab through the Akatsuki member's chest.

However, Zetsu would have none of that, the plant man grabbing hold of the copy nin's wrist at the last possible moment and than delivering a crushing blow to his abdomen with his free hand before kicking him away violently. The copy nin was surprised by the power behind the kick and had no time to right himself before crashing into a tree with a resounding sound as the tree was sent tumbling by the crushing blow the dazed copy nin's body delivered to it.

Kakashi found himself having to use his ultimate attack sooner than he thought, except that this time it was for defense rather than offense, the cycloptic ninja using the lightning blade current throughout his body to cut off the roots that had quickly grown from the felled tree and wrapped themselves around his body.

"Taijutsu is not a strong forte of mine, but I bet I caught you off guard there didn't I, Hatake Kakashi?" Zetsu said with a cocky smirk on his white half, the black half remaining expressionless as usual, although the mirth could be detected in his voice if one listened carefully.

'How is this possible? I made direct eye contact with him before attacking, I was sure I had captured him in a sharingan genjutsu!' a confused Kakashi thought.

"I bet you're asking yourself? What happened? I caught him in a sharingan genjutsu and immediately attacked with my top speed? No one should have been able to dis-able such a powerful sharingan based genjutsu that fast, right?" Shirozetsu asked in a poor immitation of the copy nin's voice.


"Well it's actually simple. When one can't break out of a genjutsu on their own, the duty falls upon his partner to channel his chakra into his comrade's body and disrupt his comrade's chakra circulation. Hatake Kakashi, our bodies and chakra circulatory systems are currently interlocked with each other, as long as we stick together, no genjutsu will ever have an effect on us." Kurozetsu said confidently.

"That makes sense in a strange, twisted kind of way. But no matter, I'll just have to forcefully seperate the two of you." Kakashi proclaimed, left hand on right wrist as he activated the raikiri again.

'If he's using Mokuton, than that means he probably has accesss to earth style and water style. Fire style won't work on his water style and my water style will be cancelled out by his water style too. Earth style won't work, he'll just cancel it out with his own earth style and if I try to attack from underground, I might get caught by his mokuton , lightning style is the only advantage that I have against this guy." Kakashi thought.

"Another raikiri? You don't really think that we'll allow you to get that close to us do you? Because that would be stupid."Zetsu said nonchalantly.

'Just as I thought, he's a long range fighter. Not only that, but he seems to prefer to move as little as possible when he does battle, almost like he's rooted to one spot. I suppose that has something to do with his preference to use roots in battle.' Kakashi thought analytically.

'He's confident that he can keep me from getting close to him again, because the last time I got close was only because he allowed me to so that he can surprise me. Every move of his is calculated, he's clearly a smart guy, but I have a surprise of my own.' Kakashi thought, quickly cooking up a surprise attack for the overconfident plant man as he cancelled the raikiri he was preparing and blazed through another quick set of hand seals.

"Lightening Release: Beast Running Technique...what...!" Kakashi trailed off in surprise as a white zetsu spore grew rapidly all around his body, incasing him almost completely with the exception of his head and legs.

The copy ninja tried to use the lightning blade current in order to rip apart the clone spore that was restraining his movements. But that idea went out of the window as soon as he tried to activate the jutsu, the spore zetsu absorbing all of the cycloptic ninja's chakra before he could successfully utilize the modified version of his prized technique.

'My chakra...? My chakra reserves just took a nose dive, this guy...he must have absorbed my chakra! This guy is an unparalelled jutsu user, when did he even set up this jutsu?' Kakashi thought frantically. It was also at this moment that Zetsu, almost as if reading the copy ninja's thoughts, shed light on the copy nin's mental dilemma.

"That is my sporulation no jutsu, in case you were wondering. I managed to set it up on you and your comrades in kind before you were seperated from each other. The spore itself and the extent of it's restraining and chakra draining become stronger the longer it remains dormant. The more chakra you expand, the greater it's power to absorb and restrain becomes. Hatake Kakashi, since our battle began, you have used one powerful sharingan illusion and activated the raikiri at least three times, how powerful do you think is that spore now...?." Zetsu trailed off with a sinister undertone.

'So basically, this is a glutonous clone. The more you feed it with chakra, the more it wants to eat and the stronger it becomes. If I hadn't prepared a contingency plan, it would have been over for me now.' Kakashi thought with a mental sigh of relief.

"You're a skilled shinobi, I'll give you that, however..." Kakashi trailed off as a shadow clone came running at blinding speeds from behind a tree that was situated a few metres behind Zetsu, the clone running with a lightning blade in hand at barely readable speeds, intent to kill clearly written all over it's face.

'It's over...' Kakashi thought confidently. However, what transpired next was something that Kakashi couldn't quite fathom, watching with wide eyes as his clone somewhat comically tripped and fell flat on it's face.

'That's not possible! My clone has been watching the whole time, he should have been aware of the possibility of being intercepted by protuding roots...wait, what's that!' Kakashi thought with a look of both shock and realization, the copy nin spotting a white hand protruding from under the ground and holding tightly on his clone's ankle. The shadow clone however was quick to respond, quickly thrusting it's lightening enhanced hand into the area where the hand was protruding from, causing a crater to form on the area, around the now deceased body of a Zetsu wood clone, the shadow clone stabbing it's raikiri right through the white guy's left eyeball and into his brain.

"Nice work, now hurry up and free me!" Kakashi ordered authoratively.

"I guess it can't be helped." The clone responded with Kakashi's usual aloof manner as it pulled it's hand out of the deceased wood clone, which had indeed now turned into a disfigured mass of wood, the clone adopting a battle ready stance as it prepared to jump into action.

'That's a wood clone. This guy really is a mokuton user. I wouldn't go as far as saying he's on the Shodaime's level, but he's very accomplished in his field, probably the most dangerous guy I've ever faced on my own.' Kakashi thought wearily.

"Boss, what the hell is happening?" The clone asked with a confused expression.

"What do you mean? Just hurry up and release me!" Kakashi exclaimed anxiously.

"But...he's not even facing me, don't you think that's a little strange?" The clone asked suspiciously.

"Hehehehehe! What's wrong, Hatake Kakashi, does my back intimidate you?" Zetsu asked with a condensending tone, facing the restrained original and yet directing his words to both the original and the clone.

'He's right, this is suspicious, one would think that his sole priority now would be to deal with the clone and than finish me off, or just use me as bait to lure my clone into a trap. If he attacks me and kills me, than the clone also dies, and if the clone stops him from killing me, than it falls for his trap regardless and he finishes both of us off. This is too weird, I can't figure out what he's up to. I'm in way over my head here, I need to free myself and escape, there's no way that I can win.' Kakashi thought logically and somewhat fearfully.

"Listen up, you have to use that jutsu, it's the only way!" Kakashi exclaimed.

"Okay, that should be able to take him out if I connect..."

"No!" Kakashi exclaimed again, cutting out the clone before he could say anything more.


"I want you to aim the jutsu at me..." Kakashi said with a signal with his eyes, indicating to the clone that it should aim on freeing him rather than to kill Zetsu.

'I see. The original me is right, if I aim at Zetsu, there's no guarantee that I'll even hit him at my current level of mastery over this jutsu, it's not like he'll just sit still and allow me to aim. Furthermore, even if I hit him, right now I'm not even sure if this is even the real him. This guy is smart and he has been planning this attack for a while, he probably wants me to think that he is underestimating me. I should free the boss and hope that he can make it through this.' Clone Kakashi thought wearily.

'Aim the jutsu at him instead of us? What does that mean exactly?' A confused white Zetsu thought.

'He's going to try and free the original, hurry up and execute that plan, quickly!' Black Zetsu ordered.

