Chapter 25: Third Day in Wonderland.

~The Unreal and the Avengers~

District 2- Nate, 18

Location: Cornucopia

When we saw Cly's face during the anthem, we all feel shocked. It's true that Cly didn't return back last night, but then we all think that's because he's near to his targets. December pales when she saw Cly's face on the rainy sky, but when the boy from 9's face is shown, she looks towards both me and Katherine.

"So I have two kills now. Jinx and Aster are counted as two too because they work together to kill the tributes from 6. Issac has killed the girl from 3 and is hellbent on getting the boy from 3 so he has his own target. And now, Cly's dead..." She looks angrily at both Katherine and I.

"So...?" Katherine asks from beside me.

"So, I'm asking the two of you why you're still here sitting your lazy asses off while Cly died while hunting. Particularly you, Kit." December raises her axe and point them to Katherine's neck. "Why should we keep you in this alliance?" I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "Hey, what's Katherine's worth have anything to do with this?" I ask to December, who looks at me incredulously.

"Technically speaking, she's right, Nate." Issac speaks normally for the first time since Kia's death. "She does score lower than any of us here and she's useless." His eyes gleamed with disdain. I know what he's implying. Why does she get to sit here in Cornucopia, safe and protected while Kia had to die?

Kia disobeyed my orders, that's why. But Katherine here is not like that.

"Guys, come on, let's talk this-"

"Nate, shut up. We're not asking your opinion." Jinx fires at me with her usual venomous words. I fell silent to that.

"The Careers this year is an extensive one. I was happy that we actually have a defender and not the usual all-offense type. But you're tying Nate's capability to lead all of us." Hey! Hey! Why is she talking like I'm not even here? I sigh.

"December, I don't think that way." Aster raises his hand like a kid from school. "I think you're severely biased, Nate. I'm sorry, but I think you are." Jinx nods to Aster's words.

"What do you want from me?" Kit finally says as she crosses her arms and pout. I can see December's grin. "Why don't you go to the Castle of the Hearts and kill those who killed your District Partner? Who's the one running there again?" December asks to Aster, who then scratches his chin. "The two from 7 and 12, I guess. Cly's not stupid, so they probably ally up to outsmart him."

December nods. "Okay then, that settles it. We'll all go to hunt again. And since Jinx can't hunt in the Hatter's Domain, I'll go to the Hatter's Domain while Jinx and Aster will go to the Vale of Tears. Issac, you're going to the Courtroom, right?" Issac nods, I know that he's been particularly pissed because he got lost there multiple times and wasn't able to find the boy from 3.

"That settles it, then." December then looks at me as Katherine takes backpack supplies, a belt of knives, and couple of other things before leaving in the direction of the Castle of Hearts. "I'm the leader of this alliance until Nate can see that he's protecting someone useless. Are we all in agreement?" None of us objects, since December is currently ahead in kill-counts.

When Jinx, Aster, and Issac all left to their own destinations, I was left alone with December, who sighs at me.

"We- I still need you, Nate. I really do. I don't like leading an alliance just because everyone else is behind in the kill-counts. I want to be in an alliance that has a leader that connects all of us."

District 10- Tobias, 17

Location: Courtroom

When I wake up, I find myself in the middle of a labyrinth. How do I know that this is a labyrinth? Because the walls I was leaned to is actually really tall and the way to this place seems to have several turns, and the way I can go from here also has several turns.

"How long was I out...?" I wonder to myself as I examine myself. My jacket's sleeve has been torn to stop the bleeding on my shoulder, but the temperature is just slightly colder than outside, and it doesn't really bother me. I have my backpack with me and it was clear that someone else had been taking care of me.

"Night, how long was I out?" I ask to Night, who's leaning on the wall just across mine. He doesn't look as haggard and exhausted as me, but I notice that his usual thirst of blood has been subdued by some exhaustion. "Brilliant, Toby. I'm you, remember? Of course I was out as long as you are." My eyes widen in realization. That's right. I'm such an idiot.

Suddenly, I hear footsteps approaching me. Night and I are instantly alert. "You're awake. Are you talking to someo-" I leap from my seat and tackles the source of voice to the ground and place my hand on top of his neck. I can feel a slight breeze (which wasn't supposed to happen because we're indoors) coming from his behind. My spine turns cold. What...?

The boy I was tackling rolls his eyes at me. "I saved you from death and this is what I get?" He asks, but not to me. I'm shocked that he actually sounds bored, like I was boring him with some sort of cheesy demonstration of martial artist. I can feel that cold breeze again.

"Vincent, make up your mind. Do you want to laugh or do you want to be angry? And by the way, you shouldn't exert your shoulder now, you might open up the wound again." His eyes immediately look at my shoulder, which I assume was his handiwork. I look towards Night, who's showing a very amused expression.

"For now, let's just trust him. He's interesting." Night always has this sense of humor that sometimes beats his cruelty. He shows that to Liam, meek and shy Liam, and now the kid is my best friend. And now, he's showing that amusement to this copper-haired boy in front of me. I think that's his way to determine my friends...

I let go of him and let him untie the sleeve he wraps on my shoulder. I find it weird that he doesn't talk to me while doing that. No, he doesn't even talk to anyone as he unwrap the wound, scrub them with the thin blanket I had in my backpack (it's wet now), and wrap them again.

"Thank you for stating the obvious, Vincent," he rolls his eyes at the air beside him before turning to me. "You collided head-first to my torso almost two days ago, in our first night in the Arena. I take care of you here, just near the trapdoor you fell from because it's a secret pathway to the Vale of Tears, which I notice is the source of water in this year's arena. I try feeding you with some crackers and jerky, but you don't respond so I left them there, in your backpack." And then he fell silent.

