A/N: I haven't forgotten about my other story...I've started a new job that has sapped my energy. This may or may not be a one-shot. It all depends on the plot bunnies that stalk me at night. Obviously in this fic Aang is not cannon age..I place him at about 16.

Aang knows what he's doing is wrong but it's not like he can stop himself; not like she would let him. The back of Azula's head hits the wall harder than he intends but it draws a gasp from those painted lips that Aang wants to hear again. Sharp nails dig into his arms seeking leverage, trying to gain the upper hand but he knows what makes Azula weak. The tearing of her shirt and under bindings sparks uncertainty in those golden eyes even as he presses her more fully against the wall dwarfing her with his larger frame.

Azula struggles against him. She always does. The Princess must keep up appearances that she went down fighting, whether it's for her own sense of propriety or her father's he isn't sure. Aang is content to play along even though the fingertip bruises on her pale skin never fail to make him cringe inwardly afterward.

Here, now, with her back against the wall, trapped between the unforgiving stone and an unyielding Avatar, Azula looks up at him with wild golden eyes and a crimson streak of blood smeared across her cheek. His gray eyes focus on the bruised and already swollen lip.

A bit of blood never stops Azula. "What are you waiting for?" She taunts him breathlessly, even as she arches against him pressing ample bare breasts against the heated skin of his chest.

Sliding his hand between them, Aang pulls at the belt around the waist of her pants. "Stop wearing such complicated clothing." It's a struggle to speak at all with the Fire Nation Princess wrapping herself around him.

Winding her arms around his neck, she pushes up on her tip toes to kiss him. Azula is tall but Aang easily looms over her. Her kisses taste of blood but this is nothing new; every time they come together one of them always walks away with a myriad of injuries.

Unsteady hands rip the silk fabric of her pants in his haste and he pays little heed to the strangled sound she makes in disapproval. He drives all thoughts of her ruined wardrobe out of her mind when he braces one hand on the rock wall behind her and lifts her up with his other. Long legs wrap around his waist and she lets out a hiss of pleasure as she sinks down onto him.

It's frantic, and it's rushed, and why do they never seem to have enough time to really enjoy this.

As he thrusts into Azula's warm pliable body she makes soft sounds with smirking red lips. At any time they could be caught and Aang wonders just how he would explain it to his friends. Her friends could catch them he supposes but he's sure Azula would turn on him in an instant and go on the attack.

Azula growls in frustration, arching her back, as she seeks a different angle. Aang takes the hint pushing away from the rock wall. He doesn't break contact as he lays her down on the pile of discarded clothes strewn on the ground. Her dedication to training shows in her flexibility as he pushes her legs higher and sinks deeper inside of her.

Her breath escapes in short shallow pants as she spreads her arms on either side bracing herself against the violent harsh pace he has set.

Time is of the essence when bedding the enemy.

Vaguely he wonders what became of the others. Azula always manages to find a way to get him separated from the group. Sokka and Katara can hold their own against Mai and Ty Lee but surely someone is going to say something about how the Princess and the Avatar keep mysteriously disappearing in the heat of battle, late at night, or just whenever they happen to be in proximity of one another.

Azula's sharp teeth on the side of his neck draw him back to the task at hand and the way she feels as she tightens around him drawing closer to that sweet release they both seek. Her inner walls flutter almost pushing him past the point of no return. He grits his teeth against the sensation holding out. He never knows when it might be the last time and he wants to savor every moment he has with her.

A small growl reaches his ears and the way her tight warm muscles clench tells him she is near. With a quick motion she grasps the back of his neck and pulls him down more on top of her once again altering the angle of his thrusts.

It's pure heaven and he finds himself falling as Azula drags him over the edge with her.

His mind has effectively disconnected from his body and he has the vague sensation of floating in a post-orgasmic haze. Beneath him Azula trembles slightly from having found her own nirvana. Aang buries his head against the nape of her neck and inhales the intoxicating scent of her skin. One hand gently slides down her side in a soft caress as he is reluctant to let go just yet.

Azula's breathy voice draws him out of his revere, "I'm returning to the Fire Nation."

Aang doesn't move, doesn't acknowledge her announcement but only lets out a sigh which ghosts across the swell of her breasts. Her sharp nails trace the back of his neck in a lazy line as they both contemplate this news. When he does meet her eyes he is surprised by the intensity he sees in their amber depths.

There is so much he could say. Maybe should say but he doesn't. They both know what this is, what it means. Instead he kisses her but the way her hands frame his face as her lips move against his sparks a feeling of doubt about her true feelings. Encouraged he deepens the kiss tangling his fingers in her long hair and Azula hums in approval as her legs tighten around his waist holding him to her. Working his lips down her jaw to her neck, he feels her arch against him and let out a small sigh at the contact.

"I'll miss you." He lets himself admit to her bare shoulder.

Azula surprises him with a small laugh. "You could come with me."

Aang smiles as he nuzzles against her throat. "I could." They both know it is inevitable that one day the Avatar will face the Fire Lord. Aang tries to not let himself think about whose side Azula will be on. "You could always stay. Teach me Fire Bending" He offers knowing she won't.

Azula makes a noncommittal hum as her hands slide down his back. He shivers whether from the sensation of her searing skin or the chill from evaporating sweat in the night air he isn't sure.

Propping his weight on his elbows beside her head he looks down at her. Golden eyes watch him curiously as he brushes strands of hair from her face. He wipes the streak of red from her cheek and her eyes close at the tenderness of the gesture. When her pink tongue darts out to lick at the blood still on her lips, he finds himself hardening at the sight. It could be the idea that this might be their last chance to be together before one has to take the other down in battle but the thought is unpleasant so he pushes it away.

It's lust. Simple lust. He shouldn't give into it but she gives a low moan at the feel of him stiffening inside of her that spurs rational thought from his mind. Her legs tighten around his waist and she rolls her hips into his and Aang is lost inside of her.

He doesn't rush this time. If they are going to be caught, found out, and made to pay for it then he is going to enjoy every last bit of her. Azula seems to have the same thoughts as she is gentler this time nipping at his neck and chest as her long nails trace the line of the blue arrow down his back. When he feels the telltale signs of her body responding to his, he strives to draw it out as long as he can.

Aang wants to remember every last detail. He wants it seared into his memory. His blood is rushing in his ears and a sheen of sweat breaks out over his skin again as he dangles on the edge of that precipice.

Words drip from Azula's lips. Words that make him clench his teeth as he holds out for just a little more. Words that make him regret his lot in life but thankful for it all the same.

He will face the Fire Lord. He will end the war. He will save the world.

As Azula cries out his name and he fills her again, Aang is left to wonder if it will be enough.