Chapter 1- Finally!

Soul woke up one fine morning with his usual routine, groaning in agony, dreaming about how delicious souls were and once again, smashing his little alarm clock to pieces. As he woke up, Maka knocked on his door. "Soul, come on! We have a special mission Shinigami-sama wants us to accomplish! He says it's a surprise and we have to report to Shibusen soon! Oh yeah, breakfast is on the table so come and get it." She said with the smile that Soul loved and with the tone that was sweeter than an angel's.

Even after hearing the great news Soul still wanted to sleep but he knew if he did, he would be putting of a chance to get a soul and be one step closer to becoming a deathscythe. Maka and Soul have been training, collecting souls and getting stronger for 3 years now. Not only that, but something has been rising up from Soul's heart, a crush on his meister and best friend. "All right, I'm coming." He said in a husky like tone.

At the dining table was a treat for Soul, bacon, eggs benedict on top of an English muffin and a glass of orange juice. Soul wasn't just shocked, he was utterly paralyzed with shock. He wasn't just shocked at breakfast but at the fact that his meister could have made it. He knew Maka was good at cooking but not that good. "Shocked I see" said Maka after seeing her weapon drool.

"Yeah… How did you-"

"I have been taking cooking lessons with Tsubaki "

"Oh… so that's how" Soul said with a confused face.

Maka let out a small giggle. "C'mon eat up and let's go!" she said with enthusiasm as always. Soul couldn't help but just give his partner his trademark grin. So he finished his breakfast, which was mouth-wateringly good, and set off with his partner to Shibusen on his orange bike. Soul and Maka always used the same route to Shibusen and always said their greetings to Most of the time, Black Star and Tsubaki would be the first they would see since they walk to school instead of having transportation like Soul and Maka. "Yo. Wazzup Black Star" would be Soul's greeting and "Hi Tsubaki. See you at school" would be Maka's.

As they reached Shibusen, friends like Crona and Kid with Liz and Patty will be waiting to greet them. But today something else was happening. It was probably Soul and Maka's final mission together. As of today Maka and Soul have 98 Kishin souls and considering that they can use a 3rd class meister's technique. It would be easy for them. Maka and Soul ran to the Death room.

"Excited Maka?"

"Oh yeah!"

As they entered a familiar shadow appeared.

"Hello Shinigami-sama. We're here to collect the mission you wanted to send us on."

"Ah, yes Maka-chan. Wassup, how are you guys doing. Oh and to Soul too of course."

"Fine. Thanks for asking. Anyway what about the mission?"

"Right. This mission will be dangerous but if you succeed it will be your final mission. There is a witch by the name of Yuki. She lives in the mountains beyond Death City. As the Japanese legend says of a woman named Yuki Onna, who freezes people to death, Yuki too uses the power of ice. She also has one follower who has a potential soul to be eaten by Soul. So that means that you will have to collect his soul first before going after his master."

"So any catches to this witch" said Soul

"Well…. There is one catch…." Maka and Souls both cocked a brow at Shinigami-sama.

"If you get frozen by her, I can't promise your return. She eats humans." At that very moment Soul felt as though he just saw his meister's death. His heart raced as he could imagine the consequences of taking this mission.

"We accept." Maka said with confidence to bring her weapon to the deathscythe stage.

"But-t Maka. Are you sure about this?!"

"Of course, I pledged to you that I will make you a deathscythe and today will be the day I accomplish that pledge."

"Maka" Soul said as concern raced through his body. 'If we get hit would that mean…' Soul thought. 'I would lose you forever' he said looking at Maka's olive green eyes. The ones he would see first thing in the morning and the last hours of night. 'NO! I must have confidence in my meister and I will have to work hard for this!'

"So you ready Soul?"

"Oh yeah. Let's do this get back and relax"

Maka and Soul raced out of Shinigami-sama's office. 'Those two have come a long way to their victory but it awaits them not too far ahead. After watching them grow up, it has been a pleasure teaching them and I know just what to do as a reward for their hard work.' Shinigami-sama thought.


"Yes, Shinigami-sama"

"Will you allow Soul to be with Maka forever?"

"That's quite a sudden question, but, over the years of watching them I guess I could allow it"

"Then it is settled!"

Spirit, still not knowing what's going on in his master's head, looked at him and thought of the many possible things that would happen. But nothing came to mind. Spirit just accepted that Shinigami-sama is making the right decision and will allow it.

While that was happening, Soul and Maka were busy on their way to the mountains and were getting ready for the final fight with this witch known as Yuki.

"When we kill her I will eat her soul and savor every moment of it"

"Soul" Maka said shyly


"What's gonna happen when you eat your final soul?"

"I will become a deathscythe obviously, stupid"

"Not that!" while giving him a Maka Chop "I mean what will happen to us?"

Soul screeched the bike to a halt all of a sudden. "OW! Seriously?!"

"Will we still be able to see each other, hangout and be friends even when you're a deathscythe?"

"I don't know Maka, but for now let's just finish this." Trying to assure his meister

Honestly however, Soul kept asking that same question in his head over and over again. 'What will happen to us? Our friendship? Our time together? The memories made?' Soul's thinking was interrupted by Maka

"Soul? Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah! I'm fine! It's okay!"

"If there is anything you need or if you want to talk just shoot okay?"

"Yeah sure."

Soul restarted on their mission to get the witch's soul.

They finally reached the mountains. From there they walked up the mountains till what looked like and abandoned house. Inside, it was very cold something that alerted them that this was Witch Yuki's lair.

"Who are you and what are doing in my master's lair!?" said a man in a robe.