'I'll run out of chakra and get dispelled if I use this jutsu, I don't have a choice but to make it count.' The clone thought as the tamoe in his eyes spinned around rapidly before stopping suddenly, the tamoe connecting to form a tri-pronged shuriken. The clone was just about to activate the special technique when a woman that he recognized all too well appeared on zetsu's left hand side with her sword drawn and aimed for the underside of the plant man's left ribs, aiming to pierce her way straight through and all the way to the heart. However, she was unable to make it as a gigantic and rapidly growing root intercepted her, the root branching out rapidly as many smaller ones grew from it and tried to stab through her body. She was quickly forced to retreat as she jumped next to the copy ninja, but not before leaving a few explosive notes around the Akatsuki member.

The explosive notes exploded with a loud bang, sending debris and dust flying around the battle ground. The purple haired kunoichi used the explosive distraction to her advantage, quickly running around and making her way to the original copy cat at impressive speed before proceeding to slice up the defenseless sporulation zetsu, grab onto the chakra exhausted copy ninja, and make her way to a safe distance.

When the dust and debris cleared, Yugao was visibly disappointed to see that her explosive tag attack hadn't so much as fazed the Akatsuki member, the plant man not sustaining any damage of any sort as his mokuton ninjutsu once again protected him, the multitude of thick roots that were surounding shielding him sustaining a fare amount of damage to protect him from the same fate.

"Kakashi, are you okay?" Yugao asked with concern, helping the clearly exhausted copy ninja to balance on her shoulder.

"I'll be okay. Thanks for the rescue, Yugao, I owe you one." Kakashi replied with an eye smile.

"Okay, but if this guy could do this to you, than he must be really strong. And you're about to suffer from severe chakra exhaustion, you need to dispell your shadow clone to regain some of your chakra." Yugao said hastily.

"You're right, and I'll end it shortly after that." Kakashi said with determination, his shadow clone disappearing in a puff of smoke as he moved a little in front of Yugao protectively, and also to hide his mangyeko sharingan from her, which was now activated thanks to his shadow clone.

"Yugao, I've got a jutsu that can end this battle instantly, we simply can't afford to drag this out against someone like him. However, my chakra and body will suffer from the side effects, I'm going to need you to take care of my body when this is done and over with, consider it an order." Kakashi said with a grave undertone.

'That eye...! It looks just like Tobi's!' Shirozetsu thought with wide eyes.

'It's hard to believe, but there's no doubting it, Hatake Kakashi has the mangyeko sharingan, and he's about to use the long range version of Tobi's kamui.' Kurozetsu replied mentally.

'How do you know that there's a long range version?' the white half pondered.

'Tobi has alway voiced his frustrations at the fact that he always has to be within touching distance of his opponents in order to effectively use his kamui. I always figured that the other eye would undoubtedly have been the solution to that that niggling problem. Up until now it has always been a theory, but Hatake Kakashi knows that we'll never allow him to get close to us, it is likely that my theory is true. Nevertheless, we don't want to find out if I'm right or wrong, we can always do that later when Tobi uses the eye.' Black Zetsu replied.

'So you want me to use that now?'

'That should be obvious, hurry up and kill him!' Kurozetsu snapped angrily.

"Okay, I'll take care of you, Kakashi-taicho, I promise." Yugao replied with a sinister smirk.

"Thanks, Yug...gwaaaah!" Kakashi never got to finish what he wanted to say as Yugao stabbed her sword right through his heart.

"I'm sorry Kakashi, but I can't allow you to use that technique ." Yugao said with a malicious smile.

"Y-Yugao...w-why?" Kakashi asked between a blood curdling coughing fit, looking over his shoulder at the purple haired beauty with eyes full of surprise and betrayal.

"Because...I can't allow you to kill me, Kakashi-san." Yugao said as she transformed back into a white skinned male mid-sentence, her voice contorting as well into that of a male, namely, white zetsu's voice.


"Yes...me...!" Zetsu said, quickly pulling out the sword from the copy nin's back and swiftly moving to decapitate him from the neck.

"How...?" Kakashi didn't get his answer nor did he get to even ask his question really as his head was sent flying away from his body. Zetsu ignored the body and moved towards the head, kicking it like a soccer ball towards the the dual personalized original.

"It's done." The clone said confidently.

"Yes...yes it is." The original replied.

"You have a nasty habit of playing too much with your prey, Zetsu, it will be the end of you one day." A dark and sinister voice sounded as a space time vortex opened up in the space between the the clone zetsu and the original. The vortex disappearing and leaving behind an orange masked man wearing the same Akatsuki uniform as Zetsu.

"What good is a hunt if you're not going to enjoy the game. Besides, I always scout out my opponents before I engage in battle. Hatake Kakashi was dancing on the palm of my hand from the beginning, I got the job done didn't I?" Zetsu asked retorically.

"You won't always have preparation time..."

"And I won't always play with my prey. Your concern is appreciated, but I can handle myself." Black Zetsu retorted hastily.


"I um...I will take your advice under careful consideration. But right now, we should focus on getting this eye back where it belongs." Zetsu said, grabbing Kakashi's head by the hair and twisting it around for Obito to see the horrified expression on the head.

If Obito was disturbed by the sight of his former best friend's decapitated head, than he did very well not to show it. Of course, the mask did a good job at helping him hide his emotions too, but there were other ways for a shinobi to spot emotions from someone, and Zetsu was quite an expert at it. However, even Obito's body language didn't show anything whatsoever, and that surprised Zetsu a little.

"Very good, you did well, Zetsu. This mission will go a long way to helping us win our war against Naruto, Minato-sensei, and the elemental nations. However, I'm curious about our other objective, how did that one pan out?" Obito asked curiously.

"She's right here..." another voice called out, one exactly the same as the white half of the original zetsu, another white clone growing out of the ground with a purple haired woman carried on his shoulder.

"You're not wearing any clothes, and you're carrying an unconscious woman on your back. Do you have any idea what that looks like?" Obito asked jokingly.

"Hahaha! Well it can't be helped can it?" the clone laughed sheepishly.

"I suppose not. Anyway, what did you find out?" Tobi asked, now adopting a serious and somewhat anxious tone.

"Madara-sama was right about Tobirama Senju. He may have never been married, but he did secretly sire two branches of his bloodline, with a woman from the respected Namikaze family and a woman from the Uzuki family. Just like Madara-sama said, the second hokage had a militant and realistic view of the world, he foresore the demise of the senju clan and sort to ensure it's future through these shinobi families." the Zetsu clone said with a little admiration for the great Nidaime Hokage.

"So you're sure, she really is a senju?" Tobi asked, not skeptically, but just to re-affirm in his mind that what Zetsu said was indeed reality.

"Her chakra is consistent with the quality of the senju, but not only that, fate seems to have taken a liking to us, she has a strong water affinity and a you'll never guess what the secondary affinity she has developed is." the clone Zetsu said with a cocky smirk..

"She has an earth affinity?" Tobi asked curiously, his lone visisble eye widening slightly in surprise and a little excitement.

"You bet! This will increase the chances of the experiment's success won't it?" the clone asked excitedly.

"Yes, yes it will..." Tobi trailed off in slight disbelief, unable to believe just how everything seemed to fall into place all of a sudden.

"Still, even if the experiment worked, there is still a chance that she won't sympathise with our plans, what do we do if that happens?" Black Zetsu asked wearily.

"Hatred is not the only way to control and manipulate someone, in fact, more often than not, love does that job just as effectively, if not more so." Obito replied cryptically.

"Love? Are you planning to seduce her?" clone Zetsu asked skeptically.

"No offense Tobi, but I just don't think that is quite your forte, especially with the mask thing you have going on, and I won't even mention the scars on your face. Although, I once heard that some girls like the dark and mysterious type? Hmmm...I hope she's one of those, your seduction might work if she's really that type." the original Zetsu said with a thoughtful expression.