I kind of expect him to talk about something else, like my name and my district or how did I end up here, but he didn't. He only sit there in silence, looking at me like I'm an object that piqued his interest.

My eyes went to Night, who's laughing at the boy's demeanor. I look at him awkwardly, trying to start a conversation. "So, um, I'm-"

"Tobias Milit. 17. From District 10. You scored a 6 and you have a friend named Night. But I couldn't see him so he couldn't be a transparent apparition." The breeze is stronger this time. "Uh... transparent apparition...?" I ask dumbly, I can hear Night's hysterical laughter echoing in my skull. Suddenly, the boy's demeanor turned cheerful and he beams at me. "Ghosts!" He says happily.

I narrow my eyes in confusion. This entire time he'd been talking, his tone sounds like a lazy drawl. But then he slaps himself on his face and turns angrily at the thin air beside him. "Vincent! Don't do that possession-nonsense! I don't like it!" There was another strong breeze, I assume that his... ghost friend, Vincent, is laughing hysterically, like Night.

He's so weird...

"That's a funny thing for you to say, Toby." Night says in the interval of his laughter. I roll my eyes. "Night! Stop that!" He looks at me with wide eyes that's full of excitement. "Are you schizophrenic?" I've never had anyone say that to my face before, so I was quite taken aback. But in my stupor, I found myself nodding.

"Interesting... can I keep you close?"Wh-what...? Am I some sort of a pet...? I can barely hear things that he says because Night's laughter is reverberating in my skull. But then I catch him looking towards the thin air- Vincent - and his face turns into his normal bored one. "I mean, can we have an alliance? There's a Career that's been hunting me in this Courtroom for quite a while now."

"Sure, uh-"

"Jay. Jay Fortran. From District 3."

"Sure then, Jay..."

He's so weird.

District 7- Kaiden, 15

Location: Hatter's Domain

"WHAT DO YOU RECKON WE SHOULD DOOOO?!" Slate asks me as we run from a very slow but super gigantic cow-headed turtle. It's really slow, but its size makes it that every step it takes is equal to our high-speed running. I swear that this place is so annoying that it actually makes me feel that being chased by Stadki Sato is actually a better life.

"Heeeeeeeeeeelp! The Queen of Hearts is going to eat meeee! I'm going to be made a Mock-Turtle Souuuup!"

Both Slate and I hold our breath as we search for the nearest empty ally. Why? Because after it says that, it actually let out a very nasty-smelling breath that lasts the entire corridor. I don't want to afford that.

When the stupid green smoke made its way from Mock Turtle's mouth, we turn left into a very narrow ally. I feel really cold because the walls in this place is 5 times colder than the air, so I hug Slate, who in turn hugs me back.

Usually, I'm not keen for physical affection (having lived a very much ignored life by people who's supposed to show me some affection), much less from a man. But it's so cold that I actually throw my pride away and hug this older boy.

When the Mock Turtle leaves, we step slowly out of the narrow corridor and dust ourselves off. "So, what do you reckon we should do?" I raise my eyebrow at him. We? What we?

"We? What we?" I voice out my thoughts. Slate's gray eyes is now filled with amusement as he laughs, rather loudly, and he puts a hand on my shoulder. "Seriously? We've been running from Jabberwock, Dodo, Mock Turtle, The Mouse and that other stuff and you still haven't consider me an ally? Haaarsh." What's up with this guy? How come he's so kind to everyone? That's just... impossible.

I don't grow up with kindness, that's why it's hard for me to accept that someone as kind as him even existed.

Suddenly, a rather huge sound of snoring echoes throughout the Hatter's Domain. Slate and I look at one another.

"The Mad Hatter's sleep walking."

When we heard sounds of slow but sure footstep, we run again. But this time, I take a deep breath and talk to him.

"I... want to kill Nate Brenner." I say, loud and clear. Two days ago I think that Alice is crazy for wanting to kill the leader of the Career pack, but now I see her reasoning loud and clear. Slate narrows his eyes at me and tilt his hand in confusion. "Why?" He asks.

"Alice had wanted to kill him because he killed Lynn. Now that she's dead... I kind of want to take over the job." Revenge. I know that it usually brings nothing, but in the Hunger Games, revenge is what makes things interesting. And interesting things means excitement for the Capitol. And excitement for the Capitol means we can have a deathless day.

"Revenge, huh?" Slate asks, contemplating his choices, I guess. But then he smiles at me and offer me his hand while still running. "I can't do much. But, can I help? The Careers killed Angel and Jerry too, although I don't know who exactly killed them." I take his hand and shake it briefly.

"Sure, why not?" But we don't have much time as the Mad Hatter's sleep-talk alerts the entire Domain to chase us around.


We'll kill the leader of the Career alliance after we survive another day of another mutt chasing us, I guess.

01- Careers:

Kit, D1

December, D2

Nate, D2

Issac, D4

Jinx, D8

Aster, D11

02- The Inner-Workings:

Jinx, D8

Aster, D11

03- The Older-siblings:

Kalina, D7

Scorpii, D12

04- The Unreal:

Jay, D3

Tobias, D10

05- The Avengers:

Kaiden, D7

Slate, D8


Norra, D9


The Careers-

Kit - The Castle of Hearts

Nate - Cornucopia

December - The Hatter's Domain

Issac - Courtroom

Jinx and Aster - The Vale of Tears

Norra - The Pale Realm (current status: unknown)

The Unreal - Courtroom

The Avengers - The Hatter's Domain

The Older-siblings - The Castle of Hearts

No deaths today because it's only a plot-setup day.

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