He is my Love (Temari poem)

He was just another foe

Another opponent

That damn doe

I hadn't thought of one component

I saved his life

He owes me now

I won't cause him strife

I make this vow

He's just so lazy

Even worse than a daisy

But still I can't stop

My heart might just pop

I don't know why

I can't explain

I would rather die

But I live in vein

I won't let this be

I can't love he

It's just not right

I'll put up a fight

He ruined my plan

He twisted my dreams

I'd hurt him with my fan

All because of his schemes

I can't fight this anymore

It's him I adore

I love him, even if he is a Baka

I love him, Shikamaru Nara


Tema: I don't like Shikamaru. *blush*

Jess: Come now, sweetie, don't lie. You know you love Shika.

Shika: Some one say my name?

Jess: Say it Temari!

Tema: *sigh* Shikamaru... don't forget to follow, favourite, review, things of that nature.