"There won't be any need to seduce her, she's already in love with me. She was always jealous of the attention that I gave to Rin instead of her, and she persued my affections vigorously at the time. I've seen her crying over my grave at the Konoha memorial stone a couple of times. It won't be hard to get her to be on our side. However, perhaps we should wait a while before synchronizing Hashirama's living clone into her, it might not sit well with her if we fiddle with her body without her permission." Tobi explained with a flicker of nostalgia.

'Finally! I'll be able to attain my true power soon, a power exceeding even Madara-sensei. Zetsu's military power will be enhanced when we capture the tailed beasts and I'll have Hashirama's power in Uzuki, or rather, Senju Yugao. I also have Madara-sensei's rinnegan in Nagato and the Gedo Mazo will be under my control soon. All I need now is to expand on the Akatsuki, there's a lot of talent out there, but maybe I should let Zetsu and Nagato deal with that while I handle the issue with the Uchiha-clan. Hehehe! Things are finally looking up for us...'

"Tobi...Tobi...Tobi!" Zetsu called out loudly, effectively cutting the masked enigma off from his wondering thoughts.

"Yes, what is it, Zetsu?" Tobi asked curiously.

"Should we not go now?" Zetsu asked retorically.

"Yes, let's hurry, I'm itching to get reunited with my eye." Tobi said with a dark undertone.

Three years Later: Kirigakure no Sato...

Knock knock knock

"You may enter." Naruto said quietly yet loud enough for the person on the other side of the door to hear.

The sixteen year old Kage had grown quite a lot in the last three years, both physically and mentally. He was quite tall too, now nearly six feet tall with an astonishingly toned and muscular frame, wearing only a black tight fitting but sleeveless top with a dark blue hoari with waves of water licking the bottom of his cloak, black shinobi pants, white leg-warmers and black shinobi sandals. A Kiri forehead protector can be found wrapped around his head with the metal plate protecting the forehead like its supposed to be.

"You called for me, Mizukage?" asked Terumi Mei with more than a little distaste in her tone as she barged into the office.

She is a voluptous woman of angelic beauty with ankle-length auburm hair styled in a herringbone pattern also with a top knot tied by a blue band, with two bangs crossing right above her cleavage and one completely covering her right eye. She has green eyes, ruby red lipstick and is wearing a long-sleeved dark blue dress that falls below her knees, closed at the front with a zip and kept open on the front right side from the waist down, covering up only up to the upper parts of her arms and underside of her sizeable breasts. She also has a mesh-shirt underneath that covers more of her upper body than her dress but stopping short of covering her shoulders, leaving her sizeable cleavage on display. She is also wearing a belt around her waist with a pouch attached to the left side of her back, high heeled sandals and shin guards reaching up to her knees.

Her distaste, while some of it was directed at the Fifth Mizukage, Naruto, was not entirely directed at him. Some of it, and indeed most of it was directed at Naruto's 'left' hand man, literally always found standing on Naruto's left hand side, the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, a short young man with light-grey hair, pupil-less eyes and a stitch-like scar running from under his left eye all the way down his cheek, wearing a grey shirt with the Kirigakure forehead protector attached to the front, a short sleeved mesh armour over which he is also wearing a poncho along with a tarquoise sash around his waist, paired with a green apron over his pants. Yagura was also wearing a pair of brown boots, carrying a staff-like pole weapon on his back with uneven hooks with a green flower on the larger of the hooks.

"That's Mizukage-sama to you, Mei!" said Zabuza, who was standing on the seated Mizukage's right hand side, with a dangerous undertone.

"Piss of Zabuza! Who asked for your opinion anyway?" Mei rebuked with equal intensity.

"You bitch...!"

"Mei-san, you were once leader of the rebellion forces, how would you have felt if one of your subordinates treated you the way you treat Godaime-sama? Surely you understand what kind of position you're subjecting him to. Also, Godaime-sama is trying his best to reunite the nation and make amends for his predecessors' mistakes, if an idolised figure like you can't share that same vision, what kind of influence do you think your behaviour will have on the next generation, huh, Mei-san?" Yagura asked with his regular soft spoken voice, cutting off the demon Zabuza before he could succumb to his homocidal instincts.

"I...I d-don't have to listen to a lecture from a bastard like you! What makes you think you have any right to talk about unity and peace after what you did!" the eighteen year old Mei retaliated somewhat obnoxiously.

"Mei! You know he wasn't in control of himself when that happened, it wasn't his doing, it was Uchiha Obito who destroyed Kiri! You know this better than anyone else out there!" Zabuza shouted angrily, not knowing how long he could stop himself from assaulting this, according to him, unreasonable and childish woman.

"So what! Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? He was the Mizukage for kami-sama's sake, how could he have such a weak will as to be controlled like that. If he really loved Kiri, if he really was deserving of the Mizukage title, than his love for our nation alone should have been enough to break out of such a foul genjutsu! He's just a weak willed pathetic excuse of a kage, he doesn't deserve to live. I'll never trust him again, never!" Mei exclaimed with unwavering hate and resent for the boy looking Yondaime.


"No shut up I don't want to hear your hypocrisy Zabuza! You're no different from him! You weren't even an academy student but you went and killed a whole class of graduates just for the heck of it, or maybe just for some sick ego trip to get yourself a reputation. You even take pride in that demon monicker that you got because of that incident, heck, you even brag about it to comrades and enemies alike, brag about killing all those Kiri children and destroying their futures! You make me sick!" Mei exclaimed, her breath a little raggard from her passionate tirade. To be honest, she'd wanted to say this for a long time now and they had just given her that ample opportunity by passing judgement on her, Mei had no intention of passing up such an opportunity, to her, it was about time all these pompous hypocrites were put in their place.

"Zabuza, you have no right to pass judgement on me, or any one else from Kiri for that matter. You didn't lose anything when Yagura was tearing down Kirigakure no Sato. You were alone from the start, you had no family, no real friends, nothing! I and countless others lost our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, cousins and friends. Some people even lost wives and husbands, you didn't lose anything. So don't you dare talk down to me again! If you do...I'll kill you! The same goes to you, Yagura, you spineless wimp!" Mei ended the rant with a threatening tone, a tone that left no reasonable doubt that she meant exactly what she was saying.



Neither Zabuza or Yagura had anything to say after that rant by the former leader of the rebellion forces, after all, what could they say? The way she worded it, it really did seem like they were guilty of some gross hypocrisy, everything she said seemed to fit together and even made a too much sense for them to effectively dispute. All they could do was to hold their mouths shut and bow their heads in shame, nothing less, and nothing more. An apology would probably send her off on another tirade or just plain piss her off enough for her to attack them.

"Mei, I understand where you're coming from, and I have no way of disputing your words nor do I have a reason to judge you. But remember, you're not the only one that suffered from Obito's regime, in fact, in a way, it could even be said that Yagura is the one who has suffered the most. Everyone has lost faith in him, everyone hates him, everyone outright curses him or whisper foul words behind his back when they think he can't hear them. Some people even refuse to serve him in their shops and restaurants. Kids and adults alike throw rotten foods and stones at him when he walks by, if they don't, they simply pretend he is not there and completely ignore his very existence. No one believes in him, no one forgives him, no one tries to understand him, and no one cares about him. Can you even begin to farthom what kind of burden Yagura has had to carry over the past couple of years?" Naruto asked retorically.


