Chase's P.O.V.

I walked into the lab, Bree was sitting on the table. "Hey, Bree." I said walking in, lately, I've been getting these weird sexual vibes when I am around Bree. "Hello, Chase." She said jumping off the counter. She walked over to me. "Do me a favor?" Bree asked, as she came closer. I was shaking now, "W-What is it?" I said back. "Come closer." I walked closer to her. She came close to me until there was no space between our bodies. Suddenly, she kissed me, and began taking off my shirt. Wide-eyed I knew what was about to happen.

"Bree, we can't." I said quickly. Bree smirked, "Yes, we can." She used her super speed to pull off my shirt. She began running her fingers down my abs. "Bree, what if Davenport, Tasha, Adam, or Leo come in?" I said, "Bree, this isn't safe we don't even have protection." She looked up at me. "I'm on the pill, Chase, and shut up!" She unbuckled my belt letting my jeans slide to the floor, she took off my boxers, and began sucking on my dick. "Bree..." She looked at me, "Do you really wanna stop? I can just go find Adam." She began to stand up. "No." I said sharply as I grabbed her small body and kissed her hard. I pulled off her clothing until she wasn't wearing any, anymore.

I laid her down on the table and looked at her. "You are so beautiful." I murmured as I began sucking on her right nipple. "Ch-Chase..." She whispered. I switched over to her left one, and sucked on it. I began kissing down her flat stomach, until I reached her hipbone, I opened her legs and started sucking on her cilt. "CHASE!" She screamed, I stuck my finger into her vagina, and started pumping it in and out. She was pulling my hair and moaning. "Chase, I need you in me!" I stood up and lined my dick up with her vagina. "Are you sure?" I said, she nodded. I pushed my dick into her, slowly, knowing she was a virgin. She let out a cry of pain as I broke her hymen. I pulled her up and kissed her. "Are you okay?" I said, she smiled, "Yeah, just go slow." I began pushing in and out of her slowly.

About a minute later, she looked up and said faster. I began pumping in and out of her. "Deeper! Harder!" I smirked and began thrusting in and out of her with all I had, I thurst into her again releasing my load. She came soon after, I pulled out and kissed her. "That was amazing." She said, "Much better than Adam would have been." She kissed me before getting dressed and going to take a shower.