Kyuubi of Kumo

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The night covered the sky of Nami no Kuni as the stars twinkled in the distance mapping the galaxy for dreamers. In a small house away from the main town a small boy was about to start an argument he had no chance of winning.

"Why are you still hear, you will only make it worse Gato's going to kill you" he cried at the people in his home only to have it shoved back in his face.

"We're hear to keep your grandpa safe so be respectful you little brat" a 12 year old boy replied. He had spikey blond hair, cerulean blue eyes, whisker marks on his cheeks and a bright orange jumpsuit. This was Naruto Uzumaki prankster, believer, dreamer and most of all he was a ninja.

"SHUT UP BAKA" a pink haired girl shrieked from across the room, she wore a pink dress skirt and had green eyes. This was Sakura Haruno a kunoichi a female ninja from the same village of Naruto.

"Shut up Sakura" Naruto replied "this kid Is getting on my nerves going on about how we don't know anything about pain, pain is all I've ever known." He said out load so everyone in the room could hear.

"What do you mean you know anything about pain you're a ninja you have a family, live in a nice village and have respect we have nothing I have nothing." The boy yelled out making Naruto growl with anger.

"NO you have something I don't you have a grandfather I don't. You have a mother I don't. You had a farther I never met him or my mother I am an orphan you little brat." He told the boy. "Inari just so you know I am not respected in fact I am the most hated person in my village" he told Inari who was fighting back the tears.

"I have been neglected, abused and abandoned by everyone in Konoha all my life. So all I know is pain you have the one thing I have always prayed for asked for and wanted you have a family so before you think you know pain I want you to know this no matter how bad you think you are there is always someone someplace there will be someone worse off than you, in fact there are nine, nine people who have been treated like me all for a reason we had no control over." Inari started crying as Naruto got up and walked to the door.

"Naruto where are you going?" asked a boy the same age as Naruto who black hair that was had spiked backwards looking like a ducks butt.

"Going for a walk than going to try climbing that tree again I just got to blow off some steam I'll be back later." He replied before walking out of the room and into the night.

Time skip 2 hours later.

Naruto walked past the window crouched low so no one would see him. He was out longer than he thought and decided to sneak back into the house so he wouldn't wake anyone up. Passing the living room window he notice the window was open ignoring it he started to continue walking but stopped when he started to hear voices.

"Where is that loser." he haired the familiar voice of his female teammate. Naruto frowned at what sakura said about him but he decided to let it slide as he was ust to it.

"Why do you care about that idiot he's a weakling, a no good orphan who is nothing compared to me." Came the arrogant voice of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto's other teammate. Naruto grit his teach in an attempt not to shout at Sasuke.

"You're right Sasuke why am I even thinking about that worthless loser he's the worst ninja ever, I mean what ninja wares bright orange god he is an idiot hahaha." She laughed at herself. Naruto was fuming how could they talk to him like that he was about to walk in and give them a piece if his mind when he haired another voice that stopped him.

"Yep Naruto is an idiot and will probably die very early as a ninja" said Naruto's sensei Kakashi Hatake before he paused and looked up from his porn "that's what I thought when I first met him, but he showed me something that's changed my opinion of him he showed me that he's not only got guts but that he's also a battle genius."

"What do you mean Naruto's an idiot everyone knows that!" exclaimed Sakura.

"What I mean is that Naruto is good at coming up with strategies on the fly, like when I was trapped by Zabuza. If I remember Sakura you didn't do anything."

Sakura pouted.

"I am proud to have him as a student and I think I might give him a jutsu when we get back as a reward for saving me." Kakashi said with his trademark eye smile. But unfortunately he won't get that chance for a while as Naruto ran off as soon as he haired Kakashi say that he was an idiot.

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