"Yet, Mei, Yagura has not once retaliated or even shown any hatred to the people that treat him worse than a hell spawn. He continues to be kind and caring to others. He tries his best to help everyone when he can and he continues to work diligently and ethically for a greater and peaceful future for Kiri. He continues to love Kiri and everyone in it and works hard in hopes of one day atoning for his sins, even though it was not his doing in the first place. Mei, Yagura has chosen to carry this burden so that Kiri can be united. I don't like the concept, nor do I like to think like this, but the fact of the matter is that Kiri was able to unite so soundly and so quickly because of their shared hate for Yondaime-sama. Did you know, that Yagura planned this from the start, it is the only reason he decided to carry on living, so that he can unite Kiri through their shared hatred for him. It is not a concept too foreign from the one where people say that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. In such scenarios, people who once hated each other are able to effectively work together and even form bonds in order to defeat a shared and superior enemy, just as Kiri was able to unite in their shared hatred for Yagura." Naruto explained to the utter shock and surprise of Terumi Mei.

She could honestly say that she had never once considered the situation from Yagura's perspective, nor did she know that he was living such a horrible life in Kirigakure. In fact, all this time she'd convinced herself that Yagura had gotten off very easily and the fact that he'd become the current Mizukage's 'left' hand had seemed like a reward to her rather than a punishment for his past sins.

But now, having found out just what kind of life he was living and the real reason that Naruto had spared his life, the real reason Yagura was still alive, well, she didn't know how to feel right now. She wanted to hate him, she wanted to hate Yagura so badly but at the same time she couldn't help but to sympathise with him, she even felt a kind of respect for him. Yagura it seemed had given up on life itself and only lived for Kiri and nothing else, all for the sake of his people and in order to atone for his mistakes. Heck, the guy wasn't even the Sanbi jinchuuriki anymore, she knew that much, Naruto had extracted the Sanbi and sealed it into himself. But through an experimental procedure, Yagura had been kept alive by Seishin Unohana's medical ninjutsu long enough for Naruto to seal some of the Sanbi's chakra into Yagura, turning Yagura into a pseudo sanbi jinchuuriki, whereas Naruto was the true jinchuuriki.

It was a procedure that Naruto had learned about through Furido, of course, not the Furido of this timeline, but the one from his original timeline. Furido's son, Sora, in that timeline had been made into a pseudo kyubi jinchuuriki through a process where the Kyubi's residue chakra was collected, cultivated, and eventually sealed into young Sora. And of course, the only person from this timeline that knew exactly where Naruto got the idea from was the former Demon, now Kiri priestess and Naruto's wife, Uzumaki Miroku.

"Mei, I cannot, no rather, I do not have the right to say that your views about Yagura and Zabuza are right or wrong. It is like you said, I didn't lose anything, or at least, not as much as you and everyone else did during Obito's regime, but, how do we break this cycle of hatred and move on to a better future for ourselves and more importantly, for our loved ones and our people? How do we attain peace for Kiri and her children? How are we to ensure that the mistakes of the past don't ever repeat themselves again? These are the questions we need to ask and answer ouselves on a daily basis as leaders and idols for our people and the up and coming generation. I can't order you to forgive Yagura, nor can I even ask you to forgive him, but at the very least, don't you think we should work together to protect and empower our people, after all, we shinobi are expected to live a life of self-sacrife for the sake of our loved ones." Naruto pleaded with a soft, caring and sage-like tone.

'H-He's right, my behaviour has been nothing but petulant and self-centred, not to mention disruptive to Naruto-kun's vision for a strong and united Kirigakure. I've been ignorant of everyone else's troubles and sufferings and I have failed to see the bigger picture. I don't really have to like Yagura or forgive him for that matter, I...I just have to put my hatred and resentment aside and focus on helping those who really need my help, I just need to focus on our mission and vision for a better Kiri, I have to do it for our descendants.' Mei thought with regret.

"Fine, you've made your point. I will take responsibility and do the right thing, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it, and it certainly doesn't make us friends or anything like that. I'm simply doing this for Kiri and her people. Do we understand each other?" Mei challenged, staring down each and every man inside the room without a shred of fear in her eyes, all three men extremely powerful in their own right and capable of ending her life in a shinobi battle, although, it could be said that she was also capable of ending each of their lives in a one on one battle as well.

"That's good enough for me, I'm so glad, I couldn't ask any more of you than that. Thank you, Mei." Naruto said with a small smile, pure joy and excitement clearly visble in his eyes, causing Mei to blush involuntarily.

'Kuso! Why does he make me feel like this, I hate him!' Mei thought to herself in frustration.

"Tche, whatever!" Mei said with a snobish attitude, averting her eyes away from the blonde's enticing cerulean orbs to hide her embarrassment.

"Hn, in any case, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about Mei. Zabuza, Yagura, you already know about my plans, you don't have to stick around for this part of the conversation, in fact, I would actually like to have a private conversation with Mei-chan." Naruto said, subtly but at the same time not so subtly dismissing his body guards.

"Alright, but please don't hesitate to call on us if you need anything, Godaime-sama." Yagura humbly requested.

"Don't worry too much my friend, just enjoy yourself for a while, you too, Zabuza-sensei." Naruto said with a wave of the hand, waiting patiently as his two elite guards left the office before resuming his conversation with KIri's fiery godess.

"What was so important that you wanted to talk to me about?" Mei asked impatiently.

"There's a Kage's summit in The Land of Iron in a month's time. A maximum of four body guards per Kage is required, I want you to come with me to the summit as one of my body guards." Naruto requested of the voluptous former rebel leader, causing her eyes to widen slightly in surprise.

"Y-you want me to be one of your guards? But why? Why me?" Mei asked with a confused expression.

"Why not?" Naruto retorted with a raised eyebrow, an amused expression displayed on his facial features.

"You know I hate you right?" Mei asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, however, the flash of sadness that passed through the blonde Uzumaki's eyes almost made her want to take back her words, but it was already too late for that as it vanished from his eyes so fast that she doubted it was even there in the first place. Still, she couldn't help but to feel a little guilty, she knew he'd obviously heard her and she had no doubt that she didn't imagine the sadness in his eyes.

'Tche! Why the hell should I feel guilty, Bastard wasn't even here for me when my family was killed, he was out there travelling the world and getting married to other women while I waited for him like an idiot! He doesn't deserve my sympathy!' Mei thought stubbornly.

"I know that I'm not one of your favorite people, but remember, you promised that you would put your feelings aside for the sake of the village, I don't expect you to break that promise." Naruto said with a stoic expression, causing Mei to almost flinch at the sudden coldness coming from the man she once thought of as her future husband and love of her life, a man whose guts she now hated with a passion, or so she told herself.

"Don't you dare insult my intergrity! Remember, you're the one that couldn't keep your dick inside your pants." Mei retorted rudely, causing the blonde Uzumaki to release an audible sigh at the red haired beauty's persistent, albeit justified rudeness.

"Okay, I guess I deserve that. You're right, I have no right to lecture you about promises, not especially after breaking one of the most sacred promises that I made to you. I sacrificed what we had together in order to secure Kiri's future, to secure powerful allies that would help us stand at the top of the shinobi world once again. It's okay, you can throw all of your hate at me, I will carry that burden for the rest of my existence if I have to, as long as you're safe, as long as you can have a chance at a happy and peacful life, it is worth it..."Naruto trailed off with unwavering conviction.

"I love you, Mei, no matter how much you hate me, I will always care about you. I am married to two wonderful and powerful women, initially, it was only to secure an alliance, but I have fallen in love with them too. I can't possibly expect you to accept something like that, and I won't ask you to. I just hope that you will find someone who will give you the happiness you deserve." Naruto said with a heavy heart.

"Naruto...you...you bastard!" Mei exclaimed furiously, the red haired beauty quickly and violently removing the obstacle standing between her and the love of her life, grabbing and throwing the Mizukage's desk against the side wall aggressively before slapping the pride out of the Uzumaki's face, a loud and resounding slapping sound echoeing around the Mizukage's office.

