Chapter 7

"How the hell did we wind up like this?" Naruto yelled out to Samui as he ducked under a sideways slash from one of the many bandits they had to fight.

"I don't know some idiot did something seriously uncool and pissed all these bandits off." Samui said back her voice not projecting any emotion besides her usual cool calm confidence.

"Where the fuck is our back up anyway? They were supposed to be here already." Naruto yelled back his temper getting to him as he used his thunder punch aiming the technique to the bandit's throat and successfully destroying his windpipe causing the bandit to cough up a lot of blood before dying. He then flipped backwards before reaching into his pouch and drawing out at shuriken which he then threw at a couple of bandits charging at Samui from behind. Going through the hand signs Naruto yelled out "Shadow shuriken clone jutsu." The one shuriken turned into twenty with ten shuriken impaling each of the bandits.

Samui having heard the thump of the two bandits behind her land in the mud turned quickly to block the incoming attack what she found was two dead foes courtesy of Naruto. But what shocked her, the most was the fact that whilst Naruto was fending off another bandit a new foe came down from the trees behind Naruto.

"Naruto move!" Samui yelled getting Naruto's attention he quickly jumped a few yards to the right whilst the new threat stuck down the bandit Naruto was facing. Samui tossed a kunai at the new opponent who quickly dodged but the attack sailed through and went straight into the heart of another.

"Thanks I owe you." Naruto said as he swiftly moved to Samui's side.

"Nope that just makes us even." She replied as they continued to fight now back to back Samui using her skills with her tonto Naruto with a kunai in his left hand and a lightning covered right.

"Naruto I going to agree with you on this were the hell is our back up?" Samui said as the enemy forces encircled them.

Flashback the days ago

The team had entered the land of waterfalls after a week and half of travel and after meeting the squad of Taki shinobi who were there to help transport them to the village. They had stopped in front of a large pool of water with a waterfall at the far end.

"This is the entrance to Takigakure; follow us closely, behind that waterfall is a series of cave which are impossible to navigate unless you are from my village or being guided by one of us. It is also one of the reasons Takigakure has remained impenetrable during the last three wars." The anbu captain said before splitting the team into smaller groups to make navigation easier.

The team with the captain consisted of A, Bee and Darui, the team with the female anbu member was Samui, Karui and Yugito leaving Naruto and Omoi in the last group with the final member of the anbu squad keeping an eye out at the rear.

After a few minutes of swimming; using chakra to enhance their lung capacity. The group emerged from the underwater cave system drenched, this annoyed the kumo genin especially the girls mostly Samui as it meant that her chest was more visible to the male population.

Naruto trying to stay in Samui's good books took of his zip up jacket out of his backpack; his backpack having a water proof seal weaved into the fabric meaning it can't get wet. He placed the jacket on Samui's shoulders which she quickly accepted by smiling back at him. She quickly put it on thanking him for the cool gesture.

"So when is our meeting with your leader?" A asked

"You're meeting with our leader is tomorrow morning, but first we shall take you to your hotel." The anbu captain said, without any more questions the group followed the anbu squad to the hotel.

The hotel they were staying at wasn't really a big place, to kumo standards. It was mostly a traditional inn with three floors and a hot spring in the back to relax in the afternoons.

After checking into the hotel the Raikage's group split back into new groups for the sleeping arrangements, Naruto and Omoi in one room. Samui and Yugito in another, Karui got the lucky draw and had a room all to herself, until she demanded a bigger room for the three girls to share. Darui and Bee where also sharing a room whilst the Raikage on personal demand got the V.I.P suite for himself.

After unpacking there supplies the genin decided to walk around the village for a bit whilst waiting for dinner. The group split up fairly quickly with the girls going one way to look at something that caught there eye's; Omoi seeing this had a near panic attack about how "the girls would be kidnapped and the only way to get them back would be to leave Taki but the kidnapers laid" so before his friend gave himself a heart attack Naruto decided to take him back to the hotel to relax and told him everyone would be fine. Then Killer B decided to help out by rapping

"Mother Fuckers can try to mess with the students belonging to me, but they will regret it once they fall to the wrath of the mighty Killer Bee."

So here Naruto was currently tree walking up a giant that was in the centre of the village wanting to see if the view from there was as good as the one from the Hokage monument in Konoha.

