Chapter 1: The Beginning.

"Momma, momma, can you read me a story?" A little girl with blond-with-green-streaks pigtails stumbled to her mother's lap, smiling as she offered her a colorful picture book. "Sure, honey, what story?" The head Gamemaker for the 18th Hunger Games, Louise Carrol smiled to her daughter, Lorraine.

Lorraine giggled as she made herself comfortable on her mother's lap and handed the book to her mother. "It's called Alice in Wonderland!" Lorraine beamed happily.

Louise nodded once and took the book from her daughter's hands and began to read. "Once upon a time, there was a girl named Alice..."

When Lorraine fell asleep, Louise tucked in her child and walked away from her room. She kept the picture book and examined it once more, smiling as she did so.

The Hatter's Domain... the Castle of Hearts... the Vale of Tears... and the Courtroom. The Wonderland... it was all perfect! Too perfect!

"Honey, are you okay?" Her husband, Allen Carrol sat beside her and grasped her hand. "I know that being the Head Gamemaker for Hunger Games is a huge honor, but you need to take some rest, okay?" The white-haired man said as he placed a kiss on top of her silver-colored locks. "It's nothing, Allen. Ah, would you like to help me? I think I just have a great idea for this year's arena."

Allen looked surprised, but then he smiled a relieved smile. Finally, he knew that Louise hadn't had a decent sleep because she was busy thinking about this year's arena. The deadline was five days from now, after all. "I don't see why not. I'm sure that you will make the greatest Hunger Games yet." Both Allen and Louise shared a kiss and pulled out their laptops to think about the arena.

"Hmm, interesting..."

"It's an honor, mister President."

Louise bowed slightly to the most powerful man in Panem. She beamed slightly at the fact that her family's idea was accepted by the president. "But... won't it be too wide?" He asked. "No, sir. The only area without buildings is the Vale of Tears, which is the only place they can get water from. The Courtroom is full of hiding places and it's a maze, it's actually the only place they can be safe from the mutts. The Hatter's domain is a huge haunted mansion with mutts all over the place while the Castle of Hearts is full of traps. The Cornucopia is located in the middle of them, this should be interesting... sir."

Louise felt really glad that Allen had been an expert with these kinds of things. And Lorraine was a very intelligent girl with certain interests towards mutations. It was like her entire family was made to be a Gamemaker.

"Very well then, Louise." President Snow nodded and handed back her report. "I trust you to make this year's Games interesting..." The man smiled a pleasant, yet threatening smile. Louise nodded and bow.

"Of course, Mister President."

This year's Hunger Games will be a masterpiece. A masterpiece that was created from the Carrol family's madness.

Tribute List:

District One:

Female- Katherine Alessandra "Kit" McKinnon, 16

Male- Cly Bove, 17

District Two

Female- December Halley, 16

Male- Nate Brenner, 18

District Three

Female- Sharon Fortran, 18

Male- Jay Fortran, 17

District Four

Female- Kia Leoni, 18

Male- Issac Blackfin, 16

District Five

Female- Kenna Sebastien, 17

Male- Indigo Flux, 13

District Six

Female- Angel Semifer, 15

Male- Jerry Sawyer, 16

District Seven

Female- Kalina Ashdon, 18

Male- Kaiden Sooner, 15

District Eight

Female- Jinx Ramirez, 17

Male- Slate Arthur, 17

District Nine

Female- Norra Eris, 16

Male- Jarrod Hayes, 15

District Ten

Female- Brooklynn Crystals, 12

Male- Tobias Milit, 17

District Eleven

Female- Alice di Angelo, 13

Male- Aster Marino, 18

District Twelve

Female- Percella Aquarius, 12

Male- Scorpii Aquarius, 18

Um, this is my first Hunger Games story... and the first SYOT too. If I do something wrong... please tell me, okay?