"Hallo you wankers," "Mark Slate greeted Solo and Kuryakin with his usual enthusiasm. " I'd like to introduce you to my new partner."

"Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin, this is Miss April Dancer, the first female Section II agent in all of U.N.C.L.E."

Napoleon nearly choked on his coffee, trying not to spit it out. Illya came to his aide, slapping him on the back until he was able to breathe.

"You must excuse my partner Miss Dancer, the sight of a lovely woman such as yourself and the thought of you being in harms way as a field operative can be quite disconcerting to a man such as he." Illya spoke calmly, not batting an eye.

April was dressed rather conservatively in a grey mini dress. Yet she watched Solo eye her up and down, with her long auburn hair apparently draw his attention. She'd been warned of his reputation with the ladies and had already heard his name as well as that of Kuryakin mentioned quite a bit at Survival School.

Napoleon flashed a gorgeous smile. "Perhaps I could show you around and give you some advice on the perils of being a Section II agent...say, over dinner and drinks?"

"Really Mr. Solo?" She snapped back with just a tinge of sarcasm in her voice." That's so sweet of you, darling, but I assure you I can take care of myself very well and besides, I have a capable partner in Mark Slate and he has the honor of showing me around."

"You can call me Napoleon by the way," he purred, even though he'd just been shot down.

"So there you are, you ponces." Mark smiled as he took April by the arm, leading her away to be introduced to the staff in communications. "How are you with computers luv?"

"I can hold my own Mark, dear."

They disappeared into the corridor as the pneumatic doors to the commissary opened with their usual silence.

"This has me a little worried, and I'm wondering why Mr. Waverly didn't bring me in on this? I am CEA after all," Napoleon mumbled under his breath.

Illya smiled shyly. "I am sure she was one of his secret pet projects. Miss Dancer is very capable from what I understand. she did very well at Survival School, graduating at the top of her class. She even came close to breaking a few of our records."

"Now how is it you know about her Illya, and I don't?" Napoleon gulped down the last of his coffee, as he stood at their table. " We need to do something about this lack of information sharing partner mine."

Illya shrugged his answer, knowing full well he'd only heard about her from one of his inside sources and had just enough time to look into her personnel file before meeting his partner for lunch.

A woman in the field? Yet he recalled T.H.R.U.S.H and some very capable operatives like Angelique and Serena. Perhaps U.N.C.L.E. needed to catch up after all?

Solo crinkled his nose at his Russian friend as they left the commissary, but in the back of his mind he wondered how capable April Dancer would really be? He mused for a moment on the lovely image in his head of the red head.

Only time would tell...