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Chapter 3- Holiday cheer!

"Okay Crystal, time for bed!" Lily said as she put Crystal into her cradle, Crystal was looking at Lily, with a look that implied she wanted something. "Huh? Oh, you want a story before you go to bed?" Crystal nodded her head. "Okay, sure." Lily sat down next to Crystal's cradle. "It was the night before Christmas, and all through the so called house, not a creature was stirring, except for Storo the Mouse." "Hey, hope you don't mind but we needed some food." Storo said as he walked by the room. "The smelly old socks were hung by the chimney with care. But soon we did realize King Dededee was there! The King checked to see if everyone was in their bed, so his mean pranks could happen in his head." "ARGH WHY DO THE STOCKINGS SMELL SO BAD!?" Dededee shouted. "With Jackson bringing the tree and everyone shouting in glee, the tree will look beautiful, you'll see." "DEDEDEE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Jackson shouted. "With a shout, a holler, a roar of disgust, everyone soon did realize, Dededee is to be mistrust. The tree the tree! Papa did shout. There is a lot of trouble about. I listened in and I did hear, that several of our friends did shed a tear. Dededee you're as a good as dead! Jackson shouted. Followed by Dededee's screams, Dededee had cut down the tree, it seems. On Richard and Jackson, Gino and Escargoon! With Fumu, Bun and Magolor (who is a loon)! The others chased Dededee with the purist of rage, from Kirby to Meta Knight even our local Sage! Dededee started to run for his life, with the others saying mean things like you shall never have a wife! Dededee ran into the forbidden room but flew out with great force, with Joann walking out looking mad (of course.) With that she walked over and said out loud, Marry Christmas to all! Dededee I shall have your life!" Lily looked to see Crystal was sleep, she kissed her good night and walked down to see that the tree was indeed wrecked, and Joann was being the crap out of Dededee. "How did this happen?" Richard asked, he was sitting on a couch. "I have no idea." Lily sat down next to him and began to take a nap.