To say Naruto was caught off guard and surprised would be a gross understatement, the blonde Uzumaki, one known as the fastest shinobi in Kirigakure with the most insane reflexes ironically unable to react in time as he found himself falling smack on his back along with his chair. However, the blonde didn't even last a second in that position, quickly righting himself and landing on his feet once again in anticipation of a follow up attack.

"M-Mei-chan...what are you...?"

"Shut up! You...you arrogant bastard! I'm sick and tired of this shit! Why can't you just apologise properly, huh! Why can't you go down on your knees and beg for my forgiveness? Do you really think that I'm that short-sighted? Do you really think that I don't understand why you did what you did? That I, as a leader of men, would not be able to comprehend the sacrifices required for the prosperity of our country! You...you fool!" Mei exclaimed furiously, grabbing the blonde Uzumaki by the scruff of the kneck while delivering another powerful slap to the face.


"Shut up! I'm not finished yet!" Mei demanded.


"All I wanted from you was for you to show a little remorse, a little regret, and give me a proper apology. Instead, all you did was to continue to try and justify yourself with stupid explanations, you didn't even fight to preserve what we had, you just gave up like the cowardly dog that you are!" Mei exclaimed with tears of anger, pain, and sadness falling rapidly from her eyes.

"..." Naruto was too stunned to master a single vowel or consonant for that matter, honestly, he didn't have any idea what he could say now to make things better.

The blonde Uzumaki had just assumed that Mei would never forgive him for betraying her like he did. And even if she did, he didn't think that she would still want a relationship with him considering the fact that he was now married to two women, and even had a three year old daughter with one of them, a daughter who was next in line to become the next priestess of Kiri. All this time, he had tried to put himself in her shoes, and when he thought about it, if Mei had become the Mizukage, and married another man to secure an alliance, he didn't think that he'd be able to continue his relationship with her under those conditions. He would without a doubt end the romantic side of their relationship and settle for just being friends, or maybe even some kind of sibling type of relationship. He just never thought that his ability to empathise with others would prove to be such a double edged sword.

"Well, I can't help that I'm in love with you, and it is because of that love that I can't watch you become a cowardly dog any longer. You will swallow your pride, go down on your knees..." Mei said as she forced the blonde Uzumaki to kneel in front of her with a firm grip on his hair.

"...and poor your heart out to me, you will beg for my forgiveness and tell me exactly how much you love me. You will ask for my hand in marriage like you promised you would on your return, and you will marry me. I won't allow you to break your promise, I love you too much to allow you to become that kind of man." Mei ordered with an air of authority.

'Kuso...this is so embarrassing. How did I get myself into this! The guys must never find out about this, especially Mangetsu, I would just die if he found out about this!' Naruto thought regretfully, placing his forehead on the floor as he prepared to 'poor his heart out' to the red haired Terumi clan heiress.

'I must never allow myself to be in this position again!' The blonde jinchuuriki thought with determination and conviction even as he placed his head on the floor in an uncharacteristically submissive position, all for the sake of earning forgiveness from one of the most precious people in his life.

'The things we do for love...' Naruto thought before pooring his heart out to the red haired godess.

Konohagakure no Sato: Uchiha Clan Compound...

Knock knock knock...

"Coming!" Uchiha Mikoto exclaimed with forced enthusiasm as she went to open the front the door. She is a beautiful, voluptous woman with long, straight raven hair and dark eyes, wearing a simple but beautiful black dress, a dress hugging her hourglass figure. Opening the door, Mikoto was able to see, just as expected, that the two people on the other side of the door were her former best friend, Uzumaki Kushina, and her husband, Namikaze Minato, two people that, while she didn't really hate, couldn't bring herself to like anymore, they were now, whether they knew it or not, her enemies, her clan's enemies.

"Hello, Kushina, Hokage-sama." Mikoto greeted with a forced smile.

Namikaze Minato was dressed like his usual self, wearing the standard Jonin uniform along with his white coat with flame mortifs licking the bottom edges and the kanji for 'Fourth' on inscribed on the back. Mikoto, looking at his handsome and boyish facial features, couldn't help but wonder once again what could have been. Minato was the man that she once loved the most, but he always had eyes only for her best friend, Kushina, and she, Mikoto, as the clan heiress, was forced into an arranged marriage with, at the time, the strongest Uchiha in the clan, Fugaku. Her life was full of short comings and underachivements, largely due to the existence of her friend, Kushina. Mikoto was positive that she could have forced through an arranged marriage between herself and Minato if it wasn't for the fact that Kushina had married him, at such a young age. The clan would have wanted to attain the Fourth Hokage's kinjutsu and bloodline to strengthen themselves, she was sure of it.

However, things panned out very differently, perhaps for the best. She had two wonderful and talented sons, of which she was sure would one day become powerful enough to overthrow the current Hokage, if not individually, than at least together. There was also Uchiha Shishui, a prodigy not seen in the clan since Uchiha Madara and his brother, Uchiha Izuna. The time would come for the Uchiha clan to reclaim its rightful place, they just had to be patient and deligent about it.

"Mikoto-chan, how are you?" Kushina asked, also with a forced smile. She was wearing blue dress, also hugging her houglass figure with one side seperated in a way that shows her left thigh and allows for better movement, while Mikoto's dress had short sleeves, hers was completely sleeveless with a zipper at the back and her cleevage the only things holding the dress in place.

"I'm fine thank you, and how are you two?" Mikoto asked formerly.

"Hehe, we're just happy to share a dinner with friends, with Minato-kun's job, we barely get a chance to visit our loved ones." Kushina said with a happy smile.

"You should come in, you've been here before, so you can lead yourselves to the dinning room. I'll call Itachi and Sasuke quickly." Mikoto said with cold eyes, causing Kushina to lose the light in her eyes, trying and failing to keep the smile on her facial features, the stab of rejection penetrating her heart painfully, causing Minato to frown with concern. He didn't like to see his Kushi-chan sad, he wasn't a violent person, well, for a shinobi at least, but he always felt like brutally hurting anyone who made his wife feel any kind of pain. However, he would have to contain himself for the evening, he could just imagine what a blow his reputation would take if he assualted the matriah of the Uchiha clan, not to mention the political backlash of such an act.

'Danzo, Homura, Koharu, Hiruzen, do the four of you have any idea what you've done? A civil war is inevitable now, the three of you have planted the seed of war on healthy soil, it will grow very rapidly, in fact, it has already started blooming.' Minato thought as he was escorted by his wife to the dinner table, Kushina, having visited Mikoto many times in thier youth, already knowing the house inside out, Mikoto on the other hand making her way to Sasuke and Itachi's room quietly.

Two Hours Later...

"So, Hokage-sama, not that we haven't enjoyed your company, but don't you think it is about time you told us the real reason for your visit?" Fugaku asked bluntly, now adopting a serious expression laced with a healthy dose of suspision.

Fugaku is a man with black hair, slightly long hair reaching up to just above his shoulders and black eyes, with manly, stern facial features. Wearing dark blue kimomo with the Uchiha symbol on the back, black ninja pants, and black ninja sandals.

"What makes you think there's a real reason? Our wives are best friends, Kushina-chan wanted to catch up and meet her god sons. Is that such a bad thing?" Minato asked retorically.

"God sons...?" Fugaku trailed off suspiciously,giving his wife a questioning glare with the corner of his right eye.

"We agreed that we would take care of each other's descendants should anything ever happen to either one of us. It was a promise we made to each other as naive teenagers who didn't really know much about the cruelty of the real world." Mikoto explained calmly but brutally, causing even the eight year old Itachi to flinch slightly at his mother's harsh words.

Itachi is boy with black hair tied in a small pony tail behind his back with two bangs falling down the sides of his face, black eyes, and tear-like markings running from his eyes downwards, wearing grey pants, brown sandals, and a black shirt with a turtleneck collar and the Uchiha symbol at the back.

