Shima led the demon into his dorm room, he was relieved that all roommates- were currently preoccupied. It wouldn't matter if he kept the powerful demon for the time being. "Rin-kun do you want a bath?" Rin looked happy that his name was called; he tried the word off the tip of his tongue, "b- bath?" In sudden realization his tail perked up and started to sway happily, "so you still remember some words then?"

Rin hesitantly nodded and followed the smiling Shima. Shima filled the tub and made sure to put plenty of bubbles.

"Rin the bath is ready for you." With his clothes still on Rin began to step in the tub before Shima pulled him back. "No, you have to bathe without your clothes." Rin watched as Shima undid the remainder of the straight jacket and joined him removing it, Shima stopped when Rin had gotten down to his boxers and looked away as Rin took them off.

"Bath?"Rin asked.

Shima blushed, "now it's okay." Rin hopped in joyously and purred when he sank in, Shima smiled lightly, "get your hair wet." Rin started to when Shima began to scoop water with his hands on Rin's hair. Rin splashed Shima who flailed back and chuckled when he saw the content Rin slipping under the surface of the bubbles.

Shima took off his wet shirt and got some shampoo in his hands and muttered the word "shampoo" and Rin muttered it back. Shima shaped Rin's soapy hair into a Mohawk and giggled which perplexed Rin, who didn't understand why Shima was laughing at him, Rin pulled a panicked Shima into the tub. Shima whined a little but laughed as he took off the remainder of his clothing, Rin happily said "bath."

"I guess I needed one too, right Rin?" Shima began to shampoo his own hair, before he said "get your hair wet", which Rin shook the suds out his dark hair and became fixated on helping Shima wash his pink hair. Once Rin decided it was good enough he looked over to Shima and motioned for him to rinse his hair in the water.

Shima blushed as he began to wash Rin's pale body, though Rin couldn't have been happier with the attention he was getting. Besides becoming red in the face there wasn't a problem with washing Rin until Rin decided he would wash Shima. Shima didn't mind the messy washing of his shoulders and back, it was when Rin became distracted and began to lick his neck and shoulder.

Shima pushed the demon back who growled at the action, "Not now, it's no good." Shima rinsed him and a pouting Rin off.


"Do you think he's really alright with Rin?" Yukio answered Bon's question with a sigh, "the way Rin is now almost seems less hostile than his normal self, especially towards Shima."

Bon's head began to tilt, "why is that, he growled at me but clung to him…" the slight hint of his jealousy betrayed him and Yukio scoffed," maybe he's more sensitive to others emotions like this."

Yukio quickened his pace to the Principal's lair, "we need to find out what's going on."

Mephisto nearly ignored the knock on the door, and the way he barged in. "Not a very pleasant way of coming in, is it Mr. Okumura?"

"I don't have time for your games Mephisto; I need to know what's wrong with Rin."

Mephisto sighed lightly, "What's wrong with Rin?"

"After he put him in that room, he- he seems to have become more- "

Mephisto began to furrow his eyebrows, "what room?"

"The one he couldn't kill himself in-" "I don't have a room like that unless-" Mephisto shivered and Amaimon looked up from his perch in the corner of the room, "you mean the soundless room." Yukio stared blankly before returning to a worried expression, "I think it might have-"

The purple haired man sighed deeply, "I know what you saw looked like me, but it wasn't-"

He motioned Amaimon next to him, "it seems one our brothers has come to play, you didn't know about this did you?"

Aimamon shook his head quickly, looking to avoid getting in more trouble.