"Stop thinking about Konoha Naruto, Kumo is your home now." Naruto said to himself as he continued up the tree, but it was true he did miss the view from the monument and he especially missed the third hokage company and he really, really missed the taste of Ichiraku ramen. But he was happier in kumo deep down he knew it; he just had to make the feelings of Konoha stop.

"Get off my tree!" yelled out a new voice that was getting louder and closer as time went on.

"Crap!" Naruto yelled out in reply as he felt a foot connect with his stomach sending him down the tree, but with quick reactions he swiftly grasped the voice foot with both hands, if he was going down the attacker was going down with him, and besides this couldn't hurt as much as his sensei's dropkicks. Could it?

"Let go of my foot, you whiskered punk."

Naruto felt himself stop falling at this point looking up he realised that the attacker with the voice was a girl, by the looks of it his age with tan skin and mint green hair. Her outfit included a white sleeveless top which ended at her midriff, under that was a mesh armour shirt. She was wearing a skirt but the thing that really surprised Naruto was that she had two insect like wings coming out of her back.

Naruto gave the girl one more look over before noticing that Taki headband tied around her right arm.

"Girl chill, what are you doing attacking me? Are villages are to become allies!" Naruto yelled out getting the girls attention she looked down and noticed the kumo for-head protector tied tightly on his for-head.

They floated there for a while whilst the green haired girl thought her situation over "Shit I was told that Kumo was coming today to sort out an alliance between both villages and that she was supposed to be on her best behaviour and know I may have ruined the chances of an alliance. And if this kid must be important if he was brought here and I don't think old man Shibuki will be able to fight against the Raikage let alone defeat him." The green haired girl yelled at herself internally, before flying to the nearest branch.

"Is something wrong we have been floating her for a couple of minutes now and…"

"And what?" the green haired mystery kunochi said to the mystery kumo shinobi.

"And the winds picking up." Naruto replies as a strong gust of wind hit the two.

The green haired girl noticed this and looked down the yelled out "You better not look under my skirt you filthy pervert!"

"I am not a pervert!" Naruto yelled back; he took a deep breath then said "How's this you put me down and we forget about this whole meeting?"

The green haired thought it over for a few moments.

"Promise not to say anything?" She said she knew it was a stupid thing to say, ninja's weren't well known for being honest.

"I promise, besides A sensei wants this alliance to keep the council from thinking he's week so you have nothing to worry about my lips are sealed."

"Well that's a relief wait did you say A sensei?"

"Yeah you got a problem with A sensei?" Naruto replied getting angry that this girl had something bad to say about his teacher.

"No nothing like that it's just A is the name of the Raikage."

"I know but he is also my sensei."

"I am so sorry about hitting you before is should of thought about it first before I acted like that." The girl said as they landed on the ground.

"Don't mention it the names Naruto by the way."

"Fu." The now named girl replied causing Naruto to smile at her.

"Well Fu why did you kick me off the tree?"

"I thought you were one of the punks that like to ruin and damage the tree for kicks."

"That's good to know, also how do you grow them wings out of your back."

"Well umm that's easy… I just…ummm"

"Kit she is a jinchuriki I going to say the 7 tails as she is the only one that can fly." Kurama chipped in answering the question for the still stuttering Fu.

"Fu are you a jinchuriki?" Naruto asked completely shocking Fu, this was bad know even kumo would reject her. Why couldn't she say it was a clan technique?

"Y yes." She stammered out she didn't what to lose another would be friend even if she already almost ruined by kicking the boy in the gut almost sending his crashing down twenty feet, but that wasn't anywhere near as important as him knowing about her being a jinchuriki.

"Because I want you to know you're not alone I'm also a jinchuriki, if you want more Information I am the jinchuriki of the nine tails." Naruto said lifting up his shirt to show his seal.

"So you want to be friends?" Naruto asked getting Fu attention.

He answer was an instant.


Flashback end current time

A was dashing through the forest outside the village trying to find Samui and Naruto and by extension Yugito and Fu he kept thinking back to the conditions of the alliance all they needed to do was kill some bandits with the two genin of team Bee and the new team Jinchuriki or was it demon's or beasts he didn't know the team name was something going to be decided back in kumo. But first thing first find his genin. Then go lightning release armour and destroy the whole base to relive himself of the stress of being Raikage and mostly the stress of the paperwork an alliance gives him.

"NARUTO, SAMUI WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!" the fourth yelled out causing all the natural wildlife to get up and get as far away from the angry kage.

