Chapter 1

I was awoken was by a crack of lightning and Thunder. I jolted from my sheets and looked outside to see it was raining once again. I sighed and grabbed my cup of water and took a sip, I was going to leave home soon for the month. I was going to see my grandmother and hang with her for the summer. I was excited, we would looking for gators and also we would also go to the concerts to see the new singers. It was really fun. Grandma was a gator hunter once but she said that she was too old to go gator hunting. I would always tell her that she was still a gator hunter.

I looked at my alarm clock and saw it was five in the morning. I sighed I had to get ready soon to go the airport. I got up and started packing, I grabbed clothes things I might need like my drawing stuff, toothbrush, Shampoo, and PJ's. I grabbed my I-pod and was packed now all have to do is get dressed. There was a knock on the door. I turned and saw my mom with her bathrobe. She was smiling.

"you excited?" she asked

"yup I just miss grandma," I said

"I know you do got everything you need?" My mom asked

I nodded "I"

She turned "yes sweetie?"

"Um can I um take your camera with me to pictures?" I asked. I wanted to have pictures so I can remember the days over the summer. My mom smiled then nodded. I smiled and grabbed my stuff and walked out the door.

Well the airplane ride was done thank god. I was so annoyed with these two high scholers who thought they just own the world so I told them to shut and trust me it made them quiet for the whole ride. I was out from the airport and looking for the my ride. I looking for grandma but...there was someone else was here to pick me up. My name was written on that sign and I guess that was my driver. I walked towards the man. He looked like a limo driver really. The man walked towards me and smiled.

"why hello," he said "is your name Millie?" he asked

"Uh yes it is," I said "Um are you driving me to my grandmother?" I asked

"Yes I am you may call me Danny if you like," he said

I nodded and walked with him to the car. But this was getting strange my grandmother never called me about a driver I stopped and froze. Danny looked at me.

"is something wrong?" he asked

"yeah my grandmother never told me about a guy driving me to her," I explained

I saw his face he was not meaning to take me to grandma. I stood back and glared at him. I was going to punch him if he get's any closer.

"I can assure that I am driving to your grandmother," he said.

"Just getaway from me!" I yelled.

Danny glared at me and grabbed a hold of my arm and dragged me to the car. I was screaming and yelling for anybody who would come and rescue me but I was shoved in the car quickly with my stuff. The doors were locked and also the lockers on the side of the doors were sharp and with blood. I was getting scared I could not see the front seat cause it was covered and it was closed.

"get me out of here you ass-hole," I yelled

But he ignored me. The car was moving. I started to hit he windows but I guess they where too hard. I was crying oh please somebody please get me out of here I would do anything to leave this place.

# # #

I was taking a nap. The man was still driving. I was getting angry I wanted to leave.

"Well this is your lucky day," said Danny

"what being kidnapped?" I said

"no more better you'll see," he said

I had enough I grabbed my portable DVD player then smacked the window that closed the front seats of the car. I smashed it again and again then WHAM! It broke I tackled the man then he lost to control to thw wheel.

"You stupid girl stop you'll get us killed," he yelled

"Let me go you jerk," I yelled

I turned in the front window to the car and saw he was going to hit a tree. I grabbed my stuff , opened the door from the drivers seat and jumped out. While the car smashed into the tree. Was rolling then I stopped and looked. The car was smashed bad the the front was scrunched. I thought that Danny was dead but he turned his head at me with a bloody smile. I gasped and started to run.

"I will find you Millie your mine," He called

I kept running and running. Then I fell and started to roll down a hill with my stuff. I was at the bottom then I got up and started to run with my bag. I looked back and saw smoke. It must be the car so that means Danny must be dead or not far. I don't care I wanted to go home. I kept running anyway and did not look back. I kept running when I bumped into something I fell and looked to see a reared up horse. It picked it's front legs up and tried to scare me away. I screamed then started running to right then the horse went after me. I tripped and looked back. The rider jumped off his horse with a hood over his face. Ran towards me while I was scared stiff. I screamed then there was a bag over my face.