Itachi may have been young, but he was not stupid, far from it actually, after all, even at the age of eight, he had already awakened and mastered a three tamoe sharingan and already earned the title of chuunin. As a result, in terms of intellect, he was far more advanced than his peers. It was easy for him to tell that there was something horribly wrong with regards to relations between the Uchiha clan and the Hokage, and it was easy for him, just like it was for Kushina and Minato, to decipher the subtle meaning behind Mikoto's words. In a way, Mikoto was telling Uzumaki Kushina that they were no longer friends, and that she would not except the responsibilty of becoming Natsumi's godmother, neither was she offering the position to Kushina for Sasuke and Itachi himself. Even the three year old Uchiha Sasuke knew that something was simply not right here, although he didn't have any idea what it could be really. All he knew was that his mother and father were acting strange.

Kushina would have broken down into tears if it wasn't for her shinobi training and the need to keep up appearances. She didn't want to accept it, but it could not have been clearer to her than it was now. Her sibling in everything but blood was disowning her and wanted nothing to do with her. As a jinchuuriki, rejection was a very sensitive issue, it was every jinchuuriki's worst nightmare and it hurt ten times more for a jinchuuriki than it did for a normal person. However, because she had dealt with it her entire life, it also made her strong enough not to let it overwhelm her, especially now that she had a loving husband and a beautiful daughter to love and cherish.

"Alright. There is no real reason for visiting, as both reasons are of equal importance to us. But there was another reason..." Minato said with a poker face, simply refusing to show any form of weakness to what he now knew for a sure was an enemy.

"And that would be?" Fugaku asked retorically.

"There is going to be a kage summit in exactly a month from now. The maximum that a kage can bring is four bodyguards. Right now, I have three bodyguards that have already agreed to accompany me. Those are Jiraiya-sensei, Kushi-chan, and Hyuga Hiashi. I am short of one body guard..." Minato trailled off suggestively.

"A sannin, an Uzumaki, and a Hyuga...? You want to display the power of Konoha in order to ward off any attempts on yourself and Konoha as a whole by showing off our most powerful and prestigious clans. You want an Uchiha as the fourth member of your team...its a brilliant plan, Hokage-sama." an impressed Itachi commended.

"Heh, so you were able to see the real intention behind my choices, you have a good mind, Itachi-kun. You know, I don't have a student anymore, and I don't have a successor either. Are you by any chance interested in the title, Itachi-kun?" Minato asked curiously.

'It's clear now that there is no chance of salvaging anything with the older generation. But perhaps something can be done for the young ones. Besides, Itachi is only eight years old and he has already made chunnin, and I've only heard words of praise and admiration from his comrades thus far. It would not be a bad idea to have someone of his calibre on my side.' Minato thought.

"Are you offering to take me on as a student, Hokage-sama?" Itachi asked curiously.

"Well, I'd like us to have that talk first, I will make my decision depending on how that goes. As the Hokage, I have many responsibilties, even if I take you in, I might not be able to be as active as a sensei as others are with their students, however, I can still help in one way or another." Minato replied.

"Sounds good to me. Thank you for this opportunity, Hokage-sama." Itachi said with a small bow of the head.

'Minato, what are you up to...?' Mikoto thought wearily.

'Hehehehe! What an idiot, I could not have asked for a better situation for us. I've been wondering how to go about planting a spy into the enemy ranks, to think that the Hokage himself would give me such an opportunity with open arms...? It almost sounds too good to be true!' Fugaku thought happily.

"Ahem, anyway, I accept your offer, I will become your fourth bodyguard." Fugaku said with a cocky smirk.

'If all goes well, I might even be able to pass on a message to the Tsuchikage Onoki. It will be difficult to gain control of Konoha with Minato and a perfect jinchuuriki like Kushina leading their ranks. There's also Danzo and Hiruzen to think about, and even that Jiraiya. If I can get someone to attack from the outside while we attack from within, our chances could increase exponentially. If Onoki doesn't refuse us, I could even get him to convince the raikage to join our cause.' Fugaku thought giddily.

"Actually, I was going to ask you to give your blessing for me to take Uchiha Shishui as my fourth bodyguard." Minato said with an exterior poker face, however, adopting a mental smirk as well.

'Serves you right you pompous assholes!' Minato thought when he saw the shocked, embarrassed, and pissed off expression on Fugaku's and Mikoto's face. He also didn't miss Uchiha Sasuke's attempts to contain his laughter and embarrassment, nor did he miss the small smile on Itachi's.

'Minato-kun, nice one dattebane!" Kushina thought with a vengeful but joyful heart.

"W-what is the meaning of this, Minato?" Fugaku asked with barely contained rage.

"That's Hokage-sama to you, Fugaku-san." Kushina said with narrowed eyes.


"It's simple, after me, Shishui is the fastest shinobi in the village next to Kushina in her nine-tailed cloak. The aim here is to use combination attacks at unreadable speeds to deal with any potential attacks against us. Also, Shishui is the best genjutsu user in the elemental nations, not only will he will be able to protect us from genjutsu attacks, but his genjutsu offensive abilities will give us an overwhelming advantage over the enemy. He is simply the best choice whichever way you look at it." Minato explained calmly.

"..." Fugaku was left completely speechless, it was embarrassing and even degrading that the Hokage chose the Hyuga clan head to join his bodyguard forces but a mere sixteen year old from the Uchiha clan instead of him, the clan head. However, there was no logical counter that Fugaku could bring up against Minato's analysis, nor was there any reasonable justification that he could present to accuse Minato of undermining his clan head status. As much as he felt insulted, Fugaku knew that there was nothing he could do but to accept the Hokage's decision. It wasn't even like he could refuse him anyway, the Hokage's request was a mere gesture of friendship and courtesy, Minato didn't really need his permission to take Shishui with him.

Bearing that in mind, Fugaku found that he had no choice but to submit to the Hokage's will, even if he felt like nothing less than throwing the Hokage and his wife to hell and out of his house. However, it didn't really matter that much in the long run, Shishui was one of the most loyal members of the Uchiha clan, he would just have to deligate his objectives to the Uchiha prodigy, that was the only thing he could do now anyway.

"Fine, I will be sure to inform Shishui of this most honourable duty that has been bestowed upon him. I'm sure he will be very pleased...his father would have been proud." Fugaku answered stiffly.

"Thank you for your co-operation, Fugaku-san. It's quite late though, Natsumi-chan is probably worried sick about us. We will take our leave now, thank you for the wonderful dinner." Minato said as he and his wife stood up in preparation to depart from the Uchiha residence, their hands linked together affectionately, showing the love and unity between the members of the Uzumaki family.

"You know the way out." Mikoto snapped as she got up and left the room ubruptly, however, not before staring at the two intertwined hands of the couple with a strange expression. Fugaku on the other hand didn't say anything, simply staring at the two and waiting patiently for them to make their way out of his damn house.

"I will see you soon, Hokage-sama." Itachi said with a respectful bow before walking out of the room with little Sasuke in hand, the young, innocent Uchiha waving his hand happily at the couple before disappearing around the corner.


Kage Summit: One Month Later...

"Aaarg! Where the hell is the Mizukage! How dare he make me wait for so long!" The Raikage, Ei, exclaimed furiously.

The Raikage is a large, tall man with the muscles of a body builder and brown skin, with a hulking physique and blonde, pushed back hair, wearing a belt around his waist with a large, gold coloured buckle with the face of a warthog inscribed on the buckle, blue shinobi pants and sandals, and nothing on his upper body but the Raikage's cloak and gold bracers on his lower arms.

Behind him were four of his body guards, his younger brother, the eigh tails jinchuuriki, Killer Bee, a young man with a similar physique to the Raikage himself and even a similar hairstyle, the main differences being that his brother wore black sunglasses, a white scalf around his neck, and the standard white, one strap armour of Kumo over his upper body, also carrying seven swords on his back.

