Clouds of envy (Shikamaru poem)

They taunt you from the sky

As they float on by

In any shape they please

Going by in the breeze

Such a simple life they live

One that I would gladly give

The life I have now

Is one I would leave somehow

My life is too troublesome

A cloud's life is awesome

I envy their existence

I chase them with persistence

As I lie on the ground

I know I am bound

I will never float up high

With them through the sky

It's such a drag

That I'm in this snag

I can't break free

Though I want to be

I planed my days

According to their ways

Future, past, present

Nothing I resent

I lie here each day

Wasting away

I watch them pass by

And wish I could join them in the sky


Shika: Yeah, it was too troublesome to use the internet to look up rhyming words.

Jess: Shut up *whine*

Shika: So yeah, review, favourite, follow. That kind of stuff.