With Samui and Naruto

Both genin where covered in blood the onslaught of bandits was unbelievable so many just waiting to attack, luckily they were going two at a time against the genin meaning they hadn't been overrun just yet.

Unfortunately Samui whilst physically fit didn't have the unnatural stamina or chakra levels that Naruto had.

"Samui I have a plan to get us out of here alive do you still have enough stamina in you to make a break?" Naruto asked his tone full of concern for his partner.

"Yeah I think I do." She replied panting slightly.

"Good." Naruto said before putting his hands in a familiar hand sign "Shadow clone jutsu." Naruto yelled out creating hundreds of clones as a cover.

"Quick Samui jump!" Naruto yelled out as both genin jumped to the highest branches of the closest trees.

"Good idea but why did you make so many clones?" Samui asked panting heavily at the lack of chakra in her system.

"For this reason get moving; Release!" Naruto yelled out putting his hands in a different hand sign the result was instant all the remaining clones exploded creating a huge shock wave sending him and Samui flying.

"Let's get back to camp we need to inform the others that we found the enemy base." Samui said to Naruto before starting to tree jump to base she didn't get far before she lost balance and nearly fell off the tree branch but was quickly caught by Naruto who picked her up in a bridal carry and started to jump tree to tree to base so he and Samui could get some rest.

After a few minutes of moving Naruto and Samui met up with A; who was rushing as fast as possible to the location of the explosion (He was going so fast he almost missed them.)

"Naruto Samui where have you two been, and what was with the explosion?"

"Found base, got surrounded, explosion used as a distraction to escape." Naruto said gasping for air between words. He was tired exhausted from the earlier battle and the following run.

"Good let's get back to the camp there you can tell me where the base is then me, bee and Darui will deal with the leaders." A said before taking them back to camp.

At the camp

The base camp for the operation was just that a simple camp there were six tents around a small fire. Currently at the camp around the fire stood Darui, Bee, Omoi and Karui all of them had returned from recently from scouting the area. All had returned after finding nothing and were waiting for Naruto, Samui, Yugito and the new member Fu. A bored and wanting to stretch his legs decided to find the last four he had only been gone for about 10 minutes when they heard the explosion, twenty minutes later A returned with Naruto and Samui closely behind him, Samui who had climbed out of Naruto's arms decided to walk back to the camp to escape the awkward moment that her friends would no doubt comment on.

"Boss your back and you brought Naruto and Samui with you good know all we have to do is find Yugito and Fu and we can rest soundly." Darui said informing the Raikage and two genin that the other two genin where still missing.

"Right Darui, Bee you two go search the area those two where scouting, you have until sun rise before you have two return." A ordered the two jonin nodded before jumping into the nearby tree line to begin their search.

"We will wait here for a few minutes so you can catch your breath, then Naruto you will show me were the base is hopefully we can have this mission complete and finish this alliance before the week ends.

Naruto walked into his tent opened his backpack and took out a couple ration bars and a bottle of water out of his bag (annoyed he still hadn't found any ramen, but he wasn't going to give up the search.) he then walked outside and sat in front of the fire to eat his snack.

After finishing both bars and gulping down his water, Naruto noticed Samui had decided to sit next to him.

"Naruto thanks for before if it weren't for your plan I don't know if we would have made it. So what I guess I'm trying to say is that you're cool.

Naruto was pretty shocked at this her never had any compliments from a girl and from a girl as hot and as cold as Samui it meant a lot to him. "Thanks Samui that means a lot to me." Naruto replied smiling to her at the end.

"Naruto I want you to take this" Samui said handing over her tanto to him.


"Well you're short on Kunai, shuriken and other tools I'm staying here with Karui and Omoi, so I guessed you are going to need a bit of extra protection."

"Thanks I guess I'm going to need it."

"Make sure you bring it back you can only use it for this one mission after that you're buying your own." She said her voice taking an even colder tone as if hell itself would freeze over if Naruto managed to destroy

Naruto gulped and made a mental note to remember to make nothing happened to her tanto.

After a few minutes of resting Naruto and A set off to the enemy camp at top speed, well Naruto's top speed. After tree jumping for a while, Naruto stopped A on a tree branch, the base was in view a group of tents with a number of fires dotted all over the place, the camp was surrounding a small tower about three floors tall made out of earth and wood.