The Raikage's second bodyguard was the sixteen year old jinchuuriki of the two tails, Nii Yugito. A young woman of godess like beauty, with long, silky blonde hair tied in a long pony tail and blue, cat-like eyes. She is a woman with a voluptous, feline like figure, wearing a purple top with the standard kumo armour on top, black gloves, black, tight fitting shinobi pants, and black ninja sandals. She also has a sword strapped to her back and kunai pouch strapped to her left thigh.

Behind her was Dodai, a man who was the third Raikage's assistant and tag-team partner before Ei took on that responsibility, with stern facial features, short, dark coloured, and spiky hair obscured by a stylized shinobi forehead protector in the form of a military hat and a small goatie. He is also wearing an eyepatch over his left eye with the kanji for lightning inscribed on it and the standard shinobi outfit of Kumo.

Next to him was Mabui, currently holding the position of Raikage's assistant, a beautifull woman with silver coloured hair and chocolate brown skin, wearing a grey two piece outfit with a short skirt and black shorts underneath the skirt, with the the standard kumo armour worn above her short sleeved top.

"Still such an unruly child, even as the Raikage. Hn, kids have no manners nowadays." Onoki said snidely, adopting an amused smirk with mischief dancing in his eyes, the effect being the laughter of his own bodyguard entourage, an entourage consisting of his son, Kitsuchi, Gari of the Exposive Release, and, standing in front of those two, the two jinchuuriki of Iwa, Roshi of the four tails, and Han of the five tails, all four men with incredibly muscular physique, even Gari, the smallest of the Tsuchikage's bodyguards.

'What dispicable looking men, they all look like a gang of thugs, the Tsuchikage included.' Mabui thought with disgust.

"I'd watch my mouth if I were you, Onoki. I'm not afraid to kill you after you betrayed the old man!" The Raikage threatened.

"Now now, don't be so short-sighted, Raikage. I made your father into a legend. Your father fought 10 000 of my men, and only less than a thousand returned home alive. I gave him a worthy death for a shinobi, wrote his name into shinobi folklore. You should show me a little more gratitude." The Tsuchikage, Onoki, said with a sinister and mischievious smirk.

"Why you...!"

"Enough!" Minato, the Hokage, exclaimed furiously, releasing enough dose of killing intent and chakra that even some parts of the room started cracking and falling apart, instantly silencing and freezing everyone in the summit in their place.

"This is not a shinobi academy playground, your behaviour is belittling the title of kage. Show a little respect for the title will you? If you can't do that, than at least show a little self-respect and stop dragging your names in the mud." Minato said with an intense and malicious gaze, almost as if scolding a bunch of children in a classroom.




'What a strong chakra and aura, if it wasn't obvious before, than it is definitely obvious now. Namikaze Minato is of direct descent to the Senju clan, probably that bastard Tobirama's heir, or grand heir. And he has taken that troublesome Hiraishin technique to a level far beyond Tobirama ever could have.' Onoki thought furiously, however choosing to remain silent for now.

Onoki would never admit it in a million years, but he was scared of the young Namikaze, his chakra alone was enough to warrant caution and his abilities and intelligence were something from nightmares. Also, the boy reminded him too much of Tobirama, so much so that Onoki had ordered his armies to retreat as soon as he'd heard of the Fourth Hokage's exploits in the third shinobi war. Onoki didn't think that he was completely outmatched, he was powerful in his own right and had bags more experience than the kid. However, the possibility of losing and dying was too high for him to take the risk. Minato's entourage was no piece of cake either. Jiraiya of the legendary sannin, Uzumaki Kushina the red devil and perfect jinchuuriki of the fox spirit, Shunshin no Uchiha Shishui, the best genjutsu practitioner in the elemental nations, and Hyuga Hiashi, the clan head of the clan possessing the deadly all-seeing byakugan. Attacking this man or Konoha in fact was a risk too great to take, there was a lot to lose and the chance of losing was too great. However, Onoki was confident that his own strength and reputation, and that of his entourage would also ward off the Hokage from throwing the first punch.If anything, the gap between the Kumo, Konoha, and Kumo entourage was not very big, all three contingents possessed an overwhelming level of skill and power, enough to keep them away from attacking each other needlessly.

'Right now, the weakest of the big five are Suna and Kiri. However, Suna is off limits because of their recent alliance treaty to Konoha.' Onoki thought with a glance at the fourth Kazekage and his entourage, an entourage consisting of Baki the Wind Blade, Pakura of the Scorch Release, puppeteer and medical expert, Lady Chiyo, and lastly, the three year old Shukaku's jinchuuriki, Sabaku no Gaara.

'The Yondaime Kazekage is the only one with the ability to restrain Shukaku, he must have brought the kid with him because he was afraid that Suna would be destroyed if Shukaku broke lose in his absence.' Onoki theorized.

"Thank you for your co-operation, Raikage-dono, Tsuchikage-dono. Hokage-dono, I appreciate your assitance, however, you will have to pay for the damages that your efforts have caused to the building. I hope this won't be a problem for you, Hokage-dono..." Mifune trailed off with a threatening undertone, causing the Raikage and the Tsuchikage to smirk at the Hokage's scolding at the hands of the emperor of Iron Country.

"Ummm...hehehe! Well, I guess I have no choice but to pay it up." Minato replied with a goofy smile while scratching the back of his head with a nervous laugh.

'Hehe! Even he isn't brave or stupid enough to defy Iron Country's emperor.' The Raikage Ei thought with a triumphant smirk.

And it was true, none of the five kage, even with their powerful military forces would dare to attack Iron Country. Iron Country was bigger than the five great nations combined with a samurai force twice as big in numbers. No matter how powerful you were, no one was strong enough to take out a well trained and organised force of that size alone. It would probably take the combined efforts of Kumo, Konoha, and Iwa to defeat them, nations that would probably never be able to put their differences aside long enough to form an effective alliance, or so the Raikage thought.

"I will hold you to your word than, Hokage-dono." Mifune said, now adopting a more respectful tone.

"Of course, Mifune-sama." Minato replied with a respectful bow.

'Heh, it's funny how something as small and insignificant as a smile can help someone to avoid trouble.' Jiraiya thought with a small shake of the head.

"In any case, we've been waiting for three hours now, it doesn't seem like the Mizukage will be able to join us today. We will therefore proceed without him..." Mifune broke off mid-sentence, quickly grabbing the hilt of his sword and preparing for battle, along with everyone else in the room, as a the very fabric of space itself tore open in a manner reminiscent of a slashed throat in the area in front of Kiri's flag and behind the Mizukage's seat.

'That jutsu...it's him!' Minato thought with wide eyes.

'That chakra and that justu...I can't believe it, Naruto-kun! What is he doing here?' Kushina thought with a combination of emotions, nervousness, happiness, and excitement at the forefront of those emotions.

"Hokage! Tell me this is another one of your space-time ninjutsu?" The Raikage asked wearily.

"The chakra coming from the jutsu is powerful, but it's not his." Yugito said with an intense and weary expression, her body positioned in a cat like battle stance in anticipation of a possible battle to come.

"Please be at ease, fellow Kages, Mifune-sama. It is only I, the Mizukage and my entourage, we mean you no harm." a young voice from inside the portal reverberated around the room.

'That voice, it sounds deeper, and older, but I'd recognise it anywhere! It's him, it's really him!' Kushina thought happily.

"N-Naruto-kun, is that you?" Kushina shouted out with a voice full of joy and hope.

'Naruto...?' Jiraiya thought suspiciously.

"Yes...yes it is I. It's been a long time, Kushina-sama." Naruto said with a voice full of amusement and delight as well, still speaking from within the dark space-time dimension.

"Naruto? Who is this Naruto, Uzumaki-dono?" Mifune asked curiously.

