Sorry if there's someting a little off about the description of the monster here... It was a Minotaur at first but then I changed it to a Laestrygonian giant.

Seeing Through the Mist

Chapter Two

Two Weeks later…

"Hurry up Nico! We can't do this one alone!" Grover bleated through the phone. Nico sighed, extremely annoyed with the entire situation. He hated using phones. The technology was too confusing, sometimes he just wished that things were the way they were seventy years ago.

"I'll be there, don't worry! This is your fault anyway!" Nico snapped. "If we had just Iris-Messaged, I would have gotten a clearer view of where I needed to shadow travel!"

"Just hurry, it's headed their way!" The line went dead. Grover had probably hung up to get some idiot mortals out of the way. This was supposed to be a special day for Percy and Annabeth, and Nico was dragged into it. Percy was planning to propose to her today, in some bistro where they're having lunch. Grover was not too far from them to make sure that everything was going smoothly – no monsters getting in the way. Unfortunately, some sort of giant had to sniff them out, and that's a monster one satyr can't handle alone. Who was the one who could get there fastest? Nico.

The bistro was five blocks away while the giant was supposed to be somewhere two blocks away. He began to run, pushing through people in his way.

"Watch it, man!"


"Watch where you're going!"

Nico ignored all the angry people until he reached a cheap nail salon. There's nothing here? Where is it?



Found it. Giant's are never subtle. I wonder what the mortals in there are seeing. Nico burst into the nail salon. The cashier was against the wall, while the giant pinned him there with his hand. Some women were hiding behind the salon chairs. There were some girls around his age in the corner and one of them had her phone pressed against her ear – probably trying to call 911.

"Look man, y-y-you can talk all the money that's there! Just… Just please put the gun down!" The cashier's voice trembled. So they're seeing a robbery.

"Oh god! His partner's just a kid!" He heard one woman whisper fearfully to another. "Who lets a kid run around with a taser?"

Nico almost winced. A taser? Really? That's what the Mist turns my totally badass sword into?

"Jaime! It's useless! 911 isn't going to take your call seriously!" Nico hears one of the girls in the corner tell the one with the phone.

"It's a robbery!" Jaime whispered back harshly. "Of course they're going to take it seriously! Oh crap, the other guy's looking at us!" She quickly shoves her phone into her pocket when she catches Nico's gaze.

"Wait, another giant monster on steroids came along?" She looked at Nico and squinted. She seemed familiar. Now where have I seen her before? She looked back at her friend Jaime, and back at Nico before her eyes widened. "Oh no. It's him."

Before Nico could say anything, and giant let go of the trembling cashier and charged at Nico, pushing him into a display case of new bottles of nail polish. He groaned shut his eyes, feeling some broken glass dig into his back. He pawed the glass-littered ground for his sword, finally grasping the hilt as the giant grabbed his ankle and hoisted him into the air upside-down.

"Demigod." It (he?) took one long, creepy sniff of Nico.

"Hello, ugly." Nico spat back.

"There are two more demigods close by." The giant sneered, holding Nico higher. Nico's face began to turn red from being upside-down for so long. He saw Grover slowly creep into the salon, and nodded at him. "You will be a good appetizer!"

"You know, I don't really feel like being eaten today." Nico said, pulling his sword up and stabbing the giant in the gut. The giant howled in pain and immediately disintegrated, leaving Grover stumbling away trying to catch Nico before he got a serious head injury.

"Thanks." Nico muttered, standing up and putting his sword away. Grover grinned and trotted away mumbling something about 'finding out if Annabeth said yes'.

"Oli, let's go!" Nico totally forgot about everyone else in the salon. He looked around; nobody else was there except for him and the two girls in the corner. The girl – Jaime – was tugging the other girl out of the store.

Oli pulled herself out of Jaime's grasp, looking at Nico with fear and confusion written all over her face. "Are you following me?"

"What?" Nico replied, dumbstruck. He stared at her, trying to figure out where he'd seen her before.

And then it hit him. Central Park. "You're the girl from the park."

He grimaced, remembering the events of that night. It's like I can still hear Dad's laughter mocking me. She nodded, looking at him like he was insane.

"Yeah, took you long enough." She muttered. "So can you please explain what the hell that was?"

"That was a, erm, Laestrygonian giant. I think." Nico figured that it was just best to say the truth and try to scare her away. If she were a demigod, Grover would have noticed something.

"Olivia, let's go!" Jaime came back, dragging away Olivia who was looking at Nico with a 'I think you need to go to a mental hospital' look on her face.

Nico sighed and stepped into the nearest shadow hoping that was the last time he'd ever see her.

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