"This must be Yuki's pathetic follower." said Soul with a smirk as he transformed into a scythe.

"Where is Yuki and we might let you off the hook!" said Maka

"I would go to hell before telling you where my master is. Even though she is in her bedroom right now"

"Oh shit…"

"Thanks stupid, now we will be taking your soul. Maka would you care to do the honors"

"With pleasure"

Maka killed Yuki's right hand man with a single slash of Soul's sharp blade. Still unaware however, Yuki has been watching them and have been anticipating their movements. Soul grabbed the soul and ate it. "Shokuji o arigatou"

"Well that's one soul out of the way and now is the time for the main course!"

Maka and Soul walked upstairs to a huge wooden door. Their heart beat rates grew faster as the door was cold to the touch.

"Looks like this is the final battle. You ready Maka?"


They pushed the door open to find witch Yuki standing in the middle of the room.

"Well, nice to finally meet you. I am witch Yuki, prepare to die!" she said with an intimidating voice.



"You're not going anywhere Yuki. As a meister of Shibusen I have come here to take your soul"

"And it will be a delicious one" said Soul to help finish his meister's sentence

"Hmm a scythe master huh, this will be an interesting battle" Yuki didn't hesitate; she hit Maka and Soul with all she could. Luckily Maka managed to avoid every one of her attacks.

"Running I see. Well not for long! ICE NEEDLE STORM!"
Yuki was right this time however, an ice needle managed to penetrate Maka's defenses and hit her in a vital point. Maka fell to the floor as her weapon reached for her and managed to catch her in the nick of time.

"I see that she has been hit in a vital point. I will give you a while to recover but if it exceeds the time limit, say your goodbyes to each other." She said hoping to 'play' with them more.

"Maka! Wake up! This is not like you! Wake up Maka! You are so damn close to turning me into a deathscythe."


"Maka. Please. You and I have come so far and it is time to finish this."

"But… I can't…. move… my body. Soul, I'm sorry"

"Don't be, you have done all of this for me and if we die here…. No! When we win here our new future will await."

"I just love lovi-dovi moments but your time is running out" Yuki said

"Maka, to tell you the truth, I love you."

Those three words shook Maka vigorously until she had the power to stand.

"Well it looks like my meister has returned"

"Hmm... interesting. You have managed to conquer then pain and the effects of that hit with mere words" said Yuki

"This time I will finish this"

"Soul, get ready"
"You got it"

"Soul resonance"

"Demon Hunter!"

"Crystal Ice Shield! Nothing can penetrate this barrier. Give up now"

"C'mon, Maka, let's hit that thing with full force"

"Got it"

Maka leaped into the air and stroke the shield with all the force she could acquire from Soul

"I told you already. You can't penetrate 'this' barrier"

The shield cracked however. "WHAT?!" Yuki screamed. Maka kept pushing with all her might as the barrier kept cracking Yuki screamed.


But in that split second, her body sliced in half and here flesh and blood disintegrated.

"Heh, I guess that's the end on it then" said Soul as he picked up the soul and ate it.

"Well Maka, you're looking at a deathscythe from now on." Maka giggled a bit and gave her weapon a smirk.

Soul ate the purple ball of energy and as he said; savored it to the last drop. He turned into a deathscythe before his meister's very own eyes. "The power is so overwhelming!" he screamed. His now new form granted him the ability to manipulate his enemies.

"Well, thanks Maka. We should-"

He cut off as he saw his meister faint before his eyes and dropped on the floor.

"Maka! Are you okay?!' He yelled

"I'm fine… just… too… tired…"

"Baka. You used too much energy during that attack, huh. Well then, let's go home" He said while holding Maka in his strong arms.

"Thanks Maka" he said while kissing her forehead

They made their way back as Shinigami-sama, Kid, Liz and Patty watched.

"They make such a great couple!" Liz screamed and burst into tears of joy. "I'm so happy for them!"

"Hahaha, I agree" said Patty

"So father, Soul is gonna leave Maka and come to live at Shibusen isn't he?"

That comment from Kid made Liz burn.

"How could you let that happen?! They were meant for each other!" Liz once again screamed

"I didn't say anything like that, Kid"

"Wait, what does that mean?" both Kid and Liz asked

"Remember I said that there was a reward for them if they collected all 100 souls"

"Yeah" said Kid eagerly listening to his father's words.

"Their rewards are to live together. After watching all of you grow up, I have realized the relation between each of you, in this case Maka and Soul."

"YAY! That means Maka and Soul can still hang out with us and not have to work all the time!" shouted Liz


Soul sat at Maka's bedside in their apartment as she lay on her bed watching over her to make sure she was alright. He had prepared dinner and layed the tray of hot food on her desk. He watched her and thought how cute she looked sleeping she decided to spend the night in her room to make sure evil did her no harm. Suddenly it hit him, tomorrow they were going to have to go to Shibusen and tell Shinigami-sama about their mission. He sighed as he thought it was going to be his last night with Maka.

His thought raced through, faster than a bullet. 'What will happen? What will-' He was then cut off by a familiar voice. "Soul?" a faint sound came from Maka as she opened her eyes.

"Maka!" he said while smiling and grabbing her into his embrace.

"What happened… after we left?"

"I brought you back to our place and I got some fo-" he paused as a finger stopped him from talking

"Thanks for believing in me just now"

Soul blushed and just gave his Meister a warm hug.

"I am gonna sleep in your room tonight just in case an enemy attacks, okay. If that is cool with you, I guess"

Maka giggled and noticed her weapon blush.

"Fine but you're sleeping on the floor."

"Fine. By. Me" he said with a grin.