"He is...well..."

"I will introduce myself formerly and appropriately soon enough, Mifune-dono, when you and everyone else lower your guard and have assured me that neither you or any of the other Kages will attack us without provocation." Naruto cut in smoothly.

"Uzumaki-dono? You and this man seem to have some kind of relationship. Is he a man we can trust?" Mifune asked curiously.

"He saved my life once before, he is a noble man, you can definitely trust him." Kushina said with a voice full of admiration.

"You haven't changed at all have you, Kushina-sama, still such a pure hearted angel." Naruto said from within the dark abyss, causing Kushina to blush furiously.

"Hokage-dono, is this true?" Mifune asked skeptically.

"Yes. If it wasn't for this man, Kushina-chan might have been dead right now, we might both have been dead. Trust is a strong word in the shinobi world, but this man deserves the benefit of the doubt." The Hokage replied with a grave tone, shocking everyone in the room, Jiraiya included with his words, no one quite able to believe that this mysterious man could possibly be that powerful, enough so that the boogyman-like Fourth Hokage, the man with a flee on sight order on his head, would attribute his continued existence to him.

'Minato, what have you been hiding from me?' Jiraiya thought irritably.

Oh how he hated being left out of the loop, not only did it just generally piss him off, but it was bad for his reputation as a spymaster to be left out of any big secret. If no one told him, he was supposed to find out all on his own, it pissed him off when he had not so much as a clue as to what people were talking about, especially people who were that close to him.

"Fair enough, everyone, lower your weapons and return to your positions. It is the only way we will be able to confirm that this man is really the Mizukage or not." Mifune ordered.

The other kage did not hesitate to return to their seats, neither did their body guards waste anytime returning to their positions and sheathing their weapons, not because they trusted this mysterious individual or anything, but because the damn suspense was too much to take anymore, frankly, it was killing them.

"Alright, your wish has been granted Naruto-dono, now please come forth and show yourself." Mifune said calmly.

"Of course, Mifune-dono." Naruto said as he walked to the edge of the portal, standing at the edge for only a second before jumping down onto the floor, right next to his seat.

"Good afternoon, everyone. For those of you that know not of me, I am the Godaime Mizukage, Uzumaki Naruto." The blonde Uzumaki said with a respectful bow of the head.

"B-but, you're just a kid, you can't possibly be any older than I am!" Yugito exclaimed with an incredulous expression, pointing a shaky and accusing finger at the blonde Uzumaki.

"Nevermind that, take a closer look at him, Yugito! Doesn't he kind of look like the Fourth Hokage." Mabui said with an equally shocked expression.

"You have no idea how many times I've heard that, Mabui-san." Naruto said with a playful smile, almost causing the two kunoichi to flinch at his razor sharp, shark-like teeth.

"Y-you...how do you know my name?" Mabui asked suspiciously.

"I know a lot of things, I am the Mizukage after all." Naruto said as he put his Kage hat on the table.

"Uzumaki Naruto? That can't possibly be your real name, you don't look anything like an Uzumaki!" Onoki accused with a suspicious glare.

"I can assure you that I am indeed an Uzumaki, you can even ask Hokage-dono and Kushina-sama, they will varify everything for you." Naruto said casually, causing everyone to stare at the husband and wife expectantly.

"It is true, Mizukage-dono is without a doubt an Uzumaki." Minato answered with a tense expression.

"Naruto-kun is my biological cousin, he is an Uzumaki without a doubt." Kushina said with a confident smile.

"Hmmm...fine, however, last time I checked, Yagura, the Sanbi Jinchuuriki was the Mizukage. Where is he now?" Ei demanded.

"Yondaime-sama huh, well, I left him back home in Kiri, he's watching over the village in my absence." Naruto replied simply.

"We need more evidence, wearing a Kiri forehead protector and carrying a Kage's hat is not enough evidence that you really are the Mizukage. At least, if you had come here with your entourage, we would be able to discern by their identities and their testimonies if you really are the Mizukage." The Kazekage said.

'He brought a three year old Gaara to a summit...I'd be angry if I didn't understand his reasons. But his is, all things considered, the right call. He is after all the only one that can restrain Shukaku, he has to be close to Gaara at all times.' Naruto thought as soon as he saw the site of a young Gaara standing next to the Kazekage.

"My entourage is here with me, let me introduce them to you. My newly wedded wife, Uzumaki Terumi Mei." Naruto said theotrically, with the seductive redhead jumping out of the portal and landing on the blonde's right hand side, causing everyone to stare at the couple in disbelief.

"Yondaime-sama's cousin, and rokubi jinchuuriki, Utakata." Naruto said as Utakata jumped out of the portal to land on his left side.

"Second seat in the Shinobi Swordsmen of the Mist and wielder of the great evil sword Samehada, Hozuki Mangetsu. Also known as the Water Monster Of Kiri and the tailless bijuu." Naruto said, Hozuki Mangetsu jumping out of the portal and landing a short distance next to Mei.

"Hello there, everyone!" Mangetsu waved casually, smiling mischieviously at the group of powerful warriors in their own right, showing off his razor sharp shark-like teeth in the process. He still wore the same old outfit, the only difference being that he now carried Samehada on his back, no longer a wielder of the Hiramekei or the Nubari, although the swords were still in his posession.

"What happened to Hoshigaki Kisame? I thought that he was the wielder of Samehada?" Onoki asked with eyes narrowed in curiosity and suspition.

"He had some loyalty issues, and so we took care of him. You won't be hearing from him again, ever!" Naruto said with a dark undertone.

"Did you do the deed yourself?" The raikage, Ei, asked curiously.

'Trying to gauge my strength I see, hn, nice try, raikage.' Naruto thought.

"Of course not. Some of the perkes of being a Kage are that you have the authority to get other people to do your job for you." Naruto said jokingly.

"If you were not the one who killed Kisame, than who did?" The Yondaime Kazekage asked with a veil of apathy.

"How interesting that you should ask that, that person happens to be the one guard of mine that I have yet to introduce. Everyone, meet my last but not least body guard, Hiruko of the fuingan, also the honorary member and clan head of the Bishiteki clan." Naruto anounced as a short man with a long, white cloak, long white hair tied in a pony tail, and red glowing eyes, jumped out of the than still open portal, which closed up and disappeared as soon as he was out.

"I don't believe it, Hiruko...!" Jiraiya exclaimed in surprise.

"Hello, Jiraiya...!" Hiruko said with a sinister smirk behind his high collared cloak

End Chapter

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Black Zetsu however, seems like the logical and intelligent type. The type that plans many steps ahead and sets everything up before he aproaches his opponent.

He does have more jutsu and history knowledge than white Zetsu, I know that much. The battle between Sasuke and Itachi was enough for me to conclude this. Black Zetsu knew what the Totsuka Blade and Yata Mirror was whereas White Zetsu had no idea what it was. This leads me to believe that they don't always stay glued together and probably spend half their time seperated, or maybe it's because Black Zetsu has Madara's will, maybe that means that some knowledge is passed on as well, I don't know.

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With the Yugao thing, try to imagine that Tobi knew about her in canon too, but was unwilling or found it unneccessary to bring her into his circle of plans. But now that Naruto has interfered and his plans have been ruined, he is going all out to make the best of a bad situation. Minato is alive and Naruto is a threat, so he is a little desperate but more determined than ever.

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Namikaze Minato. Ok even in canon this wouldn't be farfetched at all. They kinda look alike, they both have FTG, they both have the same tracking technique, and they are both strong sensor types (Minato was able to sense Naruto from another country and was even able to identify the difference in his chakra, hence concluding that he was using BM mode and Tobirama sensed Madara from the same distance at the same time). I believe he's a senju, or has some relation to them. But anyway, that's how it is here.

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