A few windows' light by torches covered the building but what shocked the two ninjas the most was the glimpse of a blond haired and green haired girls passing one of the windows.

"A sensei did I just see Fu and Yugito in that tower?" Naruto asked his dark skinned teacher and boss.

A didn't respond he was pretty pissed if it were a genin from any other village he wouldn't of given two shits about them. But one of them was from his own village one of his jinchuriki as well and the other the key to his alliance with Taki.

"If that old bastard Shibuki senior and his council didn't want to test us and instead just signed the alliance paper this whole mess could have been avoided." A said to himself; remembering the meeting from the earlier day.


A with his chosen bodyguards Bee and Darui were sat next in the meeting room of the leader of Taki. The room was simple design a large table in front of them with three chairs on each side. A was the only one sat down his bodyguards stood relaxed but still at ready for combat.

A looked around the room the walls were painted emerald green and there was a large window on the far side giving a good view of the village.

The door then opened revealing an old man wearing a blue shirt with mesh armour underneath, he also had bandages covering his arms from the elbow down. He wore blue shinobi pants with normal shinobi sandals, on his forehead was a normal taki head band, his hair was mostly white with a large brown patch in the middle.

"Good morning Raikage, I hope you have had a good journey and enjoyed your stay in our village."

"Yes it has been very enjoyable." The Raikage replied.

"Well let's start the alliance meeting.

An hour or two later both men stood up and shook hands the alliance had been agreed upon and signed with the only two problems left one being how to get Fu to accept her duties as an on active mission doing ninja/ ambassador for her village. And the other a C rank mission involving one of the few missing Kumo ninja.

"Good well let me make a request of allowing Fu to join the genin I brought with me to help here settle in with her new genin team?" A asked.

"Very well call your genin here I shall get Fu." The leader of taki said before both men left the room to find their respective genin.

"This is going to be easy. A said to himself before going back to the hotel to find his genin.

Flashback over

"Naruto here is the plan." A said; looking Naruto in the eyes "There is no chance that you will survive if we did a full frontal assault so here is the plan, I going to go down there full lightning armour and tore a hole in their defences; whilst I am doing this you will sneak into the tower and find and rescue Fu and Yugito."

"Understood!" Naruto responded.

"Ready, three two one Go" The Raikage said before breaking from the tree line at speeds Naruto couldn't follow covered in blue lightning armour, before the first group of bandits could react they were dead, slain in a fury of fists from the ticked of Raikage.

Naruto seeing his chance followed the patch of destruction and made it two the tower remembering that the two kunochi were being taken upstairs Naruto applied chakra two his feet and started climbing up the tower to the top floor.

After a minute of climbing Naruto reached the window for the top floor, look through the window Naruto saw a 6 foot tall dark skinned male who was bald, wearing a black vest top with black pants on his lower back was a katana. But the thing that caught Naruto's attention was the crossed out Kumo headband on his forehead.

The man walked over to the other side of the room, Naruto followed his path and realised he was walking towards Yugito and Fu; both girls looked filthy and exhausted and were handcuffed to a ring on the floor.

"Well little ones what reason do you have for being here." He asked his face in stuck in a twisted snarl.

Yugito's response was to spit on the guys face. This caused the missing Nin to punch her hard in the face. He then grabbed her chin and brought his face close to hers. He looked her in the eye and noticed the kumo head band around her forehead.

He then through her face first to the floor, "well you little Kumo bitch I think it's time for you to die." He said as he started to draw his katana out of its sheath.

Naruto realising what was going to happen jumped through the window, drawing Samui's tanto he charge towards the missing nin when he was close enough he yelled out "Cloud style front Beheading." And swung the blade in an arc to cut the missing nin head off.

The missing Nin realising what was going to happen brought up his Katana to black the strike.

"Well who has the balls to face me the great Makito?"

"The guy who is going to kick your ass!" Naruto retorted as he swung the tanto again only to be blocked again.

"Well kid it's time for you to die; Cloud style: Crescent moon beheading." Makito yelled out as he swung his katana in the shape of a crescent moon intending to decapitate Naruto. The whiskered genin ducked under the attack and proceeded to thrust Samui tanto upward into Makito chest only for him to substitute with a wooden chair from the other end of the room.

Naruto thinking fast, took a smoke bomb out of his pouch and tossed it across the room towards Makito when it exploded half of the room was covered in a purple smoke. Naruto then rushed towards Yugito and Fu taking one of the last Kunai out of his pouch he gave it for Yugito, telling her to keep hold of it in case he comes after them.

Naruto then turned and walked to the centre of room he activated his lightning palm in his left hand, holding the tanto in his right. The smoke then cleared Makito was standing where he was last, his blade in front of him ready to finish this fight.

Both men charged towards each other both stuck at the same time the sound of steal clashing with steal ringing in the air, Naruto struck his left palm out trying to paralyse Makito.

Makito relying on instinct turned his body to the side Naruto's palm strike missed entirely, Makito then span around Naruto bringing his katana with him, he stuck from behind with a slash to Naruto's lower spine. Naruto rolled forwards dodging the strike. Getting up quickly he parried Makito's thrust.

"Not bad kid but you are no match for me I am a B ranked missing Nin." Makito taunted.

"If I remember you were only a B rank missing Nin for the crime of raping a kunochi on your team during a yearlong mission." Naruto replied as he as he moved his left arm and gripped Makito's blade wielding wrist, sending a pulse of electricity down the arm paralysing it.

Realising he was out of options Makito Kicked Naruto in the gut causing him to barrel over, he quickly ran to the door at the end of the room.

Naruto reacting quickly dropped Samui's tanto and proceeded to kick the small blade towards Makito's fleeing form. The blade struck Makito in his good shoulder, Naruto then flashed through some hand signs "Lightning Style: false darkness!" He yelled out before using the last of his chakra to fire large bolt of lightning out of his mouth towards Makito piercing his chest from behind killing the man instantly. Naruto then walked over to Makito's body and pulled Samui's tanto out of his shoulder.

Naruto put the blade into its sheath. He was then sent towards the other side of the room and impacted the wall, by A smashing through the door and most of wall in front of them. Makito its time for you to pay…. What happened?" A yelled out realising that Makito was dead and his student was lying on the ground on the other side of the room.

"Naruto came in and killed Makito I think that was his name and then you blew the door of its hinges and sent him flying." Fu replied as she spotted the dark skinned muscular Raikage.

"Good my student had come a long way." A said his voice filled with pride. As he noticed the jinchuriki was not getting up as he was probably unconscious with exhaustion.

"Is Naruto ok?" Yugito asked worried about her fellow jinchuriki.

"He's fine." Replies A as he walked over to the two female jinchuriki, he quickly snapped the chain in to pieces he then crushed the hand cuffs before asking if the two were ok. Both nodded in replay, the got up and following A's order cut Makito's head off for the bounty they would give to Naruto.

A then picked up the knocked out whiskered dye white genin and took him to the camp.

"You did good today kid, you made a good impression on Samui, Fu and Yugito because of you this alliance is going to be completed and we got another bastard of the villages hit list." A said quietly to the young boy on his back.

After a few minutes of travel they reached the camp, Samui Omoi and Karui cheered and ran towards the returning group, Samui gave Yugito a large hug seeing that her best friend/sister figure was safe.

The rest of the genin were talking to Fu asking what happened whilst this was going on A slipped past the group and put Naruto in his tent the kid needed the rest.

"Raikage is Naruto ok I didn't see him?" Samui asked A who pointed to the tent Naruto was in realising it would be a bad idea to wake him up to get her tanto back from the snippets of the conversation she heard Naruto had a hard time against the missing nin and it didn't help the usual hyper energetic jinchuriki had used up a lot of chakra up fighting the bandits that surrounded them and a lot more creating an explosion big enough for them to use as a distraction to escape. She thought it over for a bit before deciding to get it first thing in the morning.

A then sent the remaining genin to bed, before getting out a flare and firing it into the air, the red ball of light laminated the sky, sending a message to Killer bee and Darui, it was a trick used during the shinobi war saying that they were under attack and needed the scouts to return to help defend the base.

Within a minutes both jonin returned ready for a fight. They were shocked to see an empty camp, no bandits, ninja or bodies only A sitting in the glow of the fire.

"The kids are alright, I figured you would rather be back in camp then running a wild goose chase so I called you back." A responded both jonin nodded, Bee was about to rap about something but stopped when he realised both A and Darui were entering their respective tents.

"Time to hit the hey, so tomorrow this mother fucker can really play." He rapped before turning and walking to his tent.

"Bee shut up." the octo-bull eight tailed demon said causing Bee to burst out crying about how everyone hated his rap.

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