Chapter 1: First Meeting

I knew I said I wasn't going to post anything new until I finished my other story, but I really wanted to post this. I hope you enjoy!

It was a dark September morning. Gray clouds covered the dawn sky. It was clearly going to rain. The children all ran wild in the front entrance of Urban Tots. It was their first official day of school. Some children happily waved good-bye to their parents and scurried off to play with the other kids. Others clung to their mother's legs as the fathers tried in vain to remove their little claws from their wives' flesh. As the commotion continued, a silver mini van pulled up in front of the school and out stepped a little girl with round glasses. She clenched her books across her chest and gazed around the lot at her new classmates.

I can't believe it's finally hear, she thought to herself eagerly awaiting the day ahead. Phoebe had been looking forward to school since the day she could talk. As a young toddler Phoebe had always loved to learn. She would explore her environment and find solutions to the problems that she faced in her day-to-day life. Everything from learning to walk to learning how to work the remote control for her television were all exciting wonders to her young mind and she ached to learn more. Being in school was just the beginning of her life long journey of knowledge. Despite the weather, nothing could damper her mood.

Shortly after, another blue car pulled up behind Phoebe's. A young boy with tall hair and red 33 shirt hopped out of the front seat with his small, green back pack in head. Before the boy's father could even step out of the car he'd already ran off and began to socialize with all the other children. He quickly started to make friends due to his outgoing personality and charm.

Gerald had been looking forward to school for weeks, not because he wanted to learn anything, he just wanted to make new friends. The only other kids in his life were his siblings, Jaime O and Timberly. Jaime O was twelve years old. When they were younger they used to be best friends. Now that Jamie O is a pre-teen he finds it embarrassing to be seen with his younger brother. He spent most of his interactions with Gerald just bullying him. This upset Gerald at first, but he's now gotten used to it. His sister, Timberly is only one year old. Gerald tried to spend his time with her, but she's just a baby. She spends most of her time asleep, crying, eating, or playing with dolls or stuffed animals. Gerald looked forward to playing with children his own age for once.

Soon enough a short, heavy set woman emerged from the front entrance of the building. "She must be the teacher", whispered one of the students in the crowd. She had a smile on her face that could light up an an entire arena as she greeted all the new faces.

"Good morning boys and girls! I'm Mrs. Applebaum and I will be you new teacher. Now let's say good-bye to Mommy and Daddy and come on in before it starts to rain", she said waving the children into the building.

Phoebe's eyes lit up with joy as she walked to the front door, on the way imagining what her first day would be like. Like Phoebe, many other students were exciting as well and shoved their way through the crowd and raced to get to the building first. Suddenly Phoebe felt a push from behind her and before she knew it


She hit the ground losing her books and her glasses during the fall. The students who bumped into her hadn't even realized. Phoebe let out a whimper and blindly crawled along the blacktop in search for her belongings.

No one seemed to notice the poor girl struggling until Gerald turned his head at just the right time before stepping through the door of the school. He instantly felt sorry for her and ran up to her to help. He quickly spotted the glasses on the gravel floor just a few feet in front of the small girl.

"Were you looking for these?", the young boy said as he picked up the glasses and held them out in front of her.

Suddenly Phoebe's head jerked up toward Gerald. She could only see a fuzzy outline of the mysterious boy who she assumed was one of her classmates, but Gerald could see just fine. Wow, she's beautiful, he thought as he gazed into her dark eyes. He almost didn't want to give the glasses back so he could stare into her alluring eyes forever.

"Y-yes, I was", Phoebe said, "thank you." She gently took the glasses out of the boy's hand and placed them back on her head which then revealed her knight in shinning armor.

"I-it looks like you dropped some books, too", Gerald nervously pointed out. "Here, let me get them for you." Gerald swiftly gathered all her books off the floor and placed them slowly into her hands.

"Oh, that was awfully nice. You didn't have to do that."

"Don't mention it", Gerald said timidly scratched the back of his neck and looked down at the gravel floor. He then put his hands in his pockets, kicked a nearby rock and said, "Say, how about we get to class. Wouldn't want to be late on the first day now would we?"

"R-right, of course not", Phoebe stuttered as she tried to play it cool around her new crush. The two then scampered toward the entrance of Urban Tots. Gerald sped up ahead of Phoebe and held the door open for her. Phoebe giggled and thanked him. Gerald could only watch as she gracefully walked by him and into the classroom. He couldn't help but think how angelic she was and how he'd do anything to talk with her again. More importantly, he had to figure out her name.

I hope you enjoyed this. Now, generally that's kind of all you guys need to know about how they met. I have another chapter like half written so if you guys want to see more in depth about how their story unfolds then let me know you like it. If not I'll just end it here... that it unless I get bored and finish the story anyway :P