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~Two Days Later~

I walked into school and headed straight towards my locker. When I got there I noticed, there were cards covering it! Many saying "Congrats:)" or "Ggood Luck, Kim!" All of them signed by members of the cheersquad. I told them but they were the only ones that knew. I talked with my mom and she is allowing me to go BY MYSELF! Yes! Finally! Freedom at last! I was so excited I didn't realize the guys had come over and started reading the cards taped to my locker.

"What's this all about, Kim?" Jack asked me. After our little fight, I had started ignoring him, but cracked at lunch.

"Oh, ya know. Cheer stuff." I said casually.

"This one says, Hope you have fun and come back soon. Where are you going?" Milton read the card.

"This weekend, I'm going to, um, a... family reunion." I lied, horribly.

"I dont know what you're up to Kim, but I will find out. That's a promise." Jack looked me square in the eye.

I haven't told the guys yet, but I plan to when we get to the dojo. I leave tomorrow morning and I feel really bad for waiting this long, but I didn't want to see them mope. Finally school was out and I walked to the dojo.(A/N I know. short school day. wish mine was like that)

I walked into the locker room and heard the guys muffled conversation.

"When are we going to tell her, Jack?" Jerry questioned.

"We leave tomorrow, right after school!" Milton screeched.

"Tell me what? Were are we going?" I was seriously confused.

Rudy walked out of his office and answered for them, "The guys have a tournament in New York. I told them about it the day you had to leave early. We leave tomorrow, if you want to join us!"

"I would love to come with you," I saw Jack's eyes light up, "but I have somewhere to go. I leave tomorrow morning at nine a.m"

"Where are you going?" Eddie asked.

"The day I left early, I had tryouts for the U.S Olympic Womens Gymnastics Team. I made it"

The guys look amazed, "Wow, Kim! That's so cool!" concidering they didn't even know I did gymnastics.

"I will be gone to train for 8 months." I stated, instantly making their smiles fade.

So there is the new chapter. Sorry guys. I have genuine idea of what I'm going to do next. I think I'm going to introduce Kim's Olympic teammates. The Elite Eight. There will be 8 girls, that's including Kim. Hope you liked it! Love ya'll!