Beru always wanted a child. But her womb was as barren as the sands around her home. Owen was kind, but couldn't truly understand the pain of her empty arms. They could never afford doctors, and even with the most advanced techniques, there were still no guarantees. She reluctantly resigned herself: she would never be a mother.
Then the spaceship came. At first, Owen and Beru thought the pilot must have lost his navigational systems. Space travellers usually landed in Mos Eisley. But then a bearded Jedi exited the ship and handed her a small bundle. "His name is Luke."

A/N: Written for Rosawyn's challenge: Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a drabble of exactly 100 words that incorporates at least one of these ideas: Love, Betrayal, Regret, Forgiveness, Hope. Also, include at least one of these prompts in some way: "horse," "sword," "magic," "dragon," "ray